Monday 24 February 2014

Sam Faiers from Towie has Crohns just like me

So the big news is out.

So sad for Sam from Towie.  Did you see last nights episode?  Poor Sam finally let us know what the 'being ill' in the Big Brother house was all about.  She has been diagnosed with Crohns disease.

Another one of us.  Just like me.

I cried,  actually.

Why?  Because my little girl was watching it with me.  Trying to always stay positive and upbeat I do manage my illness quite well through diet (thank goodness) and I'm able to get through most days without complaining about my illness.  As my princess asked,

"Why are they crying like that Mummy?"  I took a deep breath and said,  
"Sometimes, sweetheart it can be quite a nasty illness until you get as well as mummy has."

Although in truth,  it brought the severity of the situation home.  I was sad for me.  This is not the life I had planned for myself and I am so lucky that I am as well as I am (some folks really struggle constantly).  Reassuringly thankful for my health,  I must make it look easy.  Watching Sam on Towie last night took me straight back to my diagnosis.

Now,  of course,  over the internet sufferers of IBD are slating how little information was passed over on This Morning (link within) . They like to scream out how much pain they are in,  how much surgery they have had,  how limiting this illness can make your life.  
Of course they would feel like that but I think This morning have done a great job of bringing the basics to the public eye here.  
Sam,  Dr Chris and the This Morning team have given Crohns some much needed media attention.

Let's look on the brighter side!

There are amazing organisations out there who can help.  There is funding for new bedding and such.  There are buddy schemes.  The NHS really look after me in my local hospital and I'm seen every 3 months for blood tests and check overs.

Such organisations as the NACC (Now named Crohns and Colitis UK) do some really great fund raising.  Every year we have a London walk which my family all go along to in our NACC t shirts and raise a bit of money for the charity.
Having issues which mean you sometimes need to use the toilet in a hurry can be problematic for sufferers.  
The NACC give you a "can't wait" card when you become a member.  This helps you Que jump if you need to! Very handy for trying to get on with life.

Our london walk back in 2009

Being honest,  there is so much information for you to know if you think you may have some symptoms the same as Sams.  Best you  look on the website link above for the expert advice as there is so much to learn.  Get to see your GP asap too for tests and a diagnosis.

For me,  I adapted immediately to a special diet called the Specific Carbohydrate diet.  Many doctors (including my own) say there is no linked evidence to diet and the disease.  Yet it's a digestive tract - duh! 
Surely there is.  
My research agrees with me.  Within 3 weeks of the above diet,  my symptoms had decreased and they had been talking surgery with me.  So I was very lucky to be so scared into motivation that I was an angel and 100% played along with the diet.

If you have any sort of tummy issues at all - even simple bloating - I would urge you to try the diet.  Here's a link for you.

Without even trying this diet (a natural way to get better!) then you will never know how well you can be.  I'd never realised that I'd been feeling rough all my life until I tried this.  I've advised so many others to get on it and they were always glad of that advice!

So good luck Sam on your recovery - still looking gorgeous - and keep smiling sweetheart!

Much love to you all as always

Louise xoxoxox

Monday 17 February 2014

Change your life for FREE! 100 day reality challenge

This link could well be the way you start to change your life.  Click it

I dare you :O)

There is a lovely lady called Lilou Mace who wrote the above book in the photo called "I lost my job and I liked it" which sounds a bit odd doesn't it.  What would you do if you lost your job?  Panic? For one moment I'm not suggesting everyone go out, quit their job and live the dream but I am suggesting this is a good read!

You will find it inspiring too.

Now on top of that book there is also a FREE community you can join online (we all like a bit of free don't we!) which is the link above.  It's best you go there and read that.  Let me tell you though,  magic happens when you join the 100 day reality challenge.

I listed some wishes and dreams and was pretty much amazed at how things moved for me to make these dreams happen.  Of course,  you need belief and the right mindset, which this community all helps you with.  You can also find Lilou on Youtube uploading amazing interviews for amazing gurus and you will honestly begin your life change overnight.

After making a little video blog all that time ago........I thought I would share that here with you.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Much love as always

Louise xoxoxox

Ultimate advertiser - Mind Movies

Sunday 16 February 2014

Law of attraction to make your life better!

Hello folks - are you well?
Do you remember I sent a blog about Jon Gabriel?  Well not only is this email a brilliant way to get more LOA info for free regarding your health and stuff but also I'm going to briefly tell you about my story of weight loss and the law of attraction.

