Monday 18 November 2019

Why Last Christmas (the movie) made me cry

Why Last Christmas the movie made me cry

A brand new, Christmas themed chick flick is out! Excitement filled me as I realised there was a gap in my diary to go and watch it at the cinema the day after it began to show.

The trailers showed what looked like a rom-com type of theme with lots of love to be had and of course, Christmas ‘things’. Was it going to be like Mamma Mia? Everyone said it was set to the theme of Wham! songs. Remembering back to when I was a kid, I saw Wham! on tour at Wembley in London.  December 23rd1985.
Those were sad and lonely days in my little bedroom, playing over and over, "Like a baby" on vinyl until I fell asleep, to the glow of an oil lamp I used to light. 

Last Christmas (the movie) gave me a jaw-dropping plot twist to fathom! I am the person who can always predict what is about to happen in the storyline but I really didn’t see this one coming. Of course, there are no spoilers here but if you see the trailer you will see what I am about to mention here on this post.  

You see, for me, this day saw far more than just going and watching a movie.  The main character Kate (played by Emilia Clarke – who has the most incredible facial expressions and eyebrows) goes through a personal journey.  From being somewhat a ‘misfit’ in life and trying to please her family and friends, while getting so much wrong, she has a miserable time until she meets Tom.  Played by the most handsome guy I’ve seen on the big screen lately, Henry Golding, Tom begins to break down the hard outer shell Kate has built for herself through past hurts.  As her softer side unfolds, we see her opening up to letting her heart do the talking as “Heal the Pain” (George Michael) weaves throughout the film.

Casting my mind back many years to an old friend who was a guy, he used to play Heal the Pain to me all the time after my own heartbreak. Corny, I know but I don’t mind; it is a lovely memory that moved me at the time and took me right back to that moment in the film too.  Of course, my eyes began to fill with tears and I hoped they wouldn’t flow. 
It worried me how much I could relate to the main character and if you have seen the trailer, I’m giving nothing away by telling you there is pretty much a love story unfolding.  Kate lets Tom in to her closed heart. Something I struggle with, letting people in.  I can only imagine how hard this is for her.  
The plot twist happens and we see so much unfolding within the story which takes us to an ending where Kate has to go on her own journey of learning to love herself, just like the song says, 
     “Be good to yourself ‘cos nobody else has the power to make you happy.”

And I cried LOTS more. 

Did I love this film?

Oh goodness, YES! 
Some have said it’s cliché’ and cheesy.  Isn’t that exactly what a good rom-com Christmas themed movie needs to be?

Set in London, it was beautiful to see familiar places like Regent Street and Covent Garden lit up for Christmas but for me, the characters made this film what it is, with a little George Michael magic thrown in. The storyline definitely took me through a personal journey, during the time I was watching, and the tears were a demonstration of my own life adjustments I am trying hard to sit comfortably with just now. 

Go see this film! It will make you feel Christmassy and that plot twist is definitely something to make you gasp! 
Let me know what you thought too while I try and be a little more ‘Kate’.

"I'm just scared all the time; they just expect me to be normal." (Kate) 

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