Friday 29 May 2015

Clean 9 detox day 4

Thursday 26th March

Day 4

Day 4 already!

Once again, it was hard for me not to weigh in.  The main reason I didn't was that I didn't want the become despondent if there isn't much of a loss.  Poeple obviously look into reasons as to why you should only weigh on these days. So I waited.

Crazy busy day at work ahead, I was worried at how I would juggle everything.

I turned down numerous cups of tea from my customers and instead asked for just hot water.  That sufficed.  It was nice!

My tummy has been quiet and happy with everything I consume on the plan.  Having 2 shakes a day does keep those hungers at bay!

In the evening, we had to pop to the shops.  Well, we didn't have to but i really wanted to make sweet potato fries. I needed a sweet potato.  Organic of course. 
We passed costa.  I chanted a football song: “Ohhhh costa I miss you.”

A hot chocolate with cream was definitely still yum in my opinion.  But the way i’m starting to feel is wonderful.

I’ve hurt my elbow and knee (doing too much running up the stairs?) So had to take 4 paracetomol today. I couldn't function without it.  But hey ho….

During the evening, I felt awake, alive and happy.  It was really like a mini miracle was happening!

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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Clean 9 detox day 3

Wednesday 25th March

Day 3

Weight: 11.12 1/2




So excited! I had lost 3 lbs in 2 days………..perfectly what I was hoping for!

Perfect! I was so excited and happy!

Couldn’t wait to tell Lisa!  I was doing her hair this morning and rather than text her, i would wait to see her.  Dancing around the kitchen, I was getting everything ready for my day.  Getting it clear in my head what I should exactly   be consuming for the day ahead, I made my several bags ready for the day.  One rucksack for Uni.  One handbag for work, my work bags and my tool box for work.  Making a quick video as I shot out the door, I realised I had this really achey elbow!  

Dropping off the children at school (with a lack of a wave as it’s too embarrassing) I headed to Lisas house.  I was excited to see her! We would be chatting about all sorts of things health and weight loss. 

“I Lost 3 lbs!”
“That’s fantastic! Well done Lou!” 

She was thrilled for me.  Also, a little surprised at how “easy’ I was finding it.

Leaving there to get to london was tricky indeed! I had my lunchtime shake on the way as it was 11am and I decided it was easier to leave the cup in the car.  Racing to the station to not miss my train, I soon realised I  was stuck! No trains to London.  Someone was walking up the track! Nightmare.  I had an exam in 90 minutes! Thankfully, long story but I got a lift! Took the exam, made a bit of a silly mistake but then tried to get home.  Trains canceled.  I had to wait another 30 minutes.  I didn’t mind too much although Iit did mean my children had to walk home from school.  I saw lots of other passengers going off to get coffee.  I was tempted, I could smell coffee everywhere.  So I headed to Boots the chemist and looked for the food section.  Would they have any of my ‘free’ food.  I remembered Kiwi was allowed and there was some there chopped up.  Muching that. I loved it.

Tonight is dinner nght.

I cooked lamb leg,  with broccoli and spinach.

It was more than delicious. I shoudl have filmed me salivating over it.  It was just gorgeous!

An early night was needed as I felt a little tired.  Actually fell asleep in front of the TV.  One of my least favourite things. Ever.

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Tuesday 19 May 2015

Clean 9 detox Day 2

My Forever Living Journey

Get your Clean 9 here

Find out about working with Forever Living here

Tuesday 24th March

Day 2

I felt so ready to get on those scales when I woke up. Daily habits aside, I   instinctively I felt down to touch my tummy which felt more hollow than the day before.  Good! This was working. 

Making a little video, I realised how much I was whispering! 

I bounced into university with a spring in my step! 

My lovely friend who I lunch with realised I wasn’t eating.  I hadn’t known she saw this! Until the late afternoon when my tummy rumbled so loudly during the chemistry class!
“You didn’t eat enough at lunch” She chuckled in her indian accent.  

