Saturday 15 February 2020

She's writing again

I've been off.

Off from writing, but not from creating. 

Before Christmas, I decided to lick some wounds and figure out where I'm at and what I'm doing with my writing career.  I've ALWAYS written and it's been such a life force for me.  Yet something wasn't sitting right so I took a hiatus.  

Todays IG story

Haha! I laugh now how I think about other writers who type that exact same thing. I never understood it before.  Figuring why you would need to stop and think about this thing that you not only love but simply have to do.

Journalling helps.  That, and time.  I have used both as a vessel in which to tap into my own source, gut feeling, intuition and tried so hard not to overthink, which is a conflicting term in itself. 

My faithful law of attraction in all it's magical splendour has helped more than I can begin to explain. Showing me directions in line with my thoughts even when they change daily.  My heart is a creative writer, yet one with a gentle soul who might actually want to put 'stuff' out without a return in harsh criticism.  My stories are personal and deep. For now, I'm not convinced about sharing the IVF - Happiness in Vitro story with the world. Simple reasons really.  It needs more juice, it needs a little injection of fiction and the possibility of hurting someone - regardless if he hurt me - even if no one knows who he is. 

I'll continue to write this story behind the scenes while I'm sharing narratives of the creative non-fiction type.  Stories of adventures, travel, discoveries and life lessons which all provoke inner learnings of myself. Helpful stories which aren't guides, but contain information for others hoping to visit the same places.  Yes, I might add some characters in there and possibly part of the story arc might need some fiction, an extra crisis point and the like. 

It's unique.  

I don't mind if you don't understand what I'm telling you in this blog post but as always I love the fact that you listen.  I adore the preciousness of those of you who see these trips on my Youtube and click, like, subscribe and look for the next video.  You can be safe in the knowledge I'm gathering information on the trips which will show me the way forward into the next narrative and you can read while picturing the set scene if this is a place you might have visited. 

Regardless of the 'spilling-it-all-outness' of this post, rest assured that the takeaway for those of you who follow this post is that I am writing again.  

It feels warm and cosy here. 


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