Sunday 26 January 2020

How to manifest better using gratitude

We get used to things and often forget to appreciate the beauty In our surroundings, our people, our life. This trip to Mexico saw lots of new experiences. At home, we don’t see iguanas 🦎 randomly in their natural habitat. The first time we spotted one of this trip we stopped, open mouthed and reached for the cameras, “there’s an iguana!!” Today, after ten days we saw one and reacted differently, “oh look, he’s a big one, over there on the grass head banging,” and reached for the camera, deciding he’s too far away and we surely will be able to get a better photo with a closer iguana. We are beginning to get used to spotting them and the wonder and excitement is changing. Look at your surroundings at the beauty in your every day life. Aim to see it as if it’s the first time and appreciate how precious it all is. By feeling this vibration, your manifestations will slot into place far easier.

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Friday 17 January 2020

Travel thoughts from Mexico

Travel evokes emotions and thoughts.

Most of us feel this but do we get quiet enough to listen and see and pay attention?

My current trip is in Mexico at the huge resort called the Grand Sirenis in Riviera Maya. 
Coming here in a brand new decade of my life (as well as for the rest of the world) has given me some time away from day to day life to figure out my next moves in life. Especially in my writer life. 

Blogging is a love of mine and 9000 of you tune in each month to read what I have to say. My YouTube channel  currently sits at 14,000 views a month. Huge stats for me. 

Do I focus and grow there? I’d love to. But I wasn’t sure about remaining independent or taking a path into being published?

For now, with a few life challenges happening, I’m going to stay indie while I plough on getting laser focused and totally clear. 
One thing I know, mornings sitting in the sun, eating yoghurt and fruit while thinking about life has been one of my favourite (and needed) parts of this trip

Many more posts will follow with tales of the hilarious waiter in the Italian restaurant and the journey  me and my twins have been on during this trip. Is it the last one for us three? 

Monday 13 January 2020

How to live a life you’re proud of

This video was inspired by the beautiful and amazing Clare Wineland. See her documentary here.

She says “live a life you are proud of” in spite of your illness, because of it. She faced huge struggles yet lived to achieve great things.

This is my wish for you.
What will you want to achieve?
How will you do It?
Remember it will change throughout your path of life.

You allow me to help myself and live a life I’m proud of by inviting me into your Monday each week. Every like, comment, notifications bell clicked really helps me to live my life despite my health hiccups. Thank you.

My last México video is here. I hope you enjoy.

Me and my places:

I write creative non-fiction from all over the world.  Travel reviews and general life writing see me fill my passion.

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Saturday 4 January 2020

I had a birthday (at the Sky Garden)

So, I had a birthday and wow did we have some fun! 

The fam and I took the train into London to experience the Sky Garden “Darwins Brasserie” which was appropriately named for this biology fan
Me and the twins

Later on, down the pub

Fog beginning to clear

My lovely children 

Choosing brunch 

The sky was foggy.  I tried to manifest clear skies, I pretty much succeeded.  
The food was delicious, but the meals came slowly, we didn’t mind as there was so much to see as well as having a good family time chatting and catching up,  

New years eve.  London got busier during our time eating brunch and a buzz filled the air. 

The train was packed as we stood shoulder to shoulder with a neighbour on the way home. 

Relaxing, we prepared to ring in 2020 as we sat on the sofa and the twins showered me with gifts. Blessed. Fun in the pub followed alongside a much more humble sense of occasion that still delivered beautifully. Karaoke was a head-shaking, facepalming event which saw me join in with a Jackie Wilson uplifting crowd-pleaser.  We all had such fun as we danced and sang our way into New year. 

2020, already my favourite year ever.
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