Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Shifting the mind for Law of attraction

Are you struggling making the law of attraction come into fruition?  If you are doing everything right yet still struggling,  this video may explain why.

Having watched Bob Proctor in this video,  it clearly let me understand how there can be a gap between learning the law of attraction and actually seeing things change.

The subconscious mind can carry old beliefs which we already know. 

How you change them is through repetition of the new belief.  Without this re-programming, we still revert back to those old beliefs which explains why lottery winners end up losing all their money and indeed why successful weight loss people put weight back on so easily.

Watching this video makes sense of how to do it and how to go ahead and make your dreams become more believable.

A tool which I love to use and refer to to help with this is called Mind Movies.
You get so much more than just a piece of software but what you will find is this: Creating a movie vision board which you can watch over and over with motivating music and affirmations will programme the mind.

You can do this.  You know you can already.  Yet you need to understand this little gap in between and then watch yourself fly!  Amazing stuff!

To find out more (and get some free stuff) from Mind Movies click here

Much love

Louise xoxoxo

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How to get financially free

As a great law of attraction fan,  it's amazing the journey we can begin to take when we are talking finances.

Now, I'm not sure about you,  but for me, once I had learnt a little about the law of attraction - I realised I didn't need to keep struggling forever.

This in itself was an epiphany.  As many of us have grown up believing in the 9-5 with a J.O.B,  our dreams of wishing to be financially free seemed just that; simply a dream.

If only they taught us about money in school.

If only our parents taught us to dream bigger.

If only we hadn't got those credit card debts.

The list could go on.  Yet sometimes, the way to manifestation needs serious planning and action.  Wishing alone is not going to give you the life of your dreams.  So many of us keep the limiting beliefs way too close to manifest anything and so often the action needed to be taken to move that wish or dream forward just simply isn't sustainable enough.

We have all been there at times.  Hoping for more.  Wanting to earn more.  Thinking 'if I only could work a bit harder....'

I met a lady who changed all this for me.  Even though I had NO IDEA how I could come back from the financial place I was at.

After watching Ann Wilson,  things became clear.  I had no idea how to sort out old debt,  or manage the stock market or even how to tap into the mindset I needed to sort my finances.  Yet something amazing happened after I watched a few free videos from Ann.

I cleared my credit card debt,  I arranged some other simple payment plans.  My taxes were up to date and I even managed to make a small investment in the stock market for a major communications company who's shares are sky rocketing.
Believe me when I say that if Ann can make this happen for me,  she can do it for you.  Don't worry about how hopeless your situation may seem right now - she will explain everything in simple terms, all the while injecting that lovely law of attraction belief in you for you to make things happen in your life too.

All you need to do is click this link and see what's on offer.  This link will expire after today so please be quick.
If it's after 23rd September,  click the second link and find out more about the free series you can learn so much from.

I'm so happy to share my special 'find' with you.  Take the action you need to start planning for your finically free future.  It might not come overnight on a magic carpet but it is all very achievable.

Let me know how things go for you!

Financially free university

Introduction to sorting your money matters

Monday, 22 September 2014

Tony Robbins wisdom to motivate you!

If you've never seen,  heard or read Tony Robbins,  you are in for a treat.  

I actually doubt you've not seen his material, as a reader of my blog.  Much of what we think about in this website is exactly Tonys kind of stuff.  

Re-watching these videos (this is a compilation of his best bits) is like reaffirming all that you already know.  It doesn't matter how much of an expert you are, we all need reminding sometimes.

As I sat to watch this video,  I decided that you guys need me to share it here on my blog.

So,  if you are wanting to change life,  come on over and have a look here.  You will love this!

Feel free to share this blog post so others can watch if from your Facebook or twitter.  

See more stuff like this but from my own thoughts on my Youtube channel (we have many subjects here!)

Wishing you an awesome day and much love

Louise xoxoxo

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

All aboard the 7:26 to university

Awake at 4am. Too early. Meditation takes place. Doze for ten minutes. 

Up, kettle on, uber quick coffee while making packed lunch for the twins. Vitamins taken. Acidophilus taken. One paracetamol. Hoping that's enough to keep my crohns under control for this very special day. 

Teeth brushing, back pretty bad. Ultra fast yoga session with self.... 2 minutes? Might do it... Works for cats and dogs in the morning. 

Fog. Like I've never seen before. Why did I notice this AFTER I straightened my hair?! Fluffy stuff be gone!

And off I set to catch the train to London. To sign up, enrol and become a university fresher!

It's been a dream not only to graduate with a degree but to help others into health through nutrition. So off I trot to begin my degree as a dietitian. 

Yes, I'm a mature student. Not the most mature by far. In fact I was feeling quite young and sprightly. It's never too late!!

Do you have a dream? 


Changing from one train to the other, it was clear to see I'd arrived in the city of London. 
Silent less, the suited folk walked quickly to their next destination. Steam rose from the rice being freshly cooked at yo! Sushi and desperately, the queue in Pret a Manger panicked without coffee. 

