Monday 30 March 2015

Guest Blog by Artist Trisha Wood

Giving into the inner artistic voice

The spiritual me was loving the reiki,  reflexology and all the lovely lotions and potions I was dealing with.  

Making people feel wonderful and making a difference definitely had its amazing side.  Yet,  every day, my fingers were tempted to pick up the brushes and begin once again with my artwork.  

Clearing away some more lusciously scented aromatherapy towels,  I breathed in deeply.  Letting go of that breath came a big smile with it.  Another enjoyable morning.  Another chance not to paint.  What was stopping me?



No, none of those.  I knew I had something that people could love.  Let’s face it, art is art.  There is no right and wrong.  It just is.  It’s art.  An expression of ones inner self.  Never has a moment passed when I haven’t wanted to be creating.

Just for the sheer fun of it, I picked up my brush and decided to sweep it across a piece of white parchment paper I had in the cupboard.  Where was this piece going?  I had no idea.  I just felt as though it wasn’t only the piece of paper that had been in hiding too long, it was me too.

Feeding my soul with my art, I wondered if others could enjoy what I created too.  

Piece after piece I showcased in the safety of my friends and family via facebook.  Rave reviews followed.  I was thrilled.  Some were artists, some had no idea but gave the pictures a thumbs up and quoted,
“I’m not an artist Trisha but I do love your work.”

So, if I loved it, and it was pleasing to the eye,  what was holding me back?  There was a limiting belief which decided I must begin to work on.

While still enjoying the reflexology I was practicing, I put out some feelers.  Next thing I know I have an exhibition,  then a commission  - yes! People wanted my art! People wanted to pay money for my art.  More and more, later and later into the night I painted.  Then I gathered interested parties together and created a workshop.  We played with paints and credit cards as opposed to brushes.  I was creating the life of my dreams.  Just as I had wanted to believe so many times before but that good old fashioned ‘sense’ got in the way. 

Finding it hard to believe where I have come in this past year.  A finalist for a business award,  now nominated for another award for which I am truly humbled!
My work is now displayed for sale on the internet through the amazing company Thumbnail Media.  There are still commissions flying into my inbox.

The kindness of Dame Kelly Holmes has delighted me.  Coffee after coffee, I waited patiently to speak to her as she was in a local coffee shop for the grand opening! Cafe 1809. Her own shop too! I was thrilled that she spoke in length to me.  Outstandingly,  she agreed when I offered to paint a picture for her! 

Dreams come true.  

They really do.  My art is going from strength to strength and I am totally focused on creating the dream life that had alluded me for so long! I’m thrilled to share my story here and I would love you to follow me as I go from place to place showing my art!

See all my links below for more from me. I would love to connect with you.  Let me know if you have an art story to share too!



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Thursday 26 March 2015

My secret is finally out!

Hey there!

So hows things in your world?

It's been slightly worrying here with absolutely no need to be!

For the past 4 years, my Youtube channel has grown and grown and grown.  It's been honestly brilliant.  My view count is almost at 90,000 can you believe!  Mad and crazy all at the same time.

So now that it's a success (and our collab channel Global Stars is too) I decided it was safe enough to just tell everyone on my Facebook, "I'm  a Youtuber!"

The response was a good one, especially from my lovely other Youtube friends who have been secretly on my friends list for some time.  I needn't have worried!

Now that it's all 'out there' I would love you to share my channel and come over to subscribe. I love building this online community to share my life, thoughts and ramblings!

This past weekend, we all had a meet up in a wonderful hotel in the heart of Canary Wharf London.
We had the best time, you will not believe the laughs we had. There was a little bit of a comedown after which was sad.  Thankfully though, a couple of us have holidays booked soon... that's something nice to look forward to!

Check the videos out here!

Day 1 part 1

Day 1 part 2 - night at the MnM's store!

Day 2 - being together then sad goodbyes....

Thanks for all your wonderful support! Just wait and see what I've got lined up for May! Phew!

Louise xoxo

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Friday 20 March 2015

The solar eclipse

As it begins to darken in the Uk, I am noticing everyone still dashing. We all are guilty of continuing our day. 
All the while, nature performing miracles. 

Never disastrous. Always on point. Always doing what needs doing. Except today is different. Yes, we are all carrying on despite the darkness. 

Yet there is a magic in the air. 

Something special is happening. Every day a miracle. 

We allow everything "up there" to continue to take care of us everyday. 

Never do we question that the sun will rise only to set a few hours later. 

Enjoy the eclipse my friends. 

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Helen's weight loss journey.

Over the past few months, I have made a wonderful new friend called Helen.  She is a blogger, like me, and we are enjoying our time on our collab channel Global Stars.

After reading my book and chatting lots, Helen decided to make some life changes and had an incredible weight loss. She has given me credit for helping her but of course it all comes from within.  Helen is the one who had to make the changes!  She did it with total conviction and really took the bull by the horns.

