Monday 18 May 2015

My experience on the Clean 9 detox - Forever Living

After what seems like an eternity of going to networking events and having business cards stuck under my nose from various health and weight loss claimants, I have finally given in to try one.

Networking shouldn't be about forcing your sales on people and it is so super off-putting!  Honestly,  it makes me turn my back with a slight chip on my shoulder.  If you believe in something, you should be a walking example.
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I have heard various reports about the claims of Aloe Vera on Crohn's patients and erring on the side of caution, I have only once tried some of the juice from the shops which didn't seem to do a great deal for me.  It wasn't forever though and it was quite a few years ago.

Two friends of mine started to rave about Forever last year.  I trusted them and began to watch what they are doing.  Seemed interesting.  Nice house, cars and lifestyle.  Things were going well for them.  But I was busy.  As we all get.  No time for that.

My good friend Lisa got onboard with the company as a distributor.  She has been very successful in sales all through her career.  However, her tactic (if you call it that) was to tell you things as it is.  If it's not good or right for you, she tells you.  If she thinks something will benefit you,  she will tell you!

As she became a distributor for Forever,  I decided to start taking notice.

After some of my own research, I decided to bravely try an experiment.  Could the Clean 9 detox work for me?

So here it is;  no holds barred.  I reveal everything. Honestly and truthfully.

Over the next few days I will be posting videos and blog posts to show you my experience.

You will also be able to get your own Clean 9 pack (the next 20 sales have 5% off with this link:
and find out about the opportunity of the business here.

Monday 23rd March 

Clean 9 day 1

Weight at:  12.1 1/2

That was a shock weigh in.  I’d lost weight over the weekend! Madness.  Must have been all that walking.  Thinking back over it, I guess we hadn’t eaten much really.  Although I drank some wine.  So here I was, at a pretty good starting weight, hoping to be in the 11’s pretty soon!

First thing, there is Aloe Vera gel to drink.  The taste was odd but not revulting.  I also took the Garcinia plus which has crazy amounts of something in it.  This is kind of a supplement.  Also with that, there are tablets called forever therm.  In here there are many B vitamins which strangely is also in Berocca.  That’s known for making you feel good! Interesting.  It also makes you pee a bit yellow so be warned.  You might look and think you are dehydrated as this is a typical symptom of dehydration.  However, worry not.  It’s normal when you are taking B vitamins.  Of course you may be detoxing a bit through your pee too!

There are some things called “free foods” which are foods low in GI.  Glycemic Index.  This is a number given to food to determine the effect it has on your blood sugar.  You may know that peaks and drops in your blood sugars is what can contribute to terrible cravings, eating too much and weight gain.

Preparing my free food box for the day, i had an apple and half a cucumber.  If lunch was provided, I could eat that at my training day.  I also had to take in with me some Aloe gel in an empty water bottle (must be kept cool and out of sunlight) to have at lunchtime.  I would keep a bit of that and add my Fibre sachet, shake it up and drink that! This is designed to help with bowel movements. There would also be more supplements at lunchtime.  These are all labelled up so it’s easy to see what you should be having and when.

The shake should be taken at lunchtime but I wasn’t so sure about doing that so I decided to have it for breakfast.  I had chocolate flavour and I was surpisend at how nice it tasted. The best shake I’ve had in like, forever.  

Hungry?  Nope, not at all. Although I had to laugh. We got a long lunchbreak and I had seen my favourite coffee shop just down the road called Costa.  Bravely going in, I ordered my mint tea.  Never ever do I get ‘upsold to’ except today.

“Can I get you anything else?  A Cake maybe”  inwardly I grinned and I just said, “No thank you”

So me, my mint tea and my bag full of secret stash sat in the corner revising chemistry!

The rest of the day was a breeze.  I made some videos to go on my Youtube channel which I decided to share at a later date. These have so much information inside!  Talking of Youtube, I took a massive decision to share my channel on my Facebook page. I haven’t done this at all in the past 4 years.  Fear of judegement.  Yet my friends from the weekend were tagging me in posts and photos and I really didn’t want it to impact me having to hide them away.  So I made an announcement which was very well received! Happy days.

Going to bed, I still wasn’t hungry and I felt little, like so much smaller!

The future seems so bright, bouncy, fluffy and pink.  Happy day today!

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  1. good luck on the cleanse! i don't think I'd ever follow through with anything, but it's interesting to see how different things work for different people.

    1. Thanks Andrea, It's not always easy to keep the motivation, although I was going on holiday. Did you get the book? You can sign up to my email list and get it for free on the right hand side of the page. Otherwise, hop back each day this week to find out how I got on! Exciting

  2. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Good luck. I did a juice cleanse about a year ago and I truly did feel better.

    1. I've followed Jason Vale and love his work!
      This has worked even better for me that that. I need to be a little careful with too much fruit sugar and this was all quiet in the tummy area!

      Come back and watch this space! x

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