Saturday 23 December 2017

Does this time of year make you feel reflective?

This time of year has me feeling different.  Cosy, a little sad, excited for the future, wanting to pack in everything all at once...

These past few days have been no different.  Lots to think about as we head in to the new year and I even made a video about it which will be going live on Christmas day.  I'm also really hoping to find time to create a flashback video for the past year, as I love those! Adore looking back on memories. Never been any different.  Before this digital era I would goto Boots to get my photos printed within an hour (I also used Truprint, do they still exist?) and I was overwhelmed to see the snaps we had taken.  Spending quite literally hours pouring over them again and again.  However,  I won't promise you or myself that this flashback to 2017 video will happen as there is uni work looming and it has to take some priority (as well as taking care of the family of course!).  Rest assured, I will be posting within a blog post if I can create it! 

What have I been doing these past few days?  Ok, it's been great actually.  Filling me with joy.  Just today, my beauty therapist said she can see my sparkle coming back! YES! That's definitely a want and need of mine.  That spark will be back in full swing in no time, this I know.  Being honest, I do wonder if the can of St Tropez mousse I used might have something to do with it.
Mum telling me, "You look really wishy washy." (whatever that means), prompted me to get out the ol fake tan and try and at least look like I don't have the toxic crohns thing going on.  (Still not been right since I was rushed to hospital recently but seeing Gasteroenterology next week- and no it doesn't just mean I poo lots - it's inflammatory.  Those who know, know but I will write a blog early in the new year all about Crohns over on my nutrition website.)

So back to it.  I went for  session at the garage to try and sort Nathans car. We had a sneaky breakfast on the way home at Frankie and Benny's and thankfully it was super busy with not quite enough staff.  So we had lots of time to chat which was absolutely lovely.  Putting the world to rites, discussing the future of him, me, us as a family and all that jazz.  

This frankie and bennys christmas straw made me grin :)

Jasmine and I spent some time car shopping at Audi.  This was an exciting thing to do.  
Driving to Tunbridge Wells through the trees reminded me of my wonderful times in Scotland and Wales. I love a good tree lane drive! While we were there I was tossing up between two cars and still remain undecided.  One was very pretty but Jas reminded me I was there to find something bigger to fit mums wheelchair in.  Hmm, true.  So I started looking at the Q range.  Loved the bells and whistles inside but I'm still crunching the numbers and Christmas kind of took over...

Teaching Jasmine the art of manifestation in the R8

Mum and I toddled off to church to the Christingle service which was amazing. I would talk about this more but I'm not sure this is the place.  Suffice to say the spiritual me sat up and remembered just how massive the entire universe is.  There is more out there than the little bit of stress in my bubble.

Taking the Christingle to the cemetery and trying to decorate in the same amazing way mum used to...

Visiting mums amazing friends I was overjoyed to make a new German Shepherd friend.  I used to have a German Shep.

I would say she was like this one but my baby was smaller and longer haired... anyhow, recently the friends had been organising Santa and the elves visits on a charity fundraiser for children with illnesses.  I'll find out the charity and report back to you but just look at this set up! Of course Santa isn't there now, he's off getting ready for the present drop during the big day.

Me looking tired but being bored with myself, adding a splash of colour to my hair. 

Days gone by.  Loved him then. Love him now. 

We will speak again soon my friends but for now, enjoy the build up to the big day

Love as always

Louise xoxo


Thursday 21 December 2017

|Christmas is almost here...what was I doing three, two and one year ago?

2014 saw my first Christmas at university.  Studying at London met, I used to enjoy the odd glass of wine as I was always travelling by train.

On this last day at uni of 2014, we went for drinks.  Then looking at expensive footwear! IT was funny. I remember it well.

2015 I began to realise I was taking a bit of a hit with my health.  Not up to doing too much about it at this stage, I hadn't realised we were entering a time where we would soon say goodbye to Dad after he enjoyed his last Christmas.

Then last year I was looking very blonde indeed.  And happy.  While Jasmine had got Glandular Fever, mum was unwell and I was less than enjoying my science at uni.  Clarity was beginning to hit me as I realised how exciting this was all becoming as more and more people ask me about becoming a blogger and youtuber.  So, I gave my advice on this video!

Of course I will be sharing more videos with you as I literally have just finished with my last client before Christmas but I really hope you have enjoyed these blasts from the past. I loved watching back over them! It reminds me of why I actually love making this stuff.  Looking back over the memories is incredible.  So for sure I will 100% be doing Vlogmas next year :)


Sunday 17 December 2017

Signs from loved ones from heaven?

