Thursday 30 April 2020

Raindrops and birdsong (a short story)

Listening to the rhythm of the raindrops nudged me to see if the two buckets and the biggest bath towel were placed perfectly to save my carpet.

Drip, drip.

Caught by the bucket? I wasn’t sure, I flicked on the light and looked to the ceiling with sleepy eyes.

1.20am. Drip, drip from the ceiling. The postponed building work couldn’t be helped. This is lockdown.

Light off.
My heavy head in the feather pillow wouldn’t settle.
I text my son. ‘You awake?’ he replied. I asked if his room was dry. It was. I said I’m going to watch TV until it stops.

The Crown, Netflix. Utterly astounding.  Gloomy in places but impactful. Lacrimosa played a haunting tune as the episode drew to a close. Mozart, the genius, made me smile as the strings struck and I remembered singing in the choir in 2019.
Prince Philip, Churchill, the great smog story.  Creeped me out enough to worry about going downstairs in the dark to put the kettle on without my phone and the dog.  The dog was in Jasmines room; I took the phone.

The kettle is broken, as of yesterday. Travel kettle it is then, the tiny one I brought back from the apartment when the tenant moved in.

3.35am and I made a deal with myself. Meditate and try to sleep, failure would lead me to get up and do some editing, rather than lay there thinking about editing or, something.

3.45am the candles are lit and the office window leaks birdsong for the start of this blessed day.

No rain, no flowers šŸŒ§ šŸŒ·


How has lockdown made you feel?

How has lockdown made you feel?

I can tell you EXACTLY how it’s made 11 people of the world feel as we have come together for this anthology of 
“CoronaVirus-how it made us feel” to be published ASAP!

We have:
A dementia coordinator
A biologist
A biomedical scientist
A Tesco worker
Two writers
A jewellery store girl
An MBE guy
An asthma patient
A paralysed poet

And together we have such different stories but one wish woven through the theme. I’m super excited. Tired, but excited. Let’s get these purple scribbles on this manuscript.
No rain, no flowers šŸŒ§ šŸŒ·


Monday 27 April 2020

Is this all a big lie?

This motivational Monday video details how you absolutely must not follow the crowd. Be you. 

Things are not always what they seem on social media. Of course, we put out our best content and often paint on our best smiles. 

That doesn't mean everything is ticking along perfectly behind the camera. I try very hard to be real on my Youtube channel and ensure I don't paint an untruthful picture. 

When others tell me I'm inspirational or I motivate them, I'm flattered. 
Just like J Lo said, "I'm still Jenny from the block". 

Don't be fooled. 
We have all had a journey to go through and all of us have a story to tell.
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Daily life might not be perfect every minute of the day but try and be the best version of you. Keep positive as much as you can, blow off steam when you need to and turn to those who support and encourage you. 
I talk about living your Lusher Life. 
A better life. 
A step up through your strength. 

It's not a perfect life. 

But let's aim to get as close as we can while still being realistic, smashing goals and dreaming big. All of those words can belong in the same sentence! You've got this my friend!

Much love

Louise xoxo Me and my places: I write creative non-fiction from all over the world. Travel reviews and general life writing see me fill my passion. Check out more of my life on my social media platforms: *Facebook: *Twitter: *Nutrition: *Instagram: *Pinterest: *Podcast: -Did you know I'm a keen writer as well as a blogger and creating these videos? Books: My amazon author page: Motivational Merch: Mugs, t-shirts and stuff If you’re a brand and want to get in touch: Email:

Saturday 25 April 2020

How will the law of attraction be affected if I'm not feeling OKAY right now?

How will the law of attraction be affected if I'm not feeling OKAY right now? In this motivational Monday video, I talk to you about a question I have been asked a lot this past couple of weeks. People are feeling all sorts of emotions and thoughts right now. They are worried it might affect how they are managing to manifest things with the law of attraction. Well, let's address this. You can struggle upstream or you can flow downstream if you prefer. I can help you with the tools to do this.

As promised, in this video, here is the link to someone I follow called Iain Broome. He is a writer who also has similar thinking to me at these times: Also, please support my channel during these times. Share, subscribe, like the videos. Feel free to take yourself off to a beach and watch my travel VLOGs on this channel. MEXICO: MONTENEGRO: (one of my personal favourites!) MAJORCA:


Friday 24 April 2020

Easter on lockdown in England - what's it like?

Our easter was very different from usual. We decided to have a party at home - and sending no invitations at all!

This video is really good fun and we managed to have some good times in it. I hope you enjoy.

How funny that Jasmine matched the Easter egg packaging perfectly haha.

