Wednesday 27 February 2013

"The Crazy ideas keep going round and round in my head!" - is this you?

The crazy ideas keep going round and round my head

Just like the now famous song, "The Climb", sometimes, we are so busy striving for the things we dream of.  When you reach the top of the mountain you may well find yourself looking for another mountain to climb.  

Why? Well the reason is simple. Very often we find the thrill of the chase is in setting out with a dream, a passion unfulfilled or indeed the drama of trying to create a reality out of your own dream.

Does this sound true? Are you   a person who loves to keep thinking of new ideas all the time?  Have you often found people might say things to you like, "You are always dreaming up new things, try sticking to one thing."
This is called the entrepreneaur.  This is who you are.  Cut yourself some slack and realise that you are indeed a person who will frequently drive yourself crazy, be your own critic and also indeed wish you had an 'on/off' switch for your brain.  Especially while driving the car or listening to someone who you are far from interested in.  You might even go so far as to use your "hairdressers ear" and nod in the right places or indeed 
"Ahh" and 
"Oh really" in all the right places while you are switched off but tapped into your own brain.  This, my friend, is not a bad thing. Yet it drives you NUTS.

Ok, anaylse yourself. As you are the person who has the best perception of what will work for you and what won't.


You have tried lots  of ideas which were great, might have even made you money, yet you hated it.  Something called your Solar Plexis (or gut feeling) alerts you to the fact that this just didn't sit right with you.  So how do you sort out what you do want? Which idea should you go with and which ideas should you write on a peice of paper, screw up and throw away?

The coach in me has decided to speak to you here and now and ask you to listen to within.  At times, you can feel so totally broke or "textbook" says things are going wrong.  These can often be the times that you are happiest.  Can you explain why? Not always! Something from within loves these feelings for some reason and therefore you need to listen closely to them.  Do this and you are on route to a brilliant life.

So how? Louise, tell me how?

I didn't tell you how yet did I?  You can sort out your "Stuff"'s pretty straightforward and you can do this clearly in your coffee break.  Ask me using my email and I will send you a  FREE formula that will stop the spaghetti brain and also will help you focus and love yourself for taking ten minutes to sort it out!

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Much love - 

Louise Usher

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Gaining control of your business- gaining control of self esteem

You made it!!!!
Fantastic!! Your dreams came true and that inner confidence you gained has given you enough adrenalin to get your business off the ground. Those sleepless nights of crazy ideas and jotting things down
* Asking friends for help
* Finding creative ways of getting help with minimal cost
* Driving round half asleep
* Getting some press coverage
* Painting and decorating (you thought you were a hairdresser?)
And your business is open!!
Woo hoo - congratulations!
Now what?  You have hired the best staff in the business and you have found they know LOTS about thier craft or skill.  Exactly what you wanted! Brilliant.
Problem is, some of the staff may be more skilled than you, some may be older than you, some may sell more products than you.
This, little by little, wears away at your self esteem.  You feel like you lost control. Oh no, how did that happen? What happened to the drive, passion and ambition?  Let me tell you, it's still there and you still have it in you to be the LEADER you dreamed of being.  You can do this but how?
Decide exactly what it is that makes you feel you have a low self esteem.  Do your staff listen to you?  Do they respect you?  Are you behaving like a leader?
Maybe the problem just lies within you.  Maybe you are questioning yourself.  Are you good enough?
Of course you are good enough.  How you turn it around is a question you can answer within yourself but you need some help sometimes to realise this.  If you walk around like a victim about to be picked over by the vultures who are your staff then guess what? .... they are going to do exactly what you think they will.  The BEST way forward is to physically begin by walking tall,  by COMMANDING respect from the staff,  by being a LEADER.
Find the answer within yourself and decide what is keeping you low, then go ahead and turn it around.
If you feel you would like some further direction on this or need to talk things over with someone who can listen knowingly (I've seen it all from previous clients) then go ahead and ask me for some help.
Much love
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