Sunday 28 June 2015

Summer Morning Routine | Chazmine

Jasmine, my daughter and her lovely friend Charlotte have a super Youtube channel and I just watched this.

The editing blew me away.  Jasmine spent days on this and I am thrilled to watch creativity like this.  Let me know if you can suggest any similar Youtubers!

Please hop over and have a look and subscribe if this is the sort of video you love.

Ones to watch definitely springs to mind here as I feast my eyes on what these girls have created.  Awesome!

Come back soon for more news from me,  this week we are talking all things CampNaNoWriMo as it kicks off on July 1st

Much love


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Sunday 14 June 2015

Meeting CloeCouture and almost meeting the Queen

What an amazing day we had!

Jasmine and her lovely friend Charlotte asked if I could take them up to London to meet a Youtuber they like called Cloe Couture.

We had the best day and honestly it turned out to be so much more than we ever imagined!

Pretty much, the photos will tell the story but as we got off our train at Victoria, we noticed the tube station we needed to get on was closed! So we queued for about 20 minutes to top up our oyster cards and find a bus.  Walking to the bus station, we were blown away by seeing a Fly By of the red arrows with Red, White and Blue smoke bellowing from behind!

I squealed in excitement and I was bowled over with joy to see this.  We began to wonder why so many people were walking in the other direction to us and I kept a close eye on the three young teenagers behind me.  Soon, I realised we were at the side of Buckingham Palace.   However, I couldn't have realised that Her Majesty, the royal family and even baby Prince George were addressing the crowd just feet away from us.

Turning the corner, I was delighted to be experiencing a feast for my eyes as the Grenadiere Guards proudly stood like something from a lego exhibition.

Following this amazing sight, the sounds from the brass bands, the God Save the Queen, followed by flowing tears from many of the audience, we watched in delight at the procession in front of us.  Sadly, a gentlemanly police officer informed us that the Queen was likely now, "Enjoying a cup of tea at Her Majesties leisure."

We had missed the address.


However,  we looked at the time and realised we must pretty much RUN to Hyde Park to meet Cloe else our 5 hour trip would have been for nothing!

We got there, had an awesome time and Jasmine and Charlotte made a very brief video with Cloe.   Some little girl (maybe Cloe sister?) had gone into the Princess Diana fountain and got very wet and cold so the trip was cut short.  Bit sad really as quite a few of us were there.  Massive deal for us to get there.  Even so, it was so so worth it and really good to meet Cloe.

The teenagers and I found our way to the exclusive Kensington for a late lunch (oh-so-welcome) and found some more amazing views to take photographs of.


Please come back soon for some fairly massive news...

Bubblemaking man

Wall art in the funky restaurant

Pretty view - looks like France

Love the architecture of the British Society of Sculptures

Closer view - magical wall!

Much love

Louise xoxo

Ps if you click on the photos you can scroll through the post that way :)

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Saturday 13 June 2015

I hit 100,000 views on Youtube! #Primark Haul and #Vlog (May)

My You Tube channel just hit over 100,000 views! This is amazing.  I'm thrilled that all my hard work is paying off.

Later next week it will be my 4 year Youtube anniversary.  I've just started to upload more regularly since the end of last year!

I would love it if you will come on over and check it out.

Watch this space for some extra special exciting news next week too.... if you love writing like I do you will want to keep tuned in.

Have a wonderful weekend

Louise xoxo

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Clean 9 detox - Day 8

April 30th

Day 8

Already day 8.

I’m starting to not want clean 9 to end.  I’m nervous for it to end.  I don’t want to go back to my old ways.  

Already, I feel so much smaller and lighter.  2 more full days.

No hunger at all this morning.  It looked like I might run out of shake powder, so I thought I would skip a shake.  Obviously though, some clever folks up at the head office of Forever would have made sure that everything was accurately measured out. I headed off to work having had my Aloe and supplements. I have ordered some more garcinia from Lisa to take away on holiday with me.  That will help.  I really want to get going on the hiking and press ups and the healthy food that the mediteranian brings.

Dropping the children at school, I shot a quick Youtube video and went on my way to work.  My client always offers a brashly brewed coffee. I haven’t seen her for 6 weeks and so she doesn’t know I’ve given up coffee, let alone doing Clean 9.  Instead, she made me delicious, refreshing peppermint tea.  Yum.

Off to the hospital after my lunchtime shake to do a good deed.  The staff all were wishing the day away, hoping to finish soon. This makes me sad.  Fancy feeling like that in a job.  Thing is though, I’m still so passionate about helping people into health through nutrition.  This will never leave me I’m so sure.  It’s sad that people are still suffering with chrons and colitis and having pieces removed from them when really, if they changed their diets they may feel so much better. 

My passion is to help others. To advise and nurture.  And this will never leave me.  Maybe now, I have also found an almost magic formula which I truly believe will help the masses. I can see this becoming a staple in everyone’s fridge in the next few years.  Being honest,  there is nothing better than a healthy, balanced diet.  Boy, do I enjoy my healthy evening meal.  Although I feel we all need a little help from time to time.  We certainly need someone to help us and to lean on.  I want that person to be me!

