Tuesday 25 January 2011

Communicating with your hair stylist

with your hair stylist:

with your hair stylist
On occasions, some clients find it tricky to get their hairdresser to understand their request. Every salon operates differently, as does every stylist. These following tips may help: 
1. Your appointment should include time required for a thorough consultation. If you feel you may need extra time, due to being undecided on what to do with your hair, mention this when booking. The stylist may extend your appointment time. 
2. Request your required style in detail. Describe the desired result using your hands to “draw” the shape you would like your hair to be. 
3. Your idea of one inch and the stylists idea of one inch may be two different things. Use your index finger and thumb to give a guide of how much you would like cut off. 
4. Photographs are an excellent way of showing your stylist what you mean. Magazines, pop stars, even an old photograph of yourself showing how you like a style are great! Be prepared for your stylist to advise that something may need tweaking to suit you better.
5. Make sure you are absolutely clear of the stylist’s intentions. If you are not sure, ask them questions beginning with what, why, how, when and who. This will enable them to answer you more fully and you will not get just yes/no answers. If you don’t like the sound of the style, ask more questions until you are happy.
6. Ask the opinion of a professional stylist: “How do I create this style at home?” If it sounds unachievable, then this is not the style for you. Some styles will be created using hair products (wax, mousse, hairspray and various other wonderfully-named products)
However, if you don’t like using products, the style will look totally different. If you do, then make sure you purchase professional products, as you are paying for your style at the salon, before you leave. Your hair will love you for it!
7. Wash it and leave it? If this is what you want, it is of utmost importance to tell your stylist first. Talented stylists are out there in abundance, but you will need to inform them if you have no intention of taking a hairdryer or set of irons near your hair. This way, they can create a shape that you should be able to manage well at home.
8. Colours are a fantastic way of enhancing the look of your crowning glory. The stylists and technicians will work together to create the best look for you. Consider your make up, favourite clothing colours, skin tone and current hair colour. The technician will take all of these factors into consideration prior to choosing a colour. Without doing this, they will not be carrying out a professional service on your locks so allow a little flexibility. 
9. Check what price you will be paying when you book. Ask what this includes. Obviously you may be recommended a conditioning treatment which will be an added cost. Your stylist will be happy to tell you the cost if you ask. Take home professional products are a worth while investment and I recommend this for EVERY client. 
10. Stylists are very highly qualified and this will take a number of years to train. Consider all the information they have to advise you on getting the best from your hair. Make the most of every appointment by asking questions if you have them and ask advice on maintenance at home and in the salon. 
Finally, if you are not happy with a service, give the stylist or the salon the chance to put it right. They want every customer to leave 100% satisfied, return for the next appointment and recommend to all of their friends.
Submitted by Louise Usher of Strand Designs. A free advisory service is available from Strand Designs. Contact via:
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