Monday 29 May 2017

Do what fills you up - Motivational Monday

Like me, you probably spend oodles of time learning stuff to get you to 'the thing'.

Where do you draw the line and think "I'll just get on and do it."?

Now! That's where.  Draw the line NOW and start doing the thing.  You might be amazed.

Recently, I have loved the time I spent in my online 'business' (feels strange calling it work when it's my passion) and have been  more than blown away with the amazing comments.  Someone I hadn't known before messaged me saying they were looking forward to my new holiday or travel VLOG.  Incredible.  I wasn't sure people were out there waiting.    Filled my soul.

As the work has continued tentatively for many years while I still invest in courses for my own knowledge and development, I have decided this is the time to really go for it.  Imperfectly perfect.

Who's with me?

Much love

Louise xoxo


How I feel when I write...and how you should feel when you do 'your thing'

Yesterday was tough.

Everyone in my company was amazing. The money was good.  Why am I complaining?

Listening within, which it seems I have forgotten to do in more recent times, I realised the way I felt after the day ended was just not right.  Screaming at me to stop.  On my feet all day they began to bleed. My bad back causing me huge issues as it was all I could do to get out of the car.

Waking early as usual, I felt excited to be going on holiday tomorrow.  Man do I need a rest!

As I lay in bed thinking over the day ahead, as you do, I decided to get up and make a lovely frothy coffee (soya milk these days isn't agreeing with me) and get to the keyboard, perhaps the pen.  Now, as soon as I did this I could feel words flowing with ease and excitement. Wanting to write about everything in sight and everything in my mind or even things not yet in my mind.  Crazy, 100 mile and hour brain driving in overdrive.
I feel filled up. 

Full up

My spirit is fuelled and filled.

This feels right.  From the ends of my sore toes to the middle of my soul.  This is where I need to be and what I need to be doing.  For sure.  Without doubt, why do we deviate from these things?

Old beliefs and programming stop us from being who we should be or who we 'feel' we are.  Get over these things.  Get down to doing it. Do whatever it takes.

Get up early.
Stay up late.
Which is better for you?
Ask for help.
Leave the washing up
Watch educational or inspiring videos while you cook.
Keep the faith
Remember you can so do this.

Ask around too, you will be shocked at how many people encourage you.
You will also be shocked how many people don't understand. Or want to. Or frown.
Or undermine you.
But know how you feel when you sit with that dream for a while.

For many years people saw me as this award winning hairstylist.  A great career with so much to be thankful for.  
Yet writing has been the childhood dream and still's now an online business that I love. It earns me a modest income and will continue to grow the more I give attention to this passion of mine. 
So as university finished for the year, I was asked, "So what are you going to do with all this time now?"
All this time? Don't they understand I'm still working, still building an empire, taking care of my family and trying to keep a reasonable house which looks unlikely to EVER happen HA HA (not funny!)

People might not understand! Remember this.
Who does?  Your soul does. It feels it.  And I do.  I understand.  You just 'know' sometimes if something is right or wrong. 

Do the thing.  Do it.

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Sunday 28 May 2017

The best law of attraction books

Yesterday, I received a tweet.

"What's the best law of attraction book Louise?"

So here goes.
Mine, obviously! Haha.

No it was never intended to be the best but I have aimed to write it as one of the easiest to read.  Understanding the law of attraction begins with my book.
If you are interested, I have other books in my amazon list:

Now, as I read the Secret I clearly understand it but initially I was left thinking, "What you think you lose weight and just get slimmer?"
That said, I love the Secret.

Abraham Hicks and the work of Ester and the late Jerry Hicks are absolutely one of my favourite pastimes.  I have learned so much from the Hicks.  I love them! A true AHA moment came after reading, "Ask and it is given."

A huge fan of Jack Canfield and his gentle ways, I would suggest giving this a go.

Devastated not to see any more from the beautiful Dr Wayne Dyer, I am pleased to see his teaching lives on through this material.

There is A LOT on youtube from him too.  Check it out.
I have shared a video here in which I love the set and I adore the fact that he teaches without shoes.

Save this page somewhere as a bookmark so you can come back to reference in.  Or you can use the sign up to email on the left,  that's not my email list,  that's just to get my blogs into your inbox.
Signing up to my email list is here (exclusive stuff goes in there!)

