Saturday 20 March 2021

World sleep day is here


Oh yes, definitely is a need for three candles today.


The last week has been difficult. Concentrating has escaped me. With a poorly daughter, and a mum taken into hospital (who I usually care for) things have been very different around here.

Yesterday, while trying to fix things in the house, some pretty hefty stuff fell on top of my head. I know that sounds comical, and I do have the bump that you would see in Tom and Jerry, but it made me feel a little less dynamic.


So today, we journal, we Potter, and we take an easy road where possible. Sometimes it’s not always about being kind to others but also kind to yourself too. It is also world  sleep day today. So before we change the clocks next weekend, why don’t you get yourself an extra bit of rest tonight.


My research has shown that it’s so incredibly important for health to get the right amount of sleep. It’s not too much or too little, it’s just the right amount. Just like Goldilocks. I wish you an amazing day, And a wonderful weekend.



Sunday 14 March 2021

Bluewater is empty during lockdown

 Apple Genius bar is still open. Thank goodness.

My desktop Mac is having some difficulty with waking up to enough speed to keep up with it's younger version of the laptop. Well, since starting my Doctorate, I've realised, a couple of screens is essential. 

I was excited to drive, to wear my sunglasses, to sing loudly and to feel like a little bit of 'normal' life was going to be a part of my day. Since my daughter has been unwell (see the story here) I have not left her side. But I made sure she was comfortable and not going to leave her room in the duration I was away at the huge, beautifully designed shopping centre called Bluewater. 

Walking through the centre, I was shocked. it was completely empty. silent. I could hear my footsteps. 

as I snapped photos to share with you here, I was thinking. I sent a silent voice from within my head to the shops, the upturned chairs, the darkened rooms, "it won't be long."

The plan to open is April 12th. Let's hope that is the case. 

This was the best day ever. Started full of love, the sun shone, the music was amazing, I lost my voice with singing (always a good sign), the Apple staff were amazing as always, and I did grab a takeaway Starbucks too. Perfect.  Life is good. It's coming back to us in Kent. 

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