Tuesday 29 July 2014

How much would you love to post your story? Anonymously?

I need your help.

I get so much feedback from people relating to my stories, wanting to tell their own. Yet, they are worried, shy and nervous. 

To be honest, I'm not sure of the comfort we get from sharing our "stuff" online. You must have a friend who's always reaching out on Facebook with upset or negative statuses. I know I've seen those. Some are just downright moaning. That's annoying. 
Yet so many are seeking comfort. 

Lots of these folks have said to me they wish they could share their stories but are afraid of losing face. 

It's stories of heartbreak. Of mental illness. Of physical illness. Pain and suffering. Yet even the most simple ones I've been sent, such as weight loss tales, all end in a flip side at the end. After all, this blog is titled a Lusher Life. 

So stories of positivity coming through into hope. Would you share yours?
I'm happy to accept these as anonymous and you can even get yourself a hotmail account to send them to me? 

If you are chosen, I'll get in touch to let you know and off we go. 

Imagine the relief. Sharing. Putting it out there. 
Whatever your story is, it might well help just one person. 

Email me: Louise-usher@virginmedia.com and put anon blog in the subject title. 

Louise xoxo

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Thursday 24 July 2014

How the universe manifests your desires

Do your manifestations just drop out of the sky?


How does this work then?  As humans we struggle to get our heads around "MAGIC", vibrations or focus.

This video I found is quite honestly one of the clearest I have found and I'm so sure you will love the 'aha' moment it gives you!

Get a cuppa tea,  and go watch this.  Send me your comments after.... I know you will love it.

Much love

Louise xoxox

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Monday 21 July 2014

Gratitude and the Law of Attraction - Help for you!

The Law of Attraction is life changing - we know this.  Don't we?

If you find that some days it works and other days you aren't so sure then listen up.  Pull up a chair and keep reading.

Have you had a thought about the thing that you could be 'missing'?  If so,  did you consider Gratitude? 

Why do we need to show gratitude?

Without gratitude we are giving off a feeling of lack,  a feeling that we need more of what we don't have enough of.

The vibration that we give off will just have you creating more lack.  Remember watching the secret? (if not, get the DVD here)  * You will remember that there was a genie demonstrating that you can have whatever you ask for from the universe.  
Well, in theory yes,  but the most important thing you can miss from this message is this:  You give off a vibrational energy (or vibe).  
This will be the thing you are attuned to - and aligning with.  Without any negative vibrations ever, the genie theory can indeed work.  Yet we are simple human beings, with things that niggle us.

We can get frustrated at times and a bit humpy.  Let's face it, we all do sometimes. When drivers act like they are driving with their eyes closed, or with 'invisible indicators' as I call them.  You know, the ones you have to guess where they are going as only fruit bats can see them! 

So what we must to in order for the law of attraction to work for us is to give off a positive vibration.  This in turn will bring us more positive things and feelings and so the snowball begins......  

While this may sound daft to some,  (or perhaps you have had success with the attitude of gratitude) it's got to be worth a try.  
IF you are feeling very down and can't think of anything to be thankful for,  try getting very basic.  Think about all the wonderful miracles your body is undertaking in order for you to be alive.  Your breath,  your heartbeat....
When you look in the mirror do you stand there pointing out all your imperfections?  So, what do you actually like about yourself?

"I've a pretty cool nose."

"I love the colour of my eyes."

And so we go on.

For me, the biggest thing I will always be grateful for is the love of my children and I remain so eternally grateful for this every day.

So what now?  How do you turn things around?  I've a tip for you.  It's free and I urge you to get onboard right away.

If you think a nice thought, it's a great start.  
If you say it out loud, it gives it more energy, more momentum.
To share it with others is even better!
Add pictures to it and it becomes more than a thought,  it's now a visualisation. Even better, make a video and you can see it, feel it, imagine it etc.

So within my Facebook group A Lusher Life, we are going to begin the 30 days of gratitude as from the 1st of the month.  What you need to go to get onboard is come over and join the group (Click here) - if you are already a member then Hi! - and start posting at least one thing to be grateful for each day of the month.  

With the summer holidays upon us I would love to see some amazing photos and also some yummy picnics and the like.  Anything really that you feel you are thankful for! 

Within your post add #mylusherlife and voila, that's it.  Then you will be giving so much energy to the vibration of gratitude and showing the universe that you are ready for more magic.  You will be amazed at the lightening speed with which this works!

Feel free to share this blog post with your friends, the more the merrier.  Oh and if you are a little shy but still want to participate you can do so by emailing me your gratitude to this link where I will appreciate your effort and privacy.

Subscribe to this blog by email to keep an eye on other tips such as these and you will also see a list subscription (if you aren't there already) in the top left hand corner.  I'd love to see you achieve the life of your dreams and it can be done! Just get that vibe right and it will happen.

