Tuesday 30 July 2013

You'd think I'd be pretty 'sorted'!

Gee Whizz!!!

I'm a coach for goodness sake - you'd think I'd have everything totally sorted.

Life should be a breeze.

Little boxes everywhere for the assortment of 'stuff'

Lists and more lists showing me the path to what I need to do each day.

Sadly,  not,  I'm just human like everyone else.  Though it's quite nice that way.  I might have the answers how to help others but at times,  human ego and life takes over.  Which leaves room for surprises and ups and downs.

Abraham hicks talks about living life 'downstream'. Imagine that.  If you are constantly trying to swim up stream against the tide,  frankly it's blinking hard work isn't it!!

Turn around and 'go with the flow' and voila....easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Abraham Hicks also talks about how life can be 'blah' at times.  The reason isn't necessarily because you are missing the gratitude link,  but rather more because you slightly expect life to be super amazing.  

There is a story of a man who was held captive in a prisoner of war camp.  Yet,  every day when he was handed his cup of 'soup' with a dead fish head in it for flavour,  he remembered to say thank you as this is what was keeping him alive.

Keep it general,  they say.  When you have nothing to be thankful for,  be thankful for general stuff like

*You heart beating
*You pillow

When you reach the top of the mountain it can be one heck of a view but as humans,  it's the getting to the top which drives us.

This gentleman was happy with his lot but felt 'blah'.  Abraham hicks asked him to imagine having no bed that night,  no wife to go home to,  no transport etc etc etc..   You get the jist.

After working on this,  the man could see his amazing life through renewed eyes and life was amazing once again!

Watch the youtube video here


Monday 29 July 2013

Can't Believe my Primark Haul video views on Youtube!

Goodness me folks!!

I'm shocked and thankful that my little un-pre-thought out Primark Haul video is approaching 500 views already!

This has been my fastest growing video to date and it looks like I'm settling more and more into my digital world.

Lucky for me I've loads of other work on right now including styling and photo shoots to get my teeth stuck into and yes, we are still waiting to hear about Mo's Visa.........arghhhh.....loads of caring people text me everyday asking.  Bless them 

So,  I'll pop the link here of the Primark video - well chuffed about that.  My shy daughter in the back ground was making it so much fun.


Sunday 28 July 2013

My "Office" set up today

I love days like today!

Have a look at where I am and how my day is going while writing my latest book on IVF.

I'm sat here at my gym lounge/coffee shop (You all know I love a costa coffee) and my gorgeous friend Lisa has just popped upstairs to run a couple of K's on the treadmill.

Little sweetheart baby boy of hers sleeps next to me in his pram while I sit clickety click on my keyboard.


My love.

Babies,  my other love.

Costa,  yet another love.

What an amazing day I'm having.


Saturday 27 July 2013

I need your help - Bloglovin not working.

Hey folks.

Can anyone help? I've a big issue with my posts not coming up on Bloglovin.  This makes me very sad!

I've tried changing the Rss feed to blank, and from feedburner but still not working.

Ok, so please please the techie folks between us can you give me any advice?  I'm enjoying my new blog community and want to keep on growing.

Thank you x

Keeping hair healthy, professional hair products?

Are professional hair products really worth the investment?

To be honest,  YES!

Having a long career in the hairdressing industry I do feel qualified to let you know that the best thing you can do for your hair is invest wisely in the best products you can.

You will find a video below to give you more information but to be honest,  you most likely know what suits your hair all by yourself!  Honestly,  just pay it some attention when you shampoo,  condition and use styling products.  How does it feel?

“Louise please tell me,  does changing your shampoo help?”

I think so!  Not because your hair simply ‘gets used to it’ as people say – although you could call it that if you like.  Rather it’s a case of some shampoo and conditioner contains different ingredients to the next one.  At times this can cause a ‘build up’ which coats the hair shaft.  This is not good.  Imagine trying to put self tan lotion over the top of your moisturizer…..

It won’t work!

Why?  Obvious really – it needs to soak into the skin.  Exactly what conditioner needs to do on your hair.  If there is a build up then ‘no way’ will the conditioner get into the hair shaft to create moisturising  activities!

