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The Law of Attraction Basics – getting started
How would you like to change life for the better by the
end of this?

What is the Law of Attraction?

*Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?

*What does it sound like it means to you?

If Law of Attraction (or LOA as it’s called) is something you
have heard of but don’t yet fully understand, well, you are
certainly in the right place.
Even some of the Guru’s who teach Law of Attraction can
still keep on learning more and more every day about how to
apply the Law of Attraction into their lives.

Ok, in a nutshell, what do you want?

If life had a magic wand, waved it in your direction and said
“Your wish is my command!”, what exactly would you wish
Think about it just carefree right now, don’t think too much
into that answer……kind of go with your gut feeling. See
what you come up with.

Let’s ask it again: “What do you want?”
Think for a second and even write yourself a little list if you
like. If there were NO barriers in life and you could really
honestly have whatever your heart desires in life, what would
you write on that list?
Don’t be surprised to know that some people don’t actually
know what they want. Yet we have other ways of tapping into
the resources to show that you actually do know what you
want, just maybe not consciously.
Already, after just a few seconds here you will begin to build
a picture of what seems like a beautiful fantasy. In actual fact
you will understand in a few more minutes that this fantasy
could actually begin to become a reality.

The LAW of Attraction:
A definition of a law: Well, when you look this up in
Wikipedia it mentions lots of things about governments,
legislation, legal procedures and such.
I’m not quite so keen on that definition! I prefer talking
about the universal laws…. Now this is my personal
definition and sometimes I’ve been known to look at the
fluffy side of life which is actually how I really like it!
Universal law is something that must always be, no matter

Most people know about the law of gravity so lets talk about
that. I often use this example. Fill in the blank………
“What goes up, must ……. …….. “
Did you get it?
Yes, what goes up must come down when we apply the law of
gravity. Nothing except removing the gravity will affect that.
Do we accept this as human beings? Absolutely we do!
Now, imagine for a minute that you took a coin and tossed it
into the air and didn’t know if it was going to come back
down to land but in fact keep on going up and up and up and
up and away until you never saw it again. You would think
twice about throwing it up there wouldn’t you?
Of course we all would. That’s just human nature.
Yet……..everytime, without question, we absolutely know it
is going to come back down. So we throw it up there,
trusting this knowledge.
When you know that you can also trust the law of attraction
in the same way, you will start to use it exactly the same. You
will trust it, without question and you will leave it to work on
its own without keep asking HOW?

Switching on a light bulb

Sending a fax

Breathing oxygen

All things that we could question: “How does that really
work?” Some things seem impossible to us but still we know
it will work.
By the end of this lesson today I hope that you will begin to
get an insight into how you can change your life by just
trusting the Law of Attraction. It’s happening all over the
world and you honestly need to get onboard and make your
dream life happen.
It’s all possible. Honestly it is!
What was it you were dreaming of having in your life again?

2. Asking for the things you want

Have you actually decided how you would like to live your
Think for a minute about not only material things that you
would like but also what you feel will bring satisfaction into
your life. No particular one thing makes you happy or
unhappy, that is totally your decision to decide if it affects
you in a positive or negative way.
If you begin this section thinking, “If I won the lottery I will
then be happy” then you need to understand that winning
the lottery will not make you happy. Many people make this
mistake and I’m really sure that you are either laughing or
shaking your head now saying, “well, it would be nice.”

Yes, of course it would be nice.

Of course.

However, the happiness won’t come only because you have
more money.
So how do you decide what you want? Think about the
things that on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the most depressed
and 10 being the most joyful) you can list as many 10’s as

This is different for everyone of course and we all desire
different things thank goodness.
Now, please take into consideration for a minute that life is
actually meant to be GOOD!!! Ohhh, now how do you think
your parents and Grandparents would react to that? Those
who brought you up telling you that life is tough, nothing
comes easily, money doesn’t grow on trees were actually

If you can create a desire in the right way, using these
techniques you are learning there, then anything is possible.
Can you imagine that? Anything being possible?
Here’s a list of popular wishes – not in any order – but of
course you will add your own.
• Ideal partner
• Good health
• Luxury holidays
• Bigger house
• Dream car
• More money
• Promotion at work
• Start your own business

• New plastering on the kitchen ceiling with new spot
lights (or that’s just me!)

So, whatever is your hearts desire, just imagine for a
moment you might actually be able to achieve this. Has a
light bulb gone off? Have you had a “light bulb moment”?
I read a fantastic book which highlighted to me that life was
meant to be good. The meaning of life is JOY. Wow!!!!