I’ve been asked today to speak again at my University. This time it’s an industry conference for Sports Science professionals.  What an amazing opportunity! As I am a keen speaker, I have been watching presentations on Youtube from Forever Living success stories.  There are truly some wonderful stories on there!

Looking forward to tonights meal.  Salmon steak, pan fried with olive oil fry light, a bed of spinach, or maybe, yes definitely, a load of salad actually.
Raw spinach,
Tomato and the smallest slice of mozzarella.  



Tuesday 9 June 2015

Little bit of photography to make you smile

I love photos.

They always, always make me smile.  Without fail.

Hardly ever can I resist pulling out a lens to snap away at nature when I'm out walking Harley the Shuhtzu.

Hope you enjoy these snaps.

Rochester Castle Walk

Capstone Country Park

Beautiful lake on a sunny day

Cooling off with a smoothie

Wishing you much love

Louise xoxo

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Saturday 6 June 2015

Clean 9 detox - day 7

April 29th 

Day 7

Upon waking, I didn’t feel the need to eat much.  I felt amazingly light and empty.  With a quiet stomach which was very unusual for me! Couldn’t quite believe it really.  What was this Aloe doing for me?

The lack of sugar and unhealthy, unnatural foods was also responsible of course, yet the idea that on Clean 9 I was loosing so much weight was really quite the ultimate motivator.

Let’s face it, who wants to lose 1/2 a lb per week?  I don’t.  Then again, I don’t want to keep making a massive sacrifice week on week which may seem like a negative way to look at things. To me, making a bigger sacrifice quickly and then just being more careful is a far better way to go.  I’m such a firm believer in the 80/20 rule.

What is the 80/20 rule?

80% of the time you eat healthy, fresh food which you know will benefit your body.  20% of the time you eat food which you know will be seen as  a ‘treat’. This is where your coffee and cake or alcoholic drink comes in.  That’s a great way to live.  Sometimes of course, we all need a little help.  Supplements should ideally not be relied on but we do find we have depleted soil for our vegetables to grow in. You generally know if your body needs help or not.  Don’t you?

I know when I don’t feel right, that’s for sure. 

Yet just now, I’m feeling (and looking) so much better and brighter.  

For me, I have had a bit of an overwhelming surge of a need to sleep.  I think this is because I have slowed down into the Easter break.  Not going into London gives me the chance to calm my brain down from it’s whirring all the time.  Not only did we change the clocks ready for the summertime, but I was shattered by 8.45pm.  I had to goto bed.

The past few weeks I have been waking at 4am.  This means I have been functioning on about 5 hours sleep.   I knew it would catch up with me.  I thought it would be when I was on holiday.  Didn’t think it would be so soon.  I had an amazingly comfortable sleep for an entire 9 hours! Couldn’t quite believe it when I awoke.

Come back for more tomorrow!

Much love

Louise xoxo

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Thursday 4 June 2015

Clean 9 detox. Day 6 - weigh in day

April 28th

Day 6

Weight 11.11 1/2

So I lost another pound.  Not quite what I was hoping for but nevertheless, 1 lb in 3 days isn’t a bad loss at all.  I am wondering if I should keep those carbs even lower though.  The odd apple here and there, plus the sweet potato.  I always knew these were the things that didn’t agree with me.

Actually, I hadn’t realised I was due for a weigh in.  

Feeling the love for my scales I decided to measure instead.  It’s crazy really that I am addicted to getting on those scales. I guess it’s fear of re gaining weight.  Terrible way to look at it though as of course we will all naturally gain and lose weight.  So the measurements were really quite outstanding! I will post those at another time as you will find it hard to believe.  The boobs are getting smaller which I’m so glad about.  So many pretty redundant bra’s sit gloomily in my drawer.  Soon, my friends, soon.  

I will do this.  I can do this.  It’s in the bag.  Just watch!

Tonight I’m out on the town.  Happily for my friends I am doing the driving and consuming water.  Exciting eh.  Yes I like the odd glass of spritzer but it’s not a need for me.  I love being out, seeing people, listening to music and all.

This morning sees the welcoming of a brand new carton of Aloe in my fridge.  I finished the last one now.  This is hopefully going to last me until the holiday which is in 6 days time! I can’t quite believe it.  6 days.  I cannot wait! I’m so excited!

Thinking about it…my time of the month is just about starting.  I’m sure when that kicks in it will aid with the weight loss.  Now there’s a cheery thought.  Might sound funny to the men reading but it’s actually a really nice ‘detox’ feeling.  

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Monday 1 June 2015

Clean 9 detox day 5

Friday 27th March

Day 5

I’m not even kidding! Oh my goodness!

As I woke this morning I reached down to feel a new body.  Almost shocked into disbelief i rubbed my tummy and it was tighter, firmer, 

My supplementes, my shakes, everyhitng made me smile this morning.  I was annoyingly happy.  Wanted to say good mooring to everyone,  in fact the road sweeper guy said good morning to me.  i’m wearing pink for the first time in ages (always in black) and my mood is definitely lifted! I’m so super happy right now! 

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