I’ll make another video for you to show how to create salon beautiful hair at home simply by changing your shampoo techniques – watch this space. 

So professional products not only come with the advice from your salon expert but also the ingredients will be richer, needing less of it which is better in the long run for your pocket,  the environment and of course for your hair.

Lots of us are LOVING long hair right now – along with long dresses which pleases me…….these locks will not get longer if you don’t look after them.  The ends will break off resulting in you saying: “My hair never grows!”

Feel free to send me your questions: If you would like to keep it private you can email me at louise-usher@virginmedia.com


Friday 26 July 2013

Walking in Nature - Photos for you

You know I totally love walking my gorgeous Shuh Tzu Harley!

Well,  I was so lucky to be able to get these lovely photos recently during a walk through a gorgeous park called Shorne Country park in Kent.

Hope you enjoy.

Just so you know,  I love seeing all your photos too - thank you for sharing.

Much love x

See the little critter perched on here?

Harley Denby enjoying reading the Pee-mails

There is something about different grasses

Love these water lilies

These house a dragon fly family

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The Secret Scrolls - Law of Attraction

Fancy something inspirational in your inbox?

I love it when I get a Law of Attraction note of some form or another

Just today I received this:

Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

From The Secret Daily TeachingsIs this a thought that you hold?
"I have no money to give, but when I have money then I will give." If it is, you will never have money. The fastest way to attract anything is to give it to another, so if it is money you want to attract, then give it. You can give $10 or $5 or $1. It doesn't matter what the amount is, just give it. It doesn't matter how much and it doesn't matter where you give it, just give!
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions

Lots of thoughts pile in to make you think: "Hmm...."

Get yours


Wednesday 24 July 2013

Blogging all about YOU

Hey there my blog friends

Today,  I received an email from a lady who is a coach like myself.  She was cleverly referring to blog posts.

In her opinion,  it would be foolish to write a blog post all about ones self because readers would 'switch off' and never become clients.  Ahh.... this is assuming you need to convert this into a 'lead' and make a sale of the type where you end up coaching your client.

Now,  I'm not disagreeing with this notion but obviously there are many different types of blogs and these days we seem to be interested in other peoples lives.  I certainly am that's for sure.  I'm a little bit nosey {Smile}

My interest was reignited in my blogger account when I saw many bloggers are kind of diarising their day through words and photos.  I love this.  Hang on,  I LOVE this.  Realising that many of us are of the same opinion,  I took the brave choice to put my life into published words.  I was hoping to do this anyway through my forthcoming books.

Happiness in Vitro - Louise Usher

I'm big enough to claim to be an expert in my day job of coaching others in both business and personal life.  Which means I also must be 'big' enough to admit there is loads for me to learn on the blogging and general publishing platform.

Marketing,  affiliate links,  sponsorship, Youtube and adsense accounts are all beginning to show signs of adding to the income needed to start doing more and more of my passion which is writing.  Excellent news!

For ages I stumbled upon opening up on a blog and to be honest,  I still keep my wordpress account going which is often less personal and may use this for blogging to business owners too.  Much is duplicated onto here but I'm loving my new blogger friends who bravely share their lives too.

So tell me,  when you blog,  do you write from the heart,  sharing about yourself? 

Or do you consider the reader at all times?  Making sure they are 'gaining' something from your reading?

Engaging your audience is great but I'm such a believer that there is a place in the market for being nosey and looking at other people's wedding photos and hearing about love stories.... look at "Bridget Jones" and "Adrian Mole"........huge,  HUGE stories.

So here I go too.....I"m interested to know what makes you write? Also,  do you constantly write in your own head?  Wishing your fingertips just simply 'grew' a laptop so you could strike while the iron is hot?

Let me know below.... cos I'm nosey..

Love from Journal Girl....x

ps, my Bloglovin link has been down, I'm hoping it's working again now! Please follow me by clicking the link at the sidebar

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Peter Andre has good news - plus my date with him last Saturday!

You read it right!

I was so lucky to spend last Saturday evening in the company of none other than the gorgeous Peter Andre!  Now,  I must point out that I do believe I have my very own younger version of Pete who has stolen my heart.