That was a new concept for me. I thought life was supposed
to be hard work.

Throughout school we are told to keep our head down and
work hard; without exams we won’t make anything of our
lives. Of course it’s important to work hard at school and it’s
bound to help with exams.
Let me give you a couple of names that I have heard bounced
around the law of attraction circuit…..Richard Branson and
Alan Sugar…….

Both massively successful business men who relied on grit,
determination and bravery to get to where they are today.
Many of the top names are all quoted all over the internet and
they all know that thoughts become things.

Lets give you some of these names: Buddha, Mother Teresa,
Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey and the list goes on.
So what am I trying to say here?
I’m telling you with 100% conviction that you can make a life
of your dreams too by simply knowing the principles of the
law of attraction. Now, question is do you want to?
Be very clear about what you want. This is important.

Right now we are going to have to put in a little work here.
The law of attraction doesn’t just let you lay in bed wishing
for money to be delivered by the postman. You have to
intend it and do a little legwork. This is called taking action.
If you know how you would like to change life then great!
That’s going to be easy for you. If you don’t know but
something doesn’t feel right, which is often the case, then
try this exercise.
Think of 3 words which fill you with absolute joy. These
words must give you that warm feeling in your heart.
Knowing that this is absolutely where you desire to be for
your life.

I’ll start you with some examples:
Gives you an idea of where to go here.

Now, next step, visualize how you can get the things you
want. Let’s take my favourite, freedom. To be free means
different things to different people. For me, it means being
able to manage my own diary my own time off, not working
on my birthday if I don’t want to. Being able to work really
hard for 7 weeks and take a week off.

So, how do I achieve all this? I create a work ethic which
makes sure I can afford financially to take this time off, to
earn enough money to have the freedom to go visit places on
my time off. I work smarter basically.

Although, your idea of freedom may be different. Imagine a
wheelchair user. They may say freedom is being able to walk
across a room unaided.

So I can’t sit here now and tell you how to do it as it is
individual to you. Choose your 3 words and work backwards
to find a way to create. Often, you may find those 3 words
require the same actions to get to the same place. This is
your vibrational harmony.

So, you know what you want now. How do you ask the
universe for your desire?
Visualise it.
Yes, see it, feel it.

Here’s a story. I wanted to put the LOA to the test. Driving
past the car showroom I saw a car which would have looked
really flash for me to drive it. It was an impossible amount of
money to find (hmm, let’s let go of that idea)…….so, I drove
in. I looked around the car and decided I didn’t really like it.
Would have been a bulky car to drive and park. So, I carried
on looking. There I saw my dream car. It looked very sexy
and I could imagine all the compliments as I drove it.
Sitting in it, I smelt the car, I wrapped my hands around the
steering wheel and smiled while I had the photograph taken.
I adjusted the mirrors and the headboard to fit me. Then I
left the showroom.

The car was ready for me, the seat was in the right position,
the photograph on my smart phone looked perfect! I popped
the photo as my screen saver on everything, profile picture
on every social media site and I cut out a picture of the car
and put it on my vision board. I will explain vision board after
this story.
After one more visit and some good advice about finances, I
signed the papers and drove away the car. I honestly couldn’t
believe this had happened. I made a you tube video
“manifesting my perfect car.” I was so excited. All I had
done to get this car was to imagine it was mine! I was

So keep imagining it. Don’t overdo it. If you overdo it, you
can emit feelings of desperation which changes your vibe to a
negative one. 5 minutes a day on each visualization is plenty!
I promise you will be amazed at the results.
Vision boards are basically pieces of paper or card with lovely
dreamy stuff stuck all over them. You can use words,
pictures, glitter, coloured pens, magazine cuttings,
numbers…….anything your heart desires. Then put it in a
place where you can see it all the time.
A client I have writes her dream body weight near the fridge
door. She sees this continually……that may work for her. I’d
need a photo too. A slim one, not the one where you look “I
don’t ever want to look like that again” because you will
manifest that weight.

This should help you massively to create the life of your
dreams. Use these methods, starting with your three words.