She is also watching her diet.  The canteen has so much junk and rubbish in there which is such a shame.  Espeically seeing as it teaches medicine! Is it so hard to pop an omelette on the menu?  This isn’t somewhere we are choosing to go out and eat, this is our daily lives. So treats should be kept for the former idea! Anyhow, my friend finds these little pots of porridge taste and Oats sure do fill you up. Of course, this is something I can’’t eat due to my coeliac.  I wonder if differenct people from different parts of the world tolerate different things.  I know the middle eastern world has less crohns and colitis.  

Speaking of Crohns and Colitis, we have just signed up to get involved int he sponsored walk in London.  IT’s a charity thing we do each year and it’s just fantastic! Such a great sense of community.  Getting together with people with the same condition is super.  I’m double sure I wouldn’t be so well as I am today if it weren’t for that diet change.

So back to my lunch, it was cucumber and apple once again and I did enjoy it. I\’m determined to follow t his plan to the letter and not waiver. This way I can get a real feel of what it’s doing when people ask me. If someone comes to me (me: I can’t lose weight easily) saying they didn’t lose weight, I know that they have cheated/not followed the plan etc.

I felt a little sleepy ont he train on the way home and I think i dozed off for a couple of minutes.  I had walked hard today.  Chasing my fringe up the stairs to and from the underground station. This was my exercise.  Getting home seemed like it was going to be a haven.  Except I still had some work to do.

Eventually, at 9pm I stopped to take a breath. This was all too much today.  Feeling grumpy, I resented the fact that there was so much to do other than focus on my health and its needs.  I wanted to be consumed with the requests of my body. 

Missing a dose of the jelly, I took the final 2 shots of the day. To take 4 seemed daft really. I wasn’t hungry at all but really wanted a bath which i couldnt’ be bothered to take, then get to bed.  My little children were always lighting me up for the rest of the day! I love them!

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Monday 18 May 2015

My experience on the Clean 9 detox - Forever Living

After what seems like an eternity of going to networking events and having business cards stuck under my nose from various health and weight loss claimants, I have finally given in to try one.

Networking shouldn't be about forcing your sales on people and it is so super off-putting!  Honestly,  it makes me turn my back with a slight chip on my shoulder.  If you believe in something, you should be a walking example.
Read the full story here

I have heard various reports about the claims of Aloe Vera on Crohn's patients and erring on the side of caution, I have only once tried some of the juice from the shops which didn't seem to do a great deal for me.  It wasn't forever though and it was quite a few years ago.

Two friends of mine started to rave about Forever last year.  I trusted them and began to watch what they are doing.  Seemed interesting.  Nice house, cars and lifestyle.  Things were going well for them.  But I was busy.  As we all get.  No time for that.

My good friend Lisa got onboard with the company as a distributor.  She has been very successful in sales all through her career.  However, her tactic (if you call it that) was to tell you things as it is.  If it's not good or right for you, she tells you.  If she thinks something will benefit you,  she will tell you!

As she became a distributor for Forever,  I decided to start taking notice.

After some of my own research, I decided to bravely try an experiment.  Could the Clean 9 detox work for me?

So here it is;  no holds barred.  I reveal everything. Honestly and truthfully.

Over the next few days I will be posting videos and blog posts to show you my experience.

You will also be able to get your own Clean 9 pack (the next 20 sales have 5% off with this link:
and find out about the opportunity of the business here.

Monday 23rd March 

Clean 9 day 1

Weight at:  12.1 1/2

That was a shock weigh in.  I’d lost weight over the weekend! Madness.  Must have been all that walking.  Thinking back over it, I guess we hadn’t eaten much really.  Although I drank some wine.  So here I was, at a pretty good starting weight, hoping to be in the 11’s pretty soon!

First thing, there is Aloe Vera gel to drink.  The taste was odd but not revulting.  I also took the Garcinia plus which has crazy amounts of something in it.  This is kind of a supplement.  Also with that, there are tablets called forever therm.  In here there are many B vitamins which strangely is also in Berocca.  That’s known for making you feel good! Interesting.  It also makes you pee a bit yellow so be warned.  You might look and think you are dehydrated as this is a typical symptom of dehydration.  However, worry not.  It’s normal when you are taking B vitamins.  Of course you may be detoxing a bit through your pee too!

