Saturday 22 May 2021

Reading blogs to you on Youtube (with captions) kind of like an audio blog?? What do you think?

 In this video we will chat about a new idea I've had.

I'm a big fan of listening to peoples stories on video. Sometimes, reading makes me tired. But also, you might know, I'm also deaf. So, I am thinking of reading you some of my popular short stories, blog posts, and even parts of my books. These videos will be subtitled for Deaf/deaf people and there will be sound for those with visual impairments. what do you think? good idea? What stories would you like to see here? Here's an example of a fiction story I wrote and read but without any visuals: I plan to mostly film me reading them but sometimes (guided visualisations for example) might have a still picture but some captions. This follows on from the amazing comments you guys left me in response to the motivational Monday videos which you can watch here: Is this the end for Motivational Monday?: We are keeping Motivational Mondays:


Monday 17 May 2021

Since when did blogs stop becoming blogs?

Years ago, when blogging became a thing, it used to be more than acceptable to write about one's lifestyle, thoughts and feelings. A kind of journal if you like. Then bloggers, like me, started to look at the numbers and realised that people wanted to learn something, be entertained or be interested in something you had to say.

I get that. Totally. 

Then, blogs started to be the new word for websites. Or part of a website. It's almost unacceptable to not have a blog section on a company website now. Great! I love that idea.  

But... if you know me, you'll know I DO love to journal every morning. And while the pages keep my secrets between me and them, I do love to share some thoughts online too. Here, on my blog and over on my Youtube channel.  it seems all about analytics these days.

We are blessed to be able to work online, earn while you sleep, automate, automate... 

Yes, we are. 

But where are all the blogs these days? I love to read about lives. We all do, otherwise, there would be no such thing as Instagram. True? Personally, I love a good blog. A bit of a brain dump. 

Sometimes, you have to strike while the iron is hot. Just the other day I had a wonderful idea for a blog when I took the dog to a pub overlooking the sea between Kent and France, sitting there, eating chips, not realising they tasted like curly fries, which are gluten covered. Ending up poorly and having to adjust to life for the next few hours. Seagulls ahead, my dog watching the passers-by, the scent of seaweed hanging in the air like fog...

I had this wonderful story. But it has escaped me now. I spent too long thinking about it and over-analysing the idea that a blog shouldn't be a blog, like that. But rather some over-thought thing. Well, no more. This blog is a blog. I will tell you about life, about trips, about the academic journey I find myself on. The fact that my fingers FLY over this keyboard when I write like this (in Starbucks, no less, hello 17th May 2021).

If you are up for all of that, say yeahhh and send me some details of other blogs (which are around), like this. Let's begin to journal more, share thoughts, create stories. If we don't, we leave a legacy untold. 


Tuesday 4 May 2021

We are going to Tui Blue Scheherazade

 Finally, it is almost time to travel. Want to see where I have chosen as my first place to fly?

Book it here!


Jasmine and I are set to fly here in September. The place looks amazing.

An adult-only hotel is brilliant for us now that my children are grown up. We love the entertainment of an adult only. And while this hotel is known for the wonderful views of the beach (right next to the resort!), you can see the pool from most of the rooms too. 



We have booked a Junior Suite with Sea View and Balcony and I can’t wait! I love nothing more than waking up, pulling back the curtains and looking at the sea. The sun rises over this sea and the horizon takes your eye to the lush egg-shaped chairs and Balinese style beds which are waiting for us to come and relax on them!

Our room has a/c, a balcony, a double bed, a lounge area, and a sea view. An early riser, I’m likely to enjoy that view on the balcony while Jasmine gets herself ready for the day ahead.


This hotel used to be called the Tui Sensimar Scheherazade. 


Halfway between Sousse and Port el Kantaoui, we decided we might grab a taxi and visit the harbour town nearby. They always make for great people watching and a lovely backdrop to fill up that Instagram feed. Shops are only 100m away, so that’s handy. 


For information, there needs to be a tax paid on arrival. It’s 2 Tunisian Dinars PP PN for 3-star hotels and 3 Tunisian dinars PPPN for 4 and 5 stars. Under 12s don’t pay. The maximum charge is for 7 nights.

Hear all the news in this video.


There are 204 rooms over 4 floors and thankfully two lifts. 

Three restaurants to chose from and two of those are A la carte. One trip is free per holiday. The buffet-style restaurant has something for everyone. There is a dress code for the restaurant and everyone is rumoured to comply nicely with the request. 


Trip advisor reviews currently sit at an impressive 4.5stars. Those who have been have said wonderful things. One of my favourite comments is about the heated swimming pool. Good!

Also, the staff carry a great reputation for taking good care of visitors. And that includes the management. Security is said to be as tight as can be. 

I’m excited to have a quick go in the spa, and definitely in the gym.

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