Monday 28 February 2011

Fish Pedicure at ExCeL

Not sure of what I might find at the Professional Beauty show at ExCeL yesterday, I drove excited and happy!

The sunshine over the M25 on a Sunday makes driving seem so much more attractive than dizzly November Friday evening.....My ears soaked up an old found CD of 100 best R N B. I LOVE that when you find old music that you used to listen to all the time and then discover it again. THAT brilliant CD

Isn't the mind amazing how it remembers the song words! Magic.

Anyhow, after lots of traffic in London I arrived at ExCeL for the show. I never knew *so* many companies offered such differing advice regarding anti ageing skincare routines. Personally, this is my favourite here; Arbonne. You need to use an online consultant number: 441024856 should help...

Anyhow, after spending lots of lovely time in the exciting nail area and stocking up on minx nails I came to the pedicure section!

YES Fish!!

Have you heard? The latest craze, you sit on a special chair and pop your feet into a kind of square fish bowl and let the little fishes eat all the dead skin off your feet! This leaves you feeling baby soft :o)


I cheekily took a small video to show you the fish swimming around!!

I could quite fancy having a go at this!! What about you?

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