Monday 28 August 2017

You won't believe me when I tell you...

It's so hard for me to get here, to my amazing desk space and write to you.  

Writing is my passion, you know this by now and not a day goes by when I don't mentally touch base with the blog I write at now. I love it.  Oh I do wish Blogger would make an app you can post to.  They are owned by google so what the ****?  An app would allow me to share with you on the go, you know like you do stuff on the loo and all?  Yup I'm that girl too.  (How long can I 'get away' with calling myself a girl?)

The local harbour where we are buying the new home
So today is Mums 78th birthday.  Bless her.  We have had an official diagnosis of mixed dementia (alzheimers and vascular) and it's a very sad time but in our house it seems quite the opposite. On good days, we are doing loads, creating lots of memories and doing exciting things like going for lunch and buying second homes... more on that in the next blog post. Have you added to get your emails when I post?

Mum, Jasmine and I at mums birthday 'do'
Wanting more time to write, I shall add photos here for now as I am hopping over to write quickly on the laptop which has a work in progress book following Mums time from here.  Another blog is being designed by  a wonderful web designer for me and I will give you details of that blog later.  It's called Dementia,  Mum and me. 

Love this space

Pretty cottage.

Using the Canon DSLR

Can't beat the waterside...

Until next time, much love to you all

Louise xoxo


Friday 18 August 2017


This beach was just the loveliest place ever! After floating in the sea as you can see here, I felt so different.  What happened to me?  Was it the salt water?  Was I grounding?  I'm not sure but I do know I felt so much energy it was amazing.  Hardly ever do i get that level of energy.

Have you been to Gran Canaria?  How did you love it?

Love always

Louise xoxo

Friday 11 August 2017

This isn't Wales...

Definitely not Wales.  This is Cornwall.

Wales still has my heart. I love it there. Love to spend time there and need to spend more time there.  For Sure.  Yet Cornwall is just delightful too.  A beautiful place with breathtaking (literally) views of rugged coastline.  The beaches, the sand, the joy on surfers faces.  Reminded me I didn't need to be in Australia for this feeling.  It was right here.

What's making me ponder?

Stopping off at Babbacoombe on the Way.  Gorgeous

I know I can visit Wales. I'm not aiming to make up my mind about settling down for retirement (I know that will be full of travel all over).

Yet I've a responsibility to Mum.  To give her a place to be in her twilight years where she can look at a view;  spend time with us.  To create photo books and memories.

Could it be here as well as wherever the Wanderlust takes us?


Could I learn to surf perhaps?


For sure I need to eat more fresh fish! That could be on the cards.  All those Omega 3 fatty acids for my brain...

Life felt simplistic today...

Beautiful Padstow is a haven for artists.  I'll leave the paintbrushes alone and keep the camera handy instead.  Makes complete sense.

A writers retreat? 


Saturday 5 August 2017

Science behind the law of attraction

This is very long (4 hours) and goes VERY deep into the law of attraction and the science of it all. 

I love it. Reignites my passion for all things LOA.  

If the time is right for you, watch it.  

The quality of the video isn't good but you will love it.  Hope it helps!

Believe you can do it! I believe in you. I know you can. 


Friday 4 August 2017

Law of attraction and feelings

Currently I'm reigniting my knowledge of the importance of feelings when using the law of attraction in your life.

This blog was born for the law of attraction teachings I learn along the way but I want to briefly share this with you this morning:  We are not perfect.
Do not (please) give yourself a hard time if things are not working for you.  Soon, I will be sharing an in depth blog post about this but I am in the throes of learning how to explain it best for you.  Asking is not enough.  It's about the feeling which is where the "Belief" part comes into play.  We need to believe.  Why? Because then we have more change of acting as if.  Honestly.

Recently, you may have seen I have been uploading many travel vlogs on Youtube.  The feeling I got from the last holiday was one of sheer fun and excitement.  I feel I could have manifested anything at this time.

A snippet of karaoke in this video will have you see me at the end full of life and vibrancy.  I could have almost shouted how excited and happy I felt.  Creating these feelings often enough will see you with the happy feeling you need to go forward with life.  It's not easy. This is where I feel I differ from some of the other law of attraction people you may read.  I don't pretend it's easy. Or that life is just plain sailing.  I know it isn't.  But try.  Do something to make you smile.  Watch a funny film, play you favourite music, look over old photos of good times.