There are some things called “free foods” which are foods low in GI.  Glycemic Index.  This is a number given to food to determine the effect it has on your blood sugar.  You may know that peaks and drops in your blood sugars is what can contribute to terrible cravings, eating too much and weight gain.

Preparing my free food box for the day, i had an apple and half a cucumber.  If lunch was provided, I could eat that at my training day.  I also had to take in with me some Aloe gel in an empty water bottle (must be kept cool and out of sunlight) to have at lunchtime.  I would keep a bit of that and add my Fibre sachet, shake it up and drink that! This is designed to help with bowel movements. There would also be more supplements at lunchtime.  These are all labelled up so it’s easy to see what you should be having and when.

The shake should be taken at lunchtime but I wasn’t so sure about doing that so I decided to have it for breakfast.  I had chocolate flavour and I was surpisend at how nice it tasted. The best shake I’ve had in like, forever.  

Hungry?  Nope, not at all. Although I had to laugh. We got a long lunchbreak and I had seen my favourite coffee shop just down the road called Costa.  Bravely going in, I ordered my mint tea.  Never ever do I get ‘upsold to’ except today.

“Can I get you anything else?  A Cake maybe”  inwardly I grinned and I just said, “No thank you”

So me, my mint tea and my bag full of secret stash sat in the corner revising chemistry!

The rest of the day was a breeze.  I made some videos to go on my Youtube channel which I decided to share at a later date. These have so much information inside!  Talking of Youtube, I took a massive decision to share my channel on my Facebook page. I haven’t done this at all in the past 4 years.  Fear of judegement.  Yet my friends from the weekend were tagging me in posts and photos and I really didn’t want it to impact me having to hide them away.  So I made an announcement which was very well received! Happy days.

Going to bed, I still wasn’t hungry and I felt little, like so much smaller!

The future seems so bright, bouncy, fluffy and pink.  Happy day today!

Become a super fan

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Friday 15 May 2015

My new book is out! 

The blurb on the back says this:

Have you ever realised you are obsessed with diets and weight loss? To the point where you wish you could just "Lighten up"?

Often, if you can accept that you don't want to live on cabbage soup but rather lead a healthy, balanced life with occasional treats, then this is the book for you! The author has shared stories of old which will pull at your heart. She also has written hilariously funny descriptions of who looks back at her from the mirror. 

Realising if she were to just 'lighten up' she might well in fact literally lighten up, Louise discovered a whole new life. Opening her up to a new pathway to help others into a healthier life, she also realised a new business.

Follow her journey from frustration to bikini wearing beach goer in this easy to read journal. Tips, tricks and even links will inspire you to lighten up too!

About the author:

Louise Usher is a passionate nutritional therapist.

With a deep love for passing on her messages and knowledge through the comfort of a loving and positive mindset. She has been helping others for years to realise that they will realise the power is within their own hands. Creating the brand A Lusher Life, you can find Louise all over the internet. She is now opening up to train others to help people with her business. You can find out all about it within this hilarious journal.

* * * * * *  ** * *  **  ** * * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * 

If you know me well enough, and I think you do after reading here for all this time, you will know most of the above.

What you might not know, unless you watch the video is this:  I have now got onboard with Forever Living  as a consultant.  So now, not only can you come to me for guidance on health and nutrition but I can also recommend some amazing products for you.  I know these are amazing as I have used them and tried them!

Guess what?  I documented it all for this blog and also in video form for my Youtube channel.  These videos will be released next week.  IT's very very exciting.  So, the book is really there as a little addition to this blog although you will get the daily updates posted on here.  However, to get the extra bits and get it all in one, you can either buy it for $0.99 on Amazon or you can sign up to my email list (on the left there) to get it for free to your inbox!

Many of you will have already heard of Forever Living and I'm super excited to share everything with you that I have found.  Truly, the products are of great quality and they helped me to lose 7 lbs in 9 days with a detox plan called Clean 9.  

Now, don't worry, I will still be sharing my life ramblings here too and taking you on my journey, yet at the same time, I will be sharing even more amazing recipes and letting you know about health and nutrition at the same time.  So watch this space for awesome experiences. 

