Saturday, 25 July 2015

One more week of Camp NanoWriMo

Who's writing?

Are you doing Camp NanoWriMo?  Well, I am and loving it.  My story is taking twists and turns that I definitely didn't expect to happen! The romance is just about to begin to bloom between the two main characters Liv and Thomas. I can't wait to see what starts to happen!

Previously, I never quite understood novelists who explained how the story was just happening as if it was out of their control.  Yet something seems to happen when you get in the flow and it's like the story takes on a mind of its own!

Today I shall be writing more and I will smash my word count that I set for NaNoWriMo of 10,000.  The story needs to be much longer but knowing I have at least hit those 10,000 words takes the pressure off.

My main surprise has been how I have found a lack of motivation!!! Gosh, what's that all about?  I used to sit in judgement with authors who complained about this issue.  I was always dreaming of the chance to sit at my desk and write, write, write.  Although I have now found ways that work for me, doing the one thing I dreamed of could get a little monotonous.  Instead I move around a lot with the laptop,  write with a pen sometimes in my ideas book,  interact with other members of Camp NanoWrimo.

I'm not sure when the book is likely to get released.  I have realised the best thing to do is get the story down.  Edit later.  Lots of spelling, typing, grammatical errors that need sorting.  During camp, it is the writing of the first draught which counts.  Editing can come along later.  I'm very excited to finish my word count today and see how many more words flow.

Loving my writing! I can't wait to share this love story with you!

Come back soon for more updates on the story and some exciting news about my podcast!

Much love as always

Louise xoxo

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Monday, 20 July 2015

How to get your Youtube Channel found

Hey everyone

Have you ever wanted to change things online for yourself? So this video gives you a mini masterclass on how to increase your rankings on Google.

Let me know if it helps you!

Much love

Louise xoxo

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Getting back to The Secret

It's been quite some time since I have touched on the Law of Attraction on this blog.

Which is where it all began.  Me.  Discovering the Law of Attraction.  Me realising that life was there to build on your dreams and to lead you to opportunities.

Someone very dear to me just sent me this article.

The Secret has a kind of blog which shares success stories.  Truly, truly inspirational.

Now I really think that my Youtube channel needs an update of a video from me talking to you about the Law of Attraction.  Let me tell you another Secret...

It's not all roses!!!

What?  No belief?  Well, yes, a massive belief and a knowing that something bigger than the human ego is out there in charge of it all.  This thing called life has to be a journey,  a learning experience. It's not all perfect.  

I believe you go through stages once you have discovered the Law of Attraction.  I've been at the stage for some time where you begin to dip out of the first euphoric state of "I can do ANYTHING!" and begin to realise it's a process.
Sometimes,  you need to be lead down a path which may seem like a really bad idea at the time.  Yet after dealing with some negativity and 'tough love' you might realise that this is in fact leading you right into your dream.

Things begin to unfold for you as you realise that your language of positivity and love (not always appreciated by everyone) is rewarding you.  Too much negative talk and once again you begin to see conflict appearing in your life.  Yet there will always be people out there who can do nothing but negative talk and for them, we must wish them well as they need all the love directed at them as we can.  Evil will manifest itself in many ways, usually illness, heartbreak or just simply hate coming back at them.

So while it is important to keep on the path of least resistance and positivity, I do believe it's possible to go through waves while living a life of Law of Attraction.  Sometimes, while trying to live out your dream,  you will be guided in ways to get you to the end of your dream which you may not realise is taking you there.  This can be so tricky to swallow.  Have you experienced this?  Let me know if this resonates with you.

Meanwhile,  have a read of the link above.  A story of a writer.  Often,  this dream takes some time to come true as it's often a path we are on with a level of doubt about making a living at it. 

I'm so fortunate to say this is now a dream realised for me as I begin to write for others now.

You may have seen my blog posts on NaNoWriMo.  Well, this novel is unfolding beautifully...I'm excited...talking of which, I must get back to it!

Wishing you much much love in your positive day.  Share some love.  Be amazing to people around you.  Compliment folks.  They will love you for it.