Yesterday saw the end of Strictly come dancing 2017. It was amazing.  I could not take my eyes off the screen.

Dad and I used to dance.  I feel he sent me some vibes and a very big clue from heaven.

At the age of 12 I began the typical 'modern dance' that young girls do.  A year later it was ballroom and latin.  I loved it.  Scoring high in the 90s for my medal tests, I just felt dance was a part of me, a part of life.  Without it I simply wouldn't feel my heart beating.
As a family we would head off on dance weekends and I just couldn't get enough of it.

Beginning my career at 18 I had to pull away from the dance school and all my friends which was a really hard thing. I felt sure they would always be there for me though and the bond we had created would not be broken. I was sure they would understand just how hard my job was.
Even so, still I would bop while working, constantly. 

The career had to take a detour when I became a mum, also becoming single at the same time.

Adorable twins kept me super busy for a year.  Then I realised I needed to get a life back. Once a week I used to get mum and dad to babysit and I would go to a new type of dance I had never tried before, Ceroc.  I LOVED IT.
Shortly after this, my aunt fell so unwell and I knew that all the while I had the physical ability to dance, I should.  The same year I ran my first race for life with an ambition of running the total 5k regardless of how long it took.  I also became a Ceroc finalist at the National competition in London. I was blown away.  Coming 5th out of 160 couples.  My partner and I had the best time and we became unbreakable, or so I thought.  Dance made me feel alive.  So alive.  Keeping my mental health  in check and I hadn't realised at the time but my physical health too.

Ten years ago I fell in love. My new man was keen to come dancing with me too.  He could move pretty good.  I loved dancing with him and didn't mind at all that I was back to basics again.  We even headed to the competition floor after my previous partner told me he wasn't competing that year (but then did compete, with a much better dancer than me).  My new husband and I were knocked straight out.  Then a decline began. 
"I'm not sure I will come tonight, might get an early night. You go though..." of course I didn't go.  Well, you don't, do you.

Dancing Queen is on my funeral song list.  Which surely shows I feel I'm still that girl.  
Having not danced now for at least 8 years, my mental, physical health and wellbeing is just in ruins. Yet I refuse to believe it's done for.  It will come back.  Dance may help.
Having been thinking this for a couple of months since I became single,  it was on my mind every episode of Strictly.  


Last night, the final...each time someone walked into the living room I paused the TV, not wanting to miss a second of it.  The dance, the sequins, the hair and make up.  All so amazing.

My competition days are over. I know this.  My back crumbling and my muscles wasting.  Yet I have to try.   My eyes on stalks.  I loved it. The music.  There she was.  There was me.  I could have cried.

Then I the winner was about to be announced,  right in front of them was the trophy.  A glitter ball.  I gasped.

The night before I was at the university christmas ball.  We pulled crackers.  

My prize was a glitter ball.

Thank you for the message Dad xxx


Monday 11 December 2017

December Vlogmas day 10 - heartbreaks and toothaches

Nerve pain shoots through my ear and eye socket like a bolt of lightning.  "arghhh" I mumble as Jasmine asks what's wrong.
I know I will have to bite the bullet and get an emergency dentist appointment.  Not afraid of much.  Quite  tough cookie. Not when it comes to being reclined in the dentist chair about to face a needle, a drill and some dental work.

But this hurts 

Other hurt fills my life this pre-christmas season this year as other life stuff bubbles to the surface after a long time waiting.  Personal life stuff I cannot get into but suffice to say the positivity of the law of attraction is testing me right now as I decide there are a few good things to always come from the bad stuff...
Which leads me nicely on to next year.  Usually I skip the resolutions as we fail to keep them.

Last year (well, it's still this year isn't it) I made none.  2018 will see me warm myself into jive again. I missed the me who dances.  Part of my dancing feet defines me.  Or rather my dancing feet define a part of me.  She has been MIA for oh so long.  She's coming back.

As long as I have been a student, I have wished to join the choir. I haven't managed it yet.  Promising myself I would at least get along to listen to the beautiful gospel of "Oh Happy Day" ring out through the beautiful painted chapel...sadly that night mum was unwell.

My time.  I must make some of my time.  Meanwhile, I will spend a few minutes looking over these videos and remembering Vlogmas days gone by...

When we put the decorations up in 2014 and I wore that orange jumper...