The art of believing can sometimes take a little practice. We
need to “undo” some beliefs which are referred to as
“limiting beliefs”.
They limit our ability to imagine it can really happen. Don’t
be frustrated about this as it’s natural. It’s our human part
letting us be human. Try to trust that with practice it will get
A really effective way of helping you on the path to belief is to
start small. If you don’t believe you can manifest something,
it honestly won’t come. The doubt will keep it away. So
instead, try with something that if it does show up, you can
say to yourself “well, that’s not magic as such, that may have
happened anyway.”
Get a little bolder. Dream a little bigger. So, you started
with asking for a cup of coffee. The guy in the office brought
you over a coffee and put in on your desk. You visualized it
in your mind and it turned up. Brilliant.
Next, try changing the traffic lights.
The law of attraction only hears what you are saying. If you
use the words do or don’t then remember you will only get
the subject you are talking about. Very often, pretty much
every time in my workshops, I use the example of changing
traffic lights. If you approach the traffic light and mention
anything about RED, “Oh, it’s red again, this always
happens to me,” Then sure enough, you will emit a
frequency about RED.
After practice, you will truly be able to drive up to every
traffic light with intention and trust and speak something
about green. If I’m switched on and want that light to be
green I can literally say “GREEN GREEN GREEN” and it
either stays or turns green!!! Still, I feel amazed every time!

It’s important that I point out, if a light has been GREEN
sometime when I approach it, I still ask, “GREEN GREEN
GREEN,” but BUT I also make sure I don’t slow the car
down. My foot keeps firmly on the pedal, just to be sure I
will get there before the change. This is the human ego
kicking in, slightly doubting if I should push my luck or not.
If the light beat me (which has never happened since I started
this), I would make sure I laughed with the universe. Giving
off the negative vibe would be a strong emotion that I am
giving energy to. Risking the chance of another red light.
Do you see where we are going here?
Changing a traffic light might not be life changing, yet it will
strengthen your belief in the LAW of Attraction. Which is
what you need to make it happen.
After these steps, you can start to try and move forward to
the bigger things. Most ‘ordinary’ people – whatever
ordinary is- will only think they can be millionaires by
winning the lottery. So to jump to manifesting lots of money
and you might find it unbelievable. Ask for an extra few
pounds for a treat like getting your nails done…….work out
what you need, ask for it and watch it come.
Don’t worry about HOW. That’s not your job. Trying to
work out how will create doubt in your mind.
Don’t worry about HOW.

When we talk about the belief system, I said don’t worry
about how you will receive.

This is almost the easiest part if you can master steps 1 and 2.
Ask and believe.
You need to be open to receiving. If you have the total belief
that you will receive then just sit back and wait. It doesn’t
take long. It always comes at an appropriate time.
Trust the universe. It won’t let you down. If you don’t get
something you want when you want it, there is a reason.
Always. Were you too desperate for it? Emitting negative

Switch on the radio, tune in to 107.9………what station is
there? 107.9
Not 103.2

Why not? Because that is the frequency you are tuned into.
Of course.

So if you emit positivity, you will receive positivity back.
Ok, so how do we apply this to this chapter? The best thing
you can do while you are waiting is to be thankful for
everything you have now. What will this do? It will continue
to give off positive vibes.

Say thank you for everything. Before you get out of bed in
the morning, think of something to be thankful for. Your
good nights sleep perhaps. The fluffy pillow you slept on.
Listening to a really amazing podcast, I heard a listener ask a
question: He was very concerned that his life was seeming to
become very flat. His wife was content, his job was flowing,
money was ok, everything was just a little flat. He used to
cycle to work and he wanted to get a goose bump feeling
while riding enough to make him want to ride downhill with
his feet off the pedals shouting “wweeeeeeeeee”.

He simply didn’t have this feeling. Now life needs its downs
as well as ups else it will be just flat. We are supposed to be
gathering contrast as well as clarity throughout this lesson of

So the podcast host started to get the man to
imagine……take away your fluffy pillow at night, your wife to
hold you tight while you sleep, your blanket, your job, the
knowing feeling that you will earn a wage enough to buy food
for your family. Take this to the extreme, you are homeless
and sleeping on the street. Imagine that feeling.
Now come back to reality. Does that make you want to ride
downhill with your feet off the pedals shouting “wweeeee”?
Of course it did, he had forgotten to be grateful. As do so
many of us.
What can you say thank you for right now?

