Tuesday 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

Laying after waking from my pre-party snooze (as you do on new years eve) I mentally began to write a little blog.

Before the nails get painted,  the hair gets curled,  the high heels go on and the Pat Butcher party earrings come out,  I sat reflecting.  This is something I rarely share on this blog.

My last blog of 2013 - on this day,  my birthday. ~~~Happy birthday to me~~~

How do you feel as we say goodbye to this year?

For me,  (have a think; if it's the same for you) I could never quite understand people being happy to see off a year.  Didn't make much sense to me.  Another day tomorrow and all that.  Yet,  2013 has had its fair share of challenges for me this year in most departments and I, too have fallen into that trap of saying,

"I'll be glad to wave goodbye to 2013!"  Including the all important exclamation mark....

So how do we interpret this feeling?  Yes,  tomorrow is the 1st January and it's not really a whole lot different to today.  Yet it makes us all feel brand new.  Just like the Stylistics sang back in the 1970's.

We are able to say,  "let's draw a line under everything that has happened and start afresh."
What will you be drawing a line under?
Writing off and putting down to experience?
Which lessons have you learnt this year that you will take onwards into life with you?


Is it all just a bunch of whatsits and you prefer to live day by day,  taking what 2013 and 2014 throws at you?  Tonight is just for partying and let's see what tomorrow brings without too much analysing?  

Whichever person you are,  I wish you a wonderful New Years Eve and a brilliant 2014 full of wishes coming true.  For me,  after the year that 2013 has been,  I am hoping for the simple things in life for 2014 such as:

Family time

The list goes on to much about career and work (far too ambitious, always) but most of all,  I'd love to be happy in 2014 which is going to be the reason I shed a little tear during Auld Lang Syne at midnight - moving on into the New Year with excitement, joy and passion.  

The success this blog is enjoying is amazing! I'm so thankful to all of you for your support and if I've written one thing that's made a difference to one person among this website then I'm happy!

Biggest wonderful wishes to you all and warm snuggly hugs

Louise xoxoxoxox

Happy New Year!!!

Pat Butcher Earrings!


Monday 30 December 2013

When blogging can get you down.........

This one is for the fellow bloggers out there.

I've been reading lots of folks blogs,  I love so many of them.  I'm a bit nosey like that.  Honestly, I feel so many of them are totally valid in some of the points they are making and in my opinion,  blogging is a great invention that can only add to the substance of the world.

Now,  we are all able to offer a little piece of us via the www and as I'm a believer that we all have unique gifts,  we can all give something back.

So why would blogging get you down?

I get asked time and again from my readers - "Why don't people buy my products?"

"Why don't I get more views?"
"Why don't people comment on my blog?"
"Why don't folks answer my questions?"
"Why can't I get any sponsorship for my blog?"

Great questions!

So what is the answer?  It takes time,  it takes relationship building,  it takes a whole lot of effort,  sweat and toil.  The illusion with blogging is that you can create something pretty instant.  It goes out to the world and we expect to sit back and get those comments,  shares,  likes,  clicks right away.  Sadly,  this seldom happens unless you strike gold.

Hang on in there.  We all have a uniqueness about us and this is something we feel we have to share through blogging and so the best thing to do is to keep on at it! Personally,  when I visit a blog I always like to leave a comment (same with Youtube,  a thumbs up or a comment is fab) and that way the hard working blogger knows they are interesting their readers.

Someone who I never even connected before posted this on google+ this morning and I felt I must share it with my readers.  I hope it strikes a chord with you.

Please leave me your comments below,  if you like,  subscribe and of course you can get your little $5 sponsorship for your blog by clicking here 

This print book should also help*

Or the kindle version:*

Hope this has been inspiring for you x

Friday 27 December 2013

3 top tips to feel less sluggish (right now!)

Ok! Ok!
So I know we still have lots of leftovers.
I know we still have N Y Eve to drink ourselves into a stupor and eat lots of sweet things.... Yes, go ahead and enjoy it.

Let's be serious though.  Who wants to keep the extra weight on that you can feel sitting heavy in your stomach right now?  Honestly?

