Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Signs that autumn is here

October 30th already - gosh - and today it was plain to see that autumn is here.

The cool air in the morning and the dewy tops of the cars starting out their day were a sight to see in their glistening beauty as I snuggled into my warming car seat to drive to the coast.

Today was a brand new start on my writer journey as I travelled to the Kentish coastal town of Deal to begin a writing course with the plan to hone my craft of writing a story arc more fluently.  As one of my very best friends lives in Deal, we decided to use this opportunity to get ourselves together for a fabulous catch up!

Coffee and Walnut gluten free cake (made me smile..)

....Julie made me laugh, as always

I do love a classic. This Triumph made it look like we had gone back in time

Officially Autumn

End of day writing session


Tuesday, 22 October 2019

WHY Blogs used to be about peoples lives

When blogging first became a thing it took a brave heart to begin talking about life online.  It wasn't for the feint hearted of course but quickly we all became invested in hearing about peoples stories. 

Day to day journalling was most definitely a type of therapy almost for so many readers and writers and the way blogging has morphed is both a good and bad 'thing'.  So many bloggers now are wonderfully creative and writing about various niche topics and creating an income at the same time! Fabulous! It's hard work maintaining an online business and while often there is a flexibility to it, allowing people to fit it into a laptop lifestyle, travel, take care of children and other things, there is no denying it's a constant stream of implementing ideas.

Seldom do we write about life on blogs now and most blogging experts, offering advice and courses, advise against this idea if you want to make good money blogging. Is it all about making money though?

What do you think?
We have a huge audience for the 'big brother' type of shows, love island and other fly on the wall programmes and documentaries.  We all know someone who only reads true stories or biographies, especially autobiographies which are written from the point of view of the author and narrator.  So, we are definitely all interested in other people's lives.

We like to be inspired and motivated by those stories. Learning something or feeling something.

So why not blogging?

Why don't we resurrect such blogs? There are plenty out there with a huge audience.  

For so long, I have neglected my blog here and it truly is one of my most favourite things to write.  My stats have dropped from 9000 views a month to around 1-2k in my absence.  I apologise.  It is my intention, now that life is calming down and beginning to feel more like my old life once again, to write more, including this blog. 

I'm going to begin to urge people (maybe you?) to do the same; to write their stories.  Perhaps your story has meaning and you want to share it for others to understand, or maybe you simply want to write to help you through a bad patch but keep your thoughts private! Yep, look out and stand by as I will be encouraging, inspiring and helping those of you who want to write your personal stories, to write them.  I am on a mission to get my stories written and out there, as well as keep sharing my life on Youtube and instagram.

Recently, I have deleted the copious amounts of websites I have been running intermittently while studying my science degree then my post grad in writing and it's time to laser focus on the thing I really love and need to share before I leave this world.  Who's with me?  Fancy a bash at writing your stories, with my help? 

Much love, as always

Louise xoxo

Ps it's great to be back!

Monday, 21 October 2019

How to manifest happiness instantly.

Happy Monday! You know you guys are my inspiration and sharing this video with you will hopefully help you to manifest happiness instantly without anything else happening in your life.

I see so many smiles on faces that carry hearts full of pain. 
Looking in the mirror reminds you that you are you.  This is a good thing as you are awesome but you know your flaws.  We can get in our own way of manifesting happiness without anything changing in our lives.  Try the trick in the video and let me know if it works for you.

Email me if you want to reach out:


Sunday, 20 October 2019

How writing can help us

Why don't I just get the writing done?

Life is pretty overwhelming and this morning I was very determined to begin a truly productive writing week. I even posted about lighting candles, head down and bum up. Then five minutes later I found myself with a very long 'to do' list. 
     Really, I could happily hold my head in my hands and have a grumble about it. But instead, I decided to take a few moments to grab coffee, scone, a new moleskin notebook (all the pro writers use those), a pink pen and sit and write. 
     Some may call it brain dump, some may say it's morning pages. I think of it today as writing a list, although my list was already created on my new iPhone en route back from the West Country yesterday.
The list will not be completed for quite some time. 

