Monday, 15 December 2014

3 top tips to keep healthy this Christmas time...

3 Top tips to keep healthy this Christmas time

As you are fully aware, Christmas is upon us and it is typically a time we neglect our health and our bodies.  If you are feeling low, under the weather or just a bit grumpy, chances are you might need a little health boost.

Even though you may have heard these simple tips before,  I am here to remind you!

  1. Drink water!

Yes, I know you know.  But are you drinking or not?  If not why not.  Want a hot drink?  Drink hot water.  
During the winter, the heating is typically on in the house which will have a dehydrating effect on the body.  Without water,  not only will your skin start to look a bit shrivelled but you can’t function the same either.  
Being that the body, and cells, are made up so much of water it makes total sense that we need to keep hydrated.

Drinking more alcohol will need a good flush.  Removing toxins needs a helping hand with water.  Toxins floating around in the body will help you play host to viruses like coughs and colds.

2.  Get some sleep

As we all chase our own tails at Christmas time,  it is easy to forget to get an early night.  Without that extra hour before midnight, it is easy to want to pull up the duvet for an extra 5 minutes. 

You will create dark circles under the eyes, you will stop thinking so sharply and often you will find you don’t function so efficiently.

3.  Eat some vitamin c

Not only will it help you fight off colds and flu (you knew that - right?) but citrus fruits this time of year are delightful.  Well, Satsumas specifically.  The supermarket will sell you a packet from £1-£2 and satsumas make an excellent snack.  Healthy.  Provides you with energy from the natural sugars.

When you pour your drink (alcohol or soft drink) why not add a splice of lemon.

Going for coffee?  Ask for a glass of lemon water.  Coffee will make your body become acidic.  The lemon water gets you back into the favourable alkaline state once again.

Keep healthy, happy and smile lots.

Much love

Louise xoxo

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

3 top tips on how to avoid Christmas Overwhelm

3 top tips on how to avoid Christmas Overwhelm

This time of year is typically very busy.  So many of us trying so hard to be so perfect and end up suffering with the overwhelm which in turn crushes the dream of having a wonderful time.

What can you do to stop this feeling?

In this blog we are going to deal with all the feelings that come with overwhelm.  So the first thing to do is recognise that you are not feeling like the perfect housewife (sorry if you are a guy reading - imagine the frilly pinafore from the 1950’s) and to give yourself a break for not feeling so in control.  Hardly anybody feels like they are on top of things at Christmas time.  Gosh, I sure can see why women didn’t used to work back before they had automatic washing machines and dishwashers. 
Of course, gifts were given years ago but maybe not so much money was spent as now.  There is so much pressure at Christmas to deliver the perfect day/week/month and create an occasion that the family will remember forever.  However, hang on a minute….

Let’s look at the good stuff.  There is a chance for a couple of days off, so spend some time playing games with the children, be a bit scruffy,  nap for half an hour.  There are so many wonderful things about Christmas that you may miss if you don’t stop and focus on the good things.  Find a little time to yourself and write down at least 5 things that you really love about Christmas, if you think of more, keep going!

Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Ask for help

Kids love a bit of money.  There must be something they will do for 50p.  Ask your partner, your mum, a friend.  Don’t try and do it all yourself.  The chances are it simply isn’t possible and you might be pleasantly surprised at how willing people are to do a good deed for you.  Being a martyr seldom gets a thank you.

2.  Stop trying to be perfect

So who is?  Pretty much nobody gets everything right.  I remember a dinner party when I forgot to defrost the meat.  Thankfully a willing guest and a handy Co-op supermarket on the corner of the road meant that in the end, everything turned out ok.  Stop worrying about everything and see it for what it is.  At Christmas, the floor will be covered in paper,  the kitchen will need a total blitz and you are likely to fall in a dazed heap at the end of the day.  Just as it should be!

3.  Take 5 minutes

Just 5 minutes is better than none.  Sit and breathe.  Be thankful for the list of things you think of.  Meditate.  Sit in the chair with some soothing music or even a guided meditation on and try to chill out. 

The run up to Christmas is well and truly underway now.  I hope you can enjoy the excitement building up.  Use the tips above and likely you will find things a little easier.

Feel free to add your own tips below.  Any, ‘yeah but..’ messages will just be read as excuses not to enjoy your time which of course is not what this blog, or your Lusher Life, is all about!  
Wishing you a lovely day full of joy and positivity.  

Much love

Louise oxoxo

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Primark Haul

Hey there

So how are you Christmas plans shaping up?

I've been super crazy busy here and I would love to share all my news with you.  

As it's that time of year for Christmas parties and looking glamourous, I am overwhelmingly busy with doing peoples hair, beauty, nails and make up!  I love it! If only I took more photos.  

Yesterday (this was amazing) I was leaving London and having a wander to get my train when I was approached by a lovely lady who was looking for models to join them in a campaign for advertising St Pancras Station.  Wow.  She said I was looking lovely.  That was very flattering.  However, due to work commitments and hearing problems, I did decline just now.  Still lovely though!
At the time, I had actually been making some more video footage for my Vlogmas.  I'll pop a link below to mine but please please subscribe to my channel as I'm keen to grow it and also you can keep up with all the videos there too!