Feel it,  it's heavy, sluggish,  you doubtless have dark circles under your eyes from the toxins racing around in your blood stream.  Is this how you feel?  If you want to instantly feel better I would suggest the good trick which we all already know which is

1. Drink plenty of straight up water.
Often,  private clients ask me if they can add some squash to it.  Ideally not,  but if you have to then do.  If it means you actually drink the water then do it.  You will feel better,  more awake and also it gives your insides a good sort out,  letting the digestive system 'do its thing'
My second tip will vary for you depending where you are in the world.  I'm in the UK so it's chilly here....my tip number 2

2. Go for a good walk in the cold.
You will feel fresh and get the blood pumping,  carrying the toxins away from your system.  Fantastic!
Ok so the easiest and the last tip that you are totally likely to be able to agree to is:

3. Get an early night 
Sleeping for 7-8 hours is said to be fantastic for so many things inside us.  We can actually help to repair some of the damage that cortisone (the stress hormone) does.  Cortisone actually helps you to hold onto fat which is totally not good for the middle organs.  Sleep can, in fact, help you lose weight.

If you are serious about getting your health sorted and getting some weight off in January, come on over to Facebook to join the others who are all part of the motiv-weight community and find out about joining the group to help you lose weight online the easy way, with support. Click here for more information 

Thursday 26 December 2013

Did you take photos this Christmas time?

Happy Boxing day everyone!

So who amongst you are budding photographers?  Did you take lots of photos yesterday?  The traditional ones of the family at dinner,  opening presents,  presents under the lovely decorated tree?

I'd love to see them if you'd like to share.

Shamefully,  I didn't pick up my camera once.  I can't quite believe it really.  Although I did take a couple of personal videos snapshotted through the day.  My lovely twins are at the age where they simply don't want to be broadcast all over the internet which is fair enough  (must write a post on what not to do to your teenagers!) but they will allow me - with a promise attached- to take video for personal use to look over when I'm sat in my rocking chair.  

I never break  a promise and they know that.  

So,  over to you.  How was your Christmas?  What did you enjoy about it?

For me this year,  the best thing was us all being together.  Last year for one reason or another we were all spread over various parts of the country and it was simply not like Christmas.  Literally brought an amazing meaning to  "All I want for Christmas is you".

With my family together,
Electricity (lots of locals lost power in the storms)
Family together (already mentioned!)

I was a very happy lady.

One problem was my intestinal issues,  they struggled.  Then again,  most people likely struggled too! Makes me even more determined to help people in the new year with the diet issues.   I must get back to working online more to get organised.  It's been so difficult the past 2 weeks with the day job,  family commitments and all but it's all a work in progress and I'm so happy to see that my stats have still been climbing and climbing and unless you tell me you are reading I won't know who you are but I want to say a massive Thank you for your continued support.  You have no idea how much it means to me and it keeps me here,  spreading the Lusher Life word to help as many people as possible understand that you can have an amazing life.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Louise xoxoxox


Friday 20 December 2013

Law of attraction in an easy to read book. Free sample enclosed.

How you all doing folks?? All good?

A lovely person over at Kindle pointed out to me that my ebook can't be seen so well on amazon.  What this means is if you click to see a bit,  you can't…..instead,  I thought I would share some here instead.

This way,  if you decided you like the look of my writing and decided you might want to go ahead and download it for 77p then maybe you might think it's worth the investment!

So here goes,  this is a little piece of the book.  You can buy it here if you want to see more and find out how to change your thinking habits to go ahead and change your life…

If Law of Attraction (or LOA as it’s called) is something you have heard of but don’t yet fully understand,  well,  you are certainly in the right place.

Even some of the Guru’s who teach Law of Attraction can still keep on learning more and more every day about how to apply the Law of Attraction into their lives.

Ok, in a nutshell,  what do you want?

If life had a magic wand,  waved it in your direction and said “Your wish is my command!”,  what exactly would you wish for?

Think about it just carefree right now,  don’t think too much into that answer……kind of go with your gut feeling.  See what you come up with.