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Wishing you  a day of much love

Louise xoxo

Friday 26 May 2017

My son and the driving test.

Having twins in 2000 meant 2017 would always be about driving. 
What's a mum to do? You want to keep them safe, you want them to learn, you don't particularly want them on buses in this local area. Yet yawning from playing taxi driver, I feel a little old for all this. 

Remembering how I used to lie awake at night in those early days, counting my thudding heartbeats, (unaware it was anxiety) I'm thankful to see them grow into adults. 
Sweet twins. Super sensible. Me and their Dad remind them they need to mindread those drivers who fail to indicate.

Who's more nervous?  Him or me. 

I'm not kidding my heart is thumping in my chest and my legs are non exsistant/jelly like. 

Nathan is on his driving test. This is EVERYTHING. We have worked so hard and focused. Despite only turning 17 three months ago, it feels important to get a pass. 
Please universe, get him passed. 

Super safe in his driving, he seemed nervous this morning as he practiced. 

Me aiming to be the perfect parent, keeping calmer than calm through my driving instructor moments. Knowing there is another twin to get to this stage.  Yet it's not all selfless love. 
Spending time as a taxi, taking them safely to the places they need to be takes me away from my life of ambition at times. 

Glad to keep them safe (of course) my eyes seldom roll as they ask me for a lift. Always politely. Never assuming. My awesome twins. I adore them. I'd give them the world. Happily. 

Yet how long is this 40 minutes test going to seem? The instructor, a small chap with a big smile, seemed nice. Nathan didn't even look back. 
All I can do in my moment of worry is type and write. 
Usually social media would be my friend at this time but the secrecy of the driving test means we sit and write a blog post instead. 

So 8:28. He left at 8:10. Reading the number plate on the way out. Then clearly doing the show me/tell me questions as I see the wiper blades begin to career across the windscreen. Yes! They asked him that question. 
Off he pulled (perfectly) and took a right turn onto the famous Tesco roundabout. That's good news! He knows that junction from that side. 

Now I wait...

For what seemed like forever, I watched the cars turning both right and left into the road ahead of me.  Until finally a snowy white car turned seamlessly into the road.  Parking forwards into the bay, they pulled up.  As I watched the examiner creating signals which I could only read as instructions on how to move through roundabouts more competently.  Oh no.  No.  Noooo.
The passenger door cracked open.  Time for me to head out into the car park.  Expecting a sad and upset son, I was bracing myself for how to give the perfect reaction to an unsuccessful drive...

A smile.
A certificate.
Bright eyes.
Glowing aura.

"You passed?" I squealed. I looked to the examiner who said little but a wide smile said everything.
He nodded.  
"Oh well deserved Nathan. I'm so proud of you! Well done.  Oh god, I can't believe it. You passed!"

Greeted with a warm hug which told me I was the best mum in his world who helped him to pass,  we headed off to get him insured as a qualified driver.

Happy times!

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Tuesday 23 May 2017

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Pulling into the car park for a cheeky quiet coffee, laptop firmly in bag, thinking through the first few lines of todays blog post.

Realising that listening to "The 4 hour work week" on Audible is wonderful and inspiring.  Yet I need action too.

Listening to those words of the narrator, I realise that there are ways to be successful without actually seeming happy. Or knowing that your soul isn't filled up.  That you aren't following your hearts desire.

While I agree with the wonderful Dr Wayne Dyer with all my heart, I also realise that there are times when you need to make changes in your life to make life work for you.

Just recently, we had a bit more tragic news in our family.  Mum has been diagnosed with dementia.  As well as heart disease and lots of tremors (not sure what that bit is yet) we realised this could all be such an awful experience.  Or we could embrace it which has actually been simple to do.  Far more simple than you would think.

People give us sympathy yet I feel life is wonderful right now.  As a family we are super close.  Mum has moved in with me and I intend for us to enjoy as much as we can, while we can. We are having lots of laughs.
As mum lived in the same street for 50 years this October, I felt it was only right that she has a leaving party.   Inviting her neighbours, mum began a little speech.

"I'm selling this and we are moving to Wales." She blurted not quite accurately.  We plan to have a second home in Wales. Her friends gasped and were not happy.
"It's early days Margaret, you might feel better later."
"This house means nothing to me anymore."
"It's early days, you might feel differently later on."
I chimed in, "Mum what about your health?"
"Oh yeah," She began, "I'm not going to get any better."

