Wednesday 18 May 2016

So, you want to manifest your dreams come true?

Do you remember, way, way back when this blog began?

It was all because I had discovered the law of attraction, or, "The Secret".  It changed my life into everything unrecognisable.
Even my aura changed.  Literally, I have just hopped into the coffee shop and the ladies in there gave me the most amazing compliments about how I looked and how amazing I am!

Taken aback, (as you would be) I felt honored but also wonder how much of this I owe to the law of attraction.  You see it's been a long time in the making but I am totally realising that my life is in my own hands.  Now my latest manifestation (likely my biggest) is coming to fruition.  It has taken me off guard.  Totally.  But I'm ready for it universe!!!

Do you want to manifest?  What is it you want? The dream house?  Car?

More love?
Better sex?

It all can happen when you beleive and trust in the power of the universe. I am living proof.  Along with millions of other people who have turned their lives around.  I have many, many recommendations for readings for you along with videos to watch and you can see most of them for free on the internet.  Make sure you have followed my blog to be able to gain access to these within the next few days.  You want to change your life?  IT starts here.

All the while you might be nodding along thinking you don't get it.  Well many people don't.  Not until you have read my book, the basics to the law of attraction.  If you  have read the secret and that didn't make much sense to you, Try the DVD.  That helped me and then I spent many, many hours and days and actually years, researching and bringing me to this place where I currently am which is a place of knowing.

Now I want to share.

I would honestly reach out to you if you are someone who may be struggling a little.  If you are a person who wishes for more but can't seem to get it.
If you have could do it.  My book over on amazon will help you and I am here for you to ask any questions you have in the after-time.  I am here for YOU.  I promise.  See it as a way of accessing my coaching for pretty much free.  You can download and read this on your phone even.

Below is a link.  In order for me to keep manifesting, please share this post on your social media sites, the more you give, the more you get. Life is like a mirror. 

Also, there is a giveaway, in printed form.  I have a printed book here next to me which I will sign and post to you with a personal message.  Just share this post, take a screen shot and email to me at this address and I will enter you into a draw to be picked next week.  Although it's nice to  have the printed copy to make notes in, I would urge you to download the 99p book here now.  Get started while you are full of positive energy.
If you are a visual learner, you might want to also see my youtube channel.  Here is a link to the law of attraction playlist.

Go for it!!

You can do this! You will do this! I have every faith that the universe is working for you, in your best interests.  It's worked for me, so why not you?

With love, as always

Louise xoxo

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