Monday 2 January 2012

A Lusher Life seminar - turning life around using the Law of Attraction

A Lusher Life - Tickets
A Lusher Life seminar – how to turn life around using the Law of Attraction

Since you ask, “So what exactly are these seminars?” I’ll tell you.

We don’t want everyone to know as they will all want a piece of it. So it’s just between you, me and the World Wide Web……ok.?

Now of course we do want everyone to know – what once was – The Secret. So this is the reason I am holding my seminars/workshops.  Even you (YOU) can be totally in control of your life and manifest everything you wish for using the power of positivity.

How do I know this? Myself, I have managed to turn life around and I’m so thankful to say I have more ups than downs. Whereas before, I used to be a person who always had something ‘happening to them’.

You may be nodding now, knowing this is you.  Why doesn’t that friend return the phone call?  Why do you seem short on money?  Why do you catch every red traffic light?  Why? Why? Why?

By learning how to use the law of attraction in everyday life,  I have started to create the life of my dreams and wishes and feel it is a real need to show you how to do this too.  The future is bright, and full of exciting workshops to show you how to change life for the better.  I am also so excited to be helping businesses who want to help staff to have a better outlook,  be appreciative of the good things in life and be able to attract even more good stuff!  The businesses I have worked with have seen a real turn around and it is even affecting their profitability.  I didn’t doubt it would, maybe they did.

2012 sees me now taking on speaking events again which is even more exciting than before.  I’m just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story. 

The next event which is Tuesday 24th January will be telling you a bit about how to create the life and we will then show you :The Art of Allowing. Without this you may take all the correct steps to manifest more money,  your perfect partner,  the perfect body,  health,  travel and so on but you will not see the rewards.  The Art of Allowing is crucial.

So tickets are now on sale by clicking here:

We are also going to encourage a half hour networking opportunity to begin with. This will give all of you the chance to exchange business cards and introduce what you do.  Think BIG.

You can see some video testimonials from the last fully booked workshop by clicking here:
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