Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Chase that dream! They do come true!

Every week, on Mondays, on my Youtube channel I talk about the law of attraction and chasing the dream. People love this little bit of confirmation and approval to go ahead and dream big!

Today, I was up and out early to write more of my dissertation.  I am completely loving my uni life in my post grad days and being the full time writer is the dream come true.  Although it has been a long time in the making.  As I grabbed my car keys and ruck sack containing all that was needed for a day of writing,  I opened the door and felt the warm summer air hit my face, breathing in the scent of the flowers which are blooming on my palm tree. Feeling very thankful for this beautiful day and realising how lucky I am to be going to work in blue denim shorts and converse, comfy and 'me'.  

Wearing what I like to work

A beautiful morning stroll before I sit to write

The office this morning. 

The laptop lifestyle

Very blessed to be able to head to the local coffee shop to get my head down and write, my feet took me on a mini journey to view the yachts and the clouds on this incredible day before editing a Youtube video, writing a blog post and cracking on with writing my dissertation about life.  The past I will write today sees me describing a time of homelessness and poverty during pregnancy following IVF.  Yes, that was me.  My life is unrecognisable and of course it has been a long time in the making, taking a lot of grafting but here I am now completely living the dream.  

If I can; you can.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Chivalry is not dead!

My fiction writing sees a female protagonist who is strong, independent and doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Yet, she is a girl who embraces her femininity much to mens confusion.  And she believes in chivalry.

This is often the description I use to highlight the 'feel' of my stories.  Often, of course, such a protagonist filters through into my life writing. Does she sound like anyone you might think is familiar?  Possibly someone who frequents this page perhaps.

Early this morning I woke with sleepy eyes, yet feeling wide awake and unable to return to my dream state, so I decided to get up and start the day.  Walking Harley, my thoughts turned to this blog and the infrequency of my writing.  I sense the blog is a great place to begin before I start on my work in progress.

So here I am.

It was too early for Starbucks on this Sunday and so I decided to take myself on a walk around the marina.  Yes, there was the perfect parking space thanks to the Law of Attraction and I went to walk through the light green door up the staircase to the marina.  A man was quickly coming out from the stairs after his gym session and flew through the door, dropping it behind him.
"Oh..." he said quietly as he turned on his heels.  He actually went back on his steps to hold the door open for me! I was more than impressed.  It wasn't like I was dressed much like a lady particularly, gym shoes, leggings and a pink lee cooper t shirt, but this gentleman really showed me for sure that Chivalry isn't dead!

Do you love chivalrous men?
Are you a gent yourself?

Reach out, let me know.


Wednesday, 31 July 2019

"Lou, what do you do?"

I totally understand it's a complex subject as to what exactly I do for work. I'm asked this over and over so I will try and explain why I simply answer with, "Well, it's a long answer but basically I'm a writer." 

I write creative non-fiction mostly

I'm also a travel writer, reviewing all inclusive resorts for 'free from' foods.

But I'm also a scientist; a registered nutritionist with a specialism for chronic disease. 
Since I could pick up a pencil, I loved to write.

As a child, letters to thankful Grandparents were written in abundance and compliments of my early writing were welcomed but ignored. Never had I realised the opportunity of pursuing ones dream of being a creative writer might be something life could offer in the form of a “JOB”, so I followed other pathways.
Science saw my love of helping others understand about chronic disease and lifestyle in the form of writing the ‘science’ stuff creatively and in laymens terms (This is something I still occasionally do) yet my postgrad saw encouragement from the incredible academics into writing more narrative non fiction in the form of life writing, writing for trauma and encouraging others to embrace their own stories through memoir.
Being told I have a talent for creative writing was mind blowing and a total dream come true and this has springboarded me into the happiest year of my life. My current work in progress is a narrative about the IVF journey and coeliac disease which of course includes the story of the struggle as a single parent. A happy ending must always follow my writing as we demonstrate strength, independence and self love for my female protagonist (either fiction or non fiction) as she is a lady who believes in chivalry and allows herself vulnerability without apology while remaining upright with valour.

My fiction created a rumble although it was never my intention to write - and I loved it!

Of course I still love science and nutrition. Who couldn’t? It’s more than interesting and I now know exactly what is going on in my body with my chronic illness and why I have it. So now, I’m trying (not easy) to take things a little less frantically in life and pursuing my dream of full time writing. This way, on bad days I can rest and good days I can churn out more words. I love writing Non-fiction in the form of my nutrition blog and reports but I also love romance novels! So....follow my writer journey into my next masters degree in Creative Writing :) My published books so far can be found here:

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