Let’s ask it again: “What do you want?”

Think for a second and even write yourself a little list if you like.  If there were NO barriers in life and you could really honestly have whatever your heart desires in life,  what would you write on that list?

Don’t be surprised to know that some people don’t actually know what they want.  Yet we have other ways of tapping into the resources to show that you actually do know what you want,  just maybe not consciously.

Already, after just a few seconds here you will begin to build a picture of what seems like a beautiful fantasy.  In actual fact you will understand in a few more minutes that this fantasy could actually begin to become a reality.

The LAW of Attraction:

A definition of a law: Well, when you look this up in Wikipedia it mentions lots of things about governments,  legislation,  legal procedures and such.

I’m not quite so keen on that definition! I prefer talking about the universal laws…. Now this is my personal definition and sometimes I’ve been known to look at the fluffy side of life which is actually how I really like it!           

Universal law is something that must always be, no matter what. 

Most people know about the law of gravity so lets talk about that.  I often use this example.  Fill in the blank………

“What goes up,  must …….    …….. “

Did you get it?

Yes,  what goes up must come down when we apply the law of gravity.  Nothing except removing the gravity will affect that. 

Do we accept this as human beings?  Absolutely we do!  Now,  imagine for a minute that you took a coin and tossed it into the air and didn’t know if it was going to come back down to land but in fact keep on going up and up and up and up and away until you never saw it again.  You would think twice about throwing it up there wouldn’t you? 

Of course we all would.  That’s just human nature. 

Yet……..everytime,  without question,  we absolutely know it is going to come back down.  So we throw it up there,  trusting this knowledge.

When you know that you can also trust the law of attraction in the same way,  you will start to use it exactly the same.  You will trust it,  without question and you will leave it to work on its own without keep asking HOW?

Switching on a light bulb

Sending a fax

Breathing oxygen

All things that we could question: “How does that really work?”  Some things seem impossible to us but still we know it will work.

By the end of this lesson today I hope that you will begin to get an insight into how you can change your life by just trusting the Law of Attraction.  It’s happening all over the world and you honestly need to get onboard and make your dream life happen.

It’s all possible.  Honestly it is!

First Choice
What was it you were dreaming of having in your life again?


Thursday 19 December 2013

Do you want a bestselling book on Amazon?

Hey folks!

My little Lusher Life book on amazon hasn't reached the bestseller list.  Although this is a mini book which I sort of used as a prerun to by forthcoming book IVF-Happiness in Vitro it would still be nice to see it as a best seller.

So,  I decided to get onto Youtube and see what tips I could find...........I found this guy called Jake... awesome!  Not only does he have a really friendly presentation but his tips are easy to follow step by step instructions that you will love.

Now,  keep a watch on this blog post (follow me!) as I am going to do exactly what Jake suggests on here and even though my book is only 77p/99c I am going to run the free promotional launch in January so if you want a nice freebie,  get onboard and watch this space.

I'd love to help you get to the Bestsellers list too.  Those of you following me will know that I am in fact on a mission to be a bestseller and I'd love you to help me by sharing this post and others like it. I really appreciate you. 

Much love as always

Louise xooxoxoxox

Want to sponsor this blog? Find out here
Want to work with me on your Lusher life? Find out here. 

Wednesday 18 December 2013

How badly do you want to change your body shape?

My latest Motiv-weight video has gone up on Youtube.  I'm really proud of this one.

I have been feeling the love and getting questions asked to me from clients and online people regarding their needs and wishes to get the 'weight loss party' started.

Feel free to email me (click here) with private questions or of course encourage me with questions below.

Find out more about this new approach to health via my website Motiv-weight

Sending much love to you all as this lovely Christmas approaches!

Louise xoxoxox

Monday 16 December 2013

French nails - how to create them with professional secrets!

Did you try creating a French nail look with utter perfection?  Not easy freehand is it?

Not until you see how the professionals do it.  You won't believe this little tip! Watch this little video and find out how.

Please feel free to share on your networks.

