Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Do you have success on twitter?

Lost it on Twitter?

Twitter is a place where you can connect with the thousands. I love it for that.  A simple hashtag and we are all connected.  Brilliant.

In the mornings, a simple #amwriting brings us author types to a place of knowing where we are are at and who we are. Defining ourselves.   So, my twitter should ideally be a place of the thousands of interactions.  Alas, this is one of the platforms that doesn't work for me.  I adore instagram.  Love it. Love looking at peoples stories and photos.  Facebook is only not my favourite place as it has many personal connections over there. As I share my innermost thoughts through my writings, there are times I don't really want all of those connections knowing everything from deep inside my heart.  Those who won't mind me telling them know who they are.  Simply, I could remove those people of course. I should really be stepping out of the shadows and simply standing up and shouting from the rooftops. So this leaves us Twitter.  My biggest following and my least reactive audience.  Why?  I think I know why.

For some time I have changed my bio over and over. I have been the nutritionist, the law of attraction expert and now kinda telling the world over there I'm an author.  Although still writing on there that I do travel reviews, which I do, through my blogs and other websites such as trip advisor.  Does all of this confuse the audience?  Likely yes.

While all of these things come under the umbrella of 'A Lusher Life' one can't help but wonder if there should be much more clarity.  And of course my wishes need to creep in there, as do yours.  As in, what you want from me and also as well as what you want from your following online.

Many people have asked me (in fact it's my biggest question) how to make money online.   I considered writing a course about this as it's really something that is in demand.  Although there is not an easy answer.  My youtube channel regularly brings me an income now which is amazing but that said, it has taken quite a few years and quite a lot of learning.  I'm there now and it's just about growth from here on in.  I love youtube.  Adore it.  I also love how we have 'stories' on Facebook and Instagram too.  We are nosey I guess haha. :)

Do you find success in Twitter?  Is this something you would like to grow? An online business and knowing how to make money from your laptop?  I'm at the survey stage where I'm interested in knowing how many people would be interested in hearing more and hearing success stories from others in the field. Before I go ahead and create an online course detailing such things.  Let me know your thoughts; as always you are welcome to email me by clicking here. 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Should you invest in a coach who cares? YES!!!

Sometimes, I get overly passionate and it can spill over into angry.

These 'coaches' who are worth thousands.  Yes there are those who really are worth investing in and no-one is a bigger fan of those coaches than me.  They need to charge high prices and that is what they are worth.  Yet those are the types who will deliver amazing value.  They will check in on you, really care about your results and they will have you chomping at the bit to improve your life and business.

Recently, a good friend of mine invested a lot of money though an obviously impressive sales funnel.  The pitch was good. It would have to have been as to part with the kind of money my friend did was HUGE. She even told the creator of this coaching course the money spent should really go towards clearing debt but she believed in investing in herself.  Personally, with this request, I would have nurtured that potential client. I would have sent links to plenty of free stuff which every coach should be putting out there, and I would encourage paying the bills instead and working on the free content enough to then earn a little more in order to sign up to a course.  Upon signing up, (consider this is thousands of pounds) I would then go ahead and check on my students.  To charge this kind of money, send a once a week PDF teaching nothing new and not even check in on them is lazy, unspiritual and this coaching business can only have one outcome in my book.

More and more we are hearing pitches from coaches and we are knowing it is a great way to help us get ahead in our business.  Yes.  I agree.  But greed on the coaches part should not be what this industry is about.

Previously I have mentioned Brendon Burchard.  He is a total master at coaching. He also has great morals and is a huge success.  Now, admittedly I have bought a couple of his books and signed up to a very long and content packed audible book.  Yet these were minimal costs. If he were to come to the UK and do a coaching course, I would be tempted.  Yet the cost might not be within reach for many. What makes him a success is you can be coached BY Brendon no matter what your status. He is open for all.  I love this.

Over on my Youtube channel, each Monday I post a video called Motivational Monday. Loads of people use Motivational Monday now.  It's a great thing! Obviously my videos are free and often just me rambling on in the car while driving to somewhere important. Yet a handful of people find these of value.  Go and see the comments, you will see. 

If you are tempted into these coaching programmes that are teaching you to be a coach, please do not get the dollar signs in your eyes. It's not about that. It's about you wanting a 'job' where you can give value to others who need different beliefs and can do a different job and create a lifestyle they love.  Do not omit the part which says you give value.  Your business is only going to be known for this.  Start with love and the rest follows.  If you truly want to help those who can't afford your courses, give the free content which will help them and watch them come back and be in a position to pay next time.


Thursday, 14 June 2018

My writer dream is coming true

Still I write from my bed.  Feeling sore.  More than sore, the pain is intense at times.

Juggling taking care of mother is unpleasant. Those feelings of guilt.  As I wince at the pain one more time, I hear Harley snore at my feet.  He hasn't left my side.  
Crohns is unpleasant and deserves a  lot of respect. I know this.  Nothing new here to see.  Yet this time feels different, rather like how i felt when i was first diagnosed.  Stunned and vulnerable.  

Knowing that feeling of being reminded so very strongly that I must listen.  I must.  

Before today, I was feeling I was being pulled in a direction where there was no choice but to listen to the powers that be.  i was being taken to the place of dreams, yet fighting and screaming at every corner as this simply wasn't what I was raised to believe.  Dreams don't come true.  Not for the likes of me.  You can't possibly live your passions and that be enough. No way. It was all about misery and sweat and toil.  This is precisely what I was taught.  Could I seriously think for a minute that I might be able to do exactly what I'm doing now for my job?  I'm sitting here, totally concentrating on my words which I might add are flowing beautifully as i write my next piece in the novel I have neglected for at least two years - respecting my chronic illness while still being an achiever.