Although like most of us ladies,  I do find an affection to this guy for his morals and also for his slight 'underdog' features of not getting airplay on the radio.

Are you one of my readers from across the pond in the US?  I'm pretty sure that he hasn't 'cracked it' over there.  Give him a google,  or a little look on itunes.  He's great.

Now we aren't quite friends but I'm chuffed that I've tweeted with his brother Mike a couple of times and Peter does in fact follow me much to the amazement of my twins!  You can join him (now I've made you feel it's an important thing to do,  to follow me on twitter!)

The evening was fantastic and just what me and the twins needed when coming to the end of the school year.  Early mornings and grumpy faces - be gone - just for the night.  We had a blast.

Obviously,  loving my new blog life it would have been rude not to have taken photos and video for you.  Here's the video link below and just a couple of photos.  I have more to upload from my SLR later!

Oh and of course massive congratulations to Peter and girlfriend Emily who are expecting a baby....babies everywhere right now.


Friday 19 July 2013

Hair Breakage - "My hair just won't grow anymore!"

Hair Breakage – “My hair just won’t grow anymore!”

Sometimes,  the above statement is true!

The life of a hair shaft has a maximum of 7 years to grow. 

The average persons hair grows about 1/2” per month.

Applying to the lucky few,  you could in effect grow your hair and sit on it.  These however, are averages.  Of course,   this could be you!

Every few months or years every follicle (where the hair begins to grow its root) takes a rest.  Imagine the said follicle sitting on a sun lounger sipping cocktails before it’s back to work again.

So,  a brand new hair cycle begins again.  With a brand new,  short,  baby hair.

If this happened to all the follicles at the same time,  we would be in trouble.  All walking around with bald/short/long hair all at the same time and I’m not sure there would be  hairdressing industry!
Each day,  it is said we lose about 100 hairs!!!

Crikey!! “That sounds a lot!” I hear you scream.

How many hairs are on your head?  I don’t know.  But LOADS!

Fear not,  this is what happens on average now and has happened all your life.  Relax.  Breathe.

So in a  nutshell,  it depends on your hair follicle cycle as to how long you could possibly grown your hair.  Although my opinion (which I feel is right on this occasion) is that you can affect things such as healthy hair growth by your diet.  In other words,  keep healthy and you will have awesome shiny hair.

Then of course there is breakage:

This is a totally different subject.

Todays world is one of hot hairdryers,  big bouncy blow dries and flat irons.  Of course this takes its toll on the hair shaft just as the sun does on your skin.  You tend to find breakage occurs in the ends of your hair due to the fact that this is the oldest part of your hair.  In other words,  like with skin,  the younger it is,  the more elastic it is and stronger too.
The hair at the bottom of your style potentially could be 7 years old. 

It has been subject to:
Hydrogen Peroxide
More heat

Not to mention styling products and the like.  Protect your hair the best you can.  Use heat protector.

Use conditioning treatments,  better still get them done professionally.  The ingredients and skill will really make a difference. 

Get those ends trimmed off every 6-8 weeks.  I promise it will make such a difference.  Be really clear to your hair stylist that you would literally like a couple of millimeters taken off the damaged ends.  Really drum home that you are still growing your hair but want to keep the nice condition.
Before they pick up the scissors make sure they have listened to you and you will keep your trust in them and return next time.

Does it make my hair grow quicker?


Getting your hair cut cannot make it grow quicker.  What it will do is stop breakage.  Therefore,  your hair will seem to grow quicker as the ends will last longer and not end up all over your duvet cover while straightening!

Feel free to send me your questions!


Thursday 18 July 2013

Something for nothing - inspiration in your inbox

As you folks know by now,  I'm a HUGE law of attraction fan.

When I discovered the Law of Attraction I was amazed to think that simply by choosing how we would like our life to pan out is the first step towards making it happen.

Knowing this,  my life changed.

I'm passionate about sharing the tricks and tips I learned with as many people as possible and therefore here goes.

Above,  is the emotional scale.  Where are you on this?  You need to head toward the top.