How it works
Ok so the basics of how it works are taught in many different
I'm not quite myth busting here but often it's said that you
need to control your thoughts. Well, have you ever tried
that? It's pretty impossible.
Actually, it's about vibration.
Ever walked into a room and felt a 'vibe'. Instinctively you
kind of know that something is good or not.
Gut feeling

Everything is made up of energy. Every cell in your body,
every bit of money, every atom, even every single
thought......imagine that. Your thoughts have a vibrational
Now there are just 2 types of vibe for you to learn.
That's it. So, with practice you can begin to move your vibe
to a positive frequency.
Do you know what that means? How you do it? What will
happen if you move into a positive vibe?
Ok here's my example: I learnt through studying the Law of
Attraction that my driving habits were allowing me to attract
lots and lots of road rage. I would say, with anger and
"I cannot STAND bad drivers!!!
Why can't people learn to drive properly?!!! How come they
don't use an indicator?!!! Am I supposed to guess where
they are turning??!!!"

So on and so on. Now, what was happening here? My blood
was boiling! Who was that affecting?

Not the bad driver. Me. It was causing me stress. Not them.
At best, they would stay angry at me for 5 minutes and then
forget about our incident of angry mouth moving through
the car windows, fist waving, frowning and swear words.
Look, let's tell it like it is. Would you walk along the street
behaving like that? Course not!

Someone you know might see you and judge you for a start!
So with my new knowledge that my driving anger was only
upsetting me, I made a conscious decision to change my vibe
and ACCEPT that people drive differently to me. Some
drivers may think I drive badly (unlikely of course!) in the
same way I get critical of people.
Imagine this......there's someone driving back from hospital.
Driving home.
They just had really bad news. What's the worst news you
can imagine?
Lets use this tragic example. Someone died. Someone close
to them. It's a lady and she's just lost her mum.
Waiting at the hospital in a state of numb pain, she thought if
she sat there a while longer something may change. There
would suddenly be an easier way of telling her children that
grandmas just died. Grandma was the children's hero and
they loved visiting her every Sunday for freshly baked cake
topped off with crunchy sugar.

After another unfinished coffee and sitting at the hospital
waiting for tears to flow (which would have meant the pain
was easing enough to cry) - the lady decided she had to
somehow get home.
Using all of her efforts to pay for the car park ticket, she then
put the key in the ignition and started the drive home.
Struggling to concentrate, she forgot her indicator.
She caught sight of you. Angry, upset, frustrated at her.
Shaking your head with a "tut tut". Hatred in your eyes as
she mutters "sorry" and sits herself up, realising she must
concentrate harder to avoid a collision.
In the big scheme of things, is the indicator essential? No. At
times, we all get clumsy, make mistakes, say the wrong thing.
Forgive these poor imperfect people. Our imperfections are
what makes us human.
So, by keeping a negative vibe while driving, you are actually
attracting other negative drivers to you.
What you give out, you get back. It's like a mirror. If you
emit a negative vibe, you attract negative vibes back to you.
I've known working people to discover this and watching
their lives change. Suddenly, the co workers speak to them
less. Purely because they are not getting the sought after
argument anymore.

People look in wonder at how easily you seem to float around
in your life. How lucky you are. How happy you seem.
How come you are so lucky?
Are you more lucky? No. You are just grateful.
Change your vibe. Make it a positive change.
Changing your vibe:
It sounds pretty easy when you read it on paper. Yet
changing the habits of a lifetime is obviously going to take
some practice.
I feel quite passionately about pointing out this fact. None of
us is perfect.
At times we will get angry or frustrated. We will cry or feel
down. Actually, this is ok!
However, accepting that we are human with a Human ego
often taking over is one thing; while understanding how to
change it is another thing entirely.
Ok so you are having a bad day and feel angry. We already
learnt that by staying angry we will attract more anger to us.
So do you agree that you need to chill?
Ways to do this:
A very popular method which is highly effective is
At times when meditation is mentioned people wince as they
have no idea how to do it or where to start. In a tiny nutshell,
meditation is a way to try and quiet the mind enough to relax
the conscious mind.
The subconscious mind is known to take care of things in
ways that we can't comprehend with our conscious mind.
It's about chilling out.

You don’t need a certain practice to chill out. What works
for you? What makes you feel quiet, relaxed and as if you are
in control of your thoughts and feelings?

It’s different for us all.
Some people respond well to meditation and others just say,
“I can’t stop my mind from wandering.”
Wandering is fine! Honest.
You don’t need to be in a state of semi consciousness as
people think you do. Many folk think that you need to be
hypnotized almost. Not so.

