Wednesday 4 September 2019

We moved!

Yesterday we saw chaos in the house.  We moved Mum.

Very long story and I’m not sure I can do it justice on a blog post but some of you who follow this journey know, mum moved in 2.5 years ago after a heart attack and a week in ICU. 
“I’m just going to stay with my daughter for a few days,” she explained to her new friends on the ward and I was in complete agreement.  A few days turned into a few weeks as she was diagnosed with mixed dementia and I decided to put my life on hold, cut right back on work (much of my work is abroad) and give mum the very best life I could in the little time we had left.  Assuming her heart wouldn’t last long as it was so damaged after the heart attack.

Things changed rapidly as Mum took mine (and my children’s) efforts for granted and began asking more and more and contributing less which is a pattern she established with Dad when he was alive.  She doesn’t know she is doing it I’m sure and it is important to all of us that we found a workable solution.  

Me needing to get back to work, mum needing more care than we can give her, my house needing a new roof and other refurbishments (and us being cramped a little) we have (hopefully) the perfect solution now.  Yesterday we moved Mum next door.  I’m sleeping there for the time being which will allow her to settle, we are able to begin the extensive building work on my house, Mum has space to invite her friends round and put her ‘tut’ that she loves on every available surface. Everyone will be happier.

Of course there will be much to do for quite some time and I was hoping the work might be done around Christmas time but that is now wishful thinking.
Meanwhile I’ve planned the next trip (21 days and counting) until my next all inclusive resort review and we are going to montengegro this time! Very exciting.

Sometimes, no matter how you think you can’t find a workable solution, something does come together and it feels miraculous how everything has taken a liner trail into the place we are at now.  This journey will progress little by little and of course I will be updating the blog here and on YouTube

Last week she turned 80. This lady is a cat with nine lives.  We need to keep her as comfortable and happy as we can in these twilight years while also taking care of ourselves. 

Happy, thankful. 

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