Monday 3 January 2022

2021 – Very likely the saddest year.

 2021 – Very likely the saddest year.


We all want to mean something to someone. Even if that’s a stranger. 


We thought we were going to struggle in 2020 but looking back, it felt fluffy and warm. 2021 came storming in to create a proper shit show for so many of us. Me included. This has been the worst year for my health, my heartache, my confusion about the future, and my fears.


But look now, it’s almost over. 


And I got to celebrate another birthday. Not everyone had that blessing. 

My wings felt clipped and it’s time to fly again. Look what I have planned for next year – and just look at how excited I feel. 


I’m not a huge fan of ‘new year/new me’ as I do feel we can treasure that thought at any time of year. But you know when we say ‘sleep on it’ and things feel better? Well, sometimes it can be the same with January the 1st


Do I believe we can change things for the better?  Yes, I do.  If you question that, have a little listen to Jack Canfield. He will get the better feeling thoughts flowing through your head, for sure. It isn’t always easy, and I say that over and over on my YouTube channel. Some people say, 

     ‘ohh it all comes from within,’ as if we should be immune to our outer world. It takes time to change the outer world, to be at peace with what is inside.  I have spent a lot of time in November and December unwell. Which gives way to thinking time. Coupled with looking at analytics on my channel, and asking my tribe what they want from me, I have some exciting ideas. 


Watch this video. And the next one. And I will be back to tell you all about it in the early part of 2022. 




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