Do you ever wish there were two of you? I do. One can sell the 'tut' on eBay that mum collected over the years, while the other me  can write the stories I was put on  this earth to write.
     My new list includes a new podcast, some inspirational  stories recorded for spotify (new idea that the universe showed me via another human) and other creative genius ideas. 
     Sometimes I wonder if I purely should be writing, forgetting all the other stuff. Yet often I wonder if I'm actually fuelled by being a little stressed and uptight.
     One thing I do know, I haven't blogged enough recently  and it IS something I Love to do!
     Writing this has helped, thank you. There will be more. 

If you want to tell me what you would like to see, email me. I had a lovely request this morning, "I need one of your motivational videos to kick me out of bed in the morning!"

Consider it done!



Wednesday, 4 September 2019

We moved!

Yesterday we saw chaos in the house.  We moved Mum.

Very long story and I’m not sure I can do it justice on a blog post but some of you who follow this journey know, mum moved in 2.5 years ago after a heart attack and a week in ICU. 
“I’m just going to stay with my daughter for a few days,” she explained to her new friends on the ward and I was in complete agreement.  A few days turned into a few weeks as she was diagnosed with mixed dementia and I decided to put my life on hold, cut right back on work (much of my work is abroad) and give mum the very best life I could in the little time we had left.  Assuming her heart wouldn’t last long as it was so damaged after the heart attack.

Things changed rapidly as Mum took mine (and my children’s) efforts for granted and began asking more and more and contributing less which is a pattern she established with Dad when he was alive.  She doesn’t know she is doing it I’m sure and it is important to all of us that we found a workable solution.  

Me needing to get back to work, mum needing more care than we can give her, my house needing a new roof and other refurbishments (and us being cramped a little) we have (hopefully) the perfect solution now.  Yesterday we moved Mum next door.  I’m sleeping there for the time being which will allow her to settle, we are able to begin the extensive building work on my house, Mum has space to invite her friends round and put her ‘tut’ that she loves on every available surface. Everyone will be happier.

Of course there will be much to do for quite some time and I was hoping the work might be done around Christmas time but that is now wishful thinking.
Meanwhile I’ve planned the next trip (21 days and counting) until my next all inclusive resort review and we are going to montengegro this time! Very exciting.

Sometimes, no matter how you think you can’t find a workable solution, something does come together and it feels miraculous how everything has taken a liner trail into the place we are at now.  This journey will progress little by little and of course I will be updating the blog here and on YouTube

Last week she turned 80. This lady is a cat with nine lives.  We need to keep her as comfortable and happy as we can in these twilight years while also taking care of ourselves. 

Happy, thankful. 


Sunday, 25 August 2019

Bank Holiday in Kent

Blessings of summer give feelings of gratitude as Harley and I sit in the sun with my edits. A beautiful day with the pond fountain, audible droplets falling, comfy cushions and a laptop ready for edits as we head for the last push on the dissertation appendices. 
Life has not felt so incredible in so long and I’m soaking every second like a sponge. 

Taking moments out over the bank holiday weekend to enjoy countryside walks and fantastic company, my smile broadens ever wider with gratitude. 

Taking in the beauty of Kent was more than welcome as the stunning weather gave a feel of content coupled with an unusual feeling of incredible worth. 

My creative process helped massively by the positivity of loving living my absolute best life. 


Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Wanderlust is back! The Sinai Desert

We have active wanderlust and I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming trips. Since my last account was hacked, I’m going to be reposting some of my favourite photos from my best trips on my instagram page. 💕

The Sinai desert was full of wonder as underfoot the moon like appearance gave us an unfamiliar feeling. As the sun set and the stars graced us with their genuine mind blowing show, we gazed open mouthed at a sight never before acknowledged in such a way. 💫 This place felt magical and mystery filled the air as much as the coldness did during the transition from day to night. 🌓 We made bread and danced around the fire while drinking sweet hibiscus tea from an aluminium kettle 🌺 Memories like these are timeless.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Chase that dream! They do come true!

Every week, on Mondays, on my Youtube channel I talk about the law of attraction and chasing the dream. People love this little bit of confirmation and approval to go ahead and dream big!

Today, I was up and out early to write more of my dissertation.  I am completely loving my uni life in my post grad days and being the full time writer is the dream come true.  Although it has been a long time in the making.  As I grabbed my car keys and ruck sack containing all that was needed for a day of writing,  I opened the door and felt the warm summer air hit my face, breathing in the scent of the flowers which are blooming on my palm tree. Feeling very thankful for this beautiful day and realising how lucky I am to be going to work in blue denim shorts and converse, comfy and 'me'.  