There are many many guided meditations out there on the
web which you can download and just try to listen to them
enough to paint the pictures in your head of what the author
is speaking about. If you can learn to let go for a short while,
you will be totally amazed at how sometimes you can be
totally transformed once your subconscious brain can take

We have pretty much already outlined many of the things you
can get wrong or rather ways in which you can keep the Law
of Attraction from working the way you would like it to.
Let’s cover it again here:
• Finding fault in others, be more forgiving
• Keeping a feeling of desperation, let it go. It will come
easier then
• Wondering HOW this will happen. It’s not your job to
ask how
• Getting grumpy or angry. Be more thankful
• Letting the contrast flow. Life needs ups and downs
• Not taking time out to get quiet and connect each day.

So think for a moment if you have practiced this well
enough and you are finding things still aren’t happening
for you, are any of the reasons above stopping you?
It’s really not impossible to make things happen. Maybe
you are trying to manifest things that are too hard to
believe. Go for smaller things first, or create a different
way in which this dream may become reality.

Go on, apply it!!!
You have come so far in your journey into the Law of
Attraction already.
Does life feel different? Are you excited about the fact of
your life filled with JOY ahead? You should be.
Personally, when I discovered the LAW of Attraction, my
life totally changed for the better and while it can
sometimes be a terrifying journey, it is one that is for the
good of you.
Now, many many books and audios are out there to teach
you things. You get to this stage you are at now and
think, “GREAT, I’ll start that tomorrow.”
Then often people will go ahead and do absolutely
nothing about it! Just the same as diets…….
So, break the mould, decide right now what you want to
manifest first….something small.

Here’s the gap to let you think about it for a second or

Ok, so make a promise to yourself to start being amazing.
If you have previously been a victim at work, watch what
starts to happen as you float around in a whirl of
happiness and delight! People respond positively to you.
They will wonder what happened, some will even respond
with envy which is an emotion that we Law of Attraction
people don’t understand. There is enough good to go
around everyone. Enough money, enough jobs, enough
food and enough housing etc etc the list goes on. I wish
for you the very best of everything my friend. I hope life
treats you amazingly well as you treat others.
It’s like a mirror.

Your life is in your hands. It’s totally up to you to decide
exactly how you want to live it. Don’t be influenced by
others. Don’t be dictated to.
When others tell you how to run your life, or give you the
benefit of their advice just be gracious and thankful and
then disregard the feelings you don’t like or trust.
Listen within. If something doesn’t feel right, sit right or
just makes you wonder what is that all about then don’t do

That little voice is in there for a reason!
Now, go back over the section, “Go on, apply it!” one
more time tomorrow. Remember how excited you feel
right now.

Be excited enough to make the change.

Much love and very best wishes to you

True Stories of Real Manifestations
How does this book sound to you so far? Bet you are hoping
that there may actually be some kind of magic out there
which may, surprisingly, help you change your life.
When I very first discovered the Law of Attraction it was all
very surreal and to be honest, I totally left it alone for about a
year. Although when I started to realise that there was
actually a whole lot of truth in this 'thing' I got very excited.
Turning goosebumpy, I started (allowed myself) the brand
new thought that maybe, just maybe there may be a way to
look at life differently.

Magic? Hmm...

Like magic? Power? Something bigger than me? How could
I tap into this?

We have all been raised and programmed during this time to
feel certain things and to think certain thoughts. Chances
are, as a child you were subjected to thoughts of lack and
told to work hard at school, toil at work and expect life to be
hard. Was it really meant to be this way? My thoughts -
please know this is my opinion and you may choose your own
which may even be different - are that life was/is meant to be
good. I love the idea that we should be having fun, laughing
lots, doing the 'dance like no ones watching' in the kitchen.
There are enough resources in the world for absolutely
everyone! Truly. Therefore we should live without greed or
competition or envy. Living without envy is a wonderful
thing. Realising that someone has used the right thoughts,
actions, tools and affirmations to get what you would like
should surely show you that in fact, you could duplicate this.
Imagine looking at someone else, realising they have what
you would like. Then imagine knowing that it is also
available for you too if you just applied the correct methods.
Taking away envy is an amazing way to live life. Even taking
on the knowledge that if you are 'trying' to achieve
something and it's not working, then you need to change
something. It's not bad luck or 'not meant to be'. You can
have your hearts desire.


Now I have a few stories and examples for you that will
demonstrate manifestations that I or people I know have
managed to easily allow into their lives.