One of the jolly ways you can do this is to sign up for a free email from a clever guy called Mike Dooley who was featured in The Secret: 

He now has a company here: www.tut.com and you can sign up there to get notes from the "Universe" inspiring you! Stuff like this:

Friends are friends, Louise, because they've discovered how much they have in common.

Opponents, adversaries, and foes are friends too, who have not yet discovered this.

Your friend,
    The Universe

These are my books,  if you have never heard of the Law of Attraction,  these are perfect for you.  Print or Kindle.  Enjoy and please review.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

The Shocking truth about my bare nails

Last time I removed my set of gel nails I decided to film it for YouTube.

I just decided to edit and upload today as loads of my clients were like little kiddies tugging at mums cardigan saying, "Come on, come on I want to see that!"

The idea behind it was to show you how to use a buffing block to prepare the nails ready for the next set.  Although you will be shocked at the bad condition of those nails underneath.

Qualifying as a hair stylist and beauty therapist as well as nail technician back in 2001,  I have seen lots and lots of sets of nails.

These days I still do beautify clients but also spend some time helping other salons with their business strategy as a kind of mentor/consultant.  Love this work.  Although you still can see how the toil of having wet hands all day has played with my nails!

Enjoy the video.


This awesome book is now proudly being looked after by my daughter who is a budding nail artist! Highly recommend!

Here is my affiliate link for hair tools and products - thought you might find that handy!

Flat Iron Experts - Online Beauty Shop

Monday 15 July 2013

Early Morning trip to the Countryside

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new week!

I'm really and honestly feeling so excited and positive and happy I'm so sure I could burst like an overfilled balloon right now. {wants to insert smiley face here}

So,  I've been randomly taking out my camera and taking some shots here and there and it has inspired me to share more pictures with you in my blog posts.  Currently as I type my Nikon is charging ready for action!

My son went for a day out with his Dad to go fishing for the day,  I decided while the birds were still singing I would take a few photos.  It's a grounding place and time.


Thursday 11 July 2013

Abraham Hicks - Never talk about that issue ever again!

Have you ever heard of Abraham Hicks?

There is a wonderful lady called Esther Hicks.  One day while she was meditating,  she felt she was being 'channeled' via a non physical force.  She calls this collective "Abraham".

Esther now holds seminars and writes books sharing these teachings.  Lots of focus on the Law of Attraction,  positivity and creating your own reality via using these methods she speaks of such as "getting into the vortex".

What does this mean to me?  Well,  my life has totally changed!  Realising as I did that there was such a thing as an 'aha' moment was truly an 'aha' moment in itself.
Reading Esther Hicks book which you can find here: 

......I was on a very long drive back from the Far north of Scotland (possibly a place from which I got in the vortex?)......needless to say but possibly funny, I was the passenger not the driver.  I got my nose stuck into this book for the entire 12 hours.  As I read part of the book which said......"You will never get it all done".........."You can never get it wrong"........... I was beginning to switch a switch in my head which showed me that I had been far too hard on myself throughout my life.

Ok so hang on a minute.......what is this life all about? If not to toil and work really hard just to simply try and get by then what?


I was only confused for a short time until I realised I was about to read the most significant sentance of my life.........

"The meaning of life is JOY!"

Thank you Abraham.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Ever wanted GHD curly hair? How to video....

Ever wanted - GHD Curly hair?

Come see my video from Youtube and find out how I do it in the salon......

You can also get your irons from my little affiliate link here:  Please bear in mind (you know how it works) that if you make a purchase from this website I will be blessed enough to make a few pence which helps me keep going with the blogs and free info :O)

Any questions please ask re the hair and do go ahead and give me thumbs ups and share.  Thank you x

Flat Iron Experts - Online Beauty Shop

Make up shopping....

Every time Jasmine goes to SuperDrug her hands end up looking like this!!

Anyone else??

It's only a mini problem I guess. 

Anyway onto MASCARA! 

Look what she found...

It was acceptable in the 80's.....


Your blog


Tuesday 9 July 2013

Monday 8 July 2013

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The Race for Life with Princess Jas and Mum and several pink pooches!

What a day we have had!!!