Wearing what I like to work

A beautiful morning stroll before I sit to write

The office this morning. 

The laptop lifestyle

Very blessed to be able to head to the local coffee shop to get my head down and write, my feet took me on a mini journey to view the yachts and the clouds on this incredible day before editing a Youtube video, writing a blog post and cracking on with writing my dissertation about life.  The past I will write today sees me describing a time of homelessness and poverty during pregnancy following IVF.  Yes, that was me.  My life is unrecognisable and of course it has been a long time in the making, taking a lot of grafting but here I am now completely living the dream.  

If I can; you can.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Chivalry is not dead!

My fiction writing sees a female protagonist who is strong, independent and doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Yet, she is a girl who embraces her femininity much to mens confusion.  And she believes in chivalry.

This is often the description I use to highlight the 'feel' of my stories.  Often, of course, such a protagonist filters through into my life writing. Does she sound like anyone you might think is familiar?  Possibly someone who frequents this page perhaps.

Early this morning I woke with sleepy eyes, yet feeling wide awake and unable to return to my dream state, so I decided to get up and start the day.  Walking Harley, my thoughts turned to this blog and the infrequency of my writing.  I sense the blog is a great place to begin before I start on my work in progress.

So here I am.

It was too early for Starbucks on this Sunday and so I decided to take myself on a walk around the marina.  Yes, there was the perfect parking space thanks to the Law of Attraction and I went to walk through the light green door up the staircase to the marina.  A man was quickly coming out from the stairs after his gym session and flew through the door, dropping it behind him.
"Oh..." he said quietly as he turned on his heels.  He actually went back on his steps to hold the door open for me! I was more than impressed.  It wasn't like I was dressed much like a lady particularly, gym shoes, leggings and a pink lee cooper t shirt, but this gentleman really showed me for sure that Chivalry isn't dead!

Do you love chivalrous men?
Are you a gent yourself?

Reach out, let me know.


Wednesday, 31 July 2019

"Lou, what do you do?"

I totally understand it's a complex subject as to what exactly I do for work. I'm asked this over and over so I will try and explain why I simply answer with, "Well, it's a long answer but basically I'm a writer." 

I write creative non-fiction mostly

I'm also a travel writer, reviewing all inclusive resorts for 'free from' foods.

But I'm also a scientist; a registered nutritionist with a specialism for chronic disease. 
Since I could pick up a pencil, I loved to write.

As a child, letters to thankful Grandparents were written in abundance and compliments of my early writing were welcomed but ignored. Never had I realised the opportunity of pursuing ones dream of being a creative writer might be something life could offer in the form of a “JOB”, so I followed other pathways.
Science saw my love of helping others understand about chronic disease and lifestyle in the form of writing the ‘science’ stuff creatively and in laymens terms (This is something I still occasionally do) yet my postgrad saw encouragement from the incredible academics into writing more narrative non fiction in the form of life writing, writing for trauma and encouraging others to embrace their own stories through memoir.
Being told I have a talent for creative writing was mind blowing and a total dream come true and this has springboarded me into the happiest year of my life. My current work in progress is a narrative about the IVF journey and coeliac disease which of course includes the story of the struggle as a single parent. A happy ending must always follow my writing as we demonstrate strength, independence and self love for my female protagonist (either fiction or non fiction) as she is a lady who believes in chivalry and allows herself vulnerability without apology while remaining upright with valour.

My fiction created a rumble although it was never my intention to write - and I loved it!

Of course I still love science and nutrition. Who couldn’t? It’s more than interesting and I now know exactly what is going on in my body with my chronic illness and why I have it. So now, I’m trying (not easy) to take things a little less frantically in life and pursuing my dream of full time writing. This way, on bad days I can rest and good days I can churn out more words. I love writing Non-fiction in the form of my nutrition blog and reports but I also love romance novels! So....follow my writer journey into my next masters degree in Creative Writing :) My published books so far can be found here:

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

I have changed.