Always i have wanted to write.  Always I have written. Either letters to the grandparents, love letters to less deserving other half or simply in the journal. Of course now we have this digital world and what was once a skill of typing is now a necessity we all must learn for this online society we now enjoy.  Could my writing be improved upon? Probably.  Yet I have stories which simply must be told.  Living with zero regret is an aim in my life.  An aim I currently have achieved.  Yet if I were to pass into the next life with these books still inside me, there is the regret.  As Wayne Dyer said, "Don't die with the music still in you."

For once, the strongest feeling is within me. A feeling that I am going to write and write some more. Allowing myself the indulgence of putting fingers to keys in bed, in the coffee shop, at my desk. All while taking care of mum and the twins, walking Harley when the mood takes me and being able to spend a day nursing my poorly gut.  I could do this. It's the thing.

Tomorrow I see myself getting up and out early. Taking a drive somewhere like the sea front and setting up the tripod.  Filming my story of this transition into a writer.  The story of how miserable I have been while trying to fit in with the world which I find way too hard to deal with.  The people who are so nasty and negative, the clothes you have to wear to look corporate, the schedules of commuting which costs a pretty penny to watch others looking miserably into their coffee cups while rocking their head against the beat of the music within their headphones yet in synch with the rocking of the train. 

It's not me.  

Me is the girl with curly hair.  T shirt and shorts.  Maybe a fleece or hoodie. The girl who wants a tan and make up but when she wants it.  Being a little bit of a hippy.  Living within the trees or taking time out to put my feet in the sand while letting the energy of grounding in nature help me with the flow.  Could this happy life be possible?  The life that sees me able to love my day writing, wherever and whatever.  Enough that people sense the passion and want to know more, buying into my stories, my books, my online videos telling the life story of what is going on.  Could this be that i might possibly earn a little money to pay the bills?

For the first time ever I sense a shift. It's different to before when I wanted to believe it.  This is almost like there is simply no choice but to make things work.  Without giving everything I've got to my writing I will have failed at my own life, my own path, my own blessings and talents.

It's time to step into my truth and my hearts desire and see what happens. Are you with me?

Monday, 11 June 2018

Give up the negative story and step into your new life.

Brendon Burchard.  A genius in my eyes.  He has 'a way' about him which is quite incredible.  Explaining how we can create a better life for ourselves in one way or another. Carving something good out of the inevitable bad which happens to us along the way.  Something I strive to do each day and yet something about his words seem to have helped make some sense of what I might need to do to enable this to happen. 

Listening to Audible, the High Performance Habits audio book by Brendon was quite life altering.  After many hours of having him as my companion while I drive around, being busy about my day, things began to come very clear indeed.  No less the fact that I have been telling myself (not so much other people but definitely myself) my negative story.  This needs to be let go. Always, there are others who can top my story. Always, there will be reasons in which I can use this as a block to stop me from living the fulfilling life I wish to live.  
You see there is so much I write on my list of 'to do's' and not enough of the actual doing in order to get this all done.  This is a flaw of mine.  I know exactly what's stopping me too.  I'm worried.  Of not earning the money.  Of not being a success while I actually get there.  Yet all the while, the worry is only disabling me from that actual doing-ness of getting things done in order to succeed and know the worry was for nothing.

More than this, I worry that I will never fulfil my dreams, my purpose.  

Trying to explain this in a Motivational Monday video today was a bit gobbledegook.
Why don't those words flow as I want them to when I know exactly through my own errors in ways how I want to help others to stop making the same mistake.

In a nutshell, we all have negative stories and things that make us feel really sad or blue or use as a reason not to do 'the thing' that we really want to be doing.  Reaching out to others in this situation is frequently an absolute necessity. Preventing depression and mental health issues must be a total priority. Yes, of course.  Yet to tell the same story over and over won't change it's history but you could try and decided to at least TRY and park it somewhere while you get on with the thing you really want to be doing and finally decide it's not going to be your demon any longer, ruling you against your dreams. 

You got this!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

I'm a qualified Scientist - but what's next might shock you!

Can you believe it? I’m a scientist with a degree! YES, Finally.

The journey hasn't been as pleasant as I had liked and I have documented the entire 3 years over on this blog and this youtube channel.  Go sub to them both as you can see my findings soon over there! Yes it's a raw and emotional diary.  I have loved keeping it! 

Finally finished my degree and onwards to better things. While the nutrition degree is so interesting and important - and I love helping my clients - I simply can’t help but continue to love my nutrition writing which brings me to a very exciting piece of news.

September I am proud to say I am going to start an MA which is a Masters degree in Creative Non Fiction Writing. Of course I will also be telling stories which is an absolute passion of mine! The tough time I have had at university has shown me exactly what I do want to be doing with my life. Making it happen is possible but I was never raised to believe in the dream coming true so I feel I’ve a little bit of a block there which I need to overcome. I will, I know. And you guys will help me too this I know. Sharing these posts is great. Thank you for every time you do that.

My current books can be found on this amazon page and of course there are lots more to come - watch this space.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Being comfortable in your own skin

Sitting in Starbucks, drinking my almond latte with a dash of vanilla, dog at my feet.  I love that about Starbucks.  Harley gets his mini dish of water (I bring the dish, they supply the water) and I write.

Knowing writing is my absolute passion, I feel comfortable with myself now. A knowing is a powerful thing. Yet how can this journey have taken so long to get here?