Then last year you can see me beginning to feel a little confused about my future...

Plus I got all dressed up and went to the Christmas ball this day 2 years ago! What a great night :)

Sending much love to you all, as always

Louise xoxo


Sunday 10 December 2017

Vlogmas day 9 from the past 3 years

Let's head back in time.

What was I doing 2 years ago? Graduating from my nutrition, health, physchology and chemistry diploma

Then last year, my lovely son decided to come on one of my videos at last.  He's not shy, just not keen to be involved in my vlogs where Jasmine is.  Of course I love them both so totally differently :)

Then, 3 years ago, just as today, we were scraping the ice off the cars as it was FREEZing....

This year? I'm mostly taking care of mum with  a little help from the blood pressure machines and stuff. 
Hence, very few videos here to show here that are of new quality.  For which I apologise but this lack of excitement is a good thing as it means I get to look after mum.

Lots of love, always

Louise xoxo


Tuesday 5 December 2017

December 3,4,5th (?) #Vlogmas for the past 3 years

So I already lost track of what I am doing this Vlogmas so thank goodness I am not filming and editing Vlogmas for my Youtube channel.  Imagine?! I crave the day when I can VLOG and Blog to my hearts content. Will this happen next year at Christmas?  Could I possibly plan days of going out filming and finding things with amazing content to create beautiful cinematic videos to show you?

That depends so much on you guys enjoying what I'm sharing and you further sharing with your people too!
Many of you are asking me to share the secrets for making an online business and this will be coming next January for sure. Little snippets through the latter part of the winter and into spring then let's do lots more of that as we head into summer?  If that's something you would like to know more about please do come on down into the comments box and tell me. Knowing lots of you are shy philanthropists, of course I will respond to those inbox messages too! Let me know what you would like to see.  

So here are the videos I have brought out of the cupboard from dusty youtube to show you today.  I particularly love the one where we are at Greenwich watching the choir. I'm thinking back over that memory with great fondness.  We have tickets to go tonight too but mum isn't well enough and neither is she happy to be left so I'm here, working on a case study project, about to diagnose a small boy with iron deficiency anaemia.  

Can't wait to begin to focus on Christmas.

How is your Christmas going?


Sunday 3 December 2017

December 2nd for the past 3 years... #vlogmas

As promised (sorry I'm a day behind but I guess that's kind of how Vlogmas works) here are the past 3 years of me on December 2nd creating a little vlog :)

Hope you enjoy these.  Are you a #vlogmas 'er? If you are please head over to my twitter to share your videos with me as I would love to Rt them for you and also to go have a good look at them myself :) 




Also, do you want to see the one when I speak about the Yankee Candle Advent calendar?

How are your plans going for this Christmas?  Shops are crazy busy aren't they!!!

Much love

Louise xoxo


Saturday 2 December 2017

Why I'm not doing #Vlogmas this year

It's December already! Gosh.  Once again this seems impossible.  How did the time literally grow wings and fly so fast?

Something different in my world this December.  Ok, so lots the same, I will still have a birthday for example. Yet for the past 3 years I have participated in #vlogmas.  

What is VLogmas?

You VLOG each day in December in the lead up until Christmas. In other words, you get to be nosey in other peoples lives as they begin to prepare for Christmas.  Yes.  That's as simple as it is.  Although if you are a vlogmas participant you will 'have my back' when I say it's a lot of work! To create something beautiful and interesting takes a lot of time.

As a reader of my blog for a while, you are likely to know I have my hands full with my final year of university, looking after my mum, obviously seeing to the twins as always and general stuff around my own health and life.  Sensing vlogmas might be too much I have decided on another path instead:

I will be sharing my last 3 years Vlogmas over on my twitter page instead.  Each day, as if we are travelling back in time.  Gosh, 3 years ago I looked so much more well and healthy than I do right now! What happened?



2016 a particularly beautiful one.

Hope you enjoy! If you are doing vlogmas, tag me in twitter when you upload and I will enjoy watching and retweeting! 

Much love this vlogmas

Louise xoxo


Friday 17 November 2017

Are you craving winter sun like me?

Oh goodness!

I was so sure when we came back from our last holiday abroad that it might be our last big one as a family.  
With mums health failing and the twins being settled in relationships, I felt quite sure that would be that.  I could concentrate on my studies and maybe look to go again in the spring time.  

But I need SUN.

To awaken to the beautiful sunshine and the idea of being cooked for makes my skin ooze with happiness and my mouth salivates like crazy!

