Tuesday 26 July 2016

Even more clarity than ever before - how to get it!

Hello Everyone

Let's get really deep and nitty gritty.  Are you ok with that?  Stay with me, this is important.  Now sometimes when I write on subjects like this I feel it is being channelled from somewhere bigger than me.  Which means that on occasions, it can be deeper than my mind would usually work.  So stay with me, ok? 

This is important.

Yesterday,  for the biggest time ever I felt total clarity.  I want to share with you how and when it may happen for you.

So many spiritual gurus go through a journey which is sometimes tricky to make sense of.  I will tell you why.

Spirit is housed inside this human body right?  You know that.  We are here as spirit having a human experience.  Now I believe this with every part of me.  Since I lost my Dad I have more than believed it, I have Known it with a capital K.
Ego is the part that we think with.  This confuses us.  Certainly confuses me anyhow!

Within my heart (and yours) we have a knowing of what life we would love.  It's a gut feeling.  Something inside.  Right?  Tell me you have felt this.  Then we shake our head in disbelief and tell ourselves, "No."  Why do we do that?  Because our dream life is almost too good to imagine.  

Literally, as I write this email, this "Note from the universe" popped through:

It takes a BIG person, Louise, to accept full responsibility for their own happiness. 

It takes an even bigger person to accept full responsibility for their own unhappiness. 

But, Louise, it takes a spiritual giant who, upon realizing any degree of unhappiness, decides to be the change they seek, in spite of having to endure the "same old, same old" that may still linger on for awhile. 


    The Universe

What about that?  Exactly what I'm talking about here.  Maybe those words resonated with you and you are there nodding along in agreement. 

For absolute years now I have been studying how to get clarity in life.  How are we supposed to know what our job should be here on this earth?

Reading over and over about going back to childhood.  
What did you enjoy doing as a child?
What would you do if money didn't matter?  (That is likely what you were doing as a child if you had no bills to worry about)
What is the thing that really makes your heart sing?
What could you do all day long without getting bored?

The list goes on....

Writing time and again on this blog of how writing was always my childhood thing (did you see the blog post about how I rewrote Grease?) and how I didn't tire of writing sweet letters to my Grandparents.  I would quietly sit in my tiny bedroom at home listening to a mono record player and burning an oil lamp.  Still now, music and candles are very much a part of me.  Without these things I simply don't feel complete. 
My beautiful friend Stacey and my big hearted other half Scott listen to me over and over repeating the same things again and again on how much I want to write.

So write I do.  Yes, in full 'living my dreams' and 'living on purpose' I sit and write.  All the while, that ego is tapping away inside my head saying, "What will people learn from you?  What do you know?  What can you share?  What can you write about that will be a job? What knowledge do you have to share?"  
The answers are usually something uber practical.  Something people can actually get a hold of and do something with.  Like cooking.  For example...
Yet I really would love to write about love.  Life.  Dreams.  Wishes. Hearts desires. Life. Did I mention life?

Spending time yesterday with the twins at Thorpe Park, I was sitting writing the day away while looking at my stats.  Not only could I not access my nutrition website, but I began to notice that all the things I am doing with passion, are the biggest audience already!

Hang on, lets say that again.  I already have the audience.  

Really?!! So, I have been over thinking this massively.  You guys who read this blog, and those who watch my Youtube channel are my biggest audience.  So, why?

Not only have I been 'rambling' for years on both those outlets, but I have been fairly consistent (I could be more consistent) and I have created with passion.  So how come I hadn't realised before that this could absolutely be my future?

Bad backs and anxiety have me kind of wanting to do this more than ever and knowing that I absolutely and definitely could has filled me with total joy.

So within this blog and website I will share more with you on how you can gain clarity and live your life on purpose but I will bet my bile duct (a quote from Cocktail, the movie) you already know what it is.  Your ego is getting in the way of you listening properly!