Also ask away any other how to questions for nails, hair and beauty.  I love your questions!

Much love - hope this helps - Louise xoxoxo

Would you kindly help me? It will change your life and cost 77p!

Hi there to all my lovely readers.  As the title suggests,  I'm asking for your help.

I would love it if you could come onboard and share this blog post with as many people as you can by clicking the twitter button below,  the Facebook button,  the google +1 button and,  oh just any way that you think.  I'm asking you to help me to change the world!!

Change the world???!!!!

That sounds extreme!  Yet the world is changing! For sure and for the better too!

Do you feel things changing?  I do and I have a story to tell.

Everybody should know that they can make life amazing for themselves!! I'm so passionate about letting people in on the secret that I discovered a few months ago and so I have written a book about it!

A mini book that just costs 77p.  That's all.


If you and your friends could only read it,  you could feel more positive instantly,  like things could change for you,  the world would seem different somehow.

Magic starts to happen.

In my mini ebook (or you can buy it on print version) you will find my story and also tools and techniques on how you can begin to transform your life in an instant.

Taking my own advice,  I'm on a campaign and a crusade to help others too.  This is my mission and I'd love to keep the book sales at a high enough level to then allow me to continue to keep writing (I have 2 other books on the boil and a great idea for a 3rd) to help more people and to let them in on all the things I have learned.

Find out more about the book through my amazon page (clicking here)  where you can read more about the book plus reviews too.

If you prefer,  you can buy the print version by clicking here

Or indeed you can click the link at the right hand of this page.

When we run seminars on this kind of thing,  people get so excited and can't wait to run home and start to make changes in their lives!  It certainly opened my eyes when I began to learn these things.  I really hope it can help you too.  If you have been passed this link by a friend,  they have been so kind to allow you into the powerful world of learning about the law of attraction.  You can make changes happen like
*More money
*New relationships
*Better health
*New home/job/car
*Ideal weight

The list is endless.  You can tap into it too!  Read the book,  invest your 77p and watch the flow of abundance come into your life faster than you could have imagined.

 Click this image of the book cover to order.  You don't need a kindle,  you can get it straight to your table or iPhone by downloading the kindle app.  Easy!

Thank you in advance for keeping my mission going.  It really means everything to me.  I do really appreciate you and your help.

Sending much love

Louise xoxoxox



Weight loss group

You Tube



Want me to help you?

Hello folks

Have you noticed that the 'giving up smoking' adverts have already started on the TV?

No doubt the weight loss ones will follow….so you know that you will be laden with guilt through December.  Only another 2 weeks of enjoying your favourite foods then you can start that diet in January.  Is that how you want it to be?  Or would you like to just make a few different choices and still lose weight?
All the while,  feeling more healthy.  Maybe you don't need to lose weight but you want to be more healthy.  That takes motivation too.  I know this! Because….that was me.  I was at risk with my health.  I will tell you the story in depth on another blog.  Right now,  I'm going to show you a little casual video of who I am and you can make a decision to come over to like our Facebook page and then get details on how to sign up in January to join our private group.

Really hope this can help you.  You've doubtless tried lots of different ways and methods and often you just need more encouragement and understanding.
 If you like what you see, please do me a massive favour and help spread the word.  I really would love to help as many people as possible on this journey.  Thank you so much for your support to us all. 


Saturday 14 December 2013

Finally, Law of Attraction gets public in the diet world!

Recently,  you may be aware I decided to start a whole new business called Motiv-weight.

There is a missing link in the diet and weight loss world.  This link (in my opinion) is our minds.

We all speak ill of ourselves all day long, looking in the mirror and affirming how fat we are, 

"I hate this bit on me."  

"Look at that bit on me."

Constantly putting ourselves down is keeping us feeling negatively about ourselves and our beautiful body.  It's the only one we have got and weight loss begins with appreciation of how that body serves us.

You've heard of the placebo effect?  Where folks recover from an illness when they take a pill with no actual drug inside it?  Well how about weight loss being the same.  If you eat a biscuit and instantly think to yourself, "This is going to pile on the pounds, it's full of calories..."  then you are instantly giving negative emotions to that action.