As I board the tube, I remember the war. The shelter that the tube provided. While the streets above were bombed in the blitz. 
Also remembering the videos recently shared on Facebook, one with amazing singing from the cast of the lion king in NYC and the other in China with folk squeezing in the tube in an impossible task. 

Arriving far too early at uni, I forgive the doorman who asks me to sign the guest book. He thinks I'm a speaker. Ok, so I'm dressed more like a speaker than a student. That's ok. 
As the actual, for-real speaker arrives, we get chatting. She's not sure what dietetics is so I explain with "nutrition", a screwed up nose and a nod. 
To my amazement she began to quote Tony Robbins (I call him sir tony) and I jumped in with tales of his alkaline diet. Brilliant! On side, feeling clever. 

Currently trying to not be "too early" by having a university costa! Heavily discounted. Wonderful. 

My day progressed pretty much better than I had expected.  Meeting some awesome people doing the same course as me, with the same passions as me,  with the same beliefs as me.  We shared some amazing conversations.  The one problem arose as we were all discussing the future.

"Yes, it's hard to believe we will be here for the next 5 years." Max announced.

"It's 4.  We are here for 4."  I corrected with total conviction.

"No, definitely 5!" Max exclaimed with passion.

"100% it's 4 years.  I was told on the phone....?" 
I began to question the information I was given.  
My mood changed as I began to worry.  What difference would one year make?  

The financial implications of not earning a full time wage for an extra year.  How could I make 5 years happen?

Immediately I felt myself in a downward spiral.  What if Max was right?  Could I still do it?  Old habits crept into my head.  Negativity.  
I was beaten.
I wouldn't be able to do it. 
I would have to change courses.  Yet, this had been my dream since I was 16.
Changing courses, I would still be able to help people in the same way,  yet I was now in the midset of doing this course, with the credibility that comes with it.

Then I began to realise.............. (hold tight,  this will give you goosebumps) day had changed so dramatically in such a short space of time,  immediately after we had just created a vision board.

Oh,  the magic of the vision board.  I had created my board with dreams of what I want from life as well as work as I believe they all work hand in hand.  Perhaps,  just maybe, I had placed my order with the universe and the universe had suggested that I need another direction.  As I began looking at my vision board again,  I guessed this must have been exactly what had happened.  The universe had given me something else to consider, to think about.  And my vibrational energy began to change.  As my energy changed,  so did the answers.  By the time I got home (after my phone battery had run out just as I needed to vent and cry down the phone to my loved ones - just as well as I managed not to cry) I started to make serious moves to get some serious answers.

Sure as eggs is eggs,  I got answers.  The course leader was impressively able to answer my email at 8:50pm and I got the answer that indeed the course was 5 years.  I went to bed with a heavy heart and my laptop,  making plans to look at changing course.  After much investigation, I realised that nothing else would do.  Nothing else mattered than  this course I had wanted to do since I was at school and I was to do everything in my power to ensure I graduated on this course and make the steps towards doing that.

Sleep on it......why do 'they' say that?  Well, it always works,  doesn't it.  So I slept on it and woke determined to get practical,  find answers and go ahead to study for 5 years.

After speaking to all the relevant people.  I was decided.  I could do this and I would do this.

The following day,  my 'note from the universe' (from said:
"We have heard you Louise and woo hoo we are moving mountains for you to make it happen.

We just hope you weren't kidding."

They are always bang on time and they are always making me smile.

Friday, 5 September 2014

100 subscribers on my Youtube Channel

Wow this is so amazing - I have just clocked up over 100 subscribers on my Youtube Channel!

One happy day!

Louise xoxo

Friday, 29 August 2014

Manifestations - how to remember them!

Ok,  we know how to begin with our manifestations now.

Do we?

If not,  have a search within this blog and see what you can find.  We have lots.

Now, a little tip for you is to post stuff all over the place.  See things around your home.  Pop a post it note on the way down the stairs reminding you of the things you want to manifest.

On your desk,  write a note and stick it somewhere you can see it.

Drink from a mug which reminds you,  wear a t shirt that reminds you.  Write in a day book which will keep you thinking,  "I can change my reality."

Drink from a glass like this.... you can see more gifts in the link above.  

Make sure you follow this blog to get more tips.  Send me some of your own tips.  Feel free to submit your story for submission onto this blog.  Wonder stories of manifestations are awesome!

Meanwhile,  much love to you on this lovely weekend.

Louise xoxox

ps:  My biggest way of creating things I want and need is to use mind movies.  If you haven't heard of mind movies I'll pop a link below.  However, a lovely lady I know called Natalie Ledwell has an amazing way of explaining manifestations.  Read this for wonderful tips:

 5 Simple Steps For Creating Powerful Affirmations

By Natalie Ledwell

Do you know what the majority of the world's most successful
people have in common?

Well, besides being wealthy and sometimes famous, many of them 
actually use affirmations and visualization to bring their dreams and 
goals to reality! 

One really good example is the story of Jim Carrey. Jim used to go 
up every night to Mulholland Drive and sit on top of his car, look 
out at the city, stretch out his arms and say: "Everybody wants to 
work with me. I'm a really good actor. I have all kinds of great 
movie offers." 

