Sunday 7 June 2020

What does a travel blogger do now?

Many of you connected here in the beginning because of my travel vlogs. Currently, what are travel vloggers doing right now? When might we travel again? Where would I like to go? How do you get yourself up and going each day? I was inspired by Kara and Nate on this video: as they speak about changing their daily routine to get up and get going each morning - so I thought, as I often do the same thing, that I would take you with me and we could have a chat along the way. I didn't expect the myriad of emotions which were evoked on this journey.

I had to stop and pause for a while as the views took my breath away - and much as I love to try and keep these films motivational I felt I needed a moment to fix my own oxygen mask for a few moments.  I would have liked to stayed longer but the builders were arriving so I had to get back to normal life and crack on with my day.  So much strength is needed sometimes to carry us through the daily routines and stopping to focus on 'going within' to the core of the essence inside and who we are, what we are doing, can sometimes shake things up inside. 

What has given you time to think lately? What might be different about life after lockdown for you?


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