Find her channel here:

Thank you so much for being a part of this community, I really appreciate you 

I write creative non-fiction from all over the world.  Travel reviews and general life writing see me fill my passion.

Check out more of my life on my social media platforms:


Thursday 23 April 2020

Our local walks

This time during lockdown in the UK sees us have permission to go out for one form of exercise per day.

Where I live (currently in lockdown with my children) we are very fortunate to have some beautiful countryside.  Some of it, I confess, I haven't seen before! Even some of the houses we have passed on our walks are places I haven't noticed before!  It's amazing how so much opens up your eyes to new beauties.

White knuckle riding

In my world, today is a really good day.  Yesterday was a tough one.
This video was requested to explain this rollercoaster

This whole thing seems to be 'getting you' like that doesn't it.  One day up, another day down, all the while hoping that you can white knuckle ride it out.

Part of my outing seems to be taking photos on these nature walks and I would love to share the photos here with you.  You can also see them over on my Facebook page.

moody sky


my son and i


my daughter


Harley and the tulips



wooded bliss

england in the sun


What is it like where you are?

The next blog post will show you what 'working in the garden' looks like. I don't mean gardening: I mean writing haha, very blessed to be able to continue working.

Please stay safe and take care. Sending you my very best wishes

Louise xoxo

empty streets


Wednesday 22 April 2020

I’m now a barista

Ok so yes I miss the coffee shops. Do you?

I can’t lie, I love packing up my mint green rucksack with
•pencil cases ✏️
•laptop šŸ‘©‍šŸ’»
•chargers šŸ”Œ
•earphones šŸŽ§
•journal šŸ“–
•notebook šŸ“š
•purse šŸ‘›
•glasses šŸ‘“
And getting in the car with the music up loud, driving to the coffee shop in the sunshine. Dancing in the seat, tapping the steering wheel, making those other drivers smile with your contagiously happy mood.

Oh, happy day.

But we can’t.
And that’s ok.

We have all adjusted, shifted things. Loads of comments like this are being written about life changing. It’s so different.

We will look back on this time and say, “do you remember when...?”

Fondly probably. Thoughts of the times when we had time to make coffee at home, how much money we saved, we could work in the laptop with messy hair, last nights mascara still trying to escape, wearing comfy clothes and a snoring shihtzu next to us.

The clock ticks in my living room just now and I’ve decided to make another cuppa then get to my exciting edits. This is nice.
But, @starbucksuk you’re perfectly safe.

We can live without certain things. It won’t stop us missing them, wanting them, remembering ‘times when...’ and that’s perfectly okay.
Isn’t it?

Walking without a watch #amwriting

šŸ“–An excerpt from the upcoming book, CoronaVirus - how it made us feel.
šŸ’•Taking the dog on a walk and just letting our legs take us as far as we wish to go is wonderful.
šŸ™šŸ»something precious about being able to just be free at these times. Yet still being afraid of the virus, and of the future.
šŸ“–šŸ¤šŸ–Š Just for today, we edit. Focused and moving forward one day at a time with love and gratitude.


Tuesday 21 April 2020

How you can figure out what you want from life.

This is by far the most passionate you have ever seen me on a Motivational Monday. I make no apologies for it either. Because I care about you having the life you deserve. 

This video sees me explaining how you can find out what it is you want from life. Work, money, material things, relationships, even down to the little things. The principle is the same for all of these. Watch this video all the way to the end and make sure you check out this Guided Meditation to help you to go to the place that will help you to visualise and get clear on your wishes. 

Let me know if this helps and of course, as always please do reach out to me if you feel you would like to talk some more

The guided meditation that I speak of in this video can be found here:

Sunday 5 April 2020

My sunny office during coronavirus lockdown

This Sunday is glorious in Kent, UK.

Sunshine, 18°C, blue skies and pretty much the gentlest breeze to help with natural air con vibes. 

Seemed rude not to want to take to the garden, freshly lawned by the children, and set up an office in there to work on my current WIP (work in progress, aka 'book'). See the box on the right-hand side? Follow this blog from that box and you will find out soon all about this book.  Suffice to say, I call myself a life writer and while the entire world is going through a massive life change just now, I felt it would be wrong not to write something about that (huge project which I have just massively played down so wait and watch please! )

I hope wherever you are, you are well, happy (but it's ok to wobble just now) and you're able to enjoy some nice weather.  

Much love as always

Louise xoxo

Taking to the garden for my work this morning

Yes, i miss the coffee shop, but I'm counting blessings!

Wrote a cheeky lil nutrition post

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