Recently, life has been manic and I would love to give more time to making the Youtube videos.  I totally love them.  It's a wonderful thing to do in my spare time.  If you make videos and would like me to share your channel I'm doing a shout out session and links below my video too so get in touch!

Other news:  I'm nervous to share this news as it's a double edged sword.  Me and my Uni friends are studying so hard on our Science and nutrition degree.  Hoping to go onto the BSc in Dietetics next year.  There was a gruelling process to go through to get onto the degree as (I'm not kidding) places are VERY limited as they are funded by the NHS just like student Drs and nurses.  
The whole process has been draining and exciting at the same time.  Well yesterday we found out the news we had been waiting for.  My lovely friend "A" (not got her permission yet to use her name) text me and told me to check my emails.  Both she and I had been successful in our application which was, of course wonderful news.  Although we need to pass all 4 modules with Distinction to comply! Plus a few other criteria.  Yet we were squealing with delight that finally it looked like our dreams were coming true.

I've wanted to be a dietitian for many years now, since I was at school!

Then came the sad news, many of our other friends had not been successful.  This is so sad.  Everyone has such great qualities and I love them all.  How we will deal with this on Monday goodness knows.  It will be hard.  Doubtless, being the amazing women they are they will wish us congratulations.  Yet I know they will have heavy hearts that means they may have to give up or re-apply next year.  So sad.  

Right, back to the Christmas stuff! How's your shopping and wrapping going?

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

We wish you a happy Vlogmas!

What's this Vlogmas?

Well, it's all about enjoying creating videos in the lead up to Christmas and popping them over onto Youtube!  And I'm taking part!  Loving it!

If you are taking part in Vlogmas you can join my growing Google+ community to post your videos.

Meanwhile, take a look at mine so far.  Hope you enjoy these!

Much love

Louise xoxox

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Meeting Zoella

As promised, here are the photos from the day we met Zoella.

She was totally a delight.  Looking right into the eyes and excited faces of every book fan, she was lovely.
I announced to her with glee,
"I've brought my baby girl to see you!" And she replied with an "Aww" and pulled a face that was familiar in her videos to her viewers.

I asked Zoe with a heart felt message, "So how are you doing?" Thinking she is likely exhausted with mental excitement and she replied with a cheery smile,
"I'm ok how are you?"

Once Typical pink teenager showed emotion, I showed emotion too.  Apparently the first parent to shed a tear.

Another parent who I connected with through twitter (he was there taking his big baby girl too) said I must be so proud to have the #firstcryingparentaward.  Yes!

So here are the photos from blue water book signing with Zoe and my girl.  What a wonderful day.  A great demonstration of a Lusher Life and a dream coming true.  For both Zoe and my Jas.

Apologies for the quality but we had to be quick taking the pics on the phone.

I'll be making a 'snippets' video to go on Youtube really soon, meanwhile, wishing you Much love

Louise xoxo

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

3 steps on keeping positive

Getting the information you need to learn the Law of Attraction takes a whole lot of time.  I have been at it for some years now and still often get blown away with new ideas.  So, how do you learn what you need?  How, also, do you use it to keep positive when your day is not going so well as you would like?

There are so many tips and tricks that I will keep it simple on here and just share with you a few exercises that you can use to bring you right back into the state of mind that will allow you to push through the negativity.

* Breathe.  Use your lungs to full capacity.  Fill them deeply with air using your nose.  Then slowly release with an open mouth and try to calmly say 'AHH'.  This gives a vibration through your chest and seems to instantly 're set' things.

* If you are in the middle of a meeting, exam or such a place surrounded by people (who may find your 'ahhhh' a little weird) try this:
Look around you and begin to name things you see. 
"There is a red fire extinguisher"
"I see a clock on the wall telling me it's 2.10pm"
"The table in front of me has four legs."
"This chair is very comfortable."
And so on.  You get the idea?  Ok, so what's the point in all this?
Maybe you've heard of living in the now?  There is a suggestion that if you live in the past you can get depressed, if you live in the future, you can get anxious, yet in the now: It is what it is.  This is how it is right this second.  Picturing all the things around you will help you get back into the moment and live it for what it is.  When you come back 'to it' you will be feeling so much better, it's almost like magic.
Try it.  Let me know in the comments how you get on.

* Getting back into the 'Vortex'.  This is a phrase used by Abraham Hicks.  It's suggesting that the vortex is a wonderful place where you feel your heart sing and your spirit lifting.  Try and remember a few moments where you have felt like this.  It's a far cry from depression and anxiety. Right?
Ok, so if you've had a bad day, you need to focus on getting back in the Vortex. A way to do this is to focus on something that makes your heart sing.  For me,  it's listening to music.  Maybe loudly in the car.  Singing perhaps.  So what is your 'thing'?  Going to the gym,  working out?  Stepping into the Jaccuzi?  Putting on make up, doing your hair, taking selfies and putting them on instagram?  (Share them in the comments?)

Of course, if you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction you can download my book for 77p on the right hand side or you could search in Youtube for Law of Attraction. 

I'd love to know this has helped you.  Leave a comment or email me.  Keep in touch!  Have a happy, positive day

Much love 

Louise xoxo
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