Sitting close by me are some wonderfully turned-out beautiful women.  
Older than me.  
Looking good though.  
One of them, I totally know, is  a complete bitch. Never will I forget the time I had parked outside the school with my twins in the back in their new school uniforms.  It was literally breaking my heart to take them to school every day. Not only had I had a terrible time at school and hated it but now I simply didn't like the pressure they gave to these tiny human beings.  
They were so small and lovely.  
4 years old.  
So, back to the day. We had been rushing, I had ensured a healthy breakfast, packed lunches at the ready, 'ponytail plaits' for Jasmine as she called them and making sure Nathan had a coat with a hood on it as all the other children had a coat with a hood and he was upset that he didn't. So you imagine the scene.  And yes, I'm a single mother with a very large and hairy German Shepherd dog and need to hoover constantly - (those small details). We arrived and YES! there was a parking space.  Yet one of these women who now sit across Starbucks from me gave me the most dirty look, shook her head as if to say no and tutted in a 'tut tut tut tut tut tut tut' fashion.  
Much yelling followed telling me I can't park here and knowing I had to move the car also meant my twins might be late for school which they never were. Now I overhear her (talking like a bitch still) sitting in Starbucks with the ironed shirt and collar up, looking like her hair was styled by the same stylist who tends to Samantha from Sex in the City.  Here I sit with my hay fever eyes (no make up, puffy and watering), a big bite -of some description- on my neck (not passion related) and curly hair literally scooped up in a ponytail.  Once upon a time I would have sat here literally wincing. Completely worrying about what I looked like.   

Not now. 

I hear her, "Well, look I'm not being funny but...." and that look down her nose and lots of cackling in with the conversation. 
Yet here I am with my son joining me for morning coffee, my dog happy at my feet and doing a 'job' i totally love, safe in the knowledge that I truly have found the person who I want to be and I'm comfortable with that.  There's nothing quite like going on a journey and ending up in a destination which is actually more than ok.  

Today, I pat myself on the back.  That day, she made me crumble and I was in a mess for the rest of the day.  Most likely wobbly for the entire week.  I'm not sure now. I forget.  But her and her 'parking attendant' critical self can carry on tutting for all she likes.  I'd far rather be the hippy, loving mum that I was then and am now. 

Sitting here not caring if she notices me and thinks, "Look at the state of that." Is a massive step forward for me.  What has changed?  I'm not totally sure I can put that into words  here on this page.  Saying that, it's almost like I now don't need people's validation. I know I have a place on this earth and good things to offer.  My gifts are here to help others, without judgement.  Learning from people like our Samantha wannabe exactly how 'not to' be with other people has brought me to an open place of non judgemental caring.  Thank goodness for those people who have brought me here before it's too late to make a difference.
Time now to help those who need me.  They are, strangely, coming in thick and fast right now. People reaching out to ask for help, needing to see me and talk about things, to be on Skype, to email me.  Even a little messenger message.  I want to make a difference for those who need it. In whatever tiny way I can.  Being able to draw upon my own stories is really a wonderful gift in a manifestation type of way. 

Friday, 27 April 2018

The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS and Success Will...

This is so powerful. I thought you would love it.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

More than a woman

Many beautiful and brave friends bless my life.  When one of those friends asked,
"Do you fancy an evening with a Bee Gees tribute?" I was honored but hesitant.
"Can I have a think about it and let you know?" Was my concerned reply.

The morning sun tried its best to pour either side of my poorly fitting blackout blinds and I snuggled, spoon fashion with my shih tzu.  He smelt good, in a doggy kind of way.  Just the right amount of musty.  Snoring loudly, he felt my hug grow tighter and moved away.  Gosh, I loved this little hairy fella.  Me and his 'Dad' were hoping for babies.  It wasn't meant to be.  After heartache, we chose this fur baby and never looked back.  Still we love him more than words.  We just do it separately now.  Organising 'sleep overs' at Dads house is fun for both of them.  Since we divorced, things remained friendly.  Yet the Bee Gees was his band.  Well, him and Aunt June.  Many conversations were shared between them with a bond firmly set talking about the Brothers Gibb. 

Could I see the band with the knowledge that it might hurt a little bit? Maybe more than a bit.  "How deep is your love" was played at the oh-so-grand wedding of ours all those years ago.  Many tears were shed that day.  A day full of promise and fairytales.  Just sometimes, life takes a different course than the one you imagined.  Yet could I see the band?
"You're not the only single person there, don't worry." My wonderful friend reassured me.  Which was never a worry for me.  Many occasions have seen me arrive solo, determined not to let life dictate such limited life choices.  It more was a case of would I cry at the songs? Could I see the band? 

Live music moves me.  Recorded music moves me. Just pure voices move me. 

I decided to see the band.  Almost at the point of finding the perfect excuse of Mum not being well,  I put things into place, fixed the lipstick and drove.  Off to see the band.
Walking toward the theatre in the centre of the high street, I passed some people settling into doorways for the night.  Counting my blessings, I remembered gratitude.  Although these people I saw seemed happy enough, no issues seemed to phase them.  Certainly not a certain song attached to a certain memory. 

Doubting I would ever love again, I strutted as if it were the 1970s and I was more than a woman.  The heels, the hair flicks and swoosh, I could do this. I got this.  Where does that strength come from?  Who knows?  I don't know.  Yet it seems to. 

We took to our bouncy blue velvet seats and smelled the dry ice. Watching it begin to filter the lights.  Illuminating the stage were reflections from the high hats on the drummers kit.  Oh, live music.  Wonderful.  Soon into the evening, sharing laughter with my big group of friends, the band members took to the stage.  Seeming unlikely we would see a warm up act, confirmation arrived in the shape of three men dressed in black leather (tight) trousers, sunglasses and half undone shirts revealing fairly toned chests.  These guys were the more recent Bee Gees lookalikes rather than the early Bee Gees. 