So we have been looking.  We are considering the west coast of Africa or the canary islands, not sure yet.  Either way, I am delighted to share that if like me, you are considering your summer holiday, here is a link to save you at least £100 in the process!

Go check out my friends at Tui and see if you can find a bargain.  

Have you ever been to the Canary islands?  Which is your favourite?  How about Africa? Where do you like in Africa? I wonder if the temperature gets chilly in the evenings?

Much love and dreaming, as always

Louise xoxo


Saturday 4 November 2017

Magic and Bali

We believe in Magic on this blog don't we? Initially this blog was born from my love to share all things Law of Attraction.  Still I stand by that as I dream more and more of travel. My latest wanderlust dreams float in my mind to Bali.

Why? I don't even know. But I guess it's thanks to those over on instagram and watching beautifully bodied bikini ladies dipping a toe in a beautiful pool in a beautiful villa.  Buddha heads at the end of the pool. The call to yoga, meditation and healthy food.

Bali is ME.  I think.

Realising this dream I have been watching an amazing guy over on Youtube and seeing his fabulous videos, even supported him on Patreon.  Next thing you know, I'm contacted by Tui (an amazing travel company who I travel frequently with) and informed about them beginning to offer travel to Bali. of attraction in action.

Past travel to the Red Sea

Has this excited me beyond belief?  Yes! So my anxieties kick in and make me think that travelling to Asia for the first time ever would be quite amazing if I have the safety of booking with a reputable company. As opposed to booking a one way ticket. Perhaps I will have a long trip there and think about returning for 2 months with the villa, the buddha head and a coconut delivery guy!  I will do it! I definitely will!

Realising the dream as I spoke about in my last blog post (which went viral by the way, thank you) I'm more keen than ever to get myself that bloggers dream job of posting from abroad, creating IG beauties and informative Youtube videos about travel, food and keeping healthy abroad.

Want to help me? Of course I'm going to ask you to share this blog post for me but also how do you feel about clicking this link to look into booking your next holiday with Tui?  Should you click and book, you are going some way to supporting my efforts with this blog and all the online platforms I am determined to bring you over the coming months.

I'm off to dream of Bali one more time and why not let me know where you dream of visiting? Have to visited many exotic countries or gone travelling? What tips do you have for me?  Please let me have your comments!

TUI - Save more online!


Monday 23 October 2017

Out of my hands.

Out of my hands.

It’s been decided for me.

Plenty of times I have suspected there are moments of ‘oh, I should be doing this.’ or, ‘ah I think they are leading me here.’
Often, I don’t listen.

Tiny voices echo in my head, “write! Write!” and I feel it in my gut too.  I begin to write. I am filled with joy. I love it.
From deeper within another voice begins to whisper.
“You aren’t good enough.”
“You need to earn money.”
“You like stress.”
“You like rushing around.”
“You like routine.”
“You love doing your make up and rushing out the door.”
“You need a proper job.”
“You need a normal job.”
Driving my friends crazy, I look for reassurance.
“I love writing, what do you think I should do? Could I work online? Do you think it could be a success?”
They tell me, “YES!” Every time.

So I write.  

Something takes over and I read back what I have written, feeling as if it has generated a little magic.  My words; somehow with a twist of soul.  
Downstream with ease.  
The dream, this is the dream.

A whirlwind of practicalities and childhood programming interrupts my passions.  Imagine, as a child, growing up with no internet, jeez not even a mobile phone in sight.  A cordless phone was for the privileged few.  
Working online was something not even invented.
Being a writer meant getting a book deal from a publishing house (and they would be taking a huge chunk of your earnings).  No wonder this little voice of doubt hops in to throw me off my tracks.

Getting to it.  Working hard on the job that, yes, is the dream but still somehow is only explored mostly in the industry - working for others - towing the line and not questioning what the boss might say.
Being told you can only have time to yourself for 4 weeks of the year. After that, your life is theirs.
Don’t expect to put your healthy eating, exercise, taking care of your family first.  All of that comes after…

Dreams of taking my laptop to write (to some fireplace within the woods, looking out through windows filled with nature views) take a back seat.
Just as my pen and journal couldn’t consider visiting Bali for a couple of months, my Nikon will sit and gather dust rather than accompany my muse I write while touring California.  
Simplistic holidays in Mykonos creating videos for all to see on my vlog channel will all have to wait.

The dream might be on hold.

Synchronicity of my friends and my health shake me. 


