Tuesday 25 January 2011

TGI Fridays customer Service

Leaving School - a massive EVENT!! The junior schools really go to town now and watching the year 6 children coming out of school was a very emotional day to witness.
Sobbing, in floods of tears, the girls hugged each other. Boys in an almost football crowd kind of depth to their voices calling out “yeeeaaaarrrrhhhhhh” as they left the doors to close behind them. 
Stretch limos in abundance, there are proud mothers and fathers galore taking photographs and capturing the new uniform of signed shirts in different colours. 
Off to a new life, full of new challenges, experiences and valuable lessons, they head to TGI Fridays.
Ok, we know TGI restaurants are always a popular choice: I wonder sometimes if my children love it there because of the buzzer that goes off when your table is ready! 
Why is it so popular? 
It’s a very strong brand. 
At the top of this page is a red and white photograph. That was the tablecloth. Most people will recognise this as part of the TGI brand.
The staff dressed in school uniform on this special day. A minor detail but one that showed they like to go the extra mile and join in the celebrations.
Menu choice is huge, including the many exciting cocktails. Oreo cocktail?? Have you tried that? Well you haven’t lived! Try it! 
Catering for many different needs is one magnetic pull that we the public now demand in every retailer. Yet I sat at the table watching and wondering what it  is that takes them head and shoulders above others. My opinion? 
The Staff.
They are fun, they interact with diners, especially children in an almost Red Coat kind of way...one of the waiting staff was almost Disney like in the way she was speaking to one little girl of about 4. The girl was in total awe of the waitress.
When they ask, “is everything ok? is there anything else we can get you?” - you wouldn’t mind saying if there was something they could tweak to make you a tiny bit happier. This is an art form that I suspect the HR department of TGI’s have got perfect. 
As a critique, we could all find a fault in everything. Yet to be able to say out loud what that is and ask for it to be changed is really often quite a daunting thought. 
Next time you are somewhere receiving a service, make sure you feel comfortable. Nothing should be too much trouble. You have a right to expect a high standard. However, twin that with gratitude. Be very thankful for the service provided. Let them know what you have loved about the service. Watch the body language. You may have just made someone’s day: you have made them feel successful in their job, made them feel appreciated. 
In return, you should feel appreciated and taken care of. Everybody is happier, the world is a brighter Place!!!



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  1. I cannot believe they have stretch limos etc when leaving junior school!!
    I've haven't been to TGI for years - maybe I should organise F+T's class outing!


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