Saturday, 1 September 2018

Summer; don't go...

14.5 degrees celsius this morning in the VW.

Heated seats on, wipers taking away the early morning dew.  Harley shuffles in the seat next to me. He is cold.  Yet, still, my flip flops are the shoe of choice! No to boots, not yet.  
I'm either boots or flip flops.  No real in between. 

I love our seasons and how they change.  Yet I'm reluctant to move on from summer. 

This summer has been incredible. 

Why though?  It's been full of twists and turns in the health department but there is something about the way I am feeling which makes me grateful for life just now.
Finally the struggle is over. As I step into the reality of who I am and what I want to be.  

Almost as if I simply have to enjoy the writers life as my career as trying to hold together the 9-5 or the toil of dashing around here and there isn't going to be a possibility to even consider anymore. 
Watching a law of attraction video,  I noticed how the speaker was talking about us 'changing things when...' and yes that's true.  We so often wait until this or until my back is against the wall and I chose gratitude.

Mum is keeping us on our toes as she keeps missing heartbeats.  This is something I have learned to stop worrying about.  But more on that over on the new blog.

My holidays have been incredible and I'm really stepping into my own skin. I never knew what that meant before. But I'm finally (for the first time in my life) comfortable with who I am and where I'm going.  Life feels good.  I'm comfortable with home life. Happy with work life.  The newest diagnosis of AS has allowed me to release the guilt of always being so fatigued as I know the reason why now.  

Travelling to Turkey was more than amazing and I plan to go back with mum in a couple of weeks time.  Prior to that we are in the trees for a wonderful time at Centre Parcs. I love it there! We also are off to a luxury lodge for a couple of nights on the coast.  All the while reviewing, photographing and writing about...what a dream job. 

Loving my online life. 


Friday, 31 August 2018

The next adventure; Gran Canaria

Sea view. 


The day awakens with the hustle of deliveries, trucks and vans. 

Without doubt we are going to have fun. 
My amazing twins doing more than chipping in to help with my braveheart mum. 

Today, we explore. Feel the pool as we swim. 

Get to know the place. 

Get to know each other better than ever. 

I'm excited. Bring on the day! 


Saturday, 18 August 2018

I’ve been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis

This blog post is disguised as a positive one I promise. It might not seem it initially. 

This week I was shocked to receive a letter from the hospital following an MRI I had a few weeks ago. 
Reluctant to lay in the machine, I felt so nervous. I’m not sure what I thought might happen but the heart was pounding anyway. 
Thankfully the amazing hospital workers had no hesitation in letting me use a machine which they told me was a bigger one. Still looked small to me. Yet I appreciated how sweet they were considering it was the end of the day. Without their kindness I expect they could have left earlier for home. 

Previously, an MRI (they were looking for spina bifida occulta) showed 3 degenerative discs. One facet joint had some osteoarthritis but let’s face it, I’m not 21 anymore. So part of me almost didn’t go for the test. 

The results informed me I have Ankylosing Spondylitis

There are square vertebral bodies with lesions, sacroilitis on both hips both sides of the joint and it generally sounds like a lot of inflammation is going on. 


I’d read around AS before but was thankful I didn’t have it. Now I do. 
This is life changing. 

A chance of spinal fusion is frightening. This means the spine ends up one big long bone rather than lots of little bones. 
The treatment is naproxen which will flare up the crohns so we can’t go down that route. There is biological treatment available but I know nothing about that yet. 

Already, I’ve made positive steps in my research and hope things can continue to give me hope. 

I’m feeling like I really want to crack on with living life just now. Travel. See the world. 
Sort my house out. 
Get some building work done. 

Apparently, daily exercise is a must. Eating a low starch diet is also proven to help. If you want to read around the science bit, I’ll link it here. I am excited to read that one of the bacteria in the gut (which loves to feed on starch) is linked to CD and AS. So, this makes total sense as when I followed the specific carbohydrate diet my gut flora changed, as did the back pain. 

At the age of 13 the back pain started. No one seemed to think this was unusual and I’ve lived with a bad back ever since. Around the same time (tmi warning) I began I lose blood from my intestines and the GP decided this was likely heamorriods without an examination and for years I lived on medication for that until my crohns diagnosis 25 years later!

It’s bad. 
I can’t turn back time. 
So what can I do?  I can exercise daily and eat right. 

I can live life. 


Are you with me? Will you support me?
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Love, as always

Louise xoxox

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