Saturday 4 June 2022

What is self care to you?

Self love kind of morning on June 4th 

 Many of us have an anniversary day for ourselves. 
The day we got sober, put ourselves first, said no to an abuser, or a day to mark our independence. 

 June 4th is the day of a new journey when I was confused and hurt, but began a new path into finding my way into something else. 
The day I didn’t give up. 
The day I put me and my unborn twins as my priority. 
And no matter what was thrown our way, we kept on going. Celebrate YOU today for whatever reason you can find. 
And yes, this is cheesy and personal but without these life stories, how can we learn? Time to 
🖊 journal 
☕️ have a cuppa 
🐾 love Harley 
🧴moisturise all morning 
💻 edit some travel vids

 Just for a couple of hours…💜


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