Starting off, try the easy stuff remember. Use something
simple, such as turning traffic lights green. You need to be
in a good mindset to allow these things. Even if you say a few
'thankyou''s before asking for a green traffic light. Should
you be trying so hard to turn the light green from a desperate
place of 'don't want to be late for work' angle, chances are it
won't work. Why? Well, the universal laws will hear "late
for work" and you will be focusing on "late for work".
Change your thought to "everything will always be alright."
Watch what happens.
Thankfully, after a couple years practice, I am now also able
to turn green lights back to red if I need to take a sip of my
water or stop for some other reason. It never fails to leave me
amazed though. I love this.

In one of the Law of Attraction books I read it asked you to
imagine a feather. Imagine every detail of the feather and
how it looks, what size it is, the type of detail on it.
Then we wait. Let's wait and see if the feather will
miraculously turn up. Of course this is something you can
try if this is something that interests you. Again, using the
correct 'type' of though is important. If this feather turns up
and you feel - "So what?" then manifest something else.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * *
* * * * * *

Wishing to test the Law of Attraction to its limit, I was aware
of the universal law which says,
'Whatever you need will be provided for.'
This, to me, was a complete new idea. I'd always thought
life would be a struggle. Life was not supposed to be easy for
ordinary people like us. I had never heard of the likes of
Beethoven who was told by none other than his teacher he
had no talent and he should give up!

Einstein, one of our greatest brains in history was told he was
lazy with a less than average IQ. There are so many of these
stories. These guys could obviously have so easily given up
right at that point and decided that actually the teachers were

Imagine that for a moment. Just think of all the brilliant
athletes we would have missed out on, the inventions that we
would not have seen or heard of. Stories like these are
honestly everywhere.

Do you notice how these days there are so many lovely
quotes and pictures floating around on social media for
everyone to ‘like’ and ‘share’. We all want that reassurance
that we are doing ok. When in fact, it’s not really our
business to worry about what others think of us. It in fact is
our business to know (without question) that we have a
unique skill to offer people and what we offer is amazing.

Who we are is amazing.

Without this, the law of attraction is nothing. We simply
must feel the love. This is the answer to everything.
Being honest, while just having a browse on the net looking
for some quotes which were beating others down (the quotes
to those said athletes and inventors) I came across a
beautiful website. This really caught my eye. Gorgeous
colours, simple layout, a sensible list of helpful things and
on top of all that, this person seemed particularly generous
at offering her services and tips for free as well as paid.

The coach had brilliantly attached Youtube videos within her
blog posts which is what they call a ‘sticky post’. Simply put
this means we will hang around longer on the site. As I
clicked with excitement to meet the new online mentor, I
noticed how angry she was while telling a story about being
added to an email list without permission. Ok, I get it, yes
that’s not right.

Yet the frown on her face, the raised voice, the manner in
which she read her script on her Youtube video just made me
switch off. We didn’t resonate. Her content was what I was
looking for and she was clearly clever and confident. Yet my
kind of coach will be one with heart, less frowns, more, love
yet not soppy and daft. Directionally strong.

Highlighting a point here. What I think of this lady
shouldn’t stop her doing what she would like to do. It should
just very simply point out to me that we all have different
talents, yet even though she was perfect for giving me
information, she wasn’t quite my ‘cup of tea’.

You may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t let that stop
you! Plenty of folks will totally love what you do and follow
you, tweet you, like you for all these reasons!

So, back to the point about our creative genius…

Well just have think. Did they let these comments stop
them? Or did they have such a strong feeling inside of
deciding to go for it, regardless?

Yes, of course the latter. Well you know what, I expect this
felt like a very very lonely journey for our now famous
inventors and sports folk.

How do you overcome the upset that people throw at you?
I have some surprising news for you. You don't!
What? You don't??

That's right, you don't overcome it. You are a human being
with sensitive feelings. We all wish for folks to love us and
agree with us. Evolution made us different from each other.

We are not all the same and therefore, we disagree at times.
People sometimes don't have the right facts and if you ever
eavesdrop on conversations you will notice that the said
talker is actually bleating on about something you totally
disagree with. Would you butt in and say "Excuse me you
pratt, what the heck are you on about?"
Of course not. The reason is because you are sweeter than
that, smarter than that. They aren't, therefore they are likely
to be the ones who will butt in and correct you because of
course they know better. Anyway, just let it go. Safe in the
knowledge that you are superior and clever and don't need
to expect everyone to agree with you. Very often we all get
misunderstood and often it doesn't seem fair.