I wish you much love and clarity

Louise xoxo

Sunday 24 July 2016

Daily Vlog - Home improvements day 1- New windows house tour

Suddenly I seem all grown up as I get underway with home improvements. This time it's the new windows so :I decided to make a daily VLOG.
Plus, I got me an apple watch to help keep my heath and Crohns disease on track.

My romance novel now out on Etsy: 


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Monday 18 July 2016

Clean 9 detox day 9 and final weigh in

March 31st

Day 9

Tomorrow morning I weigh to see what I’m at.  

Starting off in the mornings, this is what I need to keep it like for like.  I’ll measure then too.  Exciting!

Will I fit into the bikini?  How will that be?  How will I look in my final ‘after’ picture?  

Tempted really not to eat.  But I know that’s not the way it works!

Lisa text me bless her, overly excited.


Got to love her support! She’s been great.  I felt so ready to get on and do this.  Today, I have felt a little overwhelmed.  So super busy and just a little too much to get done.  Food was pretty low down on the list.  When I finally got to eat it was gone 9pm and I just had a salmon steak and some spinach.  I added some butter in the mix as a treat as it was such a small meal.  

Looking in the mirror, I look noticeably smaller! I’m chuffed to bits and I could keep on going with this plan to be honest!  

There is a follow up plan which I may do after I return from holidays.  It’s pretty similar really.  Meanwhile it’s time to get my beauty sleep and get ready for the final weigh in tomorrow morning!

Wednesday April 1st

Final Weigh in!

11.8 1/2

7lb off!!!!!!

8” off!!

Words cannot explain how elated I feel today.

Ok, ok, so people lose more than me at times.  Men can lose about a stone, I hear.  Although there wasn’t masses to lose for me and I already eat fairly healthily.  So I am definitely not going to complain about losing half a stone!  Wow.  In just a few days.

It was easy really.  I needed to keep a focus but yes, it was pretty easy.

So, I have decided that within my area of expertise as a nutritionist, I want to help pass this knowledge on.

My biggest thing I have noticed is I have amazingly clear skin.  Looking hydrated too!  I have caught up on sleep which was availing me through over thinking things and stress too.  Of course all of this puts a stress on the adrenal glands.  I’m never sure with  programmes like this if it is what is going in the body and a lack of eating junk that makes the difference.  I’m pretty sure it is.  Of course there is no substitute for  a healthy, balanced diet and to eat organically will definitely be of help to many. 

Feeling totally motivated, I really want to help others on their own path to losing weight and getting fitter and healthier.  I know this is a strength of mine and I really want to spread the word to the masses! “You can do this!!!” I want to scream out.

My journey is definitely not over and I want to remain focused as I wear that bikini next week! Upon my return I will start again with the next programme.

What would I change? I feel I should have eaten more at meal times. My calories were a little too low and I felt sleepy after eating.  Next time I will be filling up more on vegetables too.  Organic of course.

My confidence has gone up so much now. I’ve stopped making sure my jumper is pulled right down and all that stuff.  I can remember how I felt when I was just 9stone 3…….perhaps I would still be there if someone didn’t crush my confidence by telling me I should lose weight.  Lesson to myself there:  Be happy and stay happy whatever others say.  

Righto,  I’m off to the beach, in my non-small bikini to enjoy myself, sip a Piña Colada or two and dream of the future.  Feeling fit, full, healthy and happy.  I wish you the very best of health and I would love you to keep in touch through all the ways you can!

As always, much love

Louise xoxox


Wednesday 13 July 2016

Family dynamics

FAMILY dynamics at the swimming pool.

Holidays bring out the best and worst in people.  Watching people in the summer sunshine is fascinating to me.  I see families excited, some angry, others totally comfortable with their routines.  Clearly seasoned travellers. 

Take the guy in the blue shorts.  Michael. 
You never quite know. 
We have many German families here.  The odd one of another nation.  Yet none are Russian.  They loved Egypt when I used to frequent Egypt. 
Loved it.  And the men.  Anyhow…Michael.  Our first full day by the pool and here was this guy with blue trunks,  a frustrated animation team member as he stood at the side of the pool with an unwilling daughter in tow, dancing along as the animator instructed the holiday makers to dance in the water for Aqua Aerobics.  Almost silently my son and I exchanged words which showed we both had acknowledged this guy with a slight silent smile.

