Monday 26 January 2015

So much has been going on this January!

So I don't know about you and your new year resolutions,  but I didn't even make any.

Although it has been such a full and exciting January so far!  

I'm even back dancing once again! This has been a massive void in my life and I'm not sure what ever possessed me to stop.  But it's the music, the people, the movement... all this has got my heart beating double time once again and making me feel like I'm cranking up my life on the 'living' stakes!

Where do I start with sharing you all the news that has gone on?  Well, I'm never sure           (unless you tell me) how you came across my blog.  Although what I do know is that my blogs on Law of Attraction and creating the life of your dreams are always, always popular.  Who wouldn't want to manifest the life of their dreams eh?

Show of hands?  Well, I'm first in the line too.  Living my own journey has, I'm sure resonated with some of you and this hopefully lets you connect.  See, even when so called 'experts' share nuggets of information, there isn't always a smooth path to follow.  These things take time, and some work too.

Approaching it from a place of love is always how I like it.  As in, even if it seems like an uphill climb sometimes, it's still the climb that is the exciting part.  Who wants to get to the top?  Well maybe to sit and take in the view for a while and enjoy being up there.  Then will come the need for the next challenge.  This is where I'm at for sure. 

My course at university takes a whole heap of commitment and work.  I love it though.  I love the challenge and I have found a way in which I can give it my all. If it turns out my all won't get me the marks I need for next year, I can take a slightly different course.  But give it my all; I shall.

If you have seen me around twitter  you may have noticed I was taking part in Vlogmas and met a whole new bunch of lovely friends.  Recently, we met up and had an awesome weekend in Liverpool and we have since started a collab channel on Youtube.  Exciting!  We are all bringing different things to the table and its a diverse channel.  Our next meet up is happening in London at the end of March where the international star of our channel is coming over from Oz.  Fantastic!

So, it seems that once again, the Law of attraction is in action and taking me to different places than I had imagined.
During all this, someone from my gig on Fiverr has got in touch and asked me to feature regularly on their membership site (bi-weekly) which is also exciting.  I will pass details on in my next blog.  So I shall definitely be focused more and more on the law of attraction for you there too.  

Keeping it real though, I am still sharing my Vlog experiences on Youtube and you can see what we have been up to in the links below.  Great watching for a quick coffee break.  

In February I will be doing a live stream on my Youtube channel and I'm interested to collect your questions for this time too.  If you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, go ahead and do it here and you will get an email from me letting you know when the live stream will be.  It's all free of course.

Meanwhile, go check out the channels below and let me know what you think.  Send your questions to me at my email

Sending you much love

Louise xoxo

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Thursday 8 January 2015

Youtuber meet up in Liverpool!

The most crazy thing.........I set an intention to grow my Youtube channel and..........yes, I put in on my vision board too!

As you know by now:




Blow me down with a feather..........over Vlogmas I made some wonderful new friends and we are all getting together and meeting up!

So me and my lovely twins are heading off to Liverpool this weekend for some crazy times of real living and giggles!  Looking forward to meeting these lovely guys.  Watch this video to see the details but you are more than welcome to come along!

Also, there is a little teaser in there where you will see (soon) that I have some new news!

Sending much love

Louise xoxo

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Monday 5 January 2015

Do you rely on someone else to deliver your happiness?

Good day! I am super excited to instantly share this video with you.

Feeling  a need for some inspiration, I typed into YouTube "Abraham Hicks" to see what was delivered.  I am a firm believer in getting the right message at the right time!  The video that was delivered re-affirmed something within me that I am so strong at and wanted to share the message out there in case this is something you need to hear too.

In a nutshell, if you are waiting for someone to please you, give their attention to you, make you happy, then you are looking in the wrong place.  Only you can give yourself the permission to be happy.  Are you with a partner who won't take you out?  Don't sit thinking sadly about it, take yourself out.  Make new friends to go out with............ these are the very basics of Abrahams teachings, but as always, it's put much better from them!

If you aren't aware of Abraham, I suggest you download this book!  IT is a life changer!

Meanwhile, here is the video!


Friday 2 January 2015

Our New Year walk

So often it's good to forget what you 'should' be doing and just down tools and get to doing it!

I'm not kidding you, we dressed up today in warm clothes and took to a very busy park to enjoy looking at the trees, the nature, the blue sky.  Blowing away the cobwebs.  I loved it.  Was amazing.

What have you done recently to ground yourself?  It's been a busy time of year for you, I know.  So if you didn't stop just yet, imagine, and use the art of visualisation to take you to a place where we went today.  Then, it's your turn.

Remember: Thoughts become things!!!


So you want to know the number 1 reason diets never work? It'll be good news!

Hi there and happy new year!
During my own weight loss transformation, I learned something that most people find impossible to believe (yet, it's a simple, biological truth).
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When you diet, you put yourself in "starvation mode" so your body responds by gaining fat the first chance it gets.
This is how your FAT (Famine & Temperature) Programs become activated, and this is where term "yo-yo" dieter comes from.
First you lose weight, then your body panics because of famine, then the moment you eat freely again, your body does everything it can to store what you eat as fat.
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Now you know why?
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Thursday 1 January 2015

A brand new year! Happy 2015....what will this year dream up for you?

Happy 2015!

So, today is the 1st of January and you are no doubt full of reflection for last year, what it brought to you and what you will do about it this year.

That is so typically the way it goes for most of us at new year.  Me included.

Many people will begin with telling you they don't believe in new years resolutions.
"Those are setting you up to fail!" They exclaim.  Well, if that's what they believe then that is what they will find.

"If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right either way."  Henry Ford

Ahh that old favourite of mine, the law of attraction! Did you get my book yet? If you would like to read it online for free, click here 

So what do I think would work for you? 

You need to get clear on what you want. Do you know what you want? Often, figuring that one out is the first step.
Once you know what you want, you need to the set an intention.  This means quite simply, deciding you are going to make it happen.  You might not know how but that's not your job to know the how.

To set the intention, you might want to say it out loud, or write it in your journal.  Or even email it over to me but you must be very clear.  Add details.  Add dates.  For example:

"I want to lose 24lbs in the next 12 weeks.  So by Easter I will have lost 24lbs in weight in a healthy and safe manner.  I will feel amazing and have boundless energy."  

Go on to add feelings attached to that.

"I will feel happy fitting into smaller clothes that are in my closet. I will have more confidence and that will enable me to go out and get that job I have been after.  I will ooze confidence in the way I walk and therefore I will seem more beautiful to others from the outside."

You get the picture?  It's important to set your intentions.  This is the first step of manifestation.  


Then you need to believe.  Make something achievable in your mind.  Once you have seen a few things be manifested, you will be able to move the goalposts and start dreaming really big.  Go for it!

Let me know how you get on.  You can follow this blog via email into your inbox by clicking the right hand side box.  Then you can see the next blog about creating the belief you need to make your dreams come true!

Wishing you the very best of health, happiness and love in 2015

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Much love, as always

Louise xoxox

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