Sunday 20 October 2019

How writing can help us

Why don't I just get the writing done?

Life is pretty overwhelming and this morning I was very determined to begin a truly productive writing week. I even posted about lighting candles, head down and bum up. Then five minutes later I found myself with a very long 'to do' list. 
     Really, I could happily hold my head in my hands and have a grumble about it. But instead, I decided to take a few moments to grab coffee, scone, a new moleskin notebook (all the pro writers use those), a pink pen and sit and write. 
     Some may call it brain dump, some may say it's morning pages. I think of it today as writing a list, although my list was already created on my new iPhone en route back from the West Country yesterday.
The list will not be completed for quite some time. 

Do you ever wish there were two of you? I do. One can sell the 'tut' on eBay that mum collected over the years, while the other me  can write the stories I was put on  this earth to write.
     My new list includes a new podcast, some inspirational  stories recorded for spotify (new idea that the universe showed me via another human) and other creative genius ideas. 
     Sometimes I wonder if I purely should be writing, forgetting all the other stuff. Yet often I wonder if I'm actually fuelled by being a little stressed and uptight.
     One thing I do know, I haven't blogged enough recently  and it IS something I Love to do!
     Writing this has helped, thank you. There will be more. 

If you want to tell me what you would like to see, email me. I had a lovely request this morning, "I need one of your motivational videos to kick me out of bed in the morning!"

Consider it done!



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