Later in the afternoon,  Michael was staggering around the poolside.  Singing.  Ish.

Up to the bar for another drink, still kinda singing.  Passing us on our sunbeds.  “No sing?”  He asked in broken English.  Why do we speak in broken English when it’s our mother tongue?  Thinking we were of another country, I just looked at him perplexed and raised my eyebrows with a question mark to show I don’t understand.  Scott replied, “No, No sing.”  As inside I frowned.  Engaging a drunk isn’t what you do, especially if he thinks you can’t understand him.   Something I learnt rather quickly when I went into pub management at the tender age of 21.

Watching him, I could clearly see he had his beer muscles on, finding it amusing to attempt to gently punch people in the arms.  That pub training didn’t allow me to take my eyes off him.  Almost as if it would be my responsibility to sort out whatever was going to happen next.
The barman was saying something that was outside of my earshot and asking Michael to calm down using his hands as if he was dowsing down a fire.

Staggering back to his sunbed place, I heard, I’m totally paralettic as he laughed.  The passer by he was telling tried not to have eye contact or smile which would be even worse!

After sometime he reached his sunbed and began to ‘play’ with his son.  The same arm punching that he was attempting to entertain everyone with at the bar.  Difference was, they were men, his son was at most ten years old.  The son looked angry and upset. Fighting back with his swimming goggles, swinging for the top of his dads head.  Then the thumping started for them both, back and forth swinging for each other.  The Dad laughing, son with a furrowed brow.  Unhappy.

After some time of me watching this, thinking inside that I suddenly was a social worker and should get involved, the boy took off and sadly went swimming on his own.  Still I wondered what I might do to help.  Should we take our ball into the pool and begin to play catch?  Cheering him up?  I summised what a terrible father he must have and with no sign of the mother in sight, I guessed this was meant to be father son bonding time.  The mother would surely go crazy if only she knew. 

Should I offer to call the boys mum for him?  I was sure he was English.  I know she would be horrified yet glad that another mother would now be looking out for her boy.

The blue short guy became unconscious on the sunbed as the boy began to play more happily and that was the last I saw of the boy that day.

While it bothered me and still I wondered if I should help, I did find myself sleeping well that night and setting up camp with my family the following day. 

To my shock,  amazement and slight embarrassment this seemed like a totally new day.  I witnessed a very well turned out father.  With his wife! Along with two beautiful daughters.  There were packets of ping pong rackets and balls, suncream galore and some solemn faces.
The dutiful wife applied suncream to his back and rubbed in for protection against the blazing sunshine.  With no great love or massage about it.  But a comfort that demonstrated years of marriage, with all its ups and downs. 
Then the roles were reversed,  the wife asked her husband to cream her back too.  Handing him the ping pong to be revealed from its packaging, he looked at it front and back and threw it hap hazardly on the sun lounger, tossing it aside for someone else to open as he shook the suncream bottle to squeeze onto his hands. 

I observed as he rubbed the cream into his wife without even thinking and not much looking.  He did it with ease of practice.  They were comfortable together. He even ensured he didn’t miss under the straps.  Quickly,  practically this sun cream application taught me so much.  This family were not perfect.  Michael definitely wasn’t.  Yet despite us noticing he ‘had his collar felt’ by his wife, he remained sober this day.  He played nicely with his three children who all wore smiles of delight all day. 

We all have our ups and downs.  I feel I was right to feel concerned at the situation I witnessed, yet I was wrong to assume he was a bad father.  What I saw before me was a loving family and a patient wife.  Michael went the wrong way about letting his hair down but from what I could see, he had more than made up for his imperfections of being human.

Let's lose weight together ready for the beach!

Right everyone, I am going to shed a few pounds! Who's with me?

You can even win some money along with losing those extra lbs!