Wishing you much love

Louise xoxo


Thursday 3 August 2017

Why I'm not doing #veda

Good morning from a sunny Kent.  Finally.  We have sun!

This year for the first time in a while I'm not doing VEDA.  

What is VEDA?

Standing for Vlog Everyday in August, veda is when you tubers decide to vlog each day and publish. It's a fab way to connect with each other using the hashtag #veda

Last Month (July) I did a fair bit of vlogging and travelling.  Most of which still needs to be edited and uploaded.  But I will get there.  So there will be uploads from me but i need to get on top of all the other bits and bobs.  We will still be having some adventures and uploading them.  Off to Cornwall soon which is actually for business but i'm still excited! Then we have a Centre Parcs visit which is exciting more than exciting! 

Watch my place on the internet over on youtube at which will encourage me to get those edits done!

Our recent trip to Gran Canaria.

Can you help? I'm looking for a new vlog camera.  I can't decide if I should go for a DSLR, a camcorder or update my phone....?  What would you do?  Connect with me on twitter to let me know what you prefer. 

What are you up to? Are you doing VEDA?  Leave your channel below as I love to see those! 

Much love

Louise xoxo


Wednesday 2 August 2017

Journalling lifes ups and downs #najowrimo

31st July – the end of Najowrimo for this time.

As we head towards the end of this Najowrimo I can’t tell you of a time I ever felt more of a rollercoaster journey in my entire life. It’s more up and down than ever with stomach churning bumps along the way. 

Feeling more lost than ever before.  Confused and lost.

Personal life challenges are popping up in ways I had not envisaged.  Friends are, I feel, dropping off along the way as I complain consiousnessly.  They don’t reach out the same.  Is it me? Or them? Or the summer holidays perhaps. 

The questions I ask myself are these.

What is the job I should be doing?
Now, I know this answer, heck I coach people with the answer.  Yet here I sit wondering if I should still be chasing my tail around an NHS hospital helping others with their health when mine fails me enough to know this job can’t quite be achieved.

Should I be looking for love?
I’m guessing not.  If it’s to be found, it will find me I guess.

How long will my mum be with us on this earth?
Why do I question that? I should live every day with her as if it were her last.  Embracing her crazy ways,  listening to her famous laugh enough to store it in my memory forever. Then of course comes the mental funeral planning.  With this I have on occasions questioned my own mortality.

Will I be well enough to dance again?
My toes still tap.  But I miss dance.  Can’t speak any more about this.

Where did the girl go who I was?
Great question. I don’t know the answer.  Do we evolve so much in one lifetime that we lose our old selves?  Or can people do this to us?  If we allow them to, does this mean we can revert back to who we were? 
I was searching for more questions right then as I sit here in the coffee shop early on this drizzly morning.  Cyndi Lauper starts the music at 9am as the shops begin to open. 
Time after time.  
“If you’re lost you can look and you will find me.  Time after time.”
I could cry again. 

This crazy stupid thing called life is also so wonderful.  The lessons I have learned on my law of attraction journey show me that part of this journey is the ups and downs, otherwise everything seems grey, beige, vanillawe get used to the stuff being good rather than when it’s good punching the air and shouting YESSSSS with that amazing belly feeling which leaves you smiling and excited.  But those downs can be a little meh.  Even the big guys, those real true gurus I watch go through it.  None of us humans are perfect. This we know to be true. 

Going through life, creating memories and sharing stories of things that happened in the past over a coffee or a wine (or even a pepsi max) is what I guess it’s all about.  Creating those memories and storing them is a must in my opinion.  Which is why I love to blog, vlog, take photos and journal.  Try it? 

Many things still remain a mystery to me.  Maybe I’m considered young.  There must still be lessons to be learned.  We all feel so often that we are fumbling through life just bumbling along but perhaps that’s the point.  What we must learn is to embrace the good and the bad.  My tears flow today still since the emotions of yesterdays funeral and listening to the amazing Euilogy.  My father in law fought in the war.  They offered him the union jack on the coffin and the last post to be played.  Thank god they declined.  The emotions of that to honour him would have been amazing but perhaps too much. 

My point here is my tears are flowing silently and I can’t stop them, just in the same way you sometimes can’t stop belly laughing even if you try.  These emotions just happen. 

Go with it. 

Create moments to relive in the rocking chair days of your life.
© Louise Usher. All rights reserved.