About me

Louise Usher was born in Kent, England.
As a child she always had pen to paper, writing many letters to thankful Grandparents. The passion for finding out what life is all about has taken Louise on a journey into an author. Twenty years ago she wrote two novels and decided to leave them in her bedroom. Long before the days of typing on a computer, she also won a place in a publication called the Other Side and took her poem, 'Thank you, mother nature' to print. Reflecting on her own infertility issues, this painfully written poem was a total contrast to her now humorous journals that she writes and publishes.

Often based on true stories, Louise loves to write about daily life and the ups and downs in a funny, relatable way that is easy to read. Subjects including Trying to conceive, weight loss and life changing behaviours. 
After discovering the Law of Attraction and how it helped her towards creating the life of her dreams, Louise published "The Basics to the Law of Attraction" to kindle and the work is currently growing with a passion.

Favourite Photos:

I LOVE to travel

Fantastic book! 

My fur baby Harley

My twins

Cairngorm Mountain, I just love nature

Loch Garten

Me and Daddy

You'll often find me with coffee and gluten free cake.

In nature, often.

Yes I am!

Never far from a beach

Ideally a hot beach!

My first fiction publication

In nature again! 

In flip flops, often. 

Loving biology.

Feeling smart! 

Wales <3

Coffee. Harley. 

Dad and I at Sharm <3

Writing in Majorca...ideal. 


Discovering surf...

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