Should you decide you also would like to be part of my business and get some free business coaching too, let me know! Watch this video to see what you could be in for with some determination and hard work!

Wishing you much love

Louise xoxo 

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Thursday 14 May 2015

Where I took my best friend for his birthday

Just recently it was my best friends birthday.

Did we go pubbing or clubbing?

No! We went to the pet shop!

See more by clicking the video!

Much love

Louise xoxo

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Saturday 9 May 2015

Using the Law of Attraction to pass exams

Ok, I know the title of this blog post sounds mad.  Yet it made you click.  Likely you thought it might contain information about MAGIC.

You were right to click.  

Yes a little magic happened today!

Awake just before 4am with a racing heart, feeling anxious.  Biology exam looming.  It was my final exam in Biology.  I’d always prided myself on having a good knowledge in human biology. 

Despite amazing and slightly surprising exam results so far, I was not overly confident this morning on the Genes, Metosis and Meiosos exam.  Jeez did I spell that right?  My spell checker is not a fan, underlining in RED.

Revising with a blurry eyed coffee, my results were not encouraging.  Practice papers were coming back anything between 30 and 60%.  I needed higher than that to secure my A in Biology.  Feeling low, I noticed how dry my eyes were at around 6.30am.  Deciding I could afford a 15 minute meditation, I began to visualise a better score.  I visualised being happy with my result.  I started with 75% and grew higher and higher.  I dozed for 2 minutes. 

On the train I was once again feeling less than confident.  The escalators to the tube saw me controlling my breathing as I attempted to rid my dizziness and heart flutters.  What was I going to do?  How was I going to pass this?  I even contemplated not going in as there was little point.

The trains brought me into University early today.  Time for peppermint tea and revision. It was going well.  
I got to the exam room.

Teacher informed me I was too early. 
“I could always revise?” I suggested.  He agreed.  More revision.

‘Universe, give me the questions I know.’ I silently pleaded in my mind.

At the end of the online test the results button confirmed my new-found confidence as I began ticking the answers. I felt the sides of my mouth upturning and my frown lessen as I realised the questions were in my favour.

Gee Whizz…….85%

I passed that with 85%!!!!


Overall score for Biology this year is an A. Chuffed to bits doesn’t even explain it!

Shattered from my early morning I sit and type on the train home. Pleased with myself.  Clear on my future direction.  Happy as a sandboy.

Looking forward to my weekend, my TV time with Harley and Jasmine.  Maybe a dairy milk ice cream.  Tomorrow I revise for Chemistry.  The LOA will struggle with that one. I’ve a limiting belief and it’s another story.

Right now, I’ll close my eyes and dream of a 75% score in Tuesdays chemistry test.  Let it go Lou. 
Universe, help me!

Much love, as always from a very happy bunny!

Louise xoxo

Thursday 7 May 2015

Holiday time in Alcudia

Today, I write as the sun is rising over the mediterranian sea.  Unable to sleep,  an unfamiliar bed plus excitement woven through.

Excitement of the day ahead.  Sunshine.  Sea splashing around those tired feet. Sand between my toes.  White, soft sand.

Oh we all love to get away on holidays don't we.  

Don't we?

Well,  yes,  I do.  I love to travel and meet new people and gain new experiences.  Lucky for me, we are currently in Alcudia in Majorca, the Balerics.  It's so beautiful here.  Although the journey has not been without its own share of challenges.  More about that in the below Youtube video!

So far,  by far, the very best quality about this hotel has got to be the food.  It's amazing for All inclusive.  Very A la Carte indeed.  Trust me when I tell you I know what I'm talking about as I am a chef myself!  There are so many choices of the healthy options and you could happily chose delicious salads and fresh fruit.  That good old mediterranian diet.  Wonderful.

Also, as I eat gluten free, there are plenty of options for me.  If the steak comes with sauce, ask for it without, it's no problem for them.  The steak is equally as delicious without the sauce.