Some years ago now I was unhappy with my weight.  I was with a client one day and she told me about "the secret" 

It was funny because I really didn't believe her when she told me all I  had to do was believe I could achieve a certain weight and it would happen.  It did happen - just 18 months later! Freaky or what.  I wrote a book about this stuff:

Now over to the other guys! Go and sign up.  Although this is a FREE product, any further products you buy will be on my affiliate link and I will earn a commission for introducing you.  Go on, support me!
Much love

Louise xoxoxo

Listen up. This is about your single biggest asset for abundance: your health.

A few days ago, body transformation pioneer Jon Gabriel polled thousands of people struggling to lose weight.

He asked them a few questions about their lifestyle to figure out which of the 9 "Fat Triggers" were holding them back. 

And after calculating the results, he found there are two Fat Triggers that are by far the most common:

1) Chronic Dieting 
2) Lifestyle Stress

Point one has to qualify as irony. 

When we asked Jon about it, he explained that dieting - that thing we do to lose weight - actually makes us fat by thrusting us into a nutritional famine and forcing our bodies to store fat.

Point two is a little less surprising. Just look at the number of people stressed out as they juggle careers, families and personal lives.

Jon says Fat Triggers are inevitable. Everyone has them.

And what's important is what you DO about them:

>>> It's time for the next step

On Tuesday June 4th, Jon will be hosting an online broadcast where he'll reveal the world-famous mind-body weight loss approach that has baffled doctors and the media.

And you're invited to take part.

If you've been looking to lose weight the enlightened way - or even if you just want to be healthier and feel more energetic...

This is one of the most important events you'll attend all year.

Here's what you can look forward to:

* You'll discover Jon's remarkable mind-body process for eliminating Fat Triggers (which he used to lose 220 lbs in two-and-a-half years with ZERO dieting, exercise routines, pills or surgery)

* You'll learn why traditional weight loss methods like dieting and exercise routines aren't just ineffective - they actually MAKE you fat (no weight loss guru or fitness expert will ever tell you this)

* You'll be taken through an immersive visualization exercise where Jon will switch off one of your Fat Triggers on the spot. A unique and transformational experience.

* You'll follow along as Jon helps real-life volunteer Ashley uncover and break free from her Fat Triggers.

We just need to point out that this is going to be an experiential broadcast.

Watching a documentary on TV is a passive experience. This is the exact opposite.

You'll be taking down notes. You'll dive deep into your own subconscious during the exercise.

Jon's method has already helped over 350,000 people where diets, exercise, and doctors have failed. And during the broadcast you?ll get to see him add one more to that number ? during a live case study with Ashley, who?s struggled with her weight since age 7.

So clear up your schedule, mark the time in your calendar, or write it on a sticky note and stick it to your wall...

And get ready for an experience that will transform your mind and body.

>>> Go here to RSVP (it's free)


Friday 14 February 2014

Law of attraction video to inspire you

She's bleating on again about the Law of Attraction..............

Yes guys, that's right.  Here I am hoping to share some love for you if you are in the throws of ever wondering if you can change your life.

Today,  I sat down to eat breakfast and type into Google "law of attraction vlog" to see if anyone else was doing what I do on my Youtube channel sometimes.  Very often I find big,  important gurus walking a stage with grace and ease,  discussing the ways in which you can change your thoughts and change your life.

Of course,  I'm all for 'action' too - this is important! Needless to say. Wishes alone aren't enough.  Anyhow,  I found  a wonderful video with a truly miraculous story of a lady interviewed by Oprah.

Have a look at my video intro and you can click the link in the description to see this video.  Let me know what you think.

If you take the action I explain in the video - feel free to email your desires to

Also, see my author page on Amazon click here.

Love always

Louise xoxoxo


Wednesday 12 February 2014

Weight loss by law of attraction

Hey there folks - You know me and the Law of attraction oh so well….let's talk about your abundance from a different angle today.

It's pretty obvious that worrying about money is bad for you.

The late nights at the office, the anxiety about paying the bills, the fear that you'll never have to chance to really live out your dreams...

It's stressful. It's exhausting.

>>> And it might be the REAL reason you can?t seem to shake that extra 20 lbs.

As I began to read this I was thinking - really?  Could this be why I lost weight then regained and lost again - I mean, I like chocolate yes,  but the differences in my weight have been very odd.

It sounds weird, right? But a few years back, biochemical researcher Jon Gabriel made an incredible discovery about the human body.

He found there are 9 "Fat Triggers" in your life that condition your body to get and stay fat - no matter what you eat or how much you exercise.

And when you're dealing with stress day in and day out, it actually elevates cortisol levels in your body, activating your FAT programs. That's why people in high stress jobs or troubled financial situations are more likely to be overweight. 