It’s been a long time since I have shared here with you on this blog in this manner.  Tempted to write something about not really knowing why it has taken me so long to type on this blog again (but that would be a lie) let’s just settle in to have a really good heart to heart chat now and see how this progresses for both you and me.

So much has changed; I have changed.  Many curveballs have thrown their way into my life to give me pause for thought. 
Here I sit high in the clouds on a plane to Turkey and I sense now is the perfect time to open up and allow lots to flood out onto this page.  

If you are an original (OG) follower of this blog, you will have seen so many changes over the past ten years since it has been live. Initially brought about through being in total disbelief of the learning around the law of attraction, I thought, “Why doesn’t everyone know this stuff?” And to my surprise I began to learn that many people actually did know! 

There have been many uses for this blog but always coming back to the place of falling into ‘lifestyle’ which sounds lame and wide.  Yet for me, what I love to read about, talk about and share is around lifestyle.  

Within this post I will touch upon a few subjects that I will be bravely expanding on within the next few posts.

Gosh I had no idea how tired I had let myself get but now that I’m on the plane with my work up to date, I am super sleepy but so happy. Happier than I think I have ever known before in my life.  That’s the most incredible thing to say ever.
I shuffle in my seat, hoping to get more comfy on this EasyJet flight but without success.  So in my discomfort I begin to write in my mind and guess I’ll fire up the keyboard and get talking to you guys.

The lack of posts on this blog are due to my stumbling over my words, which is crazy for a writer.  It isn’t the words of course, it’s the subject material.  Sharing such topics sees me open and raw and you will see why as the blog posts unfold.

Let’s begin here, in a place of clarity which has frightened me beyond belief.  Last week I took to the stage with my fellow cohort of post graduate students as we dug deep into our reserves of valour and read our work to an audience of important guests.  Such things seldom make me nervous but emotions were evoked as I realised my potential as an author following the feedback I have gained from the tutors who carefully have us under their wing. During the day, one academic who I trust and respect massively suggested I begin to label my work as memoir.  I gulped visibly and felt myself become mute.  I’ll share the full story with you in a full and open blog post, as I will these other subjects.

There has been the issue of dealing with living with a mother with dementia and I can't even bring myself to talk about it anymore which carries with it huge guilt.  I have tried to bury those selfish feelings but recently I was filmed by a wonderful couple of talented filmmakers and they touched on the story from the point of view of the struggles a career faces rather than, ‘oh this person has dementia and that’s really sad.’ 

A brave move. 

Open to criticism and if I was to really be open and tell you how I feel you’ll likely think of me as a bitch.  Although if you are in that place too, you are likely to understand totally and smile as you realize someone is finally speaking out.  This is a huge topic and I have so much to say around this.

I’ve changed lately.  

After going through the issue of the anxiety as I finished my undergraduate science degree I feel so much happier and less apologetic for who I am. This seems to suit some, not others. But it is what it is and I have had a further health curveball thrown at me which I was going to keep to myself but it’s going to be a long term influence on my life and part of my ‘living’ is going to be involving you guys on my platform with my journey from here on.  So I need to tell you and once again, this will be expanded upon in future blog posts.  
Likely you know I’m dealing with a couple of chronic disease issues, autoimmune related (Crohn's and Ankylosing spondylitis) which need careful attention but are semi-well controlled, well now there is something else.

I had an abnormal smear.

My cervix was biopsied in colposcopy and it turns out I have cell changes they are not happy with.  This has given me a myriad of feelings and I’m currently processing everything while trying to take the best care of myself I ever have.  I decided to bring this into my blog posts and likely will make a YouTube video about it as it's not so uncommon and I think taking out the fear might be helpful in some way, to someone.  Simply sharing how I feel might give someone else some feeling that might be a positive reflection and so I decided to take my head out of the sand and I’m going to write about it.

Signing off this blog post half written, I hope you will all be with me on this rollercoaster journey that I have decided to embrace with white knuckles.  It’s not been an easy decision to start blogging again but I have missed it, I love it and I hope to help spread the love between us.  I promise to give better updates soon....but please know I am ok and things are ok, and we will be okay.

Nathan and I in Turkey

He took me on this jet ski! Living life!

Reach out if you feel you want to and maybe are feeling lonesome....

Love always

Louise xoxo 
© Louise Usher. All rights reserved.