Thursday 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas to my wonderful readers

I am awake early. As usual. 

Today I'm excited. I love Christmas Eve!

Later on today I shall be periscoping some of my kitchen activity as I cook for Christmas! Join me!

Next year sees some amazing changes for me in my life. I'm very excited to share a blog post with you next year. Letting you into some deep stuff from this past year and announcing what 2016 holds. 

You won't want to miss it! It can change things up for you!

Wishing you THE most wonderful Christmas and sending my gratitude to you for being my reader. 

Much love

Louise xoxo

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Why you need vitamin D at this time of year

Yesterday we saw the shortest day of the year here in the north.  Some celebrate the solstice.
Some chase around for last minute Christmas gifts.

All the while, your dear body is taking care of everything just the best it can.  Renewing cells,  fighting off infections and viruses and protecting you constantly.

What our bodies cannot do is the impossible.

During the months of October and March we simply do not have enough sunshine to help us out properly.


Yes,  we need vitamin D in our bodies and the best way to get this is from the sun.  This might well not be a surprise to you.  You may know this already.  In the summer months we can get a little sunshine each day and naturally make the vitamin D we need.  So what do we do in the winter?

Often, the best way to ensure you don't suffer from a deficiency is to take a Vitamin D supplement*.  You know me, I do like all molecules going into the body to be the best they can be and I have found this little gem which is free from all the stuff I personally need to avoid.

After trying out this product and speaking to my friends at Epsilon life they have given me lots of information about their wonderful product.  If you click below you can see the reviews on Amazon which are pretty impressive I must say.  

As readers of my blog, you can enter LUSHERLIFE at the checkout for an extra cheeky discount code! Spread the word.

So what would taking Vitamin D supplements mean for you?

If you suffer from any of the following, it may be worth visiting your GP to get your vitamin D levels checked.  You might just need a simple supplement which is such a minimal investment in terms of finance and it could make the world of difference.

Fatigue and tiredness.
Muscle cramps and spasms.
Erectile disfunction.
Light headedness.
General aches and pains.

Yes the body is a miracle.  Every time I revisit information on the cell and biochemistry, I am blown away.  While nothing is a substitute for a well balanced diet and doing things 'au natural' we occasionally need some help.

Speaking with Epsilon they gave me this extra information:
  • Epsilon.Life gives a portion of every sale to a Multiple Sclerosis charity
  • We are the highest and best reviewed vitamin products on Our vitamin D has a five star rating and close to 600 reviews.
  • We are a small family run business and provide outstanding customer service to all of our customers
  • All of our products are manufactured and sold exclusively in the UK
  • We focus on selling only a small number of products, that way we can make sure that all of our products are of the best quality
  • Any orders over £15 (with or without a discount) qualifies for free shipping

As I had mentioned, we are happy to offer all of your readers a voucher code giving them £5 off any order. They can use this code on our checkout page to get £5 off any order: LUSHERLIFE

New year is just around the corner (my birthday too!). I know we all like to make health a priority and if you order today, you will be ready to go on January 1st when you feel fresh and new and ready to make a difference to your health and your life.

Of course, I will be here to hold your hand every step of the way!

Wishing you the very best in health

Louise xoxo


Sunday 20 December 2015

Christmas week - watch this video of what I've been doing!

How are your Christmas plans and preparations going?

Are you excited?

We are so excited in this house. Christmas eve I am going to have a major cooking session in the kitchen.  I do love to cook.  However,  these days life dictates that we just simply 'throw something in the oven.'  I shall be making a gluten free, vegetarian lasagne with homemade potato salad and coleslaw.  YUM.
My nutrition channel is starting to really take off over on youtube.  I've gained more followers this week than ever before so the only way is up!

I feel 2016 will see a wonderful year for me of making dreams come true and getting life really going in the direction I want to go.  This year hasn't been bad at all but it has been  period of healing for me and massively doing some inner work.  See this post about anxiety here.

With more and more blog sponsorships coming through, I am beginning to realise the dream that my passion can actually become my job too.  Awesome!

