Monday, 11 December 2017

December Vlogmas day 10 - heartbreaks and toothaches

Nerve pain shoots through my ear and eye socket like a bolt of lightning.  "arghhh" I mumble as Jasmine asks what's wrong.
I know I will have to bite the bullet and get an emergency dentist appointment.  Not afraid of much.  Quite  tough cookie. Not when it comes to being reclined in the dentist chair about to face a needle, a drill and some dental work.

But this hurts 

Other hurt fills my life this pre-christmas season this year as other life stuff bubbles to the surface after a long time waiting.  Personal life stuff I cannot get into but suffice to say the positivity of the law of attraction is testing me right now as I decide there are a few good things to always come from the bad stuff...
Which leads me nicely on to next year.  Usually I skip the resolutions as we fail to keep them.

Last year (well, it's still this year isn't it) I made none.  2018 will see me warm myself into jive again. I missed the me who dances.  Part of my dancing feet defines me.  Or rather my dancing feet define a part of me.  She has been MIA for oh so long.  She's coming back.

As long as I have been a student, I have wished to join the choir. I haven't managed it yet.  Promising myself I would at least get along to listen to the beautiful gospel of "Oh Happy Day" ring out through the beautiful painted chapel...sadly that night mum was unwell.

My time.  I must make some of my time.  Meanwhile, I will spend a few minutes looking over these videos and remembering Vlogmas days gone by...

When we put the decorations up in 2014 and I wore that orange jumper...

Then last year you can see me beginning to feel a little confused about my future...

Plus I got all dressed up and went to the Christmas ball this day 2 years ago! What a great night :)

Sending much love to you all, as always

Louise xoxo


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Vlogmas day 9 from the past 3 years

Let's head back in time.

What was I doing 2 years ago? Graduating from my nutrition, health, physchology and chemistry diploma

Then last year, my lovely son decided to come on one of my videos at last.  He's not shy, just not keen to be involved in my vlogs where Jasmine is.  Of course I love them both so totally differently :)

Then, 3 years ago, just as today, we were scraping the ice off the cars as it was FREEZing....

This year? I'm mostly taking care of mum with  a little help from the blood pressure machines and stuff. 
Hence, very few videos here to show here that are of new quality.  For which I apologise but this lack of excitement is a good thing as it means I get to look after mum.

Lots of love, always

Louise xoxo


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

December 3,4,5th (?) #Vlogmas for the past 3 years

So I already lost track of what I am doing this Vlogmas so thank goodness I am not filming and editing Vlogmas for my Youtube channel.  Imagine?! I crave the day when I can VLOG and Blog to my hearts content. Will this happen next year at Christmas?  Could I possibly plan days of going out filming and finding things with amazing content to create beautiful cinematic videos to show you?

That depends so much on you guys enjoying what I'm sharing and you further sharing with your people too!
Many of you are asking me to share the secrets for making an online business and this will be coming next January for sure. Little snippets through the latter part of the winter and into spring then let's do lots more of that as we head into summer?  If that's something you would like to know more about please do come on down into the comments box and tell me. Knowing lots of you are shy philanthropists, of course I will respond to those inbox messages too! Let me know what you would like to see.  

So here are the videos I have brought out of the cupboard from dusty youtube to show you today.  I particularly love the one where we are at Greenwich watching the choir. I'm thinking back over that memory with great fondness.  We have tickets to go tonight too but mum isn't well enough and neither is she happy to be left so I'm here, working on a case study project, about to diagnose a small boy with iron deficiency anaemia.  

Can't wait to begin to focus on Christmas.

How is your Christmas going?


Sunday, 3 December 2017

December 2nd for the past 3 years... #vlogmas

As promised (sorry I'm a day behind but I guess that's kind of how Vlogmas works) here are the past 3 years of me on December 2nd creating a little vlog :)

Hope you enjoy these.  Are you a #vlogmas 'er? If you are please head over to my twitter to share your videos with me as I would love to Rt them for you and also to go have a good look at them myself :) 




Also, do you want to see the one when I speak about the Yankee Candle Advent calendar?

How are your plans going for this Christmas?  Shops are crazy busy aren't they!!!

Much love

Louise xoxo


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Why I'm not doing #Vlogmas this year

It's December already! Gosh.  Once again this seems impossible.  How did the time literally grow wings and fly so fast?

Something different in my world this December.  Ok, so lots the same, I will still have a birthday for example. Yet for the past 3 years I have participated in #vlogmas.  

What is VLogmas?

You VLOG each day in December in the lead up until Christmas. In other words, you get to be nosey in other peoples lives as they begin to prepare for Christmas.  Yes.  That's as simple as it is.  Although if you are a vlogmas participant you will 'have my back' when I say it's a lot of work! To create something beautiful and interesting takes a lot of time.

As a reader of my blog for a while, you are likely to know I have my hands full with my final year of university, looking after my mum, obviously seeing to the twins as always and general stuff around my own health and life.  Sensing vlogmas might be too much I have decided on another path instead:

I will be sharing my last 3 years Vlogmas over on my twitter page instead.  Each day, as if we are travelling back in time.  Gosh, 3 years ago I looked so much more well and healthy than I do right now! What happened?



2016 a particularly beautiful one.

Hope you enjoy! If you are doing vlogmas, tag me in twitter when you upload and I will enjoy watching and retweeting! 

Much love this vlogmas

Louise xoxo

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