Saturday 9 July 2011

The Best Mint Tea

Freshly grown mint has so many excellent properties to it if consumed!
It is easy on the stomach and relaxes the intestine. Great for trapped wind!

I could sit and list lots of excellent reasons to use mint. But trust me - it's good for you!

So how do you consume it? From a fresh herb, pick off a few of the top leaves and infuse in water to make tea. This is far superior to dried tea bags (although they are still great).

Anyway, after a trip to the wonderful  Leon restaurant (Which I cannot recommend highly enough for customer service and amazing healthy food - even gluten free goodies) I was thrilled to find they serve what they call a mint "steeper" which is loads of full of flavour leaves in a cup.

After growing mint in my herb garden at home, I have decided to regularly make tea and I have an excellent tip for you:
Pick the mint tips fresh, place them in a mini cafetiere and top up with water. After infusing for a few minutes, plunge and pour. Then you aren't picking bits of leaf from your teeth and it's so delicious!

Try it!

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