Scientifically,  I could go into the whats and whys of what happens to your blood cells when you speak bad of something and how it all changes when you speak positively of something.  

Sounds impossible?  So did inventing electricity,  or the internet.  Someone,  somewhere thought outside of the box.  If this is you and you are ready to find a new way of looking at your body,  let me know.  Please please please share this video with all of your friends as I really feel there is a new age of weight loss just around the corner!

Finally no more low fat diets - that really didn't work did it?  Back in the 1970's we were encouraged to start eating low fat and obesity became an epidemic pretty instantly.  Think outside the box.  You never know,  it might just make a change you've been waiting for. 

With love

Louise x






Friday 13 December 2013

Ever wondered why you can't lose weight?

Ever wondered why you can't lose weight?

So folks, are you one of the people who really takes your weight seriously? Maybe you are someone who has lots to lose or maybe you just want to drop a few pounds to get rid of the muffin tops from your best skinny jeans. Either way, it can be very frustrating when you feel 'stuck', you feel as if nothing is working. Let me help you to relax about that issue ; there is an answer. Always.
I was in the exact same position a few years ago and I followed several plans to the letter and not only did I not drop any weight but sometimes I would gain it or even worse, get really unwell. I didn't know at the time I had an underlying health issue. Now that I do, I feel the frustration of so many of my private clients who come to me at their wits end.

Honestly. I can honestly empathise with these clients. They are in tears often. Feeling like maybe they 'deserve' this weight and 'deserve' to look this way. Now, I am a believer that often you can hang onto self sabotage and that keeps the weight on. It's called the Law of Attraction. In other words you can do things to keep the weight on you by the power of the mind.

Something you never heard of? Are you just sitting shaking your head thinking I've gone totally ga-ga?

Ok, let me explain. Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? A placebo can be a sugar pill given to a group of people who are all suffering with the same thing. It contains no medicine, just a sugar pill. Now, there will be another group who have the same medical condition but they are given a drug to treat it.
After x amount of time, they get the patients together to see who responded better to the pills and very often, it doesn't make much difference if the pill was made of sugar or if it contained medicine. In other words, if the patient 'thinks' he may be taking a drug to treat his condition then the thought alone can help make him better. Imagine that? That we are all bringing about our life by what we are thinking. It would be like your life is a movie and you are the director. Well, actually there are many people, myself included who do believe in this. In fact, I know it!

A client came to me really distraught. She had lost weight before and even got to a fantastic weight. Not only had her health improved but her outlook on life had changed massively. It was supposed to be a good thing. But as her mind changed, so did her marriage and her husband had an affair. My client was distraught. Her marriage was over and despite looking fantastic, her husband chose to leave her for the other woman.
Through comfort eating, the lovely lady started to gain some weight again. She got quite curvy. Joining the local gym, she worked out really hard there. Nothing much was happening and she kept her curves.

In the steam room one day she got chatting to another curvy guy. They hit it off instantly and he built her confidence telling her how beautiful she was just the way she was. After a short time of dating, they married. She was a blooming bride on her wedding day and looked radiant. Although this wasn't good enough for my client as she knew she could be more beautiful. She wanted to be slim again for her new husband.
Can you guess how this story ends? She lost the weight again. After a short time of her new lovely figure, her husband left her. No real reason, he just wasn't as happy as before. It certainly had nothing to do with her weight.

So she gained it again. She felt safe when she had her curves. People liked her with curves, yet when she got slim, they left her. Until she could shift that belief, she was always going to hang onto this weight like a comfort blanket.

Almost like asking a child not to carry around the comfort blanket anymore (as you don't need it), I had to re-educate her that she was lovely and would be loved no matter what size she was. Her weight was nothing to do with her two marriages ending. Once she realised that she could look into the mirror and like what she saw, curves and all, things began to change.

The way I worked on this client is a way that can work for many clients too. It's all about starting from where you are and appreciating what you have and losing the fear that things will change.
A blog will follow soon to teach you how to start where you are and appreciate what you have. Please follow this blog for updates. Feel free to post me your questions below.

