Monday 17 April 2017

Sad Easter

The strangest, saddest Easter was upon us yesterday. This time last year we were pulling together well as a family dealing with our first Easter without dad. 
An important time of year for me. I love Easter. Just like Christmas but without 
1. The stress
2. The cost
3. The cold, dark nights 
And usually after church we set to making the table, creating a perfect roast and likely walking the dog amongst the daffodils. 

Mum is very poorly. We stayed in. 

Mum in bed. The twins a little bored. 

A planned trip to greenwich to see the tall ships docking was cancelled. As was church. 
Things often don't go to plan. That's life I guess. 
Dealing with it with inner strength, I felt ok until my oldest child reminded me things are not looking good with mums health. 

Feeling sad.

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