Take the dream off hold and listen!
“Louise you are a natural leader.”
“So many people find you inspiring.”
“You talk from the heart, raw and real.”
That’s the friends.

The health says nothing but does lots.  Crohns sees me unable to dash out of the door.  The make up does not cover my dark circles.  Fatigue puts me into bed.  Malabsorption contributes to mental health issues. 
Arthritis. Infection. Inflammation. Degenerative discs…the list is a long one.  
Refusing to give this focus, I continue with my stress filled life. Convincing myself it’s a buzz.

Convincing myself the dream life is plan B.  Only to be used in an emergency.  As this cannot possibly be the sensible option.

Today sees me back in hospital.  What looms next made me afraid.  From that fear the dream is once again born.  If life was shorter than I had hoped what would be my absolute must do?
Finish that book.  That IVF story I’m loving to write.  The one folks have been waiting to pre-order in, like, forever.

Spending time chatting to two very close friends tonight on Facebook messenger (while mis-typing through the drugs I have had to take) we figured out a few things.
Why do I doubt it when I have sold books already though my amazon page?
When over 9000 people visit my blog every month?
When 482,981 people have watched my Youtube channel? And it makes me money every month.
Why Stylehaul signed me up as a creator and pay me to create.
Collectively around 12,000 people follow me on social media channels…not a bad number and definitely a few good platforms.
Companies like Giorgio Armani, Musclefood, Abel and Cole sponsor me to experience their products. 

What am I questioning? 

Today, I fall in love with my Crohns.  Another curveball.  More clarity than ever.  Now there is no choice.  I must work from home.  I’m trying to be well. Hoping to be well.  Yet damage was done as young as I can remember and I can still live a healthy life and help myself as best I can.  However, I must refuse my gut the torture of those little  voices telling me to shy away from an amazing life that is clearly grabbing a hold of my chubby cheeks and telling me to do what I love. 

If you laugh at me that’s fine.  I have not followed my dream in case of that.  Yet my life deserves to be the best I can give it.   Those who don’t support my journey can stop following, reading, clicking.  Yet I am determined to live my best life and to give my best shot to working.  This work needs to respect my disease and fit in with my loving family, my wonderful life and the fabulous plans I have.

Who’s with me?

Monday 9 October 2017

Confused - Because I want it all.

Guys, I'm usually here giving you a little bit of advice.

Today I fancy having yours...

Maybe you will relate. In fact, if you have ever had a dream I am fairly sure you will relate.

If you have followed my blog for some time now you will know I am a mature student at university.  I do love my course.  I love the sense of achievement and having deadlines to meet.  Routine is great and I totally love it.   Subjects fill me with so much passion for science and the nutritional direction in which public health is going.

However..... part of me really wants to carry on and do a PhD.  This might lead to a great job.  Do I want a JOB?  Is it really the dream? OR is the dream to write, travel, make films?  To be honest, I think it is yet I get caught up in the whirlwind of study and achieving. 

Writing on this blog, for example, the only person patting me on the back is you, the reader.  Sometimes even showing me with the view counts.  So while I haven't been paying so much attention to my views recently, I have just hopped over and taken a look. I'm astounded.  Amazing... since my Najowrimo (about Journalling) blog post a couple of weeks ago there are so many of you have signed up to get my blog posts to your inbox via the signup box on this website and I feel that is a definite pat on the back.  Thank you. 

If you have ever tried meditating on 'what you really want' you might be amazed and surprised.  I intend to begin creating such meditations.  Honestly since the law of attraction came into my life so much has changed. It's incredible.  So, then I get inspired to show you guys once again where to start with the law of attraction, what it has done for me and how you can live your life the law of attraction way to really go and live your dreams.....

Living my dream...

What would you do???

Saturday 7 October 2017

Our trip to Centre Parcs

You will love this, we had a great time within the trees! Did you see our recent videos of our trip to Centre Parcs in Woburn Forest?

We love all that Centre parts has to offer Just love it!

Would we recommend Woburn Forest? Absolutely.  

The swimming pool has enough whirls and swirls and activities to keep us amused for hours on end.  Walking through the tress is just refreshing and soul filling.  The accommodation quite second to none.

Our second visit here, I could gladly stay for a long time!

Much love

Louise xoxo


Saturday 30 September 2017

Love Journalling? You'll love Najowrimo

Journaling. Publicised like crazy and definitely a pastime that has won my heart. 