Thursday 12 December 2013

What exactly is BMI?

Have you ever wondered, what the flip is BMI?
What does it have to do with me?
How important is it?
Well, it's a guide used to find out if your body weight is within 'normal' limits.
It's actually a ratio of height to weight. For example, if you are a very tall person, you naturally should weigh more than a really little person.
The first time I joined a weight loss group, there was this really dumpy lady getting on the scales very upset that she was stuck on weighing 8 stone. I dreamed of being 8 stone. What I hadn't taken into account is that she was half the height of me!
So your BMI (Body Mass Index) is made up of the ration of your weight and height - so hop on over to the App Store and get yourself a free BMI checker and find out.
It will tell you on there the numbers for being underweight/overweight/obese/morbidly obese etc but there is one area which I have found inconsistent. This is the area to which you become underweight.
Some make it 18.5 some make it 20. Personally, I've been at 21 and I felt I wouldn't feel unhealthy or look underweight at 18.5 so I guess it really depends on you and your shape and of course how you feel.
I'm all for listening to within your body.
So lets say 18.5 - 25 is healthy
25-30 is overweight
30-35 is obese and it goes up from there to scary words mentioned.
So face the music, have a quick download and see what you are up against.
Remember it seems like a long road ahead if you are in the higher numbers. Just losing 10% of your body weight seriously increases your chance of living a longer, more healthy life. You notice there, I don't like to mention the negative words. I'm all for thinking with postive language and this is definitely a problem area within the weight loss industry. There is so much negativity bounced around.
Good luck and feel free to let me know how you get on, my door is always open

Wednesday 11 December 2013

How to measure your weight loss without using the scales

Over on my website Motiv-Weight you will find so much information like this:

We are very lucky.  We have a brilliant blog post from fitness expert Daniel Slade.  While I love his take on getting fit through exercise,  he made a very good point at the end of the blog re using scales.  He's right of course,  there are many reasons the scales will be a problem.

That aside,  here is my information for you regarding using scales.

So,  you've decided to take the positive step to lose weight.  You may have even decided to take on board that you are actually going to make this a long term life change.

Are you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing something you really don't want to see anymore?

Do you scour the internet looking at peoples 'before and after' photos?  Thinking how gorgeous they actually can look in the 'after' photos.  You know you could look gorgeous too and you wish for it so hard it makes you want to cry.

Cry if you need to.

Draw a line under that and decide this is not happening anymore.  One quick diet will possibly get your journey started but you need a life change.  Don't worry how long it takes.  This is about your health and as long as every day you are making sensible choices you will definitely be looking at your body with more appreciation in the months to come.

What you need to do to track your change in body is this:
Take a photo.

Yes,  take a photo of you in your swimming suit.

You will uncover many emotions and maybe not like what you see.  Don't let it make you hate yourself.  This body of yours is marvellous.  But you want more.

Each week,  take the same photo again and again.  Feel free to post progress with Motiv-weight and we can clap and cheer with you.
When you have reached your target weight you can look back on those before photos with appreciation for yourself and how motivated you were to keep going all this time.  Such pride.

The problem with weighing on the scales is that often you will hold water or other weight which will not give you a true reflection of your progress.

Good luck and go get that camera out.  Cry if you need to.  We are here for you.  You can do it!!!

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Why the scales could hinder your weight loss

Why the scales could hinder your weight loss success


You've heard this one before haven't you.  'They' tell us not to weight too often.  I sit on the fence a little.  Here's my reasons for and against.  Which one works for you?

Reasons not to weigh:

When you are dieting,  you are on a white knuckle ride gripping on for dear life.  When you weigh constantly you give off an air of desperation and need which is a negative feeling.  If you know me and my writing,  you will know I'm a firm beleiver in the Law of Attraction.  What you give out is what you get back.

You need to remain calm,  focused and positive.

