Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Cold England on Valentines Day

Inspired, I sit in my office. Heaters blowing frantically around me as we suffer a really cold snap.

Wind blows a dreamcatcher nearby in someones garden and the tinkle noises soothe the frosty bite.

Valentines day sees a heart full of love.  The old cliche lyrics about loving yourself echo around my head as I begin to feel thankful for the extra free feeling I have at this difficult time in my life.  There's no denying I would ordinarily be enjoying a nice meal with a man who smells nice but just for this year, maybe for always, I'm happy to give this a miss.]

Instead, the candles within my office will be lit as I burn the midnight oil on a couple of projects which fill me with delight, stress, exitement and a knowing that the path ahead is one to be excited about. One to be looking forward to.  One full of travel, writing, photographs and making films...

If only I could sort my internet connection which is driving me nutty.

Happy Valentines everyone.


Monday, 12 February 2018

Nestle gluten free corn flakes

I was thrilled to find these cornflakes randomly on the shelf! Well done Nestle - they are delicious too.  Loving that - if you like to eat cereals and corn, you can as these had no added barley malt extract and many add it in for flavour.

Go see the video and I tell you more about the nutritional stuff in there you need to know :)

Ps subscribe to the channel as there is more and more going up over there to help you into your Lusher Life.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

Louise xoxo

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