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Sunday 10 July 2016

Euro final

Even on holidays, nations gather. 

Watching football. Creating ohh and ahh moments while outside the mini disco finishes and Freddie Mercury tribute arrives with mic in hand and ready to "we are the champions" his way all through the evening. 

Makes me realise, are we all very different?

Are we all one?

Reacting to goals and songs. Just as everyone feels the pain of Ronaldos injury. 

We are all one 


Friday 8 July 2016

My passion; my help from you

Writing in my head always happens.  Always.  As I sit silently on my sunbed I hear the rushing of the waterfall, the lapping of the wind on the flag above and I think.  Think and write.  

Watching families arrive at the pool with excitement.  The day ahead promises more sunshine.  Children screech in anticipation of the cool water of the swimming pool.  I observe.

Constantly writing in my head the scenes my eyes witness.   Wishing for a keyboard to write it on.  Darn, I wish I had brought my wireless keyboard to write the thoughts on my phone.  Easily transferrable to my laptop later on in the day.
Yet, I sigh as I try to remember the views in order to rewrite those words into a translatable blog post.  In order to tell all the world, all of you,  what amazing sights I have seen.

Onwards, I realize there is another novel inside me.  Then another true story of my own to share.  I wonder if there will ever be enough time to write all the stories I have inside of me in this lifetime.  Constantly thinking and mentally writing.
Knowing my stories were sent to me to pass on, to inspire, to teach others.  

In wonder I think about the luxury of time.

This holiday sees me with plenty of time to gather my thoughts while relaxing and mentally write.  Will there ever be a time in my life I am able to do this every day?  My work is my passion.  My passion is my writing.  So how?  Apparently, the law of attraction says it is not up to me to figure out the how.  Forever, I have wondered how though.  So this I must let go of.  

Money, work, money, passion, money, work.  Bills must be paid.  Starving writer/artist syndrome keeps so many from persuing their dreams.  I will not allow this limiting belief to stop me.  I will write.  All the while vlogging.  Another passion.  I love this online life.  Better still that it can allow me the freedom to keep working despite my health.

Perhaps that’s why it is a passion.  However, I feel the passion is realized because of the health.  Perhaps the health struggles have allowed this realization.  My Crohns disease will not stop me, rather it will be my driving force.   This amazing job I love can respect my illness  - allowing me to take care of myself while living the dream.

Today, I sit with my laptop in the blazing sun, unable to see my screen while I lather with suntan lotion and I write my blogs.  Putting into words the eyes view.  Ready to write another blog.  All the while thanking you for reading my words, thanking you for helping me.
Thanking you for sharing my words, my videos, my books.  This is the dream coming true.  The dream is allowing my passion, allowing me to be me.

You help me to be me.  Unapologetically. 

First Choice

Tuesday 5 July 2016

What's the new tourist tax in Majorca?

Here is the first vlog of the holiday as we travel across Europe to Majorca.  Got to admit, I'm not sure where the reviews come from for this hotel.  We thought it was disappointing and very tired looking.  We also were charged a new Tourist Tax when we arrived which apparently is a new thing since July 1st...not heard anything about that!

However, let's look on the positive side.  The food is tasty and the weather amazing.  Everything is super clean and we are having such a great family time.

See the video on the link above. 

First Choice

Monday 4 July 2016

Internet issues in Majorca. Not forgotten you guys.

Writing my blogs in my head all day long.

I see people to people watch,  colours to describe, the sounds, the air...I wish my brain was blue toothed to my laptop to enable instant blog writing.

Tomorrow, I will sit and write some blogs with excitement of where this place has brought me to.

Meanwhile, much love

Louise xox


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Internet issues in Majorca. Not forgotten you guys.

Writing my blogs in my head all day long.

I see people to people watch,  colours to describe, the sounds, the air...I wish my brain was blue toothed to my laptop to enable instant blog writing.

Tomorrow, I will sit and write some blogs with excitement of where this place has brought me to.

Meanwhile, much love

Louise xox


This channel is going nuts right now.  Have you subscribed?

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