Monday 15 November 2010

I felt inspired by Moss stitch

Hey everyone,
This is my first post........I decided to blog after my internet friend Moss stitch shared one of her blogs with me via twitter. It was truly awesome and reading her brilliantly written words and looking at the artistic photographs on her blog I felt I had to do some of that too!!

I am sure I have a lot to learn and please advise me you experienced bloggers. I have been writing some blogs on this other website of mine StrandDesigns blog ahhh see already I'm not sure that link works. Apologies if I post and it hasn't worked!

Things I would like to talk about:
Books I'm reading
Celebrity styling and new hairstyles
Beauty Tips
Law of Attraction
Customer Service
Digestive issues
Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis
Coeliac/Celiac disease - Gluten free living
Specific Carbohydrate Diet
And general news of what I'm doing and experiencing

Deciding to couple together the odd bit of info about my business with also letting the outside world into my personal life with my general ramblings......I intend to fill up the coming year with exciting tales to tell and things that are going on. We have just arrived home from a marvellous trip in Scotland (the highlands near Aviemore) and so I intend to make this my first original blog!

Meanwhile a bit about me:
Some of the subjects I have listed above will give you some insight into my passions in life and areas of interest to me. Also, I love watching TV about peoples lives, you know the kind of thing - Katie and Peter sort of feel like you are getting to know them and I totally admire how they bravely show so much personal detail of their lives while opening up to so much critisism from the public. Well I decided that if they can do it - so can I :o) smaller scale of course!!

Small things in life please me and forgive me getting excited at times but that's just me! I'm thankful for all the good things in life.

So, off to write about Scotland..........until then......
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