Wednesday 21 March 2012

The Negatives of being Positive

How can being positive be negative?

What do I mean?

Well, being a positivity coach, people often wonder how can you be positive all of the time. Really good question.

You can’t.

“What????” You ask.

Well have a think about it. If my job is to sell how wonderful it is to be happy,  positive and look on the bright side - then shouldn’t I be able to do that ALL of the time?

Opinions of others looking on seem to make a difference as to how that positivity is directed. For example, some who feel low like to attack those who are using proven methods to raise their positive vibrations. 

Using positive language and body language coupled with visualisation and intentions,  top off with the art of allowing and you certainly can make life different.

Does a positivity coach remember this all of the time?

Of course not. 

Should it be proven that a positivity coach/trainer has always had the perfect life? Of course not!  How can they then know what it feels like to be so far down the emotional scale that you find it near impossible to climb your way back up again?

How can they empathise with life’s troubles?

How can they properly understand you?

How will they know (this is a good one!) the feeling of achieving your dreams and turning life around?

This positivity coach (me) - has her fair share of life’s challenges to deal with right now as we speak.  Does it mean my life is doom and gloom? Far from it.  Don’t shoot me for it! It’s part of the process.

Studying this,  I have learnt that to experience euphoric feelings,  we absolutely must know what it’s like to feel life’s lows.  Without them life would be on one level.  Life would feel very “nothing” or empty.  We need different emotions.......else we would be like the Stepford Wives,  or some other robot who just does/says/acts in a perfect way every day!

What makes us human beings is having emotions.  Feeling low is not a bad thing.  Just appreciate the fact that there is always something to be thankful for even then.

Imagine someone who has no eyesight for example......they would love to have your eyes,  being able to see the spring flowers in bloom.  How amazing and beautiful!  How lucky are you to have your eyes?  Wow.  Journal these gratifying thoughts!!! Every least 3.

So why do we have the lows?

Did you get it?

Lows = able to appreciate the highs. 

Just don’t wallow.

Use techniques that are personal to you to get you up there again.  Start with feeling “up there” for 2 minutes, then 3, then more and more.

What makes you smile? What makes you feel amazing?

Loud dance music,  dancing like a loony in the kitchen?
Stroking the cat?
Looking over old photos?
Watching DVD’s?
Counting your millions?
Holding someone you love (even better, kissing them!)
Planning a trip?
Writing a letter?
Walking in nature?
Listening to the waves?

Whatever makes you get back up on your feet and feel like the you that you really are,  brings you back into alignment with yourself that you were created to be.

Life is meant to be easy and, I’ll finish on a very realistic, non airy fairy way that shows you I’m having this human experience isn’t always plain sailing,  yet it is meant to be.  So, use your tools, your friends,  educate yourself,  listen within and find the way forward for yourself to get back up there again.

Much love x

© Louise Usher. All rights reserved.