Today sees the 7th Race for Life for me.  Funny that as its the 7th of the 7th!

This first year of walking though.  Always I put myself under great stress and pressure to run it! Silly me! We walked at a pace that made us puff a bit:  sweat a lot (heat wave today!) and gave us the chance to throughly enjoy the atmosphere.

Following much traffic on the way in and a desperate need for the loo (rush rush - don't wanna squat in the bushes thanks) we started the race with emotion.  Mum cried hard enough to need to use a hanky.  No doubt Dad had made sure she had a hanky prior to kissing her repeatedly on the cheek to say goodbye.  He's a fab gentleman, my dad.  Got to love him for that.  

It's been a brilliant day and I'm going to post the video link here for you. 

You will notice I mentioned cute pink fluffy dogs.  You have to watch the video to see them. Amazing.  If you are new to my channel check out the Lola and Mo video.  Loads of folks have said it brings a tear of joy to their eye.  Ahhhhh.

I'd love it if you could share this video and give us a thumbs up or even a few words in the comment box for us.  Jasmine is trying to raise a bit of sponsorship money to help the fight and I'd love to see her hit her target.  The link is at the bottom of the video and also here: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/the-steves


Friday 5 July 2013

How DO I begin writing each day?

've been asked a brilliant and interesting question - "How do you center yourself and get started each day as I seem to waste the first 10-15 minutes figuring out what to say?"
I started thinking over this answer and most likely, like many of you,  I started by thinking of a text book answer.
To be totally upfront and honest,  I was going to say:
Try placing your feet both flat on the floor.
Imagine the roots of a tree pulling you into the ground,  centering you and grounding you.
See with your inner eye a beam of golden light going through the top of your head right through your body.
Take a deep breath in and slowly release through your mouth.
Click your fingers and place them on the keyboard and see what comes.
Now: Of course you can use this technique!
For me,  I tend to find I always have loads to say and it just seems to flow.  
Can I be really honest with you? I, like many of my writer friends I know just seem to sit and feel the flow and just type.  Often not needing to make too many editorial changes.  When I read back over my writing it sounds like a different person than me.  As if something magic happens.  This shows that within our own subconsious mind there is for sure something going on that is not in our consious mind.  I know this of me which is honestly why I feel when I write something down,  the reader gets better value out of me than if it's not written.
Do you find this as a writer?  When you blog,  magic happens?
I'm so lucky with my Salon Managers who ask me to manage and write their blogs for them,  it is packed full of information but also with a feeling and a flow full of information! This is a role I LOVE and clients of the salons love it too,  feeling connected as part of a community.
I'm interested to know,  what style do you write in?  What gets you going?  Do you use someone else? 
Of course,  there's always the old favourite,  intending it through the law of attraction.
Have an awesome day 

Knowing what you don't want - Abraham Hicks

Always, when you know what you don't want, that's when the rocket of desire is born of what you do want. That is the fruit of your experience. Now pluck it and savor it and enjoy it. Visualize it, and find the feeling place of it. And live happily ever after, once you get the hang of this.
--- AbrahamImage

Thursday 4 July 2013

Maternity T shirts for your Lusher Life baby

Pregnant mums..... if you are a spiritual lady and want to show the world how thankful you are for your 'bump' then click here to see these:

Dreams *so* do come true

You lovely lovely people!!!

I'm feeling so at peace and feeling the love this week.  Settled.  Happy.  Content.


Many 'life' hippies like myself often think there is no such thing as luck but rather we make our own.  I'm very inclined to agree but I say:

"I'm so lucky!" So often.

I guess what I mean is I'm thankful.  Fortunate.  Grateful.

Life has been fantastic for me just lately and I'm feeling lucky!

Just wanted to check in and share this happy feeling along with a couple of happy photos!

Building this blog has really been giving me a sense of belonging and I'm enjoying myself so much! Please do me the honour of following me in whichever places suit you and click some likes or make some nice comments for me.

Encourage me! It's so lovely.  Now then folks, I've just signed up for bloglovin' so please follow me there too.

When I think back to life just a few short years ago.....I was struggling..... then I found the law of attraction,  positivity and gratitude.  Now,  the story is very different.  Have a look at life now!