Grinning and nodding towards the audience in a kind of 'hello', some music starting with the "5,6,7,8" accompanied by the wooden tap of two drumsticks together high in the air saw these three men begin to lift their microphones.  Crowd pleasers at every opportunity, the audience started toe tapping.  They were good.  I became entranced.  At the end of the first song, the lights darkened into black and a single spotlight lit up a very British young man dressed in a high turtleneck and a smart, modern suit.  His mic was attached to the side of his cheek and he smiled widely.  Beginning to narrate the story of the Bee Gees.  Most of it was well known, some less so. Although likely Aunt June and my friendly ex would know such tales.  I smiled as I listened to a story of wonder through the years, of ups and downs, of dreams come true and some shattered.  The heartbreak of family ties floating to heaven.  Feeling a heavy chest, I was concerned for 'How deep is your love'.  Needing not to worry, not a tear was seen.  Despite acting more than a woman, I did sense my face change in surprise as "How can you mend a broken heart" was breathed through the microphone. 

Reminding myself that all is well wasn't difficult on this night.  Surrounded by friends, I was thankful for this special time.  Gratitude filled my heart for memories of times gone by.  I got this.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

I love my bucket list - what's on yours?

I'm not jumping out of a plane.  Or swimming the channel.

Hmm so yes I do love the thrill of doing something exciting but certain things just don't seem to sit right with me if they are on my bucket list.  So mine is a little modest perhaps. 
The joy that comes with each tick?  Still just as precious as ever!

If you enjoyed the last blog post (I expect you did as it went very viral and for which I am so thankful) you will have seen my story of how/when/why I joined the university choir.  
The friend I mentioned in the post, Lulu, and I have been chatting frequently and  - oh you know what I'm not sure why I felt a need to mention that here but I'm so proud to have her in my life.  
Anyhow, Friday happened.  And I ticked the bucket list, actually doing myself remarkably proud and being much less imperfect than I expected while still not over achieving (as that might have meant I should have been a child progedy -whilst without time travel- would simply mean it's a tragedy). 

Currently I'm lacking in the desire to over share although this might change later on.

Let me tell you, life is taking a course of events as I approach the final year of my degree. 
Having just completed the necessary blog posts as part of my course, it was interesting to reflect on what a different person I now am to back in year zero.  Of course I was 'in there' and just needed to bloom.  Having experienced challenges not only in the science world but also in some of the challenging personalities I have spent time with over this past 4 years I now sense I am really on track.
Stronger than ever, never been so happy and physically growing stronger every day since my illnesses got a bit challenging too.

Had you mentioned this time last year how incredible things would be right now, while under so much dissertation pressure, I am not sure I would have trusted your motives.

So this bucket list (I'm hoping) gets 2 more ticks over Easter as we are heading off to the countryside for my little bit of Wanderlust tree hugging as I get to work on the lambs being born. Loving Easter as one of my favourite times of year, and ready for a break - I am not allowing myself to feel the excitement just yet as I will when I begin the long drive in the 4WD.  Our house and it's new log burner is awaiting us in the Welsh countryside and Harley will have a lovely new haircut and no doubt keep me warm at night with his snoring ShihTzu nostrils as always.  

One mini manifestation I haven't quite figured out just yet is seeing the Queen.  This might be unexciting really but I do love the Royal family and I thought it would be a cool thing to pop on the bucket list.  The times I worked at Royal Ascot and Newmarket and the Royals were there but of course, I was busy doing my thing...

Think I might need to add some more to the list.  Or will the list of travel destinations I'm working on suffice?

What about you? What's on yours? Ticked any recently?  Such a buzz isn't it! 

Much love, as always

Louise xoxo

Thursday, 8 March 2018

I thought I knew about music until...

My next few posts are random (seemingly) yet do tie in with the Lusher life hypothesis.

Kindly indulge my story telling as it's a sure way to heal from the inside out.

We were the family who had music on constantly from before I was born.  Dad would sing non stop. My images of him at the washing up bowl are precious.  Knowing every line and every word, shaking his head in  laughter as he realised he didn't have the same range as Karen Carpenter.
My brother Steve also had music running through his blood in the shape of notes rather than the usual doughnut shaped red blood cells.  His funeral saw a rather controversial mix for the church.  Gary Glitter, "DO you wanna be in my gang." Then "Bohemian Rhapsody" (needs no introduction as to who's masterpiece that was) for the procession out of the church.  The service gave us a bond with both the Rev and the church itself and when I had my twins the following year we all chose a much more traditional "Sing Hosanna" for our Christening.  I say 'ours' as yes it was the three of us. My first time. I waited for them.  A special day indeed - I cried tears of joy at how blessed I was.
The surgery I had 8 weeks before had seen 'them' trying to fix an issue as I spent most of my pregnancy profoundly Deaf.  All of labour and most of beyond all I could hear were faint muffles and the odd 's' and quickly learned to lip read. I began to wonder how I would enjoy music again and researched listening through vibrations. The doctors were all pretty sure my hearing issues were caused by infection and the scans that followed on my head revealed Mastioditis.  An infection within the mastoid bone behind the ear. In no uncertain terms I was informed if this wasn't treated I would die within ten years.  The infection would spread through the skull and into the brain, causing meningitis or brain abccess.   
My ear drum was non existent in the right ear as the infection had destroyed it.  The ear drum in the left ear was retracted and therefore not vibrating correctly.  These were two things they could not correct.  Yet the life saving surgery when the twins were just 5 months old was pretty miraculous.  They removed a rather large part of the skull bone as well as a hearing bone and attempted to build me a new ear drum.  After recovery,  which seemed to take forever,  my hearing test revealed I now had 30% hearing in my right ear and 70% in my left.  Not always easy in the wrong circumstances; but I'd take those results happily. 

