Sunday 30 November 2014

Meeting Zoella

As promised, here are the photos from the day we met Zoella.

She was totally a delight.  Looking right into the eyes and excited faces of every book fan, she was lovely.
I announced to her with glee,
"I've brought my baby girl to see you!" And she replied with an "Aww" and pulled a face that was familiar in her videos to her viewers.

I asked Zoe with a heart felt message, "So how are you doing?" Thinking she is likely exhausted with mental excitement and she replied with a cheery smile,
"I'm ok how are you?"

Once Typical pink teenager showed emotion, I showed emotion too.  Apparently the first parent to shed a tear.

Another parent who I connected with through twitter (he was there taking his big baby girl too) said I must be so proud to have the #firstcryingparentaward.  Yes!

So here are the photos from blue water book signing with Zoe and my girl.  What a wonderful day.  A great demonstration of a Lusher Life and a dream coming true.  For both Zoe and my Jas.

Apologies for the quality but we had to be quick taking the pics on the phone.

I'll be making a 'snippets' video to go on Youtube really soon, meanwhile, wishing you Much love

Louise xoxo


Tuesday 25 November 2014

3 steps on keeping positive

Getting the information you need to learn the Law of Attraction takes a whole lot of time.  I have been at it for some years now and still often get blown away with new ideas.  So, how do you learn what you need?  How, also, do you use it to keep positive when your day is not going so well as you would like?

There are so many tips and tricks that I will keep it simple on here and just share with you a few exercises that you can use to bring you right back into the state of mind that will allow you to push through the negativity.

* Breathe.  Use your lungs to full capacity.  Fill them deeply with air using your nose.  Then slowly release with an open mouth and try to calmly say 'AHH'.  This gives a vibration through your chest and seems to instantly 're set' things.

* If you are in the middle of a meeting, exam or such a place surrounded by people (who may find your 'ahhhh' a little weird) try this:
Look around you and begin to name things you see. 
"There is a red fire extinguisher"
"I see a clock on the wall telling me it's 2.10pm"
"The table in front of me has four legs."
"This chair is very comfortable."
And so on.  You get the idea?  Ok, so what's the point in all this?
Maybe you've heard of living in the now?  There is a suggestion that if you live in the past you can get depressed, if you live in the future, you can get anxious, yet in the now: It is what it is.  This is how it is right this second.  Picturing all the things around you will help you get back into the moment and live it for what it is.  When you come back 'to it' you will be feeling so much better, it's almost like magic.
Try it.  Let me know in the comments how you get on.

* Getting back into the 'Vortex'.  This is a phrase used by Abraham Hicks.  It's suggesting that the vortex is a wonderful place where you feel your heart sing and your spirit lifting.  Try and remember a few moments where you have felt like this.  It's a far cry from depression and anxiety. Right?
Ok, so if you've had a bad day, you need to focus on getting back in the Vortex. A way to do this is to focus on something that makes your heart sing.  For me,  it's listening to music.  Maybe loudly in the car.  Singing perhaps.  So what is your 'thing'?  Going to the gym,  working out?  Stepping into the Jaccuzi?  Putting on make up, doing your hair, taking selfies and putting them on instagram?  (Share them in the comments?)

Of course, if you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction you can download my book for 77p on the right hand side or you could search in Youtube for Law of Attraction. 

I'd love to know this has helped you.  Leave a comment or email me.  Keep in touch!  Have a happy, positive day

Much love 

Louise xoxo

Sunday 23 November 2014

We are going to see Zoella on her book tour!


We really are off to see Zoe

Typical Pink Teenager and I were enjoying dinner out when she flushed and almost squealed in delight to quietly tell me (she’s great at checking her mood before engaging her words!) that Zoella was doing a book signing.

When she gave me the sketchy details of where it was, instantly I knew where this was going to be and it’s literally just half an hour drive from our home.  Fantastic.  My baby girl enlightentened me to let me know that for health and safety reasons there would be tickets sold.  Not for money making - important fact - but rather you kind of buy the book in advance and then Zoe will sign it as you queue with your ticket.  So, of course we are so super excited.  However, I digress.

This blog is all about your Lusher life,  your dream come true.  

Zoe sure has made her dreams come true.  She is a perfect example of how you really can make things happen.  So, how has she done it?

From what I know (and if you are a huge fan you will know more than me!) she started walking around with a video recorder at an early age.  From there and recording on holidays, she decided to begin documenting her findings on the fashion and make up front.  
What is out there in the shops?  
How much are these items?
How good are they?