Like to know more about the Law of Attraction?  My book gives the basics for you: 

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Sending much love and see you over in the group

Louise xoxoxo

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Wednesday 16 July 2014

Top 5 tips to figure out the life you want!

So what's stopping you?

Tell me,  what is stopping you from having the life you want?

Do you know what you want from your life?

Sometimes, thinking this one through can be a tricky one.  Over the years of learning the Law of Attraction along with other universal laws,  I have been guided into knowing exactly what I want from my life.  Although this has not been easy and I will share the tips I have learnt here with you now.

1.  What makes your heart sing?

When you do something,  you generally get a feeling about it.  A good feeling or a bad feeling.  Think of something that you would really not do even if you life depended on it.  My one is jumping out of a plane!
So then ,  reverse that feeling.  What do you love to do?  The thing that you would continue to do even if there were no other gain except you loving it.  Mine is writing....

2. What is the thing you did constantly as a child?

For me,  there are many things I love and they often are the same things I loved to do as a child.  However, with maturity and time I have realised that playing piano for the rest of my life is not likely to earn me a living (as I can't play!).  Now,  as a child I had the love, yet no lessons.  I taught myself and despite practising for hours,  I really wasn't so great at it.  Maybe you would go ahead and learn this skill and be great at it but for me,  I found there were other things I loved just as much but was GREAT at! 
So what's yours?

I love dance.  Yet,  I love it as a hobby.  It's not something I would like to turn into my trade, my industry.  As it then comes with rules.  Even the fact that I made 'a rule' a barrier,  suggests my vibration isn't as aligned with dance as it should be to make it my job.
So we are back to writing again.  I will do whatever it takes to make it.  Writing all the time,  engaging people, adding folks to my list,  even writing free books so people get the know, like and trust factor with my writing and may even go ahead and purchase a book or coaching session with me.

3. What type of personality are you?

There are so many factors to consider when thinking about your ideal job.  Who would you need to interact with?  If it's a room full of other people who potentially may slate you (which fills you with fear) then consider that.  If you can take walks in the forest with your dog every day, or swim every day or whatever fills you up....chances are this needs to be part of your daily life.

4. Try actually doing it.

Ok so figure out a couple of options. then go ahead and throw yourself out there.  Sitting thinking about it can drive you crazy.  You argue with yourself.  What if this?  What if that?

Doing the actual task,  for real,  will get that good old gut feeling stirring and you will instinctively know if it's right for you or not.  

A while back,  I had something in mind which felt so right.  Once I tried it,  I felt that while I had loved it,  there was a physical element to the job which would have stopped me from doing it to my best.  When I woke the next day and was in pain,  I was right to accept that this was not the full time job I thought it might have been.

5.  How does it affect the rest of your life?

If you stand in a room full of networking people and do your 60 second pitch, what do you say?
Which words stick in your throat? Which words make you stand more like a proud peacock?

Are you proud of what you do?  Do you find you would like to shout from the rooftops?  If this is the case,  you might well have found your niche.

Go for it.  

What is stopping you?

Much love

Louise xoxox

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Tuesday 1 July 2014

Why have I been growing my nails - and how?!?!

My nails are growing a treat!

Let me tell you though - I do love my gels.  Been having gels as an extra support for quite some time now and they give a lovely smooth finish and just that extra bit of thickness to keep the nail from breaking.

When you work with your hands and/or water it can leave your nails a little prone to breaking low down.  That coupled with some health stuff.......oh my poor old nails.

So,  the reason I have been trying to grow them is this - did you see my post?

Well,  I need to go 'au naturel' when I'm seeing patients/working in the hospital and in the lab.  Due to hygienic reasons.  Now, before I had my lovely twins I was in an industry where our nails had to be kept short and natural so I am used to it.  My nails were strong then, yet we are all using these gorgeous products these days - ok not all of us - and it's taken its toll on my nails.

Thrilled to say I've been OILING them! Yes that's right.  Using oil to moisturise them and it's really working.

If you know me,  you know I'm a fan of Coconut oil and I'm known to rub that into my nails at times - which is amazing.  You can also use on your face for wonderful hydration. Cooking with it is another blog! (Did you see my Lusher Life Nutrition blog yet?)

Although if you would rather be more 'normal' and less like a hippy, there are always Nail oils you can use which also do an amazing job.

So as you can see,  a little bit of length starting here! So proud, so proud! And as a treat I topped it off with my favourite OPI nail 'stuff'
which you can find here*

So it can be done,  then again,  so can anything when you put your mind to it.

Anything you have done recently which you are proud of?  Share here.

Ask believe receive!

Never forget that!

Much love

Louise xoxox

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