Music.  Always on.  Never un-listened to.  Yet often just ringing away in the background, unannounced.  Helping with the rhythm of the heart beat.  As it does. 

I grew up. Music; Always on. Thankfully in a wonderful setting of being an Operations Manager for wonderful events all over the country and seeing so much live music.  
One of my venues saw an unbreakable bond with Steve and Lulu.  Steve was a musical genius.  I loved him.  He looked like a better-looking version of my brother and I could never get enough of spending time with him.  Lulu was the level headed one of the outfit and seemingly tough yet big hearted.  She was one of the few who could push me and push me and push some more and not make me cry.  Push with what? Well, these guys ran a school of performing arts at one of our venues which was a stunning mix of members bars, restaurants and the hall with fully functioning (although velvet green) curtains in front of the stage.   I was very young and the work pressures were huge.  Multi site manager at 22.  Crazy.  So Steve and Lulu filled my life in remarkable ways for which I remain eternally thankful.  A few hours a week Steve would teach me to play keyboard. Finally.  A dream I had begged my parents for as a child. I was always told 'yes' - but no piano lessons ever manifested.  My parents bought me an orange  Bontempi keyboard and I taught myself how to read a little music (in the days before Youtube) and stuck stickers with F A C E on the corresponding keys and attempted to teach myself some melodies.  I would sit for hours crossed legged on my bedroom floor with my keyboard.  Other than that, I was a bored child.  The Blue Danube became my favourite. Although the top octave was missing on the keys and that was always an ear bleeding moment to miss the essential note.
Steve and I struggled to unlearn bad habits.  Singing was definitely always the better lesson.  Those couple of hours each week allowed me to leave my work at the swinging doors as I put Martin the head chef in charge.  He wouldn't disturb unless it was totally necessary.  

Steve and Lulu had a beautiful baby girl, CJ.  She loved me and I loved her.  My maternal needs were met as I would pick her up and carry her around far more than necessary.  She was to sing "Mary Mary quite contrary" at the next show.  Carrying a small watering can while 'watering' flowers on the stage. Ahh my heart melted.  Lulu and Steve both suggested I sing at the show.  I thought instantly Nope.  

I did sing in the show. Of course.  

I remember the black dress with small white polka dots.  I remember how super slim I was.  I remember the nerves.  Which was the only time ever I used to get nervous. So, very nervously confident, I took the mic and sang a duet with a friend, "I know him so well." Then a stunning occasion I will never forget as I stood beside Steve at the piano - just the piano - and enjoyed "I honestly love you" which was soft and heart breaking.   Finishing off with something crazy, upbeat and unique - Steve arranged the music and I wrote the lyrics! Mad times I will never forget.  
Lulu came in to rehearsals and walked backwards calling out, 
"Louder." another step back, 
"More breath," another step, 
"Can't quite hear you," another step, 
"You need to fill the back of this hall." 
I grinned. She couldn't go any further.  The back wall was behind her.  Haha, what a lovely and tough way to get my perimeters stretched.  I love her still now.  
My highlight of that show was an amazing young teenager singing a haunting version of Bridge over Troubled Water - I wonder if Lulu remembers.  Goosebumps and welled eyes.

Life got busy, I moved on from that venue and continued to enjoy music everywhere but never giving it the same attention as this time.  I tried to use it to bond with Dad at times.  Christmas eve would see him glancing past mum at church (she always sat between us) as he tried to reach the top note on "hark the herald angels sing" and laughing at himself.  Rolling his eyes as I managed it, albeit often with a winter croak. 
Spain, I forget the year, and it rained.  Dad, as  a sun worshipper had the right old miseries.  Didn't we know it. So, my thinking head saw a plan.  Not quite the scale of events I was used to at work but I felt we would get him in a great mood with some karaoke and a few drinks. So I researched when this was to be and took my iPod into the gym to begin that 'singing in your head' practice.  
"Don't rain on my parade." It was going to be impressive.  Dad would be impressed.  He might just love me on this day.

Giggling, we all felt the effects of a couple of drinks with dinner and I submitted Dads song choice.  He nailed it in his usual 'just singing along to the radio' kind of way. I praised him massively with my big heart as I always would.
Begging my good ear not to fail me now as I took to the stage and began listening to the backing track filling the room with orchestral gusto, I hit the first note bang on, always a good thing.
The version I had listened to over and over was different in the mid section and I totally lost my timing.  Ouch.  Never mind, didn't matter, I carried on and the climax at the end was, I was sure, my time to shine.  Yep.  Got that too.  Leaving the stage faster than the applause stopped, I grinned as I sat back down.
"What happened there?" Dad simply criticised.  I was crushed. 

So fast forward to my first year at university at London Met.  There was hearsay that I might be transferring for the next 3 years to a uni closer to home and I began to find every nook and cranny on their website to see what this uni was all about.
There was  a choir.
No need for auditions.
Maybe they would be, like, musical theatre type - which was an indulgence for me while driving alone in the car! Maybe.

"I'm going to join the choir Dad." And he was supportive and encouraging.
Determined to enjoy the Christmas concert, I found out more and decided to go.  Yet,  for reasons which the detail escapes me now, I got overly busy with work and university coursework that I didn't go.
"I'll get us tickets and we can go to the Christmas Concert." I announced to Mum and Dad.  We did.  It was special.  Taking to our seats, with mum between Dad and I as usual, we began to hear the first bars of music.  And then,   it was time for the choir to begin.