So accept the criticism with a wry smile and let it go.
Posting a photo on facebook, I was excited to share the
knowledge of the Law of Attraction with the world. From
inside I'm screaming, "Look!!!! Look!!! Go have a go at
this, it really really works and it can work for you too. I want
YOU to have an amazing life too so please embrace what I'm
showing you and change your life for the better!"

Yet what people chose to see and hear was this, "Huh, look
at me, aren't I smart! Smarter than you can ever chose to be
you div. I can afford to be cocky as I can chose the best
parking space outside of the supermarket and get a car to
move fast enough so that space is mine. Huh, no doubt my
life will continue to be perfect for the rest of the day too."
Was that my problem? OR theirs?
It is their problem. They chose to read it with negativity. I
even had a guy (actually quite hilarious really) post on there
that I should have reverse parked in case of revering out and
over a child or a pushchair. Allowing that kind of negative
focus into this life is fine. Yet I was busy celebrating the fact
that I have discovered something that someone else taught
me and I wanted to pass it on to change other people's lives!

Back to the story. I wanted to test the law of attraction and
other than finding perfect parking spaces I wanted to
manifest something BIG.
Having been the type of girl who has quoted the negative for
ages like, "I've got no money."

"I'm broke." - By the way broke means something that
needs fixing. Do you need fixing? Or are you ok really? Stop
using that word!

"Well, I couldn't possibly afford that."
I decided to put it to the test. Listening to all the law of
attraction teachings that were taking me on my journey, I
was noticing that I needed to take bigger steps towards a
Sitting having pre-Christmas drinks with our very good
friends (who were also broke, had no money, were always
stretched) etc etc I asked them,
"Have you seen there's a lovely big VW for sale in the garage
up the road?"

Without uttering any sounds, I just saw an eyebrow lift.
Really, it was disapproval.
Inside she was screaming, "Well, how can YOU afford that?

You are a single parent with a little business that you work
around school hours. Even WE couldn't afford that."
After announcing I was going to take the car for a test drive,
it was like putting out an intention to the universe.
Can you guess what happened a few days later? Yes, you're
right, I went to the VW garage. Walking up to the car,
nervously, I peered in through the window. The car was
gorgeous. Although in reality I realised very quickly that this
was not actually the car of my dreams at all.

Already driving a brilliant car, but a little VW, I was
considering changing it as it began making a few rattling
noises underneath the car.

Inside the big one, to be honest, it wasn't much much more
spacious than I had imagined in fact less so. The boot space
was pokey too. So, maybe the £19,999 price tag wasn't
worth it to me.
Up walked Ian, the salesman. He asked in an animated voice,
"Hello there. Are you alright over there?"
As I turned to face him he said, "Oh hello again, didn't I sell
you a car before?"
"Yes you did. Hello there. I was just having a look at this
but I think it's a bit bulky for me."
"Lovely to see you again, Lou isn't it?"
"Well remembered yes it is."
"Come on inside, let's get you a coffee and put the world to
rights." He insisted.

So, in we went. The bright lights of the car dealership made
every car shine with rainbow coloured star shaped gleams.
We had the 'said' coffee and spoke about cars. This, for me,
had to be an upgrade.
I was manifesting. I couldn't hold the steering wheel, like
you see in the film The Secret. I couldn't smell the new cloth
and the wax, I couldn't go away from the showroom with the
feeling I needed unless I was upgrading to something almost
impossible to believe.

So, we wandered over to the next size up. The golf. Now, I
could see myself in here. I'd always wanted a golf.
Getting inside the car it was like mission control in there.
Lots of buttons, knobs and touch screens. You could even
plug in your iPod in there! This was quite unbelievable.
I loved this car. I had my picture taken in the driving seat,
clutching the steering wheel of the car and smiling widely.
My suntan was particularly impressive this day, from the
bottle, nevertheless was a lovely glow which made my white
smile look even brighter.

We talked figures. Now, I had decided that this was the car I
would want, if I only could afford it. How could I afford it?
I knew that the 'how' is not something that I should worry
about, that wasn't up to me. That was up to the universe.
Even so, I began crunching numbers. I had to raise £350
per month to pay for the car on the lowest monthly payment
plan and to walk away with the car. The car cost just shy of
£20,000. Brand new. And sexy.........ohhh it was such a
SEXY car.