Read her story below as I interviewed her.  Also find her in the links below:



Global Stars

What inspired you to start on your weight loss journey?

Mainly my health, I knew being overweight was not good for me but also I was sick of feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and never feeling like I looked 'nice'. Every night out or event was a constant battle to find something to wear that I felt comfortable in and every time I saw photographs of myself afterwards I cringed, yet I was doing nothing about it and just having another bar of chocolate! 

How did you begin and when? 

I started straight after Christmas! And I decided that I had to cut all chocolate, sweets, crisps, fizzy sugary drinks and takeaways out of my life. Get myself to 3 balanced meals a day, more water and see what happened! 

How much weight have you actually lost in total? 

31 pounds! So just over two stone. I'm now the ideal weight for my height! 

What is the best way to describe what made you want to lose weight?

It was a mixture of health and confidence issues, I just knew enough was enough and I had to change, I wasn't happy or healthy at all! Speaking to Louise who was doing her nutrition degree made me realise just how much what I was eating was effecting not only the way I looked but also my inner well being and mood too. 

Do you think it is easy to lose the weight?

In all honesty, it was easier than I thought it would be! I thought it would be impossible and I'd really struggle but I didn't! Once the first bit of weight came off I was motivated to continue and see how much I could shift! 

How do you feel physically now that you've slimmed down? 

I feel great! I feel really confident in my clothes, I feel great out walking because there's less weight to carry around, I am really glad I did it! 

What have you done differently since losing the weight? 

I think about what I eat now instead of just eating, I think about how much something will fill me up and the nutritional values of it rather than weather it's quick & convenient like I did before. I plan more and have a general awareness now of what I'm eating and when instead of just eating because I feel like it.

If you were about to have a snack or treat you 'shouldn't have had' how did you stop yourself? 

Basically I just thought 'no don't ruin it now' or 'thin people don't eat that' and that was enough to make me step back and not eat it.

Now that you are slimmer how do you think life will change for you?

I think my health will benefit a lot as will my self esteem but also I feel younger, more energetic and better than I have in years! 

What advice would you give to others who are trying to lose weight but struggling?

I'd say that if you REALLY want to do it you'll find a way! Don't expect it to be easy but it's honestly not as hard as you think it will be either! It's just a case of not eating something that you know is bad for you, and eating something that is good for you instead! It will all be worthwhile when you slip into your skinny jeans and your tummy is flat believe me! 

Any words of encouragement?

I'd say to set yourself manageable goals! go in half a stone stages! Also don't let others derail you by encouraging you to have a McDonald's or a takeaway, be strong and say No! It's called junk food for a reason! You end up looking like junk and feeling like junk if you eat it! And by simply not eating it you can become a slimmer, happier, healthier, more confident you (which lasts a lot longer than the taste of a cheeseburger!) 

You look fantastic Helen! Well done and congratulations!!!

If you want to share your own weight loss journey get in touch by emailing here 

Alternatively, if you would like help then get onboard here

Much love

Louise xoxox

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Monday 2 March 2015

Want more money and freedom? Watch this webinar...

This might well change things for you! 

Do you know what the #1 issue is that  
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If you've ever heard it said that successful  
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and a certain "energy" to them...that's  
because they do. :)  

That's why so often you see that successful  
people - those who have the right subconscious  
patterns - can have major setbacks and even  
lose all their money because of one challenge  
or another, yet turn things around, grow and  
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In this webinar Nick is going to show you how  
to use EFT Tapping to literally rewire your brain  
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belief systems and energy system for success.  

I can't recommend this webinar enough. As  
Wayne Dyer put it when talking about EFT  
Tapping, "Put away your skepticism; this really  
works. I have worked with Nick and had great  
results with tapping in my own life." 

Also, I want you to know that what Nick shares  
isn't just "theory." He has coached thousands  
of people to improve their finances. And most  
importantly, he went through a financial  
transformation himself, which he'll share in the  

In fact, Nick went from being almost a million - yes,  
a MILLION - dollars in debt to completely turning  
it around, paying off his debt, and building a  
multi-million dollar business, all in just a few years.  

His story is pretty remarkable, and the techniques  
that he'll share to transform your financial future  
are even more remarkable... 

Get ready to eliminate your stress around money  
issues, and discover a way to truly become free... 


Louise xoxox 

PS This always seemed a little strange to me at first but you know what? The results were amazing!
P.S. - EFT Tapping and Nick's work comes  
highly recommended by personal development  
experts like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Kris Carr,  
Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Jack  
Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Arielle Ford,  
Dr. Joseph Mercola, and so many others. The 
list really does go on and on.  

What you'll discover in this webinar about how  
the Tapping technique can rewire your brain  
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You don't want to miss out on this...

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