Did you ever think you were doing great on your new crash diet and get on the scales to be dissapointed?  What if you even gained a little weight!? Oh my goodness I bet it ruined your day?!
Were you walking around miserable and upset for the rest of the day?  Simply because half a pound was gained at the scales.  Even worse than that is when I have weighed clients who have been dissapointed with a loss.
"Only a pound?" They exclaim.

Your weight will naturally go up and down throughout every day. So expect ups and downs.  This is NORMAL.

Also,  getting on the scales will encourage that crash diet mentality rather than thinking log term and a new way of life.

Reasons to weigh:

Many people love to use the scales as the way to track and measure what is going on with their body.  It is a great way to punch the air and shout woo hoo 'it's working'.

Without the scales it isn't quite so easy to guess if it's working for you.

If you are on a plan which will show you how quickly you can lose weight say 5lbs in a week - you aspire to that,  expecting that success.  Belief is  a huge part of your success.  Without belief it will never happen.

On the next blog we will show you exactly what you should be doing instead of getting on the scales.

Monday 9 December 2013

Get your 2014 happening with Leonie Dawson

You've heard me speaking about Leonie Dawson before.

 Fondly, I remind you that she's ever so crazy but ever so amazing. This lady is not only living the dream but is also helping others live their dream too. If you click this link I'm sending you, you can see an example of the type of book you can get from her.

Now I love all things to do with visualisation and gratitude journals and this type of thing. Reason is, it works!!! Leonie is a lovely designer and makes such lovely artwork here. I would love you to just click the link and have a look for yourself. You will see. And I will add a video on here too so you can see what I mean about the crazy-ness of her :O) Got to love her. It might also make you think that perhaps you in all your 'ordinary crazy dream like state' might just be able to live the dream too. You never know………more crazy things have happened!



Also,  this video here is from a lady who was reviewing the workbook,  she shows you how she got the ebook version and printed it out…….Hope you love it!


January is coming - get Motiv-weighted!

Hey folks,  can I share something with you?

As you know by now,  I've had lots of nutrition and weight loss training.  Now,  in case you missed my other posts,  I do have a new website called Motiv-weight. It's a little different to this one and I guess kind of more formal.

The idea is,  with my Law of attraction training and the weight loss training,  I'll couple the two together and help folks to lose weight.  So,  over there it's getting quite a few hits.  I love this place too and will still be coming here for loads of personal stuff.  I'll share you my first few posts though to help me get it going.

Here's the exciting news,  in January I will be opening up my private coaching for weight  loss but online! This means we can either chat over things on the internet or you can keep costs lower than a weekly coffee and come over to my private group and all encourage each other anonymously! Fab way to meet new friends and I've a few secrets up my sleeve to keep you motivated.  So please so me a big favour and share this blog post with your social networks and I would love to help as many people as possible with this. Thank you so much. 

Here's the post:

 I am so happy to see you here,  reading this post.

Louise here,  founder of Motiv-weight.  If you have read the 'about' sections on this blog you will find that I have had quite a journey too.  It's my intention to gently but firmly take you by the hand and help guide you on your way to health using food and nutrition.

With a love of blogging and a love of all things nutrition related,  it will be my pleasure to bring you lots of free tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get well?
If you have a belief that food could be your answer then I'm here to tell you YOU are RIGHT! I am living proof of that and I have helped many many people on their way too.  I'd love it if you would subscribe to this website so we can keep you up to date with lots of things.  Such as:

The latest diets.
Health information
IBS,  IBD, and other digestive issues
Adrenal Fatigue
Candida problems
Most of all,  motivation.

You know what,  in my next blog post I am going to share with you a story of a lady who came to me with a firm idea that she could never lose weight.  By using the power of her mind,  we changed all that.

Subscribe to see if this is something you could do too.  I'm looking forward to taking you on a journey through blogs, blogs on Youtube and through my VIP Client site and of course the one to one coaching for the limited few.

I'd encourage your questions right here and now.  If you would like to make them anonymously please click the social media icons to find me and post me your questions there.  If you never thought there was an answer and you are at your wits end then please come on over and lets hold hands and find the way!

Much love

© Louise Usher. All rights reserved.