From there, she found all sorts of offers flooding in.  Yet it’s not just about wishing it to happen and here in finds the issues with the Law of Attraction at times.  Visualisation is wonderful of course, and neccessary. If you need help with yours click here.

However, Zoe has consistently done the work.  She has regularly blogged and Vlogged as well as making her usual Youtube videos which now see her with millions of subscribers.

Anyone can do this these days.  You tube is fast becoming a preferred channel and I’m starting to wonder if TV might become a thing of the past.  So, if you wanted to get started, get cracking.  There are so many Youtube channels out there showing you how to do the technical stuff.  All you really need these days is a smart phone.  You can record in HD and if you download the “Capture” app you can upload straight to your Youtube channel!

Very exciting times ahead. 

Will you instantly make a million from it?  Unlikely.  Be real.  Even Zoe was still working full time when she started.  Now it’s her full time job,  much the same as many of her Youtube friends.

So,  I’ll report back with photos and show you how the lovely Zoe (surely a Lusher Lifer!) was on her book signing! 

Comment below to let me know if you managed to get a ticket for her signing!
Maybe we will see you there!

Much love

Here are some links to the books the Youtubers have out just now (plus Zoe on pre-order, out next week).


Wednesday 19 November 2014

Monday 17 November 2014

Want more nutrition from your meat?

Have you ever cooked a piece of meat, say a chicken breast or slice of bacon, and notice how it reduces in size? It then ends up boiling in a liquid that you definitely haven't added. 

Well, perhaps the meat you bought had added stuff, like water, in it. 
So, the mass of the meat (overall weight) will be less in the way of good nutrition like protein. 

If you are building muscle mass, eating healthily or simply trying to aid satiety (feeling fuller for longer) to help weight loss, you need to pay close attention. 

There is a way to increase your protein without increasing the cost. 

Mixing with some very experienced professionals on my dietetics training, I have learned about a company called
I've ordered from them and have so far been VERY impressed. I'd suggest you take a look. I often bleat on about coconut oil from my favourite supplier Coconoil and musclefood can even supply me with that. 
Nuts by the load...great for making your own almond milk (no added sugars!) and the list goes on. 

It's shockingly cheaper than the supermarkets and delivered to your door!
I'd suggest you check out the website and should you decide to order, enter this code for 4 FREE chicken breasts :

Let me know how your first order goes!*

Find me on twitter: @louiseusher
See this post? The best way to lose weight.

Monday 3 November 2014

Spreading yourself too thin?

We have all done it at times.

I'm as guilty as the next person.  Yes, we spread ourselves too thin.  What happens from there is this:

*You feel stressed.
*You realise you aren't achieving your goals.
*You get frustrated with yourself. 
*You wonder if you are actually as good at this stuff as you want to be. 

So, how can you make it easier?

*You could sleep less....well, maybe not less but for some, getting up an hour earlier (while the house is still quiet) can help you achieve more. 
*You could use apps for your social media (try hoot suite) and you can put all your posts in at once and schedule them for timed release. 
*How about employing a helper? Even if it's your teenagers to do the washing up.
*A PA would be even better!
*Someone on an apprenticeship can be great value and you're helping someone get on their career ladder. 
Or this one is golden:
*You can use google analytics to see where you could change things!

As an example, we hear so much from the gurus on how to niche down our subject areas. This isn't wrong. However, imagine if your audience were interested in you regardless of what you post/write/video.

Think about yourself as an audience member. Think about someone who you follow. If you subscribe to them on YouTube because they post great videos about bodybuilding, imagine if they posted a video from their holiday in California! How would that make you feel? 
Interested in them sharing? 
Irritated to the degree you unsubscribe? Or would you simply skip any content that doesn't interest you?

I would skip. But then, I'm very nosey so would likely watch it!
So, for me, a great way is to ask your audience. Google analytics tells me this blog has a higher % of men readers. This surprised me. Hi guys. Hi ladies too. Now, I feel inclined to share my hairdressing and beauty tips, as well as law of attraction, photos and nutrition (cooking too). Previously, I've felt compelled to separate all this up. 

Then I just log in to find I've neglected this blog in favour of my nutrition blog. Instead, how would you guys like to see me post the nutrition stuff here too?
If you aren't interested, skip it. 
This blog has been going quite some time and has a big audience every day. Makes sense to nurture this blog. 

It's just me. Talking about my interests. 

Let me know what you think.
To grow your own blog you can advertise here too! See the sponsorship page. 

Next up, I'll tell you about my activity week in Scotland!

Much love

Louise xoxo

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