Thursday 29 December 2011

Getting attuned to Reiki

Big day today……..I’m soon to receive my reiki attunement.
So,  what does this mean? Well,  to be totally honest,  I’m not really sure I understand it.
What I would like to think is that it will allow me to open myself up to understanding and knowing the universal laws even better than I do now.
Asking the universe this one question creates magic:  “What can I do to allow even more openness?”
You can use these type of questions all the time to open up possibilities. 
How does it get even better than this?
What can I  do in this situation?
Universe,  help to show me what I need to do
And the list goes on…..
Asking Joanne what exactly to expect,  she seems to think this is something that I am worried about.  However,  I can say I’m not worried.  I trust Joanne with my life.  This is the lady who helped me look after my children while I went back to college to retrain.  If I trust her with my children, I trust her with my life.  End of.
Breaking down barriers.  This is something that Joanne has told me to expect.  Barriers I have put up to protect myself may well come down.  This does concern me slightly.  I pride myself on being a strong woman.  What if suddenly I cannot be strong anymore?  Cancel that thought.  Use the art of allowing.  
What is the art of allowing you ask?  Allowing something is just letting something happen.  Stop worrying about it,  let it be and let it just do whatever it’s going to do.  Leave it to fate you might say….  At the end of the day, call it what you will,   yet know that worrying about things,  being afraid of things or unnecessary fretting Is not going to change things.  Being positive,  expecting a good outcome,  thinking everything is for a good reason is the art of allowing.  Let go of the past bad stuff,  know it’s part of the journey that we are all on.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Last night,  I slept at Joannes house.  This house has such a lovely, homely feel to it.  Cannot explain it.
Joanne and I had a conversation last night about ‘not being able to explain something’ .
“If you cannot explain it,  then it is something that is coming from within.  From a source of what we are made up from. All that we are is working in other ways than our conscious thoughts and conscious feelings.  When we say we cannot explain it to someone else,   this  gives it even more substance.  It’s coming from inside.  We cannot quantify it, yet must not question it either.  Especially if it is a strong feeling that feeling right or wrong.”
Wise words,  clever lady.
The room I slept in was full of crystals.  Now,  I’m not totally sure of crystals and all of their meanings but apparently I may have experienced “A clearing”.  I woke totally soaked with sweat and the good thing was,  I was totally full of direction,  ideas and positivity that I must head in a certain direction.  This was with my writing and my wishes of helping others in life with weight loss goals,  fertility and and and and and……woah I’m sooooo ready to go…….
Looking forward to getting away to my beloved second home, Egypt next week,  I’m feeling very grounded and the future feels so rosy.
So,  I’ll write more after finding out about the history of Reiki.  
Exciting times!
Well, the whole story of Reiki is pretty impressive and just a little bit scary. 
There is definitely more to life than what we can put our hands on,  what we can see and what we can comprehend. 
During my lesson,  I found out that through the power of meditation,  we can create so many answers for ourselves that were previously unanswered.
Attunement took place, whatever that really is……but some sort of magical power that opens me up to the power of Reiki.  Right at the very end of this I could see a really bright white star appear. 
Looking remarkably like a star that you would find on a Christmas card,  directly above a camels head in front of the hills.
After doing my practice Reiki sessions on my 3 family members,  I was shocked to know that my husband spoke right at the end of his session that he saw a bright white star just like the one you see on a Christmas card……..woahhhhhhhhh.
Well for sure, this stuff worked,  my hands got very hot in certain places on the body and there was a feeling within me that there is very much something going on inside of all of us that is more than unexplainable.  I felt a sense of peace and tranquillity.  Knowing that no matter what journey life takes us on this crazy path,  all will always be well.
All is well.
We are loved.  


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