He would repeat these affirmations over and over until he convinced
himself that he had a couple of movies lined up. But he didn't stop 
there, he also wrote a check to himself for 10 million dollars, kept it 
in his wallet and then 6 months later he got this amount as a payment 
for his work on 'Dumb and Dumber'! Not bad, huh? 

As you can see, affirmations are extremely powerful and the reason 
is because they directly affect our conscious and subconscious mind. 
And by consistently repeating them with conviction and passion, they 
reprogram our thoughts allowing us to not only change our state of 
mind, but to also materialize our dreams and goals regardless of how 
big or crazy they may seem. 

So if you'd like to follow the footsteps of some of the most successful 
people in the world... 

Then follow these 5 simple tips to create powerful affirmations, and 
start manifesting your dreams right away! 

1. Start with the words, "I Am..." These two words are extremely 
powerful as your brain knows that you're referring to yourself. Starting 
your affirmations with these two words will give your subconscious 
mind clarity and belief that whatever comes after them, IS your reality.

2. Write in the present tense. When you say affirmations in present 
tense, you're reassuring yourself that you believe whatever is in your 
affirmation, is factual and real right now. 

Your mind can't tell the difference between past or future, fake or real, 
this is why when you imagine yourself drinking lemon juice, you start 
producing saliva. Also, when your words are in the present tense, your 
mind can visualize the image at the same time. 

3. Keep it positive. Avoid words with negative connotations like 'not 
to', 'don't, 'can't', 'fear', etc. Our minds focus more on these words
instead of avoiding them. For example, if I asked you NOT TO think 
about a blue elephant, your mind will picture a blue elephant even though 
I asked you not to think about it. Instead of saying 'I am able to get rid 
of stage fright', say 'I am enjoying the excitement of speaking on stage'. 

4. Make it short and clear. Remember that the main purpose of an 
affirmation is for you to be able to picture it and ingrain it into your mind. 
So when creating an affirmation, make it direct and specific. 

5. Make it exciting. When creating affirmations, you want to create 
positive, self-affirming, self-empowering statements that uplift and inspire 
you. So make sure you add fun and exciting words like, 'I am 
ENJOYING making $100,000 a year.' 

Repeat your affirmations as many times a day as you can, even when you
may feel you don't need to. Remember that consistency is key if you really 
want to make a positive and lasting change in your life. 

Now that you know one of the greatest secrets for creating wealth and 
success in your life, I want to share with you something that personally 
helped me achieve the financial success that I had always desired - which 
was figuring out (and removing) any mental traps that were lingering in 
my mind! 

To help you, I created a FREE, fun and powerful 30-second quiz. 

[Take the quiz here right now] << Click me!

After just a few quick multiple choice questions, you'll get access to a 
free, revealing video report detailing what mental trap could be blocking 
you from the financial freedom and success you desire right now, PLUS 
how to remove it!


About the Author: Natalie Ledwell is a Law of Attraction expert, 
bestselling author and speaker. She also hosts an online TV Show, 
The Inspiration Show, and is a co-founder of the personal 
development company, Mind Movies, which offers online courses 
and coaching programs. Natalie is passionate about helping others 
to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through personal 

Find out more about Natalie and Mind Movies by visiting


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Is manifestation always what it's cracked up to be?

By now,  you know that on this blog we teach you that you can have whatever you desire in your life.

Sometimes,  it isn't always what you hoped it would be.  To conform with others or indeed to what we think should be everyones dream can often find that we don't really want a yacht.

Or a massive house with a lake in the grounds.... or millions of pounds or dollars which may cause overwhelm.

So what's the point?  The point is finding what it is that makes you feel happy.  What desires do you have really?  Get clear on those and you will find no end of ease in manifesting what you really want.

This is such a hard concept to grasp.  For instance, we have seen lately, via the news that sometimes,  big stars get to the top and can be the best in the industry and have fame everywhere they go.
Of course there is a sense of duty that comes with this.  There is a lack of privacy and this can also cause misery.  

Try thinking of 3 words which best describe you when you have the best feeling in the world.  Feelings like:
Financially free.

And the list goes on,  make your list then get it down to the 3 strongest feelings you have within the list.  My top spot is Freedom.  Therefore,  fame would not appeal to me on a level where I will not be able to walk the streets doing the shopping.

So what exactly do I mean?  I'll give you a perfect example.

Last weekend,  just for the fun of it,  my children and I went looking at very plush show houses on many new housing complexes that had just been built.

You would think that a manifestation would be a new house.  Bigger house?  Bigger garden and the like.  Out of the mouthes of babes my children mentioned how close we are to all the shops, schools, friends just now.  
"We wouldn't be able to get to school from here." They advised.
"I like my bedroom as it is really."
"Maybe we need to make our house look like a show home and clear out old things."
"Look, they don't have things around in this house.  No toothbrushes or keys...."

Great point.  And so we decided we are in our dream home and we are going to work hard at making improvements to it and just make a few changes to create a fresh feel.

Decide what you want.  Then go for it!

Or send me your anonymous blog for review to my email. 

Much love

Louise xoxox

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