Tuesday 11 January 2022

The Pancake House at Center Parcs

Tradition brings us to Center Parcs, and the pancake house.

So often, people are saying how expensive it is to visit Center Parcs. I'm here to help you find some really amazing breaks.

Watch a full tour of Center Parcs by clicking here (and there is a full playlist by clicking here)

As usual, some people are tied to children’s school holidays and tend to luck out.  Traveling at this time of year can prove amazing for value for money. The best suggestion I have if you want to travel with school-age children is to find the closest park to you, leave after school on Friday and go home after dinner on Sunday. You will get two nights, and we paid £350 for this break (up to four people). 

Breaks could cost between £2000 and £3000 in the summer holidays, or could just end up at £80 per person for a four-night midweek break in January. Of course, there’s always the opportunity that you’re going to spend more money once you’re actually there. And I guess this is the benefit of making great value breaks, affordable so that once you are there you’re spending more money and enabling the parks to keep staff wages paid.

It is our time to visit Woburn Forest, as is tradition for us to do once a year now, since 2016.  And as we arrive, it’s always a tradition that we visit the pancake house.

Sitting in the window of the pancake house looking out over at the lake, with drips of rain sitting on the tables and chairs outside, I remarked to my daughter Jasmine how many different people we have brought here with us over the years.

We usually sit outside with the dog. There were no lodges available for dogs this time, and apart from that, Harley really cannot walk very far now. And we have to use a dog pram for him. 

After a lovely drive of 1 1/2 hours, we sat at the table and ordered lunch online.

Centre Parcs are currently cashless, so ordering online was the best thing to do. Unfortunately, I had forgotten any purse or any cards. I would usually pay with Apple Pay, but thankfully my daughter is at the age now where she can pay, and I can do her quick bank transfer! Much is this sounds comical, as if I’ve done it on purpose, it truly wasn’t.

As always, I was thrilled at the pancake house it caters for gluten-free diners like myself. So often, when you go to certain types of restaurants if you are gluten-free, you’re out of luck. 

I was excited to try a waffle. I remember how much I enjoyed them on our last trip. Although as we tried to order online, there was no option for that. We called the waitress over who informed us that their waffle maker machine (which is kept separate from the usual waffle maker machine to ensure it’s gluten-free and not cross-contaminated), was out of order and waiting to be fixed. 

I completely understood and respected this. Instead, I went for an apple pancake which was dusted with cinnamon sugar. 

Completely delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed this and felt so full up. After that, it was time to do plenty of walking for the rest of the day and a little swim to try and help use some calories.

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Louise xoxo 


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  1. So glad you loved it. I can't wait to visit once again


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