Wednesday 21 December 2022

So you want travel?

 We all want to travel, but you want travel?

I sit in the top floor of the house, listening to either raindrops randomly popping down onto the roof, or Christmas presents unwrapping themselves, or some huge creepy crawlies in the eaves, not sure. My hearing is very limited right now. This is not a new or unusual thing for me particularly, as I am the proud owner of two very incredible hearing aids. When I'm infected, like now, I can't wear them, which makes for an interesting time.

My declining hearing was one of the reasons I began my writing career. I will use that term loosely today, as a tiny bit of anger creeps in to my system. A year of doors slamming in my face has hit a peak today, and it all felt a little bit 'too much'. I'm sure you know what I mean, we all have those times.

The idea to begin publishing my words was born from a childhood love of writing, coupled with health. Then mother and her health popped in to the mix too, and for a while, I put my life and dreams on hold to sort her needs. Now, it seems, I can carry on doing that, they say. Do I want to? Am I able to? What else would I prefer to do?

As you know, I am a fan of all things law of attraction. That's how this website was born. I wanted everyone to know about it. The minute I decided my writing was going to be coupled with movement (for my health), doors began to open for ME. The opportunity to travel fell out of the sky, like magic, to go and review all-inclusive resorts and their food offerings for those with dietary requirements. As a celiac myself, I love this opportunity. Yes, we are always asked, "on holiday again?" and I aim to reply with zero frustration in my voice. Of course I am thankful to travel for work. Of course it's hard work and 24/7. A week back home sees washing and exhaustion, recovery, rinse, repeat.  So, I do my best to enjoy living life, working and earning a living and cracking on with my mobility as best I can.

Then 'they' step in.

I got to look after Mum.

I will find an answer, I know I will. 

I just looked at my analytics and they tell me about you.

They tell me, you want travel stuff.

I want to give you travel stuff. 

I want to write, research, film, shoot, move, breathe, travel.... 

And I believe in 'build it and they will come'. So I shall plan the travel, share the content and write the books. The rest will fall into place.

Shall we begin with Iceland?

Yes, this is the Northen Lights. Let me know you want to hear about it?


Tuesday 6 December 2022

Greenwich means more time: to pause, look and feel.

Greenwich Market

 AD: This trip was kindly sponsored by Visit Greenwich  

The sky showed us how close we are to Christmas as it hid the sun. 

Surrounded by history and wonder, we walked through the core of Greenwich towards the Thames. 

Our boat was on its way and we climbed onto the 

@uberboatbythamesclipper for a warm up and a lovely cuppa on board. Cruising up the Thames was giving us iconic sights on London to enjoy. 

Later, we headed back to Greenwich pier and enjoyed a browse around the Greenwich market. It was alive with art and colour in the creative stalls and the artists called “good morning” to us as we watched them choosing how to set up their stalls for the day ahead. 

Walking over the iconic cobbled streets towards the old royal naval college, we headed to the painted hall. Tall pillars hid behind the large entrance doors and the smell of freshly ground coffee drifted from the cafe. Checking in with the friendly staff was easy and we headed to the splendour of the painted hall. Both jasmine and I were gasping as we looked up, and around us, at the art which covered the room. I was struck by the black and white tiles, harlequined on the floor. Inside, we began taking photographs. The helpful guide asked,

“If you want a really, and I mean really, cool photo, wait here.”

He positioned a table with a mirror on it, and showed us where to put the camera lens. It elongated the painted hall into a miracle of colour. 

We enjoyed taking these photos before walking into a room which was alive with history about Nelson. 

We couldn’t have possibly seen every detail in this room, as it was a true work of art. 

Heading up the hill towards Greenwich park, we saw the Royal Museums Greenwich - Royal Observatory. The views there were amazing. We looked down onto the ORNC, the river Thames, the o2 and Canary Wharf lined the horizon. 

Inside the observatory was the lessons of time. What was time, how was it created, and how was it developed. Jasmine got to hear the speaking clock for the first time, and to hold a telephone with a wire. 

After walking the meridian line, we headed to see the telescopes which gave a window into the night sky (we could see on a TV screen). 

Even though I know Greenwich well, stopping time to bathe in its moments of history and current day living, gave us more to think about than we expected. 

We had missed so much by not stopping and pausing for a moment. 

*students can get discounted tickets with an Oyster card 

** students get a discounted price of £8.50

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