Saturday, 2 May 2015

Free juicing DVD to watch this weekend!

Happy bank holiday weekend!

My inbox brought a gift for you yesterday.  It is a chance to watch (for free) a video from the genius who is Jason Vale.

How did my inbox bring your gift?  Well, you see I have already watched it, long ago.

In this movie Jason explains how we need to fuel our body in the right way, ridding it of toxins and filling with natures finest and we can reverse symptoms we would rather not have.

Take a look for yourself.  This movie moved me to tears.  It's emotional.  You are going to love it.  Your body will thank you for it.

Much love

Louise xoxo Click this link for the movie.  My Youtube experience of juicing is below.  It's an old video now but still popular.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Welcome to May 2015

Goodness gracious it's May!

Seems like just yesterday the party poppers were out and we were saying happy new year!

So this blog post is open, raw and vulnerable.

At times life throws you a curveball.  What does that even mean?
It's used a lot in American Films.  I guess it's when something comes along to challenge you, your mood, things as you know them.

Trusting always in nature, the universe and all I mostly feel that everything is leading us somewhere, taking us somewhere.  Yesterday I struggled to make sense of things.

I had news from the Doctor that I am struggling to absorb some minerals.  Darn you Crohns disease.
"Even though you are in remission, this will be down to the Crohns."

For ages now, my health has been good (for someone with Crohns), just not quite right. Something it's hard to put your finger on.  Revealing to you know that I have been being treated for anxiety.

Me?  Anxiety?  It's just not something I wanted to comprehend. I'm great at relaxing, meditated every day so where the flip did that come from.  Now, it seems there is a physical reason for this.

Aha moment.

Within the body, there are all sorts of systems silently working to keep everything ticking along just as it should.  Funnily enough I am taking a big ol' biology exam on this today.  It's called homeostasis.  Things like: keeping your blood sugar levels as they should be.  You know?  Well, for me, it seems one of those systems is out of kilter.  My blood calcium levels. It's at the point that my body is taking calcium from my bones to attempt to keep the calcium levels as they should be.  This makes me feel so so sad.
Typically, for people with Crohns, we can be deficient in Vitamin D (which helps to absorb calcium) and this is me in both cases.
The symptoms I have been getting are likely to be what has caused the anxiety symptoms as my electrolyte balance is all off.  It causes irregular heartbeat, which is a scary one.

Feeling low and 'bruised'  I am determined to get back on top of this.  I have such a massive reason for needing great health.  That thing called life.  I want to really live it!  So more research is on its way to once again give my body what it needs to function and do it's job, once again silently.

As it's May the 1st you can rest assured that there is big news coming from me in the following few days.  I'm excited to share this new life change with you.  It will be of benefit to us all! Yes that's right, not just me and my health but to you and yours too.  I'm excited to do a big reveal and I'm just awaiting a bit of paperwork and then we are off and running!

Meanwhile, back to that thing called 'living'.  My amazing group of friends who are collectively called the Global Stars are sharing our new intro video.  It's like, well, makes me feel like marshmallow inside.  Go and check it out.  Gives you something to watch each day for 5 minutes while having your coffee!

Much love for health and happiness

Louise xoxo

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Big life dilemmas and stopping frowning

As the title suggests,  life has thrown me a pretty big dilemma. A good position to be in I guess with many amazing options.  Walking to the train today,  I notice my frown. Created by the fear of making the wrong choice. 

Clearly, the frown was hidden by my large brown sunglasses. Gosh, summer sure is in its way. Perhaps that's why so many people are glancing my way and smiling. Or perhaps there's something in my aura. 

Life. Funny old thing. While I'm thankful for amazing opportunities, I'm an over thinker. Not standing to get anything wrong. Afraid of irreversible choices. 

Brushing past me at speed was a Richard look a like. I say that, without viewing his face. But the shiny bald head and the pattern made by his occipital bone all topped by those typical blue jeans made me think of Richard. 

Who is he?

He is someone I knew well enough to call a friend from my dancing classes. Enough to shock me with sadness when I heard of his passing a few weeks ago.  Suddenly he was gone. A quick illness that took his life so quickly. Missed by so many. 