They were incredible. More than incredible.

I leaned back around mums head and looked at Dad.  We both were grinning as I shook my head in disbelief.  We both knew I couldn't sing like that or be a part of the choir.  Driving home we discussed how I had possibly bitten off more than I could chew but I would still try anyway and the following concert mum and dad would be coming to see me in the 'non-auditioning' (thank goodness) choir. 

Three weeks later Dad suddenly died.

What followed next was more than a difficult time.  
He died without ever saying I love you.  While I was able to tell him that while I watched him slipping away in a coma in ICU,  I never heard those words.  

Everything fell on my shoulders.  Helping Mum,  arranging the funeral (that was an amazing funeral thanks to my event planning experience and it was also a fantastic way of coping), sorting everything financial out.  I actually googled "What to do when someone dies." It's crazy how specific all the paperwork is.

Trying to remain at University was a challenge.
Going to choir was going to be impossible. 

Shortly after, Mum suffered a massive heart attack which saw her in ICU for a week and in hospital for months.  She wanted me there day and night.  Laptop at the bedside I kept on studying, determined with the bit in my teeth to not give up.  My personal tutor was zero help - less said about that the better.
The surgeons operating on Mum noticed something we had always just put down to her being a bit daft.  Sounding disrespectful but this was something mum was famous for and people loved her for.  The same phrases over and over and laughing at things that really weren't funny. "Ohh your mum is lovely." People would say.  Without the full time irritation of dealing with the inappropriateness of her manner. 
Fast forward to a dementia diagnosis.  Mum has alzheimers and vascular dementia.  This as well as being left with type 2 heart block, mum can't live alone and has moved in with me and the twins.  Taking a lot of time and effort from all 3 of us but obviously we wouldn't have her anywhere else.

Choir wasn't happening.  

Until my final term approached in January.  Coupled with a mini meltdown of putting everyone else first.  The old phrase of 'put on your own oxygen mask before helping others' began to come clear in my eyes as I was taken ill.
"What are WE all going to do if you end up in hospital?" Mum questioned which highlighted a million emotions for me.  So it was decided.  Mondays would be my night when someone else would take care of mum and I would goto choir as well as dance on the way home.

So, today sees me over the joy and worry of holding a Mozart score - nothing like those days of music with Steve and Lulu - and while I began as part of the choir very hard on myself and a little disappointed in the lack of show tunes, speedily I have learned to love it.  Messaging a now grown up CJ:

Me:I need your genius, can you help me?
CJ:Sure what do you need?
Me:Everything! Everything Mozart.
CJ: That's pretty heavy for a new choir
Me: It's just me who's new, not the choir!

CJ began to list what is a rest, how to know when to breathe (still not mastered that one despite the strongest lungs in the world when underwater swimming!) and a host of other amazingly 'change the game' tips.
Does it matter than I'm going to sing less than perfectly?  No.  I'll get parts wrong.  I'll keep quiet at times.  Music is feeding my soul once again and I have met some totally incredible people, reigniting my passion for life.  And faith in humans. A new friend who is performing solo actually had me moved to tears at rehearsal recently and I realised I actually can barely sing.  Yet my journey will continue as I appreciate what I can do, hear and feel through the genius of music.

Late into the night yesterday I messaged Lulu.  "What is it about music?" I asked, knowing she would understand my question without the need for further explanation.

"Emotive connection.  Linked to growth, ideology and cognitive memory." 

And really, that's all that matters.  As always, it's about the feeling. 

Next week is the concert.  The last time I was in the chapel was with Dad who was known as Danny.
Our finale?  LondonDerry Air - (Oh Danny boy.)




Sunday, 4 March 2018

My twins grew up - am I sad?

Returning from the final destination of our 18th birthday celebrations I quietly sit and wonder what I should be feeling.  

As I Mum, I've worked so hard to raise the twins to be amazing people - and they are.  Doing this as a single mum has been a total joy.  There's nothing negative to say about it at all.  Without having my children, I definitely would not be the person I am today.
As they receive my love, freely I give more.  Easily. Willingly.   So, you might say, I'm very proud.  

Spending time together is amazing. Always we have created adventures and seen places with gasps of Wow in the air.  Most travel is accompanied by a little stress through security, passport control and long queues. This is the bit I favour the least.  After getting though the other side, coming home to a little housework which really can't straighten out the neglect that has taken away the warmth of my Home while I worked way too hard these past 4 years or so, I notice a change.

My daughters boyfriend has surprised her with a return trip similar to the one we have just returned from.  My son off to his girlfriends instantly.  They have plans to travel now too.  None of this I mind.  On the contrary.  It's a wonderful experience for them and I'm so pleased they have found their own wanderlust and independence.  A job well done.  Well done me.

My fluffy dog, in need of a haircut, makes a fuss of me and I aim to sit on the floor sorting through the suitcases.  Wondering.  What should I feel right about now?  Proud of course. Excited for them.  
An air of excitement for myself perhaps. For I can see adventure coming my way too.  When my time caring for mum is done I plan long haul trips with my laptop 'working' with the wanderlust in mind. It'll be great. Of course my twins will always need me.
Perhaps, no not perhaps, this IS my time.  Time to enjoy the life I should have had in my 20s but knew nothing except for work.  Time to make even more amazing new friends, to spend more time with the older friends who have stuck around so long while this Tazmanian devil does her thing.
Opening up to brand new experiences and doing my best to let happiness flow with ease.  

Aiming not to feel even a little bit heartbroken, yet knowing this is the way it will be.  Reflecting and changing the way I look at things.  Keeping that eye on the prize of Joy. As many days as is possible.

