Wednesday 10 February 2021

The Ring - a law of attraction story

 The most incredible thing happened the other day which saw me floating with joy.


You know that place your mind goes to just before you sleep and just after you wake, theta state?

“Theta is the intriguing border between the conscious and the subconscious worlds. ... While in a theta state, the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing and growth.” Huffington Post.


I was falling asleep and felt an epiphany moment. Twenty minutes before, despite being very comfortable in my cosy bedding, I was unusually awake. My phone was already on aeroplane mode, so I chose to listen to a guided meditation which was already downloaded on my phone. There were parts of it which I found super frightening. The man’s voice was echoing certain words and I could visualise a gargoyle reaching its ugly head out to me. Which posed the question, why isn’t this meditation more relaxing than I was experiencing? Of course, me being me, being an inquisitive mind, lead me to a place of wanting to create more guided meditations, as I have successfully done in the past. Yet, being a creative writer, I also could make some of those very simple bedtime stories.  The feeling that coupled with this was sheer joy -this was the right thing.


Mike Dooley, from The Secret, had just hosted an amazing course which got us participants thinking about our next big manifestation. What did we want? Simple as that. I knew my one big want. It was to achieve even more success with my Youtube channel. And somehow, I felt that creating a new channel with the bedtime stories on them would be the way. It was a knowing. Of course, it will take more work. But this will provide a great service for those who need a little extra guidance to get to sleep or to meditate these days. A few days later, the name of Absolutely Mesmerizing came to me as if by magic. 


That was all before I slept. 


I had vivid dreams. Big ones which didn’t always make sense. I had broken a lucky 8 ball and there were intricate details around that. A little girl, about five years old, with a very soft and tiny hand was holding my left hand as I tried to push another, older girl, in a wheelchair. We walked through a door into a faceless wedding party where a bride and groom were taking their first dance. I could hear the song as clear as day, “All my life, I pray for someone like you…” and as I woke, I knew that bride was me.

The shock which ran through my body was incredible.

Would I have said I was closed to that idea? No. But I hadn’t realised I wasn’t open to the idea at all, once I’d ‘felt’ the dream. 


So, to my shock, I sense he is coming and suddenly my left hand felt empty. It was almost like a craving as if my finger was calling out to have something placed upon it. Total coincidence (there are no such things) my amazing friend was showing us on Instagram the rings she has recently started designing and having made. I had seen these before. One gemstone caught my eye but it was set in gold. I like gold. But for some reason, I had thought, ‘if I was to have that gemstone in a ring, I would like it in silver,’ and magic happened on this day. She was showing that particular ring in silver. Instantly I messaged her, asking for a price. Thinking it would be over my current budget but perhaps I could sort something later on. 

Sally and I had a wonderful conversation around this ring and she said, “Lou, this is made for you. It’s Marine Quartz which means it stimulates your creativity. And its chakra is the heart. You do know, it’s the only one I ordered in silver.”


Stimulates creativity = bedtime stories

Heart chakra = love


Sally was right. The ring was made for me. And this was a sample model, so it was affordable and I asked her to mark it as SOLD.  It’s all on its way and while I’m nervous, I’m so excited. 


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