Of course, the man on the platform wasn't Richard. He simply reminded me to stop frowning.

Wishing you a day full of smiles. Xoxo

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Abraham quote

Just believe. It's not so easy. But it is that simple!

What's bubbling within your desires?

I'll show you mine in a couple of weeks!

It's exciting!!!

Friday, 17 April 2015


Ok, ok. So I'm a law of attraction expert. 
However, I'm a human being. 

Doing a science degree where facts are needed to make the world go round is giving me an issue. 2+2=4. 
If you believe it does! 

I do believe in science. I also believe in magic. Magic often can't be explained.  

Just like love. 

That's a mystery too. 

I miss my morning walks with Harley. 

I miss driving my children to school. 

I miss lazy mornings sipping mint tea and electronically flipping through my laptop. 

I miss blogging. 

I miss making as many YouTube videos. 

I definitely miss writing my next book. So many have messaged me wanting another book out soon!

Well, I do have a little news actually.  This summer will see a new book from me.  There will be 2 ways of getting your hands on it.  You can sign up to my email list on the right hand side (and get it for free)  or you can buy it from amazon. I'll let you know when this is all going to happen. 

However, I digress,  back to 'missing my life'.

So yes, there have been many changes over this past few months and can you believe that I'm almost at the end of this University year.  Life has been crazy.
Speaking to so many clients online, offline, any line and keeping everyone happy.
Attempting (failing) to keep home looking like something from a magazine.
Supporting the twins and they begin their GSCE journey.  All while studying myself.

Life often gets a little tough.

What I love about it is this.  I am thankful every day for dragging my tired eyes out of bed.  I challenge myself to learn and grow.  I do learn and grow.  I learn more and more about the human body, its needs and wants.  I help others with my new knowledge.

I pass exams!!!

The final results aren't in yet but bear with me as I get through these last few weeks.  I have a super super treat in store for you with the new book, blogs saved as draughts and videos uploaded to Youtube on private. 

Don't worry, I will reveal all to you soon as I can! Not long now until the end of term and I can take a deep breath and jump into deep water and see what happens next.

Oh life is an adventure.  

So what have you been up to?  Have you found things tough?  How have you turned it around to feel positively about things?

Let me know.  Keep in touch

much love as always

Louise xoxo

Friday, 10 April 2015

The trouble with holidays...

Nikon camera firmly in hand. 

iPhone 6 plus charged to its max. 

Brand new selfie stick all ready for action. 

All could only mean one thing; it's our holiday time!

After waiting impatiently for two years since my last flight to the beautiful Sharm El Sheikh, I was super excited to get away and spend some quality time with my family. 

Life has become ten times busier for us all the past few months since I started my university course last September. Don't get me wrong, I love it. Plus, fulfilling a life long dream to get a degree in nutrition. However nothing ever, ever could take the preferable need to spend time with my gorgeous children. They still remain the keepers of my heart even though they are fast approaching young adulthood. They have adjusted so amazingly. After being such an available (yet hands on) mum who works her hours around them, extra pocket money was not such a bribe, rather a dangled carrot. 
These lovely twins do their bit around the house and they now have to walk to and from school 3 days a week. 

The chance to get away from it all in the hope that we spend quality time with blue skies and equally a shade of lighter blue reflecting in the sea, was a treat indeed. 

Problem: holidays give you the opportunity to realise just how much you're running on adrenalin. Of course this is bad for the adrenal glands. Catching up with a ten minute nap, eating lunch slowly (even eating lunch) and walking slower than usual are treats. Usually, busy lives chasing tails become the norm. Allowing yourself to realise how life could and perhaps should be can be toxic. Going back to life as you know it can make you feel glum. 

Worry not though. With so many deals on holidays these days, it's perfectly usual to book again soon. 

Where might we go next time?

Would we return here?

I'll share some of our snapshots. A review of the hotel is coming soon. 

Are you off on your travels soon? Maybe you've already been. Let me know your travel dreams in the comments below. 

Much love

Louise xoxo

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Look who I found today on my trek into Alcudia port!

I am vlogging these travels each day. You can see that over on my YouTube channel. 

Of course, I'm writing too but will upload those posts soon. 

You just *had* to see this jumper!
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