Just as the lyrics of a song which echoed in my ears this weekend in Paris, I hope I can be a part of their world.  Our unbreakable bond is truly magical.  With the best will in the world right now, A little piece of my heart is broken.  While I also just love that I have seen them bloom and grow.  

Time for me now?


Monday, 26 February 2018

Basil Brush once more - manifestations

A quickie.  A crazy one!

Over on Instagram (love IG!) some conceited public post which was a little rude for my lady likeness was posted.   Immediately deciding to unfollow this random person ( I do follow all sorts and should check them out better first really!) I clicked on his profile.

The second I hovered my mouse to click 'unfollow' what did I notice?  A Basil Brush profile picture.  I'm looking at it grinning and moving my head from side to side in an 'uh-huh' kind of knowledge.  So, thank you once again to this divine reminder to keep me on track! If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, head back to the post that is actually going live in 20 minutes from me writing this (it will be live now - else this post definitely will make ZERO sense)

Boom! Boom!

You asked for more law of attraction stories

Ok folks, you spoke.  I have been tuning in far more on the little stories of law of attraction that I am going to show you right here in this post.

Many have asked me to speak more of the LOA here and on my Youtube channel so that's what I will do.

Right now there is some pretty MASSIVE stuff going on in my life. All more than good.
Suffice to say I haven't felt so good in literally years.  So much so that I couldn't sleep last night which is unheard of for me.  What about you? Do you lie awake in utter excitement for life and what it is bringing to you right about now? That was me last night,  Anyhow... most of this good stuff isn't the type of news I can share yet.  Secretly though, I hate when you tubers and bloggers do the whole secret squirrel thing so please ignore that I said that :)

Basil Brush was the feature of my latest manifestation.  You see my second oldest friend has been unwell.  Feeling a need to check on her far more than I should I sent a text.  She replied,
"I'm ok, I'm snuggled up with Basil Brush." Obviously I was perplexed and simply had to ask the story behind Basil Brush.  Now, she is daft as a brush and there is totally no reason for me to share with you the story. Just store away the Basil Brush image.

Following this, a night later (last night) Jas and Lewis were just about to go out.
"Bye bye Basil Brush." Lewis called out 100% randomly.
My shocked face, with the widest eyes and open mouth (Why am I still shocked after the copious amounts of times this happens?) Jas looked and said, 'what was that mum?' knowing it would be a manifestation.  Telling the story of my friend and the text, I showed her the photo.  Now, what on earth has this got to do with anything?  Totally nothing.  Yet the relevance comes as we begin to align with the big stuff.  Should a wee element of doubt creep into the mind, the reminders come in with these little stories to remind us of the alignment.

Have faith.  Trust it.  It's all coming for you.

And me I sense too...

Much love, as always

Louise xoxo

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Cold England on Valentines Day

Inspired, I sit in my office. Heaters blowing frantically around me as we suffer a really cold snap.

Wind blows a dreamcatcher nearby in someones garden and the tinkle noises soothe the frosty bite.

Valentines day sees a heart full of love.  The old cliche lyrics about loving yourself echo around my head as I begin to feel thankful for the extra free feeling I have at this difficult time in my life.  There's no denying I would ordinarily be enjoying a nice meal with a man who smells nice but just for this year, maybe for always, I'm happy to give this a miss.]

Instead, the candles within my office will be lit as I burn the midnight oil on a couple of projects which fill me with delight, stress, exitement and a knowing that the path ahead is one to be excited about. One to be looking forward to.  One full of travel, writing, photographs and making films...

If only I could sort my internet connection which is driving me nutty.

Happy Valentines everyone.


Monday, 12 February 2018

Nestle gluten free corn flakes

I was thrilled to find these cornflakes randomly on the shelf! Well done Nestle - they are delicious too.  Loving that - if you like to eat cereals and corn, you can as these had no added barley malt extract and many add it in for flavour.

Go see the video and I tell you more about the nutritional stuff in there you need to know :)

Ps subscribe to the channel as there is more and more going up over there to help you into your Lusher Life.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

Louise xoxo

Feel the heartbeat of your life

Feel the heartbeat of your life...


Friday, 2 February 2018

How I reacted upon discovering the law of attraction.

When I first heard about the law of attraction, it was one of those times when you can remember where you where, when it was...almost like many big world events such as 911 or when Band Aid was on.  

The feeling, the emotion, the pictures in my mind still of the carpet I was standing on.  
All of this was a game changer.

My life is now unrecognisable from the single mother striving to make ends meet....

Here is how the story goes: 

Shaking my head in disbelief I asked, 
“So what you just imagine you are that weight and you are that weight?”

“You’ve not heard of the secret? Where have you been hiding?” My client asked in a rather rude manner.  She and I were both at loggerheads at this point in time.  Yet basically she was pointing me to the book, The Secret. For the first time in my life (which feels incredible now) alerting me to the fact that I am in control of my own destination by the use of my beliefs.

Of course I immediately read the Secret within the next few days. 
Not understanding it, I left the frown on my face as I began to ponder what this might possibly be about.

As a child, it was always my responsibility to try and guess if I was loved or not.  No hugs or kisses, no encouragement or telling me how amazing I am.  When I cried I was the subject of the jokes,  “She will make a great actress!”
No, actually, I was upset. 
I needed love. 
Positivity escaped my parents.  Constant tales of, ‘we can’t afford this/who do you think we are Rothschild?/money doesn’t grow on trees’

Glass half empty. 

