Thursday 30 June 2016

Getting paid to lose weight! Love it

So guys, I just found this amazing tool for weight loss. Starting mid july, I am going on a health kick and pledge to lose 4% of my bodyweight in 4 weeks. Easy, about 6lb for me (different for everyone!)
Then you get back your pledge money plus a share of the pot! getting paid to lose weight sounds good to me. 

I am determined as whatnots to get my bikini body back before a big event in November and it starts in three weeks time!

I will post a youtube video about this but meanwhile, see the link below for more information.

Email me if you have any questions!

Who else wants to feel more confident this summer? See this link for more information!

Much love

Louise xoxo


Friday 24 June 2016

Holiday skincare recommendations!

Did I mention I'm off on my travels soon???

If not, then opps, sorry.

See this video for my things I'll be taking on holiday to take care of my skin.

You can find the favourites here:
Suncream: With Aloe:
Aloe Gelly:

The spray is VERY handy to evenly distribute!

What do you love to take on holidays?

First Choice

Tuesday 21 June 2016

When you know you need a kick up the butt!

Football. England playing. A lack of Eastenders took jasmine and I to a different kind of TV time.
Each night, we light candles, grab a drink and watch tv for 30 minutes. 

"Want to watch YouTube instead?" Jas asked. 
"Cool, yup" was my casual reply. "Something motivational" I continued.  We found this video. 

Wow did that kick me in the butt. 

Ok so it's not that I'm making excuses. Although if this is an excuse, perhaps I am. I'm not feeling great, lots of pain. I'm trying to sort the house and getting lots of help in for home improvements (lots more to come on this) so things online have suffered. 

How many times have I told you guys I will make this blogging gig my full time living? Not without the effort I won't. So I need to work harder, smarter. 

Yesterday, this happened...

Undefeated, I took delivery of my wheelchair. I can walk. Just not very far. Which means that, life needs to change. 

We all have gifts to offer the world. Or even a passion. People want what you have to give. 

Every comment I get with love and positivity to a video or blog post I've written or even to one of my books fills me with JOY. Those are those air punching moments of "Yes! I can do this!"

Yet, this is all up to us. What do you dream of?  What do you want to do?
Is blogging one of those dreams?
I can help you if it's technical help you need or want. And this amazing lady Tabitha has helped me massively. Click on her name to learn more. 

Meanwhile, I finish this coffee, work on some SEO for this blog post, work a little smarter in order to make life work for me. 

So many exciting things are happening this year. I love to share them on this little piece of Internet real estate that's captured my heart. I call it my blog. 


Much love

Louise xoxo


Sunday 19 June 2016

Asda bakery cute things

You know me by now, I love cooking, especially my bakery of gluten free loveliness.  (ohh that was hard to spell!)

Hope you enjoy this video.  Do you bake?  Send me your photos on IG @lusherlife

Lots of love

Louise xoxo

Saturday 18 June 2016

Happy Father's Day?

As we approach Father's Day this Sunday, I'm filled with more questions than ever this year.

Many of us struggle with Mother's Day. Likely you've seen the various Facebook posts from friends who've lost their beloved mum and urge you to take pleasure in the time you have with your mum. Or even those who are estranged from their mum. 

Yet generally it can seem a more straightforward day for many compared to Father's Day. It might be the child or indeed the dad who finds Father's Day tricky. 

Many dads don't get to see their children as much as they would like. 

Some don't seem bothered to even send their children a text message, then there are those dads who would climb over hot coals but are being prevented from spending that time. 

For me, this Father's Day will be a sad time. 
My first one without my dad. Taken too soon 4 months ago. 
This week all of his songs have played on the radio; there have been tears. 
Early Sunday morning I will visit the cemetery with mum and take white roses. 

After that, I will pop back to my room and sort out my eyes and add lots of make up.  Then we will celebrate the twins father.  He's just awesome.  Always there for them, whatever the request.

We shall all enjoy a nice lunch and do our best not to focus on the empty chair.

I miss you Dad.  But  I know you are just fine where you are.

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Monday 6 June 2016

What to do when manifestations 'don't work'

Have you ever given a manifestation everything you've got?

Tried your hardest to bring it into fruition.  Yet without the negative desperation that you know will stop it from working.  Despite all of these amazing tactics you put into place, the manifestation doesn't happen.

What then?


Give up hope?

Ok so here is what is happening precisely.  

When your manifestation doesn't come into play, you must TRUST that it is for the better of your higher self.  What does that mean?  
It means this may not be the right time for you, or something better is waiting.  In the form of what, you might not be able to see right away.

But let go and trust it you must.  Without this trust, you will be blocking the universe at work with the law of attraction.

To make this clear, I will now tell you all about my recent wish and manifestation. 

I was acting as if, meditating, staying calm, putting people and things into place to allow this massive manifestation.  I wasn't asking HOW although there was a slight air about me of I couldn't quite see how but I did leave it up to 'them' in the universe.  

Then a big fat NO came my way and those nearest and dearest looked to me, expecting tears, upset or a heavy heart.  However, I walked away (from buying a huge house in the countryside with huge amounts of bedrooms and plenty of space with trees) with a smile on my face.  I knew with all my heart that something better was waiting for me.  Something money can't buy.  Something that will make a difference.

Now the synchrony is happening thick and fast and I'm heading to a wonderful place with my family beside me.  Going to a place of joy.

I wish I could write this blog post bluntly and tell you what's about to happen.  Yet I must wait.

Oh I do this to you guys way too often.  I'm sorry!

Go ahead, ask me for help in manifesting your wishes and dreams.

Much love, as always

Louise xoxo

Saturday 4 June 2016

Thursday 2 June 2016

My first romance novel is published!

Like an excited child waiting for Christmas, I am loving sitting here writing this blog post.

You remember last year I won Camp Nanowrimo?  Well, that book was around 10,000 words.  Which was enough to enter Nanowrimo.  Yet this makes for a small little book.  However,  upon rereading when I was editing this book called "Delayed"  I realised I had actually left the romantic couple in a place where the book could either be left, or added to.

Deciding to publish was an easy decision for me.  I love writing and I Love romance.  Loving Love basically.
I have written a few romance novels in the past and most have stayed in the draw, or got lost.  Tragic really.  If you have a manuscript gathering dust, get it out! Publish it!
These days it doesn't take hours of rejections to get published.  We have the internet now.  Even if you pop it out on social media for free.  Whatever it takes, fulfil your dream!

So,  my book is now out for pre release on amazon, here. 

It excites me beyond belief. I feel I know my characters and you either love them or hate them!

The book is out on June 4th! This is an anniversary day for me which is always a life changing day so hopefully this day will be no different.

My dream come true!

You can also now find me over on ETSY which is a new place for me and my books.

Will you help make my dream come true and share this blog post?

You guys are super kind.  I wonder what the chances are of this being a best seller?

Much love 

Louise xoxo

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