‘They’ say journalling is therapeutic. Spaghetti braining it’s way out of ones head and onto paper. 


Helpful? Yes, I believe so. 

Reading back over my journals takes me to a place of familiarity. It sounds like my head yet seldom do I recall writing it. Enabling me to focus and grab a sense of what I should be doing, what I need to be doing on this complicated earth while floating and dodging my way through this thing called life. 

Are you with me?
Do you often wonder?
What if I did this instead?
What will happen if I go there instead?
What should I be doing with my life?
How do I know I’m in the right job/right partner/right country?
Am I destined for better things?
Is this you and your thoughts too?

Finding a little gem over on my Twitter, I realised there is a thing called Najowrimo. You may remember I participated in July. Journalling through July I loved reading back over my najowrimo journey. 
Excited, I realise this also happens in October 1st again for a month!

For me, there will become a time when I sense a need to publish my najowrimo in a book. For you, maybe the same, maybe not. Let me say this, you are likely writing the story of your life as well as someone else’s. Write to them. Solve their issue and your books will fly off the virtual shelves. 
Want to try it?

Find out more here
See the twitter folks. 
See my pages I have written before

Much love

Louise xoxo

Sunday 10 September 2017

Cornish Retreats for you!

Exciting news! The Lusher Life brand is coming to Cornwall.

You may have followed my stores on Youtube.  We have been looking for a property in Wales to buy and use as a retreat for both ourselves and for others.  Being guided, we have now closed a sale on this beautiful home in Cornwall.  Now, before you get excited,  I'm not going to be taking bookings just yet as there is lots to do.  We are installing a hot tub, log burner and some beautiful outside furniture too.  

Something I love about camping is sitting around the campfire at the end of the day.  Even if it's cold. Wrapping up in blankets and toasting marshmallows on the fire is just special.  Family time is super special.  I really want one of these outdoor pieces of furniture.  

Ohh think of the house shopping that's going to come our way! How exciting is this!!!

So make sure you follow this journey.  Here's what we will be able to offer you:

* Somewhere for you and the family alone (sleeps up to 9 people)
* Somewhere for you alone to come and join us for our courses
* Law of attraction retreats
* Wellness retreats
* Writers retreats
* Youtuber retreats (FANTASTIC VLOG opportunities)

The retreat has (FREE) indoor swimming pool, golf, gym, wake boarding, flo rider, total wipeout, fishing, 5km walks, close to amazing cornish beaches and great local restaurants with award winning chefs! Honestly, this place is incredible.

The strange thing? I had this on my vision board for around 4 years hoping to get there to holiday.  Now, we are going to be owning the place and organising the holidays, the retreats, everything.  This law of attraction stuff really works and I'm excited to be welcoming you along and learning how to successfully use the law of attraction into your own lives. 

Watch this space as we sign on the dotted line and get going with new website creations and the like to enable you to get onboard with all there is to offer here!

Me at the surfing famous Fistral beach

Heard of Rick Stein? He's just down the road!

Sneak peek at the retreat

You guys are going to love it here.  I'm going to love it too.  Very exciting times ahead!

Much love

Louise xoxo

Monday 28 August 2017

You won't believe me when I tell you...

It's so hard for me to get here, to my amazing desk space and write to you.  

Writing is my passion, you know this by now and not a day goes by when I don't mentally touch base with the blog I write at now. I love it.  Oh I do wish Blogger would make an app you can post to.  They are owned by google so what the ****?  An app would allow me to share with you on the go, you know like you do stuff on the loo and all?  Yup I'm that girl too.  (How long can I 'get away' with calling myself a girl?)

The local harbour where we are buying the new home
So today is Mums 78th birthday.  Bless her.  We have had an official diagnosis of mixed dementia (alzheimers and vascular) and it's a very sad time but in our house it seems quite the opposite. On good days, we are doing loads, creating lots of memories and doing exciting things like going for lunch and buying second homes... more on that in the next blog post. Have you added to get your emails when I post?

Mum, Jasmine and I at mums birthday 'do'
Wanting more time to write, I shall add photos here for now as I am hopping over to write quickly on the laptop which has a work in progress book following Mums time from here.  Another blog is being designed by  a wonderful web designer for me and I will give you details of that blog later.  It's called Dementia,  Mum and me. 

Love this space

Pretty cottage.

Using the Canon DSLR

Can't beat the waterside...

Until next time, much love to you all

Louise xoxo

© Louise Usher. All rights reserved.