Growing up in total fear of how hard life was, I found myself turning to determination to actually be ok.  Leaving school and leaving behind my dream of becoming a dietitian as the advisor said,
“There are so few jobs as a dietitian.” So off I went to train as a catering manager.  Blinking good one I ended up too.  All the while being conscious of how hard I had to work in order to pay the bills.  Working was all I thought about.  For the entire duration of my 20s.  Never would I put my feet up, despite my body screaming at me to do just that.  Christmas week I could easily clock up 90 hours.  Yet a good manager, an operations manager, at the age of 27 in control of 700 staff.   Exhausted.

Suddenly hearing that life doesn’t need to be this way was so confusing for me.  It took a long time to reach this amazing place where I am now (that even writing this and reminding me of the person I used to be in the dark world) is so bizarre. 

Realising there might be something in this; I tried to understand the law of attraction.  I watched the DVD.  That gave me goosebumps and ‘aha’ moments. 

More and more and more I began to watch YouTube videos of those who I now know and love, Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, Abraham hicks, Jack Canfield.  Over and over I was amazed at what I began to learn.  Could this actually be a thing?  As a keen researcher, I looked over and over the evidence.  Blood cells changing with words and thought – the microscope wasn’t lying – I could see this video unfolding into what I might only describe as a miracle.
Much effort went into not being angry with my parents.  How could I not know this?  How could anyone not?

Little by little yet quickly, I began to find a new belief which was more than life changing.  Setting intentions, visualizing, meditating – which was a game changer for me.  Becoming part of  the 100-day reality challenge (, I wrote my intentions on the group boards.  Seeming like a big ask and wish I had to take a deep breath and use faith.  All the while going against everything I had been taught to believe as a child.

Wanting to travel,  I stated on the 100 day challenge that I wanted to fly somewhere amazing every 6 weeks.  Feeling those old thoughts of, ‘things like that are not for people like us’ creeping in, I tried to use the methods I had been learning and begin to trust the universe. 
Within two weeks I had secured a new contract as a business consultant with enough money written into the contract that I would definitely be able to afford my travels every six weeks.  This contract didn’t mean endless hours of toil and going into work for long hours. 
One day per week. 
One long and challenging day but one day. 
It was enough.
I was earning more within that one day than I used to earn in an entire two weeks in the past job.   Loving my new life, I must be honest and tell you it was exhilarating although a little confusing.  Beginning to struggle with my relationship with my parents for not giving me this chance sooner, I tried hard to be forgiving.  Eventually accepting they are different to me and that was simply how it was.

Friendship circles changed.  This is clear as day for me to now see that it’s a good thing.  Around me now are people with clear beliefs of the Law of attraction and all it has to offer.  I love this!
My language is so different now, my life is unrecognizable.

One Christmas after discovering the law of attraction and still not quite believing it, I was enjoying my neighbours company snugged up on the sofa, “What are you doing tomorrow?” She asked
Making some funny disbelief face I replied, “Off to look at a car.  It’s £20,000!” I rolled my eyes.  The rolling of the eyes demonstrated I wasn’t quite ‘there yet’ but nevertheless I went and looked.  For the first time stepping into a car showroom.  It was stunning.  Just as the Secret showed, I sat in the car, felt the steering wheel, took photographs and put them as my profile picture. 

For some reason I didn’t buy that car.  I bought something more flash.  Smaller.  Same price pretty much.  That was 7 years ago now.  Yet still, a smile appears across my face as I realise the magic in me going to collect the very same make and model car today.  All affordable now and very practical for my life of travel and all. 
The friend I told that Christmas has had to be lovingly waved goodbye.  As a person not understanding of my wishes and dreams, things became a little nasty and without wanting to respond or allow that behavior into my space, I needed to let go of her from my life.  Perhaps this was manifesting how I felt people might perceive the new ‘achieving’ me. It’s happened.  You see, I do believe the law of attraction comes with a few struggles which  again demonstrates the power of the mind. 
Instant manifestations come in the simple forms right now, I’m still working on the big stuff to show up instantly.  But it comes.  It just takes time.

Where I am at now is difficult to list without  sounding  like I’m bragging but for me it’s important to show how someone just like me can turn life around.  I’m happy now.  I believe now.  I’m enlightened. 
More than just money and things, I love living in the knowledge that our loved ones who have passed are having a great time in their home.  Peace of mind in knowing everything will be alright is simply priceless.  Although I do believe the law of attraction knowledge comes with some considerable responsibility.  My job now is creating blogs and YouTube videos helping others who were just like me to accept they can change things yet it’s not always as easy for some when they are changing mindset.  Rubbing the genies lamp will only work if you allow it.  My journey has had many blocks which needed unshifting.  Helping  others to see those blocks are there but we need to work around it to create the dream life and to be able to be who we want to be is a total dream.

More and more travel is planned.  My books are gaining popularity as I have dug deep within to realize the life of hard work and toil isn’t what I dreamed of as a child.  Writing since the early ages and being ‘that thing’ that I could do all day long is now my job!  A researcher in human nutrition has shown me how the science world has not quite caught up with my beliefs yet but it does see me on my way to a PhD in creative non-fiction writing as I continue to tell others their worth through my writing.   My story of health through nutrition is quite amazing as I showed the doctors I didn’t need medication or surgery for my Crohns disease as they suggested I did.  We are on the way to being financially free and this year sees a third retreat added to my portfolio in the beautiful Cornwall. 

Life is exciting.  I love being so happy.  Yet it’s been a journey.  It still is a journey. 

For those struggling with certain elements of the law of attraction, I understand.  These things take time and effort.  All in a good way.  And good things do happen, sometimes your belief sees you waiting a little while!
© Louise Usher. All rights reserved.