Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Signs that autumn is here

October 30th already - gosh - and today it was plain to see that autumn is here.

The cool air in the morning and the dewy tops of the cars starting out their day were a sight to see in their glistening beauty as I snuggled into my warming car seat to drive to the coast.

Today was a brand new start on my writer journey as I travelled to the Kentish coastal town of Deal to begin a writing course with the plan to hone my craft of writing a story arc more fluently.  As one of my very best friends lives in Deal, we decided to use this opportunity to get ourselves together for a fabulous catch up!

Coffee and Walnut gluten free cake (made me smile..)

....Julie made me laugh, as always

I do love a classic. This Triumph made it look like we had gone back in time

Officially Autumn

End of day writing session


Tuesday, 22 October 2019

WHY Blogs used to be about peoples lives

When blogging first became a thing it took a brave heart to begin talking about life online.  It wasn't for the feint hearted of course but quickly we all became invested in hearing about peoples stories. 

Day to day journalling was most definitely a type of therapy almost for so many readers and writers and the way blogging has morphed is both a good and bad 'thing'.  So many bloggers now are wonderfully creative and writing about various niche topics and creating an income at the same time! Fabulous! It's hard work maintaining an online business and while often there is a flexibility to it, allowing people to fit it into a laptop lifestyle, travel, take care of children and other things, there is no denying it's a constant stream of implementing ideas.

Seldom do we write about life on blogs now and most blogging experts, offering advice and courses, advise against this idea if you want to make good money blogging. Is it all about making money though?

What do you think?
We have a huge audience for the 'big brother' type of shows, love island and other fly on the wall programmes and documentaries.  We all know someone who only reads true stories or biographies, especially autobiographies which are written from the point of view of the author and narrator.  So, we are definitely all interested in other people's lives.

We like to be inspired and motivated by those stories. Learning something or feeling something.

So why not blogging?

Why don't we resurrect such blogs? There are plenty out there with a huge audience.  

For so long, I have neglected my blog here and it truly is one of my most favourite things to write.  My stats have dropped from 9000 views a month to around 1-2k in my absence.  I apologise.  It is my intention, now that life is calming down and beginning to feel more like my old life once again, to write more, including this blog. 

I'm going to begin to urge people (maybe you?) to do the same; to write their stories.  Perhaps your story has meaning and you want to share it for others to understand, or maybe you simply want to write to help you through a bad patch but keep your thoughts private! Yep, look out and stand by as I will be encouraging, inspiring and helping those of you who want to write your personal stories, to write them.  I am on a mission to get my stories written and out there, as well as keep sharing my life on Youtube and instagram.

Recently, I have deleted the copious amounts of websites I have been running intermittently while studying my science degree then my post grad in writing and it's time to laser focus on the thing I really love and need to share before I leave this world.  Who's with me?  Fancy a bash at writing your stories, with my help? 

Much love, as always

Louise xoxo

Ps it's great to be back!

Monday, 21 October 2019

How to manifest happiness instantly.

Happy Monday! You know you guys are my inspiration and sharing this video with you will hopefully help you to manifest happiness instantly without anything else happening in your life.

I see so many smiles on faces that carry hearts full of pain. 
Looking in the mirror reminds you that you are you.  This is a good thing as you are awesome but you know your flaws.  We can get in our own way of manifesting happiness without anything changing in our lives.  Try the trick in the video and let me know if it works for you.

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