This week just gone I have Vlogged my activities and ramblings.  We have seen some amazing things. It is my dream to clock up 500 subscribers on my VLog channel so please please come over and subscribe.  keep up with all my news this way!

Of course I hope to pop back in before the big day but time goes crazy doesn't it! If I don't send you good wishes nearer the day please accept my virtual love through the screen and have the most wonderful Christmas.

Love as always

Louise xoxo


Thursday 17 December 2015

Lusher Life Nutrition: Coaching for health and weight loss

Lusher Life Nutrition: Coaching for health and weight loss: Have you or someone you have known been on multiple diets? Did you regain the weight you lost?  How does this make you feel?  Like giving...

Sunday 13 December 2015

Vlogmas 2015 in London

You guys know me well enough by now to know that I'm always uber busy!

Who isn't?  We all are these days, especially at this time of year.  University excitement, exams, busy hairdressing days and of course Christmas shopping/wrapping up.  Not to forget I'm taxi to wonderful teenage twins.  I love it all.

Although occasionally, I do wish I had 'elastic time'.  You know, able to make it stretch further to get more done.  Like blogging for example.  I love blogging and I always have so much to say!!! I'll get there I know.  In fact I already feel there is a massive improvement in my time management going on.

So I would like to share with you this blog post with my latest vlogmas video.  I have more to edit which I shall do the minute I have posted this blog post up for you all to see.

How are your Christmas preparations going?  What are you doing for Christmas?  I would love to know.  Comment below to share with me!  If you are doing Vlogmas, feel free to share your link below to spread the word!

Have a wonderful Sunday

Much love



PS:  January can be gloomy.  I will be brightening you all up with a wonderful giveaway worth £90! That's a brand new wonderful bottle of Say Si intense.  I believe you can't get this in the states so I will be opening up to a global giveaway.  Make sure you are subscribed to receive updates by email.

Thursday 10 December 2015

My graduation from London Met University in Nutrition

Finally a dream came true.  

I got to wear my gown and mortarboard.  While I'm still waiting for the official photos from the photographer, I thought I would share a little of the news here with you.  

Have you ever graduated?  You will know what a special day it really is.  Feeling very regal and a definite sense of occasion.  The room at the Barbican Centre, London was truly buzzing with both anticipation and excitement.  My classmate sat next to me was really nervous.  Yet all I could feel was pride.

When  I was first offered a place at London met, I remember talking to my year 9 children about Chemistry.  Advising them that I had never learnt chemistry at school.  They gasped in disbelief as I told them this.  Mentioning the periodic table,  I questioned, "What is a periodic table."
More gasps.  "Mum you can't do a science degree if you don't know what the periodic table is!"

True.  They were right.  This was not going to be plain sailing.  

Leaving my first chemistry class almost in tears as the enthusiastic genius Dr who taught us was speaking Spainish to me.  It felt this way.  Thankfully, London Met were so supportive and there were many 'drop in sessions' and lots of additional ways to learn.  I went to every single one!

My final award came through after tears and frustration and I got my Diploma in Health, Psychology, Biology and Chemistry with an overall A.  Proud as punch!

As you can imagine, to graduate among such shining stars and people who really get out there and make a difference to the world was truly an honour.  I was proud to sign up to this University Alumni Association.  I wanted to keep connected.  I was proud to be London Met. 
This year, I continue my route into degree with the BSc (hons) in Human Nutrition.  Yes, more science. Much more! I have moved universities to Greenwich University much closer to home as the journey was such a challenge. I was so sad to leave my friends behind and a university who had shown me such amazing experiences.  
"Maybe you'll come back and teach for us in the future!" The admissions manager suggested.  Well, stranger things have happened.

The future is exciting.  As my children are growing ever more independent, I am thrilled that my career path looks set to kick off once again.  Watch this space! 
As I learn more and more I share over on my Nutrition blog for those who would like to see health improve.  It truly is a dream to get out and help people to eat better and take care of themselves holistically.  

Much love, 

Louise xoxo 

Getting ready

I want one of those (PhD)

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