My book on Law of Attraction: 
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Wednesday 3 July 2013

A thank you - and one of my biggest secrets revealed!

Hey folks
Just wanted to write a quick check in.  I've been really humbled lately at how many of you are sending me messages of praise.  It's so lovely to get positive feedback from all of you and I really appreciate it.  
As with all bloggers and business people everywhere,  lots and lots of work goes into providing an online service  - like this and I'm still very much working 'out there' in businesses helping with advice and strategy.  Passionate about this work,  I wake every day full of excitement for my day and I'm so happy with my latest client.  You may have seen me post,  he has increased his profit so dramtically within 5 days that we are now meeting once a month and I'm taking care of his blogs, newsletters and mentoring also once a month.   He has found his investment more than took care of itself and he no longer feels alone in his business.
Bringing home a dream for me,  I'm pretty much like the area manager that independent business owners lack.  Previously in my 20's I was reliant on Area Manager for support and really needed this as the operations manager of a big BIG project.  Ok,  this is too much about me and I would love you to keep reading - now let's talk about improving your life. 
NB: Notice how I didn't say, "I don't want you to stop reading" instead I used, "I would love you to keep reading." These tweaks in your everyday language will help you towards the life of your dreams.  Honestly.  My life has changed so much and if you had told me 2 years ago where I would be today,  I'm not sure I would have thought you were telling the truth!
If you would love to start making your dreams come true I do still have some limited one to one slots for online help.  Although there is LOADS of free stuff out there for you,  here are some links: Come on over and join us.
And of course you can sign up on the right hand side of this page for my newsletter.  This will get you my audiobook into your inbox within a couple of weeks.  
I'll let you have a little secret as you have read this far,  Don't buy my amazon book just yet.  That's right.... DONT! Haha, no I haven't gone crazy but I'm adding to the book to give you better value.  I will be adding real stories of manifestations onto the Basics to the Law of Attraction and it will be available to purchase also as a real book as lots and lots of you have told me you like a REAL book :O)  No problem,  leave it with me,  this sure is a lovey but busy time right now for me in between helping people with their business,  blogging, vlogging and travelling.......not forgetting of course the manifestations.  
I'm currently working on my biggest life changing manifestations.  Would you like to know about it? I'm keeping it just for those who email me louise@stranddesigns.co.uk right now but I am privately VLogging it and may load to youtube in the future, may just keep it for you lucky few.
Let's keep in touch.  Once again,  thank you.  You're awesome and you make me happy :O)
Much love
Louise x
Have a look at my Tree Plaque for me and my family which was awarded to us in our second home, Egypt this year.  So lucky!Image

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Top reasons you take action on a dream

One of the top reasons you decided to take action on a dream

You have a dream. 
Often we sit on these for a while…. Occasionally finding reasons not to do something.  That ‘head chatter’ telling us why we might not be good enough to follow our dream.
One day, while having a browse, there they are; 1000 reasons to DO IT!!!
Someone else is doing what you dreamed of doing.  Yet nowhere  NEAR as good as you can do it.
So you tell yourself, “Well,  if they can do it,  I can do it.  Better than that too!”
Why not?  Of course you can.  If you look at their
You see no reason to think they aren’t successful.  Again,  if they can do it, so can you.
Why might you be successful…?  Have you heard of many people like me coaching folks and reminding them to be ‘uniquely you’?
Some coaches write it like this: You-niquely!!!
What that means is that we are all so very different.  People will find a reason to like you, love you, follow you.  Yet that person who you watched previously and thought was “Quite frankly a bit of a pratt” and decided you are better at delivering, has followers who love him/her. Yet others who feel the same as you, that he/she didn't attract positively may spend their money with someone like you! 
We will all attract a different audience and therefore this is the main reason why NOT being YOURSELF won’t work.
Being yourself will resonate with your TRUE audience/clients and attract people who you totally SHOULD be working with.  This will also leave you feeling fired up and refreshed at the end of every day as opposed to exhausted from keeping up a big fa├žade.
You are amazing just the way you are.  This is the reason you should follow that dream!

© Louise Usher. All rights reserved.