Law of Attraction

What IS the Law of Attraction?
We all have stories...
There have been many for me and to be honest, they frequently are known as "colourful" or "tragic" or occasionally, "You HAVE to laugh..."  Well, yes, you do have to laugh even if the tragic label pops up too.
Through our programming and previous teachings we have all sometimes lost our path a little.
At the end of the day, it can all be summed up in this quote from Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can do a thing, or you think you can't do a thing you're right."
So, in a nutshell, you already know what you should be doing to make life improvements but can need a nudge in the right direction.
Many people are learning the law of attraction now and many have heard of it but don't know where to start making sense of it all.  My book makes it easy and straightforward thankfully and although it is just a beginning and there is lots more to learn, it will start you on a path of making a better life!

This little guide will get you thinking about life and what you want from it, realising with ease that you can ACTUALLY, really, truly make changes within yourself to create a better life - it's quantum physics but not rocket science!!!
* Just read your "Basics to the Law of Attraction."

Brilliant!!!!!!  Easy to read and not full of the jargon that you often come across, which makes you lose the thread of what your reading.  This was easy to follow and easy to remember.  Remembering the rules, is after all, the important thing with this.

* You have really helped me. I've just got over a difficult time after having my arm operated on and I'm now feeling much more positive. I didn't know I had my own power to change my life. Thank you Louise

* This book was brilliant.  A really easy read and I even managed to change all the traffic lights on the way home to green!!! Trying parking spaces next.

* Makes a lot of sense, this book.  I'm going to put the stuff into practice.

* Having seen some of Louise's seminars,  I had an idea already of the Law of Attraction,  but reading this blew my mind! Made it all seem very clear and I'm really confident I can now change my life for the better! Hoping she does a sequel - and really soon too.

Have you been feeling like there's more to life?  You have more to offer?  You want to improve things?  Well, then you are So ready for this little guide.  I'm interested to know about your manifestations after you have read it so please drop me a line!


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