Looking already at the amount of money I was paying to
advertise my business which I was already very busy at and
struggling to fit in new clients anyway - Sense took over.
If I were to cancel the advertising which was pretty much a
waste of money, that would raise half of the money. Then all
I needed were an extra 2 clients per month to pay for the
remainder of the payments. So, it was 'do-able'.
I decided to sleep on it.

After a week, I went back and took the gorgeous shiny white
car for a test drive. I found it beautiful. I really wanted it.
Still, there was a slight limiting belief in there. Actually, I'll
correct myself there. I did believe I could get it. Was I
worthy of it? Now this is another thing entirely. Take it to
the extreme. Was I worthy of a brand new Porsche?
Without changing my life into a whole new way of life,
possibly not. The reason possibly not is because there are
people who will make you stop and think, "Who the hell do I
think I am?'
Well, you are the person who is worthy. The one with the
nice car!

I bought it. With a slight sense of, "Who the heck do I think
I am?"

It never left me, that feeling.
Until I learnt that what others said about me wasn't true.
The negatives that they believed were their way of justifying
the reason they didn't have the posh car.
Yes, I was a single mum.
Yes, I did work hard.
Yes, I did work my day around getting my children from
Yes, I did wear my blonde hair in a ponytail.
Yes, I had a brain in there, a good one. One that serves me

Yes, their issues with envy were exactly that. Their issues.
Ignoring them is something that I'm still working on today.
The trick that I tell my clients is to distance yourself as much
as possible from people like this. Although it's often
surprising that big, big, big names occasionally let you know
that they also have their vunerable sides too.

To close this segment, I'd say that so long as you look in the
mirror each morning, knowing that the doubters have got it
wrong you are halfway there. You are amazing. You know
that. There are so many things you do each day that are
nothing short of miracles. And you look lovely too….

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * ** * *

Manifesting dishwasher salt, now that's getting just silly!!!!
"Mum!" called out my son, "The shopping man is here."
As I thundered down the stairs in a half hurried state, there
he was, the freezing cold delivery man. Bless his red nose,
pretty much dripping as he flashed a smile and said
"Shopping delivery?"
Unpacking the shopping I was feeling so thankful for my new
routine. Shopping once a week to a fixed budget was
working really well for me. We didn't waste food anymore
yet we enjoyed lovely meals every night and occasionally,
like this particular week, there was a few pounds left in the
budget to spare. I looked in the cleaning materials,
remembering that the dishwasher salt supply in the
cupboard was getting a little low. So, I ordered some. As I
began unpacking the shopping there was the little blue bag
of salt.

That head chatter started, you know? Do you do that?
Almost like talking to yourself but only in your head.

"Salt, oh, well we don't need that just yet but, oh, there's a
thought, I wonder if by buying that I'm actually manifesting
the dishwasher will ask for some more salt? How funny is
that thought.....?" That funny thought got disregarded.
In your intelligence, you know how this story is going now
don't you! Yes, the following morning there was the little
red indicator light telling me I needed to fill up the
dishwasher with salt. I grinned and said out loud,
Now why on earth was it unbelievable??!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * *

Before you check your bank balance, before you step on the
scales, think of a number. Not a magic number, a number
that will be believable for you. Or what you think it might be,
yet on the positive side.
Ask yourself this question. What would you love the number
to be in your dreams?

Then ask, "What do you think it would be?"

Then go ahead and look up to the ceiling like you do and say,
"Would be nice if it was actually.....XXXX"

For instance, a pound off on the scales isn't impossible. It
would possibly make you give a little, "woo hoo!" wouldn't
A deposit into your bank that you're not expecting might
well create an extra £100.... That would be nice. Not life
changing, but if you start with this stuff and see it happening
over and over then you will soon find you are able to manifest
no end of bigger things.

The Law of Attraction does get more and more in-depth and
at times, when you begin your practice, you will find that
things don't always go as you had hoped. There is a lot to it.
My advice to you is master the basics first. Once you have
done this you might well happily go onto further things.
Read a different book, watch another DVD, follow
someone’s blog who gives detail, subscribe to newsletters
with more detail. It's all out there. Of course there is one to
one help from coaches too.

I urge you to take a little time to get into this way of thinking,
this way of life. Honestly, it is life changing.

Still today, I watch road ragers and wonder why they are
wasting their own energy to only upset themselves. Grasp
this concept that your future and your power is in your hands
and you will be off and running.

Enjoy your new life. It's meant to be amazing.

You are supposed to be happy.

Live in Joy.


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