More gasps.
"So I need looking after."
I piped up again quietly. "The dementia mum." As I felt her friends were currently 'not getting it' which is 100% understandable.
"Oh yeah. I've got dementia and alzheimer's."  Again, a bit sudden mum, bless her, this followed telling her friends once again that she is moving to Wales and I think the penny dropped.
I heard a shaky voice, "Oh no, that's so sad." From a lady I have known since I was born.  Another voice said, "Oh now I see why."

While they then understood, they were still upset she was going to a point of 'can't something be worked out' but no, Mum wants her house gone.  She wants a fresh start.  She wants to get a little adventure and excitement in her life in her last little while walking the earth as a human.
There is almost always a twist of positive in something negative.

So thank you Wayne Dyer.  Thank you for your wisdom.  And thank you to all of you reading this.  Amazing.  You are the people who let me know that I can do both. I can work with my passion in mind while still looking after Mum.  All the while able to take her away to the countryside retreats we love so much. To keep her stimulated and aware of as much as possible while we can.

As always, much love

Louise xoxo

My amazon page for more of my writings, to support me in my work.
My author page on amazon :)

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." 


Friday 19 May 2017

Sunny days are coming.

Keep positive.

Sunny days are coming.

Ride the storm.

Wait for the clouds to pass. While dancing in the rain of course.

You can do it!

Wednesday 17 May 2017


"I can't be depressed." They say. 
"I've so much to be thankful for. So much to live for. So much to look forward to." 

 Despite this, there is a feeling of flatness. Emptiness.  Strangeness. 
Wandering in a dream like state thinking how 'odd' I feel.  Where did this come from?  I was ok yesterday.

This is exactly what I would describe as my blue days. Those days when despite counting my blessings, I'm still under a cloud.  Never mind looking back over achievements,  the cloud still tells me life is empty.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better again.  Maybe I won't. 

A few constants remain.  My love for writing, even though there are days I can't get to the keyboard.  The love is still there.  Getting it 'out and onto'  - you heard that before I know.

The other constant.  Harley.  He fills me up with joy and love.  He needs a bath right now, my nose bathes in his lovely dogggy Harley scent.  Being out with him is my love.  Being huddled under a duvet with him is my medicine.  That and tablets.

Just as I thought I'd cracked it...for no it is once again.

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Monday 8 May 2017

A tricky day in my caring role.

Watching Miss Congeniality in all its colourful splendour as Liza Minnelli belts out "life is a cabaret" reminds me of taking a moment out of life to sit down and think of different things. 
"Proud Mary" is the next icon to grace my troubled ear drums. Taking me back to a time when I would wake each day with gusto working on the holiday parks. Entertainment all around, when curtain was down different stories abound. 

Just like life right now. Trying to juggle balls, aiming to pass this years university exams while eating healthy, home cooked meals and keeping a reasonable house. Let's not even discuss the painted smiles.  The said house seems not to meet the expectation of my slightly-more-demanding mother today. The very first time I feel it. The thing "they" warned me about. Mrs Sharp Tongue. 
Mum had been delightful of late. Making me more than happy to care for her. 
At last she seemed to like her daughter. 


All I had ever wanted during my childhood tears of hair pulling, viciously being told, "I'm gonna shave the bloody lot off."

Seems that short lived time may be coming to an end. 

Maybe we will do a circular turn and gain back loveliness. 

How could I have predicted Mum needing me to care for her full time while my own career was in full swing?  How was we to know Dad wouldn't be here to see me finish my course?  Life is so sweet, short and precious.

These are the days when I wonder about my career and university. 
Without looming exam deadlines (I need not to revise but to learn in the first place) I definitely feel the pressure. Surely after this is done with I can spend the time I need on housey stuff and perhaps spend the evening times writing and editing videos. 

I want it all. We all do don't we. 
Don't we?

Affirmation: Just for today I will write my feelings on this blog post.  To inspire others as well as to share my experiences.


Tuesday 2 May 2017

Motivational Monday - How to focus your dreams

I had a little look at going on holiday in Bora Bora.

Then I watched some peoples holiday VLOGS to Bora Bora.  Then I began to get excited!

This all made me feel super, uber excited!!!

You got to have your dreams haven't you!

Much love

Louise xoxo
© Louise Usher. All rights reserved.