Louise xoxo

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Writing a novel for #campNaNoWriMo

You may have seen #NaNoWriMo floating around the internet, especially on twitter.

My Dad asked me to speak English when I mentioned it!!! Are you wondering what it is too?

Well this video should explain it all if you don't already know what NaNoWriMo is about.  Basically it's an opportunity to write a novel in one month.  Usually takes place in November but July sees more relaxed rules and a minimum word count of 10,000 - which is the novella size I have opted for.

Without further ado I must get back to it.  Go watch the video for a cover reveal of my book and come back here often to find out more about it.  There have been many years past since I have written fiction and I'm very excited.  Romance....ahh..what's life without a bit of romance?

Much love as always

Along with some rainbows and unicorns thrown in for a nice balance after watching Jurrasic last night!

Louise xoxo

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer Morning Routine | Chazmine

Jasmine, my daughter and her lovely friend Charlotte have a super Youtube channel and I just watched this.

The editing blew me away.  Jasmine spent days on this and I am thrilled to watch creativity like this.  Let me know if you can suggest any similar Youtubers!

Please hop over and have a look and subscribe if this is the sort of video you love.

Ones to watch definitely springs to mind here as I feast my eyes on what these girls have created.  Awesome!

Come back soon for more news from me,  this week we are talking all things CampNaNoWriMo as it kicks off on July 1st

Much love


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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Meeting CloeCouture and almost meeting the Queen

What an amazing day we had!

Jasmine and her lovely friend Charlotte asked if I could take them up to London to meet a Youtuber they like called Cloe Couture.

We had the best day and honestly it turned out to be so much more than we ever imagined!

Pretty much, the photos will tell the story but as we got off our train at Victoria, we noticed the tube station we needed to get on was closed! So we queued for about 20 minutes to top up our oyster cards and find a bus.  Walking to the bus station, we were blown away by seeing a Fly By of the red arrows with Red, White and Blue smoke bellowing from behind!

I squealed in excitement and I was bowled over with joy to see this.  We began to wonder why so many people were walking in the other direction to us and I kept a close eye on the three young teenagers behind me.  Soon, I realised we were at the side of Buckingham Palace.   However, I couldn't have realised that Her Majesty, the royal family and even baby Prince George were addressing the crowd just feet away from us.

Turning the corner, I was delighted to be experiencing a feast for my eyes as the Grenadiere Guards proudly stood like something from a lego exhibition.

Following this amazing sight, the sounds from the brass bands, the God Save the Queen, followed by flowing tears from many of the audience, we watched in delight at the procession in front of us.  Sadly, a gentlemanly police officer informed us that the Queen was likely now, "Enjoying a cup of tea at Her Majesties leisure."

We had missed the address.


However,  we looked at the time and realised we must pretty much RUN to Hyde Park to meet Cloe else our 5 hour trip would have been for nothing!

We got there, had an awesome time and Jasmine and Charlotte made a very brief video with Cloe.   Some little girl (maybe Cloe sister?) had gone into the Princess Diana fountain and got very wet and cold so the trip was cut short.  Bit sad really as quite a few of us were there.  Massive deal for us to get there.  Even so, it was so so worth it and really good to meet Cloe.

The teenagers and I found our way to the exclusive Kensington for a late lunch (oh-so-welcome) and found some more amazing views to take photographs of.


Please come back soon for some fairly massive news...

Bubblemaking man

Wall art in the funky restaurant

Pretty view - looks like France

Love the architecture of the British Society of Sculptures

Closer view - magical wall!

Much love

Louise xoxo

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

I hit 100,000 views on Youtube! #Primark Haul and #Vlog (May)

My You Tube channel just hit over 100,000 views! This is amazing.  I'm thrilled that all my hard work is paying off.

Later next week it will be my 4 year Youtube anniversary.  I've just started to upload more regularly since the end of last year!

I would love it if you will come on over and check it out.

Watch this space for some extra special exciting news next week too.... if you love writing like I do you will want to keep tuned in.

Have a wonderful weekend

Louise xoxo

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