It goes even deeper than that, though. You may have deeply buried the feelings that there's a "lack" or "not enough" in your life...that you have to "save as much as possible"...

And that causes your body to WANT to store fat. You're sending a message to your body that you have to save and the only resource your body can save is fat. In essence, your body is trying to help you save.

What's really mind-blowing though is that once you learn how to switch off your Fat Triggers... 

Your body will start programming itself to be slim and healthy on autopilot.

Worth a shot, don't you think?

Jon has created a free 3-minute test that will reveal your primary Fat Trigger.

Just answer a few simple questions, and find out the real reason your body could be working against you instead of for you: *

>>> Take the 3-minute Fat Trigger test 

Louise xoxoxox

Slimmer me looking happy!


Tuesday 11 February 2014

Hot cross buns and poorly babies

There are times when only chicken soup will do it. 

Other times, a hot cross bun with butter is just lovely.  Not for me of course, Miss Coeliac... But for my poorly twins. 
They have a flu type of thing and have to stay off school today. 

While this is not great news for schooling, it's pretty good for me!

I've been able to do a couple of clients work this morning and for the afternoon get my blogs and newsletters up to date! You might notice on the right hand of the screen you can now sign up for my Law of Attraction/self help/ positivity emails (please support me). 

The other great news is I've started working on a revision for my LOA book which will be published on smashwords!
I'm close to finishing my next book and closer than I was to finishing my IVF story too!

I've at least 3 more manuscripts half baked in my head but one step at a time. 

Poorly teenagers, iPads, hot cross buns. 
Mummy writing her passions!

How was your day?

Louise xoxo

Monday 3 February 2014

Wordpress or blogger - which do you prefer?

There is a very popular google search term:

"How to make money blogging."

Have you ever googled it?  Well,  I have and I'm here to give you a heads up.  Most of the 'experts' on this subject who have successfully began to make money online always pretty much advise against using free hosted sites like this one,

Of course, it totally depends on what you wish to use your blog for.  If you are really going into a business which needs to look,  feel and speak like a business then you might well not want to use a blogger website.

Why is it advised against?

The main reasons that the advisors say not to use a free hosted website is because you are not in control of the website and if you break any rules,  your site can be pulled down instantly and you will lose your hard work,  your subscribers and all.

Another reason is because they say you cannot make any money on the free sites as they will not allow it and will pull your site down. (the free version of wordpress-)  (NB: that confused me for ages and it seems even some web designers don't know the difference but is a place you can download templates but need to pay for hosting or web space in the air!) are pretty strict about this.  However,  if within blogger you are more of a blogger than a business and just add occasional affiliate links (so long as you disclose that they are affiliate links) then you can,  in fact pop the odd ad on there.

Google is now the owner of which I feel has changed things massively.  You can easily place a link to your google adsense account.  This means that you link your blogger account up and the hosts will make some money from your blog by placing ads on there and you also get a little bit too.

Will you wake up a dot com millionaire after your first post?

Unlikely, my friend.  Yet if you are consistent with your posts and keep learning all of the time you can very much end up making something for your time and effort.  Of course you can generate your blog as a way to link onto many other of your social media sites and even get yourself a shop going where you can make some lovely money.

Using Youtube will help too.  All of the Google family are just lovely to me.  I've had huge success on Google+ at growing my online audience and as such it makes me feel much more comfortable posting onto Google+ as opposed to facebook where all my family and friends can see what I'm up to!

Writing this little mini blog today has made me realise just how much I have learnt through using the google search terms,  watching Youtube and reading other peoples blogs.  I will write again soon with "How to make money from your blog." which has been written many times but mostly for folks who want to make serious money from their blog.
The way I'm doing it is likely to be far more real than the majority.  In other words,  if you use to build your blog/website (which is very easy to do) and want to post photos and stories of where you've been, what you are up to or the latest make up you have bought then blogger will be just fine for you.  You might make a few pounds doing it and you will love that too.  But it will likely be a few pounds.  What Blogger can give you is a platform,  this is a way to get known to your online audience and take you on to bigger things.

Wishing you lots of luck,  feel free to ask me any questions below and I will add them into my other blogs where we will give you some pointers.

You can do it! You know it.

There is help out there! Keep looking for it!

Also,  I have promised before and I will go ahead and set up a whole new page for the anonomous blogger really soon so if you have stuff you want to put out there but don't want it on your blog,  email to me your blog post and I will add it to my new blog website! Simple (I may edit grammar)...

Sending much love as always for you

Louise xoxoxox




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