Sadly, the rooms are a little smaller than I would have liked and disappointingly, the hotel staff told us that as we booked with Thomson, the rooms are always the cheapest available.  Such a shame.  To upgrade is expensive but we chose to upgrade as otherwise our view was overlooking the dustbins (trash cans) when we were hoping for blue seas and white sand as the brochure had shown us.
Aside from that,  there are really not any complaints so far.  It's only day 3.  The hotel is very busy (it's Easter) and there is nowhere to sit and watch the evening entertainment which is a massive disappointment as the entertainment is fantastic! Nevertheless, we bought a pack of cards from the shop inside the hotel.  

Yesterday saw a trip to the Old Town market.  Definitely worth a trip.  As there are 4 of us, it was as cheap to get a taxi as wait for the bus. See some photos below for the visit.

 Please feel free to contact me if you would like any questions answered before you book your holiday. 
Book here * to help support my blog 

I will be adding many more videos and photos throughout the holiday.  Meanwhile, have a lovely day

Much Love

Louise xoxo
First Choice

Saturday 2 May 2015

Free juicing DVD to watch this weekend!

Happy bank holiday weekend!

My inbox brought a gift for you yesterday.  It is a chance to watch (for free) a video from the genius who is Jason Vale.

How did my inbox bring your gift?  Well, you see I have already watched it, long ago.

In this movie Jason explains how we need to fuel our body in the right way, ridding it of toxins and filling with natures finest and we can reverse symptoms we would rather not have.

Take a look for yourself.  This movie moved me to tears.  It's emotional.  You are going to love it.  Your body will thank you for it.

Much love

Louise xoxo Click this link for the movie.  My Youtube experience of juicing is below.  It's an old video now but still popular.

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Friday 1 May 2015

Welcome to May 2015

Goodness gracious it's May!

Seems like just yesterday the party poppers were out and we were saying happy new year!

So this blog post is open, raw and vulnerable.

At times life throws you a curveball.  What does that even mean?
It's used a lot in American Films.  I guess it's when something comes along to challenge you, your mood, things as you know them.

Trusting always in nature, the universe and all I mostly feel that everything is leading us somewhere, taking us somewhere.  Yesterday I struggled to make sense of things.

I had news from the Doctor that I am struggling to absorb some minerals.  Darn you Crohns disease.
"Even though you are in remission, this will be down to the Crohns."

For ages now, my health has been good (for someone with Crohns), just not quite right. Something it's hard to put your finger on.  Revealing to you know that I have been being treated for anxiety.

Me?  Anxiety?  It's just not something I wanted to comprehend. I'm great at relaxing, meditated every day so where the flip did that come from.  Now, it seems there is a physical reason for this.

Aha moment.

Within the body, there are all sorts of systems silently working to keep everything ticking along just as it should.  Funnily enough I am taking a big ol' biology exam on this today.  It's called homeostasis.  Things like: keeping your blood sugar levels as they should be.  You know?  Well, for me, it seems one of those systems is out of kilter.  My blood calcium levels. It's at the point that my body is taking calcium from my bones to attempt to keep the calcium levels as they should be.  This makes me feel so so sad.
Typically, for people with Crohns, we can be deficient in Vitamin D (which helps to absorb calcium) and this is me in both cases.
The symptoms I have been getting are likely to be what has caused the anxiety symptoms as my electrolyte balance is all off.  It causes irregular heartbeat, which is a scary one.

Feeling low and 'bruised'  I am determined to get back on top of this.  I have such a massive reason for needing great health.  That thing called life.  I want to really live it!  So more research is on its way to once again give my body what it needs to function and do it's job, once again silently.

As it's May the 1st you can rest assured that there is big news coming from me in the following few days.  I'm excited to share this new life change with you.  It will be of benefit to us all! Yes that's right, not just me and my health but to you and yours too.  I'm excited to do a big reveal and I'm just awaiting a bit of paperwork and then we are off and running!

Meanwhile, back to that thing called 'living'.  My amazing group of friends who are collectively called the Global Stars are sharing our new intro video.  It's like, well, makes me feel like marshmallow inside.  Go and check it out.  Gives you something to watch each day for 5 minutes while having your coffee!

Much love for health and happiness

Louise xoxo

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