Wednesday 21 December 2011

Manifesting the perfect new boots

My ankle was sprained.

Well, that was the good could have been broken of course......but thank goodness it was no break, "just" a sprain. Now this was 6 weeks ago and I was still really struggling to walk on the glamourous high heels I loved so much. Like the desert loves the rain! So, accepting that I either walk semi-normally on flatties or walk like a really badly injured person on heels, I opted - without question or agenda  - for flatties.

Last years "ugg" boots (which were definitely not ugg boots but this is the easiest way for you to 'get the jist') were starting to do that little 'off to the side' walk all of their own accord! So this was not my smartest look, although definitely comfortable and for sure the warmest. The other flat boots I had let in the rain and left me walking, with shoes, in a puddle!

Cut to the chase, I needed new boots. I loved the 'riding boots' that were all the rage this year and I wouldn't have minded some of those but it wasn't the look I wanted. After looking in many different shops I was almost resigned to the fact that my only choice seemed to be the riding boots for this winter.

Visiting the gorgeous London lights took me into River Island on Regent Street.

 There they were!!  The perfect boots,  I loved them so much.  "Yee haa" screamed out to me,  so a little cowboy type of thing, you know.  Although they were out of my budget that I'd set myself for the boots,  considering it was coming up to Christmas too.  Damn.....

Giving up on the boots idea totally while accepting the fact I'll be walking in puddles, I shopped  few days later for a Christmas gift that is still a pre Christmas secret (so I won't tell you here what it was!).  Thinking I had finished shopping for the day,  I headed back to the car when on the way a shoe shop "called" to me!!!


Ohhh,  this could be interesting.  So in I went,  with this magnetic force pulling me in!!  Finding the size 6's was easy.  Straight to the back of the shops..........YEE HAA boots in there!!

I picked them up to look for the price tag.  All the other boots in the sale had a red price tag.  No Red price tag here.  Not these boots.........I looked,  there was another pair,  identical! FAB.

No price.


Lady with a badge was there so I asked,  "If there is no red tag does that mean these aren't in the sale?"
She replied,  "I'll go and find a price for you." Without further delay she was gone,  one YeeHaa boot in hand...........have a little guess what I did?

I put a request in to the Universe, whispering: "Make it £15 please."

Then I waited.........

The lady came back............ "They are 15."
"Fifteen pounds?" I asked, astounded to the point of almost falling over.
"Yes."  She replied in an 'of course' voice.
"Ok,  I'll take those!" I exclaimed before I realised I should try them on.  Of course, they were a perfect fit!

Till exchange